3 Best Sex Chairs: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (Reader’s Get Special Discounts)

​Sex is incredible, especially when it’s with someone you love. However, there are only so many times you can do missionary on your bed before things start to become stale, no matter how horny you might be.

​Another issue is that beds just aren’t designed with sex, specifically in mind. Fortunately, there’s something that is.

​Sex chairs are meant to help couples fuck with total comfort. It’s not just a new place to have sex. You can have much better sex.

​Different positions are a lot more possible with a sex chair. You can take yourself out of a sexual rut by getting one of these.

​We want to help you with your purchase, so we’re going to tell you what to know as a shopper, including the best ones available.

Our Top Pick

​Liberator has a distinguished line of sex chairs and similar products. Furniture shopping has never been as fun as ​with Liberator.


​You may be reading this in your own comfortable chair or seat and wondering why you can’t just use them. By all means, you can, but the experience isn’t likely to be anywhere as good.

​The material of sex chairs helps provide stability and comfort. There are things like detachable pillows that provide substantial assistance.

​If you’re getting older and are having trouble with certain positions, such as kneeling, a sex chair is very useful.

​You might've been recently hurt but don’t want your recovery to prevent you from having sex. A sex chair helps ease you back into intimacy.

​Your mattress might be plenty firm, but this may not be the best thing for when you’re trying to fuck.

​With your sex chair, you’ll be more able to move around and try things that would’ve previously been too much of a hassle.

​Are you worried about fluids ruining your chair? Sex chairs can be cleaned up with ease. You might want to get one with a detachable cover that you can put in your next laundry cycle.

​Some arrive fully intact, and others that need to be put together. You don’t need to be some kind of engineer to put one of these together, especially with the instructions provided.

​You don’t need to worry about the questions of nosey house guests. Nothing about your chair should reveal it’s anything more than a regular piece of furniture.

Read on to find out more about the best ​sex seats and chairs on the market right now.

Best ​Chairs

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​ESSE II Premium

​​Equus Wave

​BonBon ​Toy Mount

​6 Great Things About Having A Sex Chair

​1. Body Compatibility

​Differences in size and heights can make sex extremely difficult for partners. A sex chair helps solve this problem.

​You can get yourself in positions that were once a pipe dream. If you’ve wanted to have sex standing-up, a sex chair can definitely provide assistance.

​How you fuck can be improved by a sex chair. You won’t have to put yourself and your penis in such an awkward position and be able to give you and your partner much greater pleasure.

2. More Relaxing​

​While sex itself is relaxing, the vessel you perform on can really wear you out, even before you’re anywhere close to cumming.

​A sex chair is a great solution because it reduces the need to readjust. You’ll be able to get situated and get down to business.

​This can also prolong your sessions and possibly make you eager for another round. 

3. Joint Support​

​You don’t realize how fragile your joints are until you’re on your knees during sex for a prolonged period. You’re reluctant to kill the mood, but you shouldn’t want to ruin your joints either.

​The curved design of a sex chair keeps you comfortable all over and able to keep fucking away.

4. Easily Try New Positions

Have your efforts to try unconventional positions been dashed by the limitations of your bed? A sex chair can make it so much simpler and sexier.

It can provide an easy solution for height differences and reduce soreness. You can go a lot longer without even realizing how much time has passed.

Additionally, having a piece of furniture specifically for sex could help you get in the mood more easily.

When you get undressed and feel the sex chair, you might have a Pavlovian response of “time to fuck.”

5. Adaptability

Want to relax but not in the mood for sex? Your sex chair is waiting for you.

This might not be why you bought it, but who says you can’t use something for multiple purposes?

Your sex chair should also be designed in a way that wouldn’t make anyone think twice about it being anything but an ordinary piece of furniture.

​6.​ Easier Anal Sex

Anal sex is easier than you might think, especially if you have plenty of lube and are going as slow as you need to.

However, getting in position for anal can be a lot harder. A sex chair makes it much easier to enter anally.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to have anal sex, your sex chair can be it.

