Reviewing The We Vibe Sync: Is This Stimulator Worth It?

In theory, a vibrator that couples wear together is cool. However, most toys can be lacking in terms of execution.

That’s even an understatement, as I’ve tried substandard ones well before anyone has reached orgasm.

There’s a lot of frustration from buying these products and feeling duped. I guess they work for some people, but I don’t feel wrong for assuming these companies just don’t care.

Their lack of care is a lot more apparent when you compare them to the We-Vibe Sync. This is the best couples’ vibrator I’ve used, and it’s not just by default. Here's why.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's We Connect long distance abilities, and hundreds of satisfied users, The We Vibe Sync is certified and approved by our sex experts.

About We-Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe Sync comes from We-Vibe, who has a more-than-earned reputation for making phenomenal sex toys. I’m practically at the point where I almost don’t trust any sex toy that hasn’t been made by them.

The Sync can be worn by pretty much anyone of any size. I’ve had my clit and G-spot worked concurrently with this, and it’s always a total pleasure.

You can use this on your own or with a partner. It can make both of these experiences so much greater.

We-Vibe themselves says that this is their best product in terms of power. This might sound like a company gassing themselves up, but I don’t think they’re that far off.

You can operate the We-Vibe Sync through a smartphone app. There are also many modes to choose from, which pretty much rule out the possibility of complacency when using this device.

Unless of course, your idea of complacency is having multiple incredible orgasms at a time. ?

Most Important Features

Appearance and Design

The We-Vibe Sync comes in either Purple or Aqua. It’s silicone material leads to even greater comfort, so you can feel relaxed even when you’re not yet approaching orgasms.

Despite its intricacies, the Sync isn’t terribly big. You could easily fit this in the palm of your hand, but that’s not the body part it’ll give the most satisfaction to.

There’s also a remote that comes with your Sync. This is also very easy to use and doesn’t take up very much space.

Pairing Your Favorite Music

I love having sex to music, but I never expected anything as powerful as what the Sync provides. There’s an option to match your Sync with the music you’re listening to.

What happens is synchronizing between the device and the music. The vibrations match the tempo, which can really help you have a better masturbating experience.

Make sure you’re choosing a song that’s not going to cause any pain or stress. Essentially, this might not be a good time to play that speed metal song you love so much.


The look of the Sync can seem pretty limiting in terms of fitting different bodies. However, you have a pair of hinges to adjust to fit your body better.

One arm works on your G-spot, while the other works on your clitoris. These can be brought together or push far apart.

The angles you choose will depend on if you want one or both areas to be stimulated. We love this product for how it gives you options that are good all-around.

Giving the user more of a say in their sex toy experience is really important, because other products can feel frustrating in their limitations. The Sync puts you in control for the better.

For Intercourse and Solo Play

You can have sex or masturbate with the We-Vibe Sync. Its G-spot arm enters you while the clitoral one attends to your clit and labia.

Using it during intercourse doesn’t mean a partner is not penetrating you. It can just make a good thing even better.

You’ll want to have plenty of lube put on its G-spot arm, as you don’t want any dryness to put a damper on your pleasure. Hopefully, you have plenty of natural lubrication to keep things passionate.

I wish its G-spot arm were a bit more subtle, especially when you’re having sex. However, I know people who have used it and haven’t reported any intrusion, so that might not be the case for you.

The clitoral opportunities with the Sync are vast. You don’t even need to use your hands.

It also does a fantastic job of staying put. It’s practically magnetic with how well it holds on.

You won’t feel it running up and down your clit, but its centralized focus keeps that from being any sort of issue. Not only can you have a powerful orgasm, but it can be without any more physical effort than necessary.

Covers Multiple Bases

Vibrators that pale in comparison to the Sync do so because there’s no motor strength. To reach orgasm with these, you might need to do most of the work yourself.

The Sync’s motors don’t operate like a Ferrari, but the one for the clitoral arm can feel like the sex toy equivalent to that car brand. There’s definite speed involve, especially with how quickly you can reach orgasm.

There’s also much to love about its sound design. I’ve been able to use this alone while others have been home, and no one has suspected a thing.

