Reviewing RealDoll: Is This High-End Sex Doll Worth It?

Sex dolls have come a long way, and the RealDoll 2 might be the epitome of what’s possible with these types of products.

With more than a couple of sex dolls in my supply, I feel comfortable calling myself an expert. I also feel comfortable telling you that no doll is more lifelike than this one.

Realism isn't the only thing to keep in mind with a sex doll, but a big reason people get these is that they want to have sex with a human without dealing with an actual human.

It's not like this is just a more elaborate way to masturbate. Your self-pleasure experiences are bound to look even more underwhelming after you find out what you can do with the RealDoll.

You’d have to have incredibly high expectations if you don’t see the RealDoll 2 as a marvel of design. As soon as I first received mine, I knew I made the right choice in buying it.

Buying a doll like this is a serious decision to make. You have to consider the cost, as these aren’t mass-produced pieces of mediocrity. It's like the difference between buying a brand-new car and a clunker.

When you have the money and confidence to buy a RealDoll, go for it. This review is meant to tell you all about the pros of buying a RealDoll and what you have to look forward to.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's realistic design, customizable features, and customer satisfaction, RealDoll is certified and approved by our sex experts.

All About Real Doll

Made by Abyss Creations, RealDolls are sex dolls that are meant to replicate an actual human.

This means a RealDoll doesn’t merely have a passing resemblance to a human. It literally looks and feels like one. When you close your eyes, the illusion can become even greater.

Other sex dolls serve a good purpose, but a suspension of disbelief isn’t always easy to come by. In the back of your mind, it can be hard to shake the knowledge that you’re fucking an inanimate object.

A RealDoll may set you back a bit financially, but if you’ve decided it’s something that you really want for yourself, purchase it. Sometimes, finding happiness means spending a lot of money.

RealDoll Classic and RealDoll 2

The best thing to compare one RealDoll to is another RealDoll. The RealDoll Classic and the RealDoll 2 each have a lot of qualities. The cost discrepancy is one of the first things people notice, but it shouldn’t be the only.

If you’re looking at this purely from a money-saving perspective, the obvious answer would be to go for the RealDoll Classic, since it costs $2,000 less than the RealDoll 2.

However, the RealDoll 2 doesn’t cost more for no reason. It’s so much better built and feels a lot better. You can also do a lot more with it.

The RealDoll Classic is better than pretty much any other sex doll that came before it, but the RealDoll 2 took a great thing and made it even better. Its lighter silicone design is just one reason why it’s worth the extra investment.

Sure, you might think that 10 pounds more of weight is a fair tradeoff for spending $2,000 less, but it’s not just about lugging it around. It’s also about being able to put the doll in different poses without strain more comfortably.

Keeping your RealDoll 2 clean is also pretty easy. You can take out different inserts for the mouth and vagina and get them cleaned up. These can also let you vary your sessions.

It can also make you feel like you have multiple dolls. The inserts provide different sensations and keep you from getting too used to your RealDoll.

When you want to go back to a familiar warm pussy, just put that insert back into your RealDoll. Then, get your hard cock lubed up and ready to go.

The lower parts and orifices aren’t the only thing to love about the RealDoll 2. There’s an option to switch out your doll’s face using magnetic connections. These are supremely attractive looks. We just hope Abyss Creations has more of these in the works.

With RealDoll’s Face X feature, your doll can be made to feel like you’re romancing multiple women without spending any more than you have to. Plus, it eliminates the worry about using protection.

While the RealDoll Classic’s skin looks and feels quite nice, it has a glossiness to it that the RealDoll 2 corrects.

Close your eyes when you touch the RealDoll 2 and tell us it doesn’t feel like an actual woman’s skin.


✅  Lots of ways to customize

✅  Genuine-looking face

✅  Inserts that can be taken out

✅  Genuine-feeling skin

✅  Great customer care

✅  Discretion when shipping


❌  High price (the only real downside)

Shipping and Packaging

You’ll have to order your RealDoll through the mail. While this isn’t as scary as going to buy a sex doll in stores, it can definitely cause some hesitation.

The people at sex shops are often very friendly, but there are things you want to keep to yourself.