The Best Sex Seats and Chairs

​These are the five highest-selling sex chairs at the moment.

1. ​ESSE Chaise II ​Premium

​Made by Liberator, the ESSE II Premium Love Lounger is an impressively sized and even-more impressively designed sex chair.

​With a rigid foundation and a tender feeling, the ESSE II Premium is a great addition to any bedroom or living room, especially with its design.

​You can have a lovely time just sitting on your ESSE II Premium after work, but don’t be surprised if you’re quickly eager to get frisky on it.

​All you’d want from a sex chair can be found on the ESSE II Premium Love Lounger. You could try lots of positions without putting yourself under any strain.

​Its foam material is also simple to keep clean.

​For more comfort, you can put the headrest in various positions to help you try different poses.

​Part of the lounger is removable in case you want to fuck on a more sloped surface.


  • Quality Material
  • ​Classy and Luxurious Design
  • ​Excellent Functionality
  • ​Very Discreet
  • Buy Once, Use Forever


  • Costly (But well worth it)

​2. ​​Liberator Equus Wave

​​Lots of fun can be had on the Liberator Equus Wave. It’s designed with ideal access to different sexual positions to really turn up the heat.

​Costing less than the ESSE II Premium Lounger by including some of its features, the Liberator Equus Wave is really amazing.

​​Once again, the design won’t give anything away. It’s also total heaven to feel and lay upon. I’ve loved putting the Equus Wave into as many positions as I can.

​Sometimes, me and my girlfriend will have one person keep their eyes closed while the other one configures the Wave.

​We especially love having doggy style sex on here.

​Aches during sex have become a thing of the past thanks to the Wave. We’re able to greatly alter positions with one person on the floor as well.


  • ​Foam material is high quality
  • ​Covers can be removed and easily washed
  • ​Excellent for trying different positions
  • ​Lightweight
  • Buy Once, Use Forever


  • ​Chair is much lower to the ground compared to others

​3. ​​Liberator ​BonBon Sex Toy Mount

​​​While it’s not a chair, the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount warrants mentioning.

It’s ideal for people who have plenty of sexual appetites but may not have any partner to share them with.

​​​Designed for male and female users, it can withstand your bodily size as you work yourself on your sex toy of choice.

​Plus, you can use this as a rehearsal for the next time you fuck.

​If you’re not in a particularly horny mood, you can still use the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount. It provides back assistance when you’re doing things like reading. It comes with a cover that can be put through the wash.

​You could also try using its cushion to help during sex with another.

​This might be something you use all the time or just on certain lonely nights. Whatever you choose, you should be grateful to have the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount with you.


  • ​Can improve masturbation quality
  • ​Can be used solo or with a partner
  • ​Lightweight and ​simple ​moving
  • ​Affordable for mostly everyone


  • ​Does not have the same strength or functionality as sex chairs

Final Thoughts

​Figuring out how to improve your sex life doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. It really might as basic as needing better material to fuck on.

​Some people want a way to reach their partner better, while others require less pain on their limbs. The products mentioned above can help with those and other issues.

​The pricing range means that you should be able to find at least one you can afford.

​Looking at the website of a well-regarded company such as Liberator can help with your search as well.

Liberator.com gets our endorsement as the top place to find sex furniture. We hope you can find something perfect for you on this site.

​We also want you to have as much fun as possible. Talk to your partner about things you've both wanted to try but might not have been able to due to positioning issues.

​Your sex chair can open a lot of doors for your sexual experiences. It doesn't have to be the only thing you use for sex, but it can be one of the most special.

​Look for the sex chair that's just right for you and commit to making it work for you. Be sure to leave a review wherever you can, as you should want to share the thrill of your discovery with others.

​We hope you can get yourself horny and ready for a much better and sexier experience with one of these sex chairs.

​Who knows, maybe you'll decide to get a whole bunch of these? The only thing we'd warn you about is that you might get a lot of questions about why you have so much more furniture than before.

Our Top Pick

​Liberator has a distinguished line of sex chairs and similar products. Furniture shopping has never been as fun as ​with Liberator.