Reviewing The Quick Extender Pro: Will It Really Work For You?

​A man’s penis size can do a lot for their self-esteem. Regardless of if all potential partners care about it, a guy can really feel diminished by this shortcoming.

​Being reminded of this can become particularly difficult when intimacy becomes a possibility. Guys might become so insecure about their penis that they pass on approaching someone that’d be a perfect match for them.

​Rather than moan about it and assume nothing can be done, men have turned to solutions to deal with their penis size. The sole way this can be dealt with properly is with a penis extender.

​These devices help your penis grow by stretching it out gradually. After some months of regular usage, your penis will have increased in size by a not-small amount. Just think of all of the things you'll be able to do.

​With many impressive brands on the market, prospective buyers need to be aware of the best products. The one we’ll be talking about today, the Quick Extender Pro, is in the top-tier of penis extenders.

​In its decade-plus of existence, the Quick Extender Pro has become championed by men who’ve needed a break. We gave the Q​EP a try to find out if it’s as good as people say.

​Quick Extender Pro

Due to it's ​comprehensive guide,​step by step instructions, and dozens of 5 star reviews, The Quick Extender Pro ​is a great penis enlargement option.

What Is ​Quick Extender Pro?

​Results come from the Quick Extender Pro by working your penis like weights work muscles. With tears occurring through stretching, cells are made at a higher volume by your body. Eventually, this leads to a longer penis.

​There have been other extenders that work by putting your penis in a rigid situation. It can work, but it can also be really uncomfortable, despite the strap that’s meant to prevent discomfort.

​The QEP solves this problem by having two straps. It’s really basic, but it’s the perfect, simple solution.

​The aluminum used for the product is also light and medically safe. There shouldn't be any risk of an allergic reaction with the Quick Extender Pro, but you may want to speak to your doctor just in case.

​The current version can withstand a lot of tension, as much as 4000g. That’s a lot to undertake, but it’s more of a show of just how powerful this device is.

​Ordering Options

There are four different products to choose from when buying the Quick Extender Pro.

1. Deluxe Limited Edition

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Included in this order are the Quick Extender Pro and the following items.

​​✅ DSS system
​✅ Case
​✅ Rizer XL, ​3-month supply
​✅ Tension spring set
​✅ Booster pump
​✅ Comfort pads
​✅ Spring assembly

✅ Bars

​✅ Pads
​✅ Tubes
​✅ Mobile case
​✅ DVDs
​✅ Guide cards
​✅ Self-progress chart
​✅ Tape measure

✅ ​6 month warranty

2. Deluxe ​Standard Edition

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​The most sold type of Q​EP is the Deluxe Standard. There’s not as much tension as the Limited Edition. The following things come with this version

​​✅ DSS system
​✅ ​Group of springs
​✅ ​Rizel XL, one-month supply
​✅ ​Bars and pivots
​✅ ​Pads
​✅ ​Tubes

​✅ ​Carrying case
​✅ ​DVD
​✅ ​Guide cards
​✅ ​Self-progress chart
​✅ ​Tape measure

✅ ​1 year warranty

3. Value Edition

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There’s not a whole lot in the Value Edition, especially not compared to others in this list. 

You might want to get it because you’re on a budget, but it lacks the features of the stronger of its company, additionally, the extension capabilities aren’t nearly as great.

​This is what you get with the Value Edition.

​​✅ DSS system
​✅ ​Springs
​✅ ​Bars and pivots
​✅ ​Tubes
​✅ ​Pads
​✅ ​Carrying case

✅ Tape measure
✅ Self-progress chart
✅ Guide cards
✅ DVDs
✅ $100 voucher for Rizer XL

4. Curvature Correction and Peyronies

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​If you have Peyronies, which involves a curved penis. That’s a big issue for men, as it can wreck one’s sex life. 

Fortunately, these products can provide an actual solution. This is what you get with the Curvature Correction and Peyronies.

​​✅ DSS system
​✅ ​Springs
​✅ ​​​Bars, rods, and pivots
​✅ ​Tubes
​✅ ​Pads
​✅ ​Carrying case

✅ ​​Vitamin E

​✅ ​Tape measure
​✅ ​Self-progress chart
​✅ ​Guide cards
​✅ DVDs
​✅ ​​Pouch

​✅ ​​​Memory foam

​Key Features

​With the Quick Extender Pro, there’s more than the device itself. These are some other things to consider when ordering the Quick Extender Pro.

​1. Site: The ​QEP earns a lot of trust from its site design. It creates a feeling of trust because of how attractive it looks.

The excellence of the product is the main reason to use Quick Extender Pro, but this is another thing that helps.

​2. Quick Shipment: It only took a couple of days for the ​QEP to reach me. There was nothing about the box that would raise any suspicion.

When I opened it up, it was already put together. I was totally prepared to do at least a little bit of assemblage.

​3. Sizing: The Quick Extender Pro might not immediately feel comfortable. 

However, you can easily adjust it, especially if you use the DVDs for help. It’s not one-size-fits-all, but it’s not an issue to get yourself into it.

​4. Customer Care: Talking to the customer support line will help to answer just about any question you have or solve any basic problem.