The better motor is definitely the one for the clitoral arm. The strength of the G-spot arm vibrator is just too shabby.

However, this doesn’t mean I see this product as a dud. Cumming through the G-spot hasn’t happened for me with any vibrator, so I wasn’t surprised by this.

The best way to look at the We-Vibe Sync is as a near-flawless clitoris stimulator and an average G-spot stimulator.

Remote and Mobile App

You can use the We-Vibe Sync from many distances, from three feet away to 3,000 thousand miles away. The remote covers the former while the app includes the latter.

Not only can it be controlled from these distances, but it can also be operated to your specifications or those of the person operating. With the internet and a healthy libido, you really have things made for you.


There’s not a lot of noise to worry about when using the Sync. What’s more, having it inside you provides natural muffling, as can things like a closed-door and blankets on top.

More Qualities

- Completely silicone design

- Two-year-long warranty and top-notch customer care

- No risk of water damage

- Charges via magnetic holder, which helps you store it without raising any eyebrows.

- About two hours to charge and operates for up to one hour and 30 minutes at a time


✅  Can be used for different body types

✅  Strong vibrating on the clitoris

✅  Can use with app for long distance

✅  Can use without hands

✅  Case is very discreet

✅  Minimal noise when using


❌  Weaker effects on G-spot

❌  G-spot arm can stick out when having sex

❌  Can have bluetooth troubles (like any technology)

Operating The Sync

There are several methods of operating your Sync.

First, you can use the button that appears on the toy. This is easily found on the toy’s top.

Click through these modes to choose which one is best for you. With 10 to choose from, you have a lot to try out.

Then there’s the remote. This is very easy to adapt to, especially with the directional arrows for controls.

The remote’s range goes as far as about 10 feet. Linking it to your Sync involves pressing the up arrow on the remote and the toy’s button.

These two pieces need to be facing one another. You’ll know it’s working when the vibrating happens.

The “We-Connect” app is totally free and can be your favorite way of controlling the Sync. More about that can be found further into the article.

Using The App

Working the Sync with the app is as easy as it is fun.

You just need to install the app, comprehend how to pair it to your device, and give an invite to someone with the “connect lover” feature.

Once that’s all done, you can really enjoy using the Sync to its highest potential.

You can work the arms individually plus choose your own vibrating patterns when you’re using the app and toy together.

Your significant other can be given the reigns to control your toy with their phone. Remember when “phone sex” just meant talking dirty over the phone?

The good news keeps coming. You can text and talk over video with the app.

Should your partner not be in the mood or time zone differences are keeping you apart, you can have fun on your own. My favorite thing to do with this when I’m alone is to match it to different songs.

The “Touch” setting helps to create intimacy for couples that might need to get that spark back.

When you touch the screen of your app, the other person’s vibrator can respond.

Package Contents

You’ll get a no-frills box. Inside that one, however, will be one that has a more detailed and lovelier design.

All the information you need about the Sync can be found on the box.

What’s really cool, besides the toy itself, is it’s charger. This isn’t a cheap cord, but a case that works via magnet and lets you store your toy and the remote.

Another advantage of this case is that it’s so inconspicuous, you can take it wherever without having people gawk at you because of it.

Cleaning Your Toy

Getting the Sync clean isn’t hard, thanks to its waterproof execution. Before any usage, you need to get it cleaned with soap and water.

Cleaning should be done as soon as your done with a session. You also need to make sure it’s completely dried prior to re-casing.

Water-type lubrication and only that kind should be used on the Sync before putting it inside you.

So, Is The Sync Worth It?

The Sync is a great toy, whether you’re by yourself or with a partner, even one who’s far away.

It’s a little expensive for some, but would you instead buy a bunch of low-cost vibrators that do nothing or one high-cost one that does something?

The sizing possibilities for different bodies make using the Sync even better. It’s almost as good as having a custom fit.

My husband has to travel a lot for work, and this lets us keep up our sex life. I’ll put it on and tell him to work the app whenever he feels.

Let’s just say he knows how to make me cum even when he’s not there.