Reviewing The Njoy Eleven: Is This Steel Dildo Worth Buying?

Dildos have made so many people so happy when it comes to masturbating. If you want to be penetrated but don't have anyone available, a dildo is your salvation.

However, you don't just want some cheap plastic dildo that only provides sporadic pleasure. So much money can be wasted on shoddy sex toys, and it might be overdue for you actually to find a worthwhile one.

The Njoy Eleven is a major dildo for people with significant urges. It can look pretty daunting, but so can a lot of great new experiences.

With the Njoy Eleven, you'll be putting yourself in new territory. With the right attitude and preparation, you'll have an excellent time.

Before you order this dildo, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. We’ve written this guide to help answer any questions that might come up.

You might’ve tried dildos before, but this toy takes things to another level.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's stainless steel material, temperature play capabilities, and overall design, the Njoy Eleven is approved by our sex experts.

About Njoy Eleven

Njoy makes products with a purpose, and you can see that from their boxes alone. You’ll get your Eleven in an elegant looking box.

Inside that box will be a pouch inside a sleeve. Inside the pouch is the Njoy Eleven, surrounded by satin.

With its stainless steel design, the Eleven can look like its glowing. You might be too, because this is something to be superbly excited about.

Your eyes might be bulging by how huge this is. It’s namesake likely comes from it being 11 inches long.

Unless an 11-inch cock has fucked you, this will likely be a whole new experience. Even then, the stainless steel and the overall design make it even more unique.

You can put either end of the Eleven inside you. One is smaller, but it’s still pretty damn big.

There’s also some ridging on the smaller part. This creates even more pleasure.

An un-ridged side is also there if you don’t want it quite as rough.

The bigger side measures two inches wide compared to the smaller’s 1.75-inches. It’s also curved more.

While the steel is hard, it actually makes putting this dildo in a little easier. Be sure you’re as careful as possible with this or any other sex toy.


Besides being lengthy, the Njoy Eleven also weighs quite a bit. At 2.75 pounds, it’s not a brick, but it’s got some heft to it.

With its complete stainless steel, you’re getting both weight and quality. You should be careful when using it for extended periods because it can put a strain on you.

Based on its size and price, you should make sure you want and can get use of this dildo. If you're a sex toy novice, this might be a dildo you graduate to over time, rather than one you buy right away.


✅  Hassle-free cleaning

✅  For both men and women

✅  Stainless steel material is safe and durable

✅  Experiment with heating and cooling


❌  Size can be difficult to get used to (not for beginners)

❌  Dildo is heavy


When you start feeling the stainless steel, you might be convinced it’ll go in fine without any lube. However, you should use some, and any personal lubricant will work.

Begin with the small end. You’ll have a much better time starting there. While you might not cum with your inaugural usage, you’ll likely get really turned on.

Once you’ve adapted to this end, you can try the bigger one. Because of its weight, you need to be sure you’re holding it correctly.

Should you start to feel sore, put it down. There are lots of other ways you can finish yourself off if you need to.

Your G-spot can get a lot of work from the bigger end. It won’t touch it exactly, but you will get your G-spot stimulated as you’re pumping it inside you.

With such a big end, the sensations can be maximized. You can also cum incredibly hard with how it works your clit.

Your first squirting experience might happen with the larger portion of this dildo. The hardness and inflexibility might not be your style, but it’s heaven-sent for many users.

Cleaning Up

All sex toys need to be cleaned frequently. Fortunately, the Njoy 11’s stainless steel makes it really easy to clean.

There are lots of ways to clean this, such as with some soap and water, inside your dishwasher or with some water on the stove. 

You just need to be careful that you’re not putting it under anything too erosive.

Prostate Play

Men can also get a great experience out of the Njoy Eleven. You can get your prostate worked, which can provide you an orgasm that’s so good, you’ll be mesmerized in a dream-like state.

As a man, you have a lot more body to pleasure than you probably realize. With lots of lube and lots of discipline, a prostate orgasm can be yours.

Stainless steel can react to different temperatures beautifully, getting heated or cooled with ease.

This can make your sex or masturbation a lot more thrilling, and it will definitely bring you into the moment more.

Don’t make it so cold or hot that it would be painful or damaging to your body. Be cautious and make sure it’s suitable to touch with your hands before putting it on your nether regions.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve done the reflection necessary and know that you’re ready for a dildo with impact, the Njoy Eleven can be one of the best sex toys you ever buy.

However, we would not recommend this toy for beginners, only intermediate to advanced sex toy users.

When you know this and are eagerly anticipating all this will provide you, you should order it.

We’re really excited to learn about your experience, and we know it’ll give you some very memorable moments.

Using it with a partner can be even better. You'll really get to delight your partner by thrusting this inside them.

You could even ask them to put it inside you. Perhaps you could do a dual pegging, where each person has one end inside them?

Just because something involves a nearly-footlong dildo doesn't mean it can't be a wholesome bonding experience.

With the Njoy Eleven, you'll have a dildo that is long, hard, and amazing. This doesn't have to replace a penis, but it can greatly augment your sexual experience.

And if you're not trying to get more out of your sex life, why not?