Most Realistic Sex Dolls: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

​Some people are rather solitary types, who don’t mind being alone. However, there’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely.

​When one is lonely, their world can seem dimmer and their outlook bleaker. This isn’t just a matter of occasional melancholy. When one undergoes severe loneliness, their health can be at risk as well.

​As much as you might like to think that you're immune to loneliness or that it’s not as bad as we’re making it out to be, it can truly ruin your life.

​It doesn’t have to be that way, though. You also don’t have to blame yourself, as life has circumstances that don’t always go our way.

​The obvious solution is to find someone who can provide you with comfort. But what if there’s no one around?

You can still handle your loneliness, as there’s the unfailing support that comes from a sex doll.

​Not only do these sex dolls provide you with something to get tender with, but they're also astonishingly lifelike.

In this guide, we're going to cover everything you need to know about the best realistic sex dolls available. The pros, cons, and everything in between.

Our Top Pick

​Real Doll ​is the top choice for realistic love dolls due to overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction, quality materials, and customization options available.

​​Sex Doll Overview

​A sex doll is meant for people who are feeling rather lonely and want to be given some love or at least release—the desire for realism to create an even stronger illusion for users.

​Manufacturers will go to every possible length to make lifelike sex dolls, including with the tactile sensations. Whether you’re feeling or looking at one of these love dolls, it should feel like something authentic.

​When we say “realistic,” it’s not in a way that uncomfortably straddles the line of real and artificial. This might be the best partner you’ve ever had.

​What’s more, you can be very selective. Sex dolls have been made to reflect different shapes and ethnicities, among other categories. If you’ve had a dream woman in mind, your doll can be customized according to your preferences.

​It’s understandable to be a bit self-conscious about having something like a sex doll. However, it’s important to keep in mind how private a matter this is. One’s sex life is not the business of those not directly involved.

Best D​olls

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​Sex Doll Genie

​Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Do I Need A Love Doll?

Having a sex doll won’t cure all your loneliness woes, but it can definitely have a positive impact on your self-confidence with others.

You may be having trouble feeling comfortable around others, and a sex doll can help you adapt to a conversation and figuring out what to say.

The confidence that comes with using a sex doll is an underrated aspect of having one. When you’re using one, there’s no need to fear embarrassment or to be self-conscious.
You might think having a sex doll will lump you into a category with perverts who own them as well.

But the reality is, more ordinary people have these sex dolls than you may imagine. People generally just don't talk about them because there's a negative stigma or taboo attached to the topic.

Most people who have love dolls use it for harmless sexual expression. The people who judge those who use sex dolls are too insecure to be worth your concern.

Besides, some people need sex dolls to experience anything like intimacy. They may be living with problems that prevent it.

Others want the fun of relationships without the work. It’s definitely better than being stuck with regular masturbation.

Having a sex doll doesn’t mean you have to put your relationships with humans on the back burner completely. You can have yours be one that you bring out just when you need it.

​Making Your Selection

​If you’re indifferent towards how your sex doll looks, it’s going to be difficult for you to enjoy it.

Your search shouldn’t be just limited to looks either, as you need your sex doll to have other things in place. Here's what you should consider.


The two most common materials for making sex dolls are TPE and silicone.

Ones made of silicone are typical of the best quality, especially when you consider its heat-resistance capabilities.

On another note, TPE makes for a softer doll. If you know how to be gentle, this can be a very comfortable experience.

Silicone varieties are usually touted as the best of the best. What they might not tell you is that these are the most expensive kind by far.

Unless you have money to throw around, this may not be the initial sex doll purchase you need to make.

Don’t let the lower price tag of a TPE kind turn you off. These can still be excellent options that give you a spectacular experience.

Size and Weight

A sex doll takes up a lot of room and can be a lot to maneuver. With a surplus of elements, they can require a good deal of effort.

How much your doll weighs can also depend upon how much is included with it. There are some that only feature a torso.

The kind you most desire, and think of first, are likely ones that look like a real person.

Should this be what you want, you need to keep in mind the added weight. A lankier one will also be heavier.

When you know that you can handle your doll, you also need to know that you’ll have space for it.

Functionality and Appearance

A sex doll should look how you like and let you do what you like.

You aren’t going to be spending thousands of dollars on something that just makes you think of what you’re missing out on.

It won’t feel like you’re missing anything when you’re with one of these dolls. They’ve been made to seem lifelike in every conceivable way.

It’s not full-on “artificial intelligence,” but it’s definitely something close.

There is also a lot of care that goes into designing this. You may feel a little awestruck when you see just how lifelike and beautiful a love doll can look.

It doesn’t go so far out of the realm that you feel like you’re looking at some goddess that could never be had by you in real life.

You can find one that looks like a small-town gal as well as one that looks like a celebrity superstar.


As we mentioned before, sex dolls can take a lot out of your budget, and that’s not only including the larger kinds. As the price goes up on the sex doll, so does the quality.

