Reviewing SizeGenetics: Will It Really Work For You?

Some people seem born with confidence while others have self-esteem so low, you’d have to get a shovel to find it.

We certainly hope that you’re not in the latter group, but if you are, know that there’s hope available. People full of confidence are sometimes ones who have been in the most need of help.

A lot of low self-esteem can be attributed to comparisons. We see people depicted in the media as having certain features, and when we don't have the same features, we start to feel bad about ourselves.

Some of these things don't need to be worried about, as they're just silly fads that will be forgotten a year from now. However, some things can really cause a lot of insecurity beyond just a surface level.

We’re not here to be your therapist, but we do have a hunch that part of your insecurity relates to your trouble with relationships. Included in that is insecurity about your sexuality.

Having a small penis is something that lots of guys feel burdened by. Even if there are women who don’t really care about such matters, it’s hard to keep it from nagging at you.

You don’t need to feel like your penis size is stopping you any longer. With a product like SizeGenetics, you’ll be able to recapture your sexual confidence or discover it in the first place.


Due to it's formulaic and instructions, comprehensive guide, and overall functionality, SizeGenetics is a great option to consider for non-surgical penis enlargement.

What Is SizeGenetics?

For close to 20 years, men have been using SizeGenetics to conquer sexual insecurity and show just how much physical prowess they really have.

This isn’t some kind of cheap device that just makes your penis look bigger. It legitimately increases size. A few inches can really make all the difference.

There’s medical evidence behind SizeGenetics as well. Doctors who specialize in this sort of thing use SizeGenetics for help with their procedures.

Looking at SizeGenetics probably won’t stun you, but it’s more than meets the eye. People who use this really love it because they have experienced it working for them.

What's Included In The Package?

There are four distinct boxes with the SizeGenetics parts. However, there are common things between all four. These are:

 - The SizeGenetics (2800g)
 - Front part
 - Strap
 - Pad
 - User manual
 - Elongation bar (one-inch)
 - Elongation bar (two-inches)

The other items you can get include carrying cases, lotion, and keys. Selecting these items is a matter of knowing what things you’ll most need.

How Does It Work?

Think of SizeGenetics like a dumbbell for your penis. Just like how doing curls over an extended period builds up your arms, so does SizeGenetics grow your penis.

During weight training, you gain muscle mass by the tissue tearing. Your body recovers by increasing cell output, which then lets your muscles increase in size. The same thing occurs to your penis when you’re using SizeGenetics.

With regular usage, your penis can get bigger. It’s a gradual process, and you might not notice it until you really take a moment to feel your penis and how much bigger it is than before.

How To Use It?

SizeGenetics can become a new part of your wardrobe. You just put it on your penis and let it get to work. You may decide to put it on first thing in the morning or wait until after you're off work.

With its 2,800g force level, SizeGenetics does a lot with a little. You don’t want to wear it all day when first using it.

To begin, wear it for around 40 minutes at a time. Increase your length over time. The longest you can wear SizeGenetics uninterrupted is for five hours.

How Frequently Should I Use It?

You should wear your SizeGenetics daily for a minimum of four months. Make sure you’re starting with no more than 40 minutes at a time.

Some light pain from the introduction can be expected. Work your way through this and increase your session length as you build up your endurance.

Pretty soon you'll be able to wear it for hours at a time without even noticing it's there.

Safety Concerns

We more than understand not wanting to put something on your penis long-term unless you absolutely trust it.

SizeGenetics comes with the assurance that it’s been put through all the inspections necessary.

This isn’t just researchers hired by the company telling you this. It’s also received FDA approval. People you can trust have ascertained that SizeGenetics can be trusted.

Why Use SizeGenetics?

✅ Safety: SizeGenetics makes your penis larger in a safe manner. There’s been so much quality control with designing it. You couldn’t expect to get much action out of your newly enlarged penis otherwise, right?

✅ Extension: Your penis can see actual growth with how the SizeGenetics stretches it. You won’t be seeing overnight results, but every time you wear it will truly count.

✅ Tissue Growth: The increase in tissue makes SizeGenetics more than something that just makes your penis look bigger. It also increases blood flow. If you’ve been having trouble getting as hard as you used to, here’s your solution.