You’ll get to speak to an actual person who’s happy to help you through your issue.

​5. Dual Straps: Having two straps on a penis extender might not seem like anything particularly impressive, but it’s twice the comfort of a single-strapped one.

It’s a lot easier on your penis, which you definitely know is sensitive. Doing ordinary activities like moving around are a lot easier when you have this support.


  • ​Lightweight materials
  • ​ Doesn’t require any assembly
  • ​Confidential shipping
  • ​Can increase sexual sensitivity
  • ​Two straps to eliminate pain
  • ​Can take effect in less than a month (not guaranteed for everyone)


  • ​Requires continuous usage
  • ​Shouldn’t be used during sleep

​My Results

​As someone with a home office, I was able to use the ​QEP without worrying about if coworkers know what’s going on in my pants.

I wore it for a few hours a day, giving myself a few weeks between measurements.

​I also made sure I was giving myself reprieves so that I wasn’t wearing it too many days in a row. My penis knows how to tell me when it needs some rest, and I know how to listen.

​Waiting to measure myself paid off, as I grew nearly half an inch after a few weeks. Half an inch isn’t anything when talking about hair, but it’s something impressive when it comes to a penis.

​I knew I couldn’t just stop there. My resolve was even stronger, and I started wearing the Quick Extender Pro for even longer durations.

This did cause some soreness. I was able to learn my limits, and you should be able to as well.

​Sleeping with the Quick Extender Pro might seem like a good idea, as you can let it do its work while you rest.

However, I tried this and ended up paying for it in the morning. I’m someone who really tosses and turns, and that’s not good with a device like this.

​You’ll be a lot more comfortable just wearing it during the day. Take advantage of the straps and listen to your body.

​I got a couple inches of growth after wearing the Q​EP for six months. Look at your penis and imagine how it would look with two more inches on it.

There’s no way you can tell me it wouldn’t be at least a little noticeably bigger.

​Besides the length, I’ve also got way more vigor. In bed, I can last longer and I get so much harder. As it turns out, bigger truly is better.

Is It As Good As Other Options?

There are products like the Quick Extender Pro that are trusted for their penis extension capabilities.

Two that you should know about are the Phallosan Forte and SizeGenetics. I’ve made a breakdown of which of these three is the best for each of the five key categories.

How Comfortable Is It?

The best for comfort is the Phallosan Forte, which fits on very securely and can easily fit under your regular wardrobe.

As mentioned, the Q​EP has an excellent two-strap system. SizeGenetics is a lot looser but also heavier. Wearing it can feel pretty awkward.

How Durable Is It?

SizeGenetics holds up the best in terms of material. Q​EP isn’t too delicate either. With its partial-glass material, the Phallosan definitely loses here.

​​Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

You only need to have the Phallosan Forte for a minimum of two weeks for a refund request.

Conversely, the Quick Extender Pro requires six months before a refund can be requested, while SizeGenetics requires four months.

You also have to track your results with “My Diary,” located on their website.

How Does The Warranty Compare?

There’s a two-year warranty for the Phallosan Forte, which includes replacement pieces.

SizeGenetic’s warranty is one-year, while Quick Extender Pro has warranties for a year or for six months.

How ​Much Can Length Be Extended?

​​Quick Extender Pro wins in this category, as it can go as far as 16 inches.

There isn’t one listed for the Phallosan Forte, but it can be understood that it's pretty extendable when rods are used. SizeGenetics stops at 10 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Will the Quick Extender Pro work for me?

​Nothing is certain, especially not with Quick Extender Pro. However, you can trust us when we say the Q​EP has a great reputation with many positive testimonials from guys who have wanted longer penises.

​Will It give me more girth?

​The Quick Extender Pro can give you a wider penis as well as a longer one.

​​Does this produce any side-effects?

​The worst consequence of wearing the Quick Extender Pro is some pain, and this is pretty minimal compared to what positives it can bring you.

​How long does it take for results to show​?

​Your Q​EP journey can pay off with results in a month or less. Don't get discouraged if you don't see results as fast as you anticipated or wanted.

Final Thoughts

​I’ve loved using the Quick Extender Pro, but what I might love even more is sharing about its greatness.

There are some imperfections, but the good more than makes up for it. My review isn’t the only positive one, but I hope you find it’s the most informative — your satisfaction hinge on proper, consistent usage.

​Something I liked to do to keep myself motivated was looking at images of large cocks, like those from male porn stars.

Just knowing that I could at least come within a reasonable distance of such length gave me drive.

​My appreciation for my penis has also increased. Even when I hadn't yet experienced any definitive growth with the Q​EP, I was able to stay optimistic.

​Having a general outline of how it works helped me stay interested. I knew that even if I didn't see anything happen, there was definitely activity occurring.

​I do wish that you can get what I got out of the Quick Extender Pro. Your penis doesn't need to be stuck at its underwhelming size forever.

Get yourself the Quick Extender Pro you can feel more confident and have a better performance in bed.

​Quick Extender Pro

Due to it's ​comprehensive guide,​step by step instructions, and dozens of 5 star reviews, The Quick Extender Pro ​is a great penis enlargement option.