Before you start to assume that a RealDoll is going to arrive in a box with “SEX DOLL” printed in huge letters all over it, know that these dolls are sent with confidentiality.

The crate it comes in is definitely big, but there’s nothing on the outside that makes it obvious that a sex doll is inside.

Most people will see a large box, raise a brief eyebrow, then move on with the rest of their day. It’s just not something that’s going to attract a lot of attention unless you’re making a total scene.

The RealDoll is a very heavy delivery, however. You might need to solicit help getting it inside your home.

Should you be apprehensive about being questioned on this, try getting a dolly or another device that allows for easy self-moving.

Once it’s inside, you’ll need to unscrew the eight screws securing the crate. You don’t need to worry about damage to the doll itself, as it’s protected by foam and plastic.

Nothing about the packaging will tell the delivery person or anyone at the shipment facility that you have a sex doll inside. If they do find out, it’s not something that will make any actual difference.

Abyss Creations also have a ton of integrity with keeping their products protected during shipment. They know just how important their products are and how much money their customers are putting forth.

High-Quality Design

The RealDoll deserves all of its acclaim, but we’re still going to break down its features and what aspects are superior to others.

I needed to have and use mine for many months before I was able to come up with a comfortable verdict about the RealDoll.

Research has also been an important part of my time with the RealDoll. I’ve spoken with other users, both in real life and over the internet, about what they think about using this doll.

Most opinions didn’t stray far from mine, and I had a hard time imagining anyone not having at least a mostly-positive experience with their RealDoll. Still, it’s always good to look into these things.

Now, I’m going to tell you what you should know about each of the most important parts of using a RealDoll.

What's The Sex Like?

The assumption is that you’re not just buying a RealDoll for general companionship. While there’s no way to find out what fucking a RealDoll is like without literally penetrating it, your own sexual experiences aren’t at all far from what the RealDoll can provide.

You may even find that the RealDoll gives you better sex than you’ve ever had. If you’ve not had sex with another person, this very closely matches that blissful and exciting feeling.

The purpose of a RealDoll is to make it feel like you’re inside an actual person. It’s far better than relying on your hand or a cheap pocket pussy.

When you’re inside your RealDoll, you’re likely to be hornier than you have in a long time. It’s especially true if you’ve been holding off from self-pleasure for some time.

You might encounter the dreaded premature ejaculation. But hey, it’s not like you have to explain anything to a doll. This can also be used as training for having sex with an actual woman.

Another thing to be cautious about is penis discomfort. The RealDoll itself feels great on your cock, but repeated usage to definitely create a bit of strain.

The RealDoll feels incredible all-around. You’ll have your penis being pleasured like it’s being touched for the first time and be able to gaze upon an absolutely beautiful and lifelike body and face.

The more you use the RealDoll, the more you can appreciate how it looks and feels. The changes you can make to the doll, such as switching faces, mouths, and vagina, lead to even greater satisfaction.

What Are The Main Features?


A sex doll’s head is one of the most important parts of selling the fantasy. The RealDoll heads are absolute winners when it comes to providing authenticity. This is especially noticeable when you notice how the mouth moves and feels.

You can widen the lips and jaws for some romantic feelings. There’s also a detachable tongue and a realistic feel inside the mouth.

Being able to switch out the faces is another major thing to love about the RealDoll. The magnet of the RealDoll 2 makes it such a simple process.

With more than 20 faces available, it’s hard to imagine anyone become complacent with using their RealDoll.

Distinct parts of the RealDoll’s face and body can be customized, such as the eyes and skin color. While this isn't unique to RealDolls, it’s definitely another reason to love these products.


There’s some negative feedback about the quality of RealDoll breasts. Considering how important these are for sexual pleasure, it’s worth talking about what people take issue with them.

Among the biggest issues people have is that the breasts feel stiff. That’s certainly true when you first begin using a RealDoll.

However, breaking in your RealDoll can solve this stiffness problem. Work your doll and feel all over it to really get it to feel a genuine woman.

There are RealDoll users who still aren’t satisfied with the breasts after extended usage. Part of this can be attributed to personal tastes. Some people are so fond of soft breasts that they can’t try to enjoy firmer ones.