✅ Curved Penis Syndrome Help: A medical condition that can leave guys unable to experience sex while also dealing with serious pain, curved penis syndrome can be helped. With SizeGenetics, you can get your penis back into its proper shape.

How To Buy + Cost

You’ll need to buy SizeGenetics through their official website. There are four types of boxes you can get.

Be sure to research each box and its options carefully. They come with different prices.

1️⃣ The value kind costs $199.95. This is the lowest price one and has eight things included.

2️⃣ The comfort kind is $249.95. There are 14 things in this package.

3️⃣ The Curvature and Peyronie’s kind, meant to help with curved penis syndrome, costs $299.95. There are 15 things in this package.

4️⃣ The most-encompassing kind is Ultimate. It has 17 things inside, including a leather case, and also costs $299.95.


We don’t imagine you’ll have to ask for a refund for your SizeGenetics. However, if you do, you can have your money returned within six months. However, you need to have used it for at least four months.

That makes total sense, as results aren’t likely to kick in until at least four months of usage.

To make sure you’ve actually been using the device properly, SizeGenetics has you fill out the “My Diary” feature, located on their website. You’ll record each instance of use and the duration.

SizeGenetics encourages continuous usage for four months and that you’re using at least 1200g of force.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start noticing a difference?

We honestly can’t say for certain. You might be lucky enough to have it be working after only a couple of months, but you might also need to wait the full four months.

Keep patient and remember that feeling something different means you’re doing something right.

Is SizeGenetics painful?

You may have a little soreness with the SizeGenetics during your first few trials. However, it’s not anything to be alarmed about.

Your penis is getting a workout because it hasn’t yet adapted to this kind of flexing. When it does, you can enjoy your SizeGenetics a lot more.

When can I get my refund?

You need to have owned your SizeGenetics for a minimum of four months and a maximum of six in order to get a refund. You also have to record usage in “My Diary.”

Confirming that you’ve used the device for the allotted amount of time and that you aren’t seeing results shows the company that you’re not trying to swindle them.

Will this help with a curved penis?

A curved penis is nothing to joke about. Penises are meant to be straight so they can easily fit inside someone.

You may be okay with your penis’ size but feel rightfully upset about its shape. SizeGenetics is a godsend for how it helps remedy this condition.

You’ll still have to wait for it to take effect fully, but that’s much better than just resigning to life with a curved penis.

What is the acceptable wearing frequency?

Daily wearing of SizeGenetics is crucial. Don’t wear it for too long as that could really cause a sore penis.

Final Thoughts

It would be a wonderful thing if all guys could be born with the penises they want, large and curve-free. Unfortunately, a fair number of us have pulled the short genetic straw and been left with cocks that are hard to be proud of.

With SizeGenetics, you can give your penis the redemption arc it deserves. Something that you may have previously been ashamed of can now be something to celebrate. If you have a special someone in your life, they should also be thrilled.

It takes time, but so does pretty much anything else that’s worthwhile. Also, the four months or so it takes for SizeGenetics to do its thing will be nothing compared to how long you’ll be able to enjoy its pleasures.

Speak with your doctor if you have any questions or reluctance about using this device. It's unlikely you'd be the first to tell them about this sort of a problem.

Think too about everything you have to look forward to: More confidence, a better sex life, and a more substantial physical penis appearance can all come from one device. If that's not a blessing, nothing is.

Picking your pack is also important. You want to make sure it's one that suits your needs through all its accessories. We think the price is quite fair too, as all of the SizeGenetics give you your money's worth.

Be sure to tell others about your experience, such as friends who might have insecurity about their penis size. Explain how much this device has helped you and show them this article as support.

Some people are insecure about being overweight or lacking hair. If they really care about these things, they'll do something to help any way they can.

SizeGenetics is just the same. It's a way for you to combat your insecurity by addressing this problem instead of just hoping for a magic solution.

A device that can make your penis larger and/or straighten it out in only a few months can definitely seem like magic, though.

We wish you the best with using SizeGenetics. Before you know it, you'll be forgetting about just how small your penis was.


Due to it's formulaic and instructions, comprehensive guide, and overall functionality, SizeGenetics is a great option to consider for non-surgical penis enlargement.