Don’t rush into this decision, because you don’t want to find yourself having bought a sex doll that was totally inappropriate for you, all because you felt some pressure.

If you can only afford a simple one, for the time being, that’s okay. But you shouldn’t be getting one that you know isn’t going to provide you the experience you’re seeking.

A strong desire for an elaborate sex doll doesn’t have to go unfulfilled. Yes, it can cost a lot of money, but it’s not like this is money you’d be wasting, and your doll can last forever.

​Where Can I Buy One?

​A sex doll isn’t something you’re going to just pick up at your nearest big box store. You’re going to have to look on the web to find one.

​Since there are thousands of places online that sell these dolls, we've narrowed it down to the top 3 most credible websites to buy a realistic sex doll.

1. ​RealDoll

​RealDoll is likely where you find the most lifelike love dolls online.

On the RealDoll site, you’ll only be able to get dolls from their brand.

​However, these dolls are remarkable and come in a multitude of designs.

You can also modify yours so that it meets your expectations.

​Doll Types

​There are over 100 types of RealDolls on their website. You can choose to customize a doll based on your preferences also.

​If you have a favorite porn star, you might be able to find a doll modeled after them on RealDoll Wicked.

​Customer Service

​​There’s also a lot of great customer service on

​They give you a lot of ways to get in touch with them. You can reach them by phone, email, and chat on their site.

​RealDoll returns are only allowed for any problems that happen in the delivery process. That said, there's a 30-day guarantee included.


  • Highest quality material
  • ​Most lifelike doll on the market
  • ​Most customization options of any love doll site
  • ​Hundreds of options to choose from
  • ​Options for both men and women
  • Buy once, use forever


  • ​Highest price option on this list
  • ​Full size dolls can be heavy and require large storage area

​2. ​​Sex Doll Genie

​​Sex Doll Genie came about when a couple in Miami found themselves frustrated by the substandard quality of typical dolls.

​Realizing there would be a market for actually well-made ones, they set about opening a business to provide higher-quality options.

Sex Doll Genie is the 2nd highest rated provider online for good reason. 

​Doll Types

​​With Sex Doll Genie, you have lots of kinds to choose to from. That’s putting it mildly, as they offer over 1,000 types of dolls.

​There are different groupings you can look at to help you narrow down your search—body type, ethnicity, eye color, hair color, breast size, and much more.

​When you’re aware of your wants, Sex Doll Genie leads you to discovery.

​Customer Service

​​​This company creates trust with their customers. You can feel like you’re being given actual attention instead of just being treated as another financial resource for them.

​They​ don't provide anything that shouldn’t be expected from a service-oriented industry, but it’s still stuff that often goes neglected.

Things like ​having an excellent response team, to answer your questions and give support if your doll undergoes any kind of damage.


  • ​Choose from 1,000+ dolls
  • ​More affordable than RealDoll
  • ​M​any customization options ​available
  • ​Male and female options
  • Buy once, use forever
  • ​Excellent customer service


  • ​Still costly for some people
  • ​Size and weight of dolls can create problems for moving and storage.

​3. ​​Sexy Real Sex Dolls

​​We would’ve chosen a simpler name, but is a great place to look for dolls.

When you get a doll from this company, you don’t have to worry about your information being compromised, especially not with the low-key shipment design. 

Also, it’s more affordable than the other options on this list.

If you can’t pay for your doll in a single instance, there’s no need to worry.

There's an option to pay in installments so you can receive your doll right away and pay it off month to month.

​Doll Types

​​There are many brands that sell through

The site also has lots of different looks for their dolls, appealing to different tastes.

​Customer Service

​​​​This company can be reached through phone and email. The fastest way to get a response is via email.

​An issue is that a refund isn’t guaranteed if something happens to your doll during delivery.

That’s unlikely to happen, but it’s still worth knowing as you consider your decision.


  • ​More affordable than both options on this list
  • ​Pay in monthly installments
  • ​Hundreds of options to choose from
  • ​Options for both men and women
  • Buy once, use forever


  • ​No returns or guarantees
  • ​Dolls can cause storage and moving problems because of size and weight

Final Thoughts

​You shouldn’t have to feel like you’re just futilely trying to distract yourself from your loneliness with a sex doll.

It can be something that satisfies your appetite and help you build self-confidence with intimacy.

Although there are many places to buy a doll online, there are thousands of fraudulent sites that have no credibility or have many unsatisfied customers.

​Everyone has the perfect doll out there for them, and in our experience, these three sites are the only ones you should consider.

Take your time browsing these sites, looking at customization options, and other factors.

When you're ready, reward yourself with a lifelike love doll that will satisfy your every sexual need. Enjoy!

Our Top Pick

​Real Doll ​is the top choice for realistic love dolls due to overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction, quality materials, and customization options available.