The feeling of the breasts shouldn’t be a dealbreaker with the RealDoll, but we thought we’d let you know just in case.


There’s a lot of shoddy design work with the skin of other sex dolls. You’d have to be really gullible to see them as anything remotely human based on their skin.

However, RealDolls aren’t just being graded on a curve. Their skin has no flaws we can think of.

This isn’t some sort of artificial perfection either. The greatness comes from how much it feels like a person’s skin.

The skin also responds to your touch and movements in a realistic manner. RealDolls don’t just get a passing grade on the skin. They get an A+.


An issue with the first RealDoll was how breakable the fingers were and how their wires caused damage to the doll’s skin.

The RealDoll 2 improves upon this with more flexible fingers, have more realism, and don’t cause damage. You can try different poses to help you feel more like your doll is a real person.


You can put your RealDoll 2 into some many sexy poses thanks to its stainless steel joints. This is one of the biggest selling points for showing buyers how lifelike the doll is.

Some sexual positions can be hard to achieve because they require a level of flexibility that few people are capable of. The RealDoll 2 is your chance to fuck in a myriad of new ways.

While the RealDoll Classic could be moved some, it’s nothing compared to what the RealDoll 2 is able to provide.

The joints are strong, but they’re not so tight that you can’t put your RealDoll into a fun position. Plus, the lighter design of the RealDoll 2 prevents overexertion.

Pretty much any sexual position you know of is possible with the RealDoll 2. Also possible are ones you come up with while getting accustomed to your doll.

Size and Weight

RealDolls can be pretty heavy, but no one’s expecting you to be a bodybuilder to use one. There are much worse sex dolls that are much heavier.

The RealDoll 2 also includes a weight decrease. Your RealDoll will weigh between 70 and 105 pounds.

Different body designs are a factor in how much your RealDoll weighs.

If you know that you can only handle a certain amount of weight, try to go for the smaller doll. But if you’ve been looking for an excuse to bulk up, it can definitely make it easier to handle your bigger doll.

Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about heavy lifting. There’s no need to bring up the term “sex doll” in this conversation.

Your own safety is more important than being able to achieve sexual gratification with a RealDoll. Please remember this before you put yourself in harm’s way.

You also likely don’t need to worry about your weight causing damage to your RealDoll. These dolls can handle more than 400 pounds.


There’s a mouth, ass, and pussy to be fucked on the RealDoll. Their suction and ribbing make them all feel so good.

Using inserts can enhance the experience. You can have a stunning blowjob from your RealDoll by using a deep throat insert.

We just love being able to switch out the inserts. Not only do they help keep things fresh, but they also make cleaning so much simpler.

Customer Care

Abyss Creations has garnered so much love not just for their products but also for their customer help. You’re not going to be put through any headaches when talking to the RealDoll makers.

Answers to questions are speedy, delivered in minutes. They’re also enormously helpful responses.

Should your RealDoll suffer damage, you can get recovery tools sent to you. They want you to have a positive association with them and their products, and they show they mean it.

Compared to sex toy brands that just want your money for their lackluster products, Abyss Creations deserves to be adored. The RealDoll is also something that deserves its reputation.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the worries of others or frivolous money concerns stop you from buying a RealDoll. You can have some of the best times of your adult life with one of these dolls.

Besides its sexual performance, the RealDoll can also be a source of general comfort. You might ascribe a name and persona to your doll.

It can become someone you talk to when you need to get something off your chest. Your doll can be a shoulder to cry on or just someone to tell jokes to.

When you're feeling isolated and don't feel comfortable reaching out to someone else, a RealDoll is there for you. Sometimes, just stroking its skin and hair can let you summon the feelings you're looking for.

Getting involved in the RealDoll online community can also help you feel closer to others.

Speak about your shared experiences and ask/answer questions. Help others feel more secure with themselves by showing that there's nothing weird about having a sex doll.

Let yourself have fun with your RealDoll and remind yourself of how much you can do with it. You'll have what could be called the premier sex doll. This is something you should never take for granted.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's realistic design, customizable features, and customer satisfaction, RealDoll is certified and approved by our sex experts.