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Top Mini Sex Doll Reviews: The Only Buyer’s Guide You Need

Many studies have shown that being lonely can be a threat to your health. You could be having your lifespan shortened just because of how much loneliness you've been experiencing.

Finding comfort in another human being is best, but sometimes that isn't realistic for us, and we need a temporary solution.

Sex dolls are a great option to consider to find that comfort. Plus, you can live out your greatest sexual desires without fear of being judged.

Or you might have a great relationship, but still want to live out some fantasies alone. And maybe your partner is extra kinky and wants to experiment with you.

Regardless of your situation, the doll that is right for you comes down to many factors. You may like exotic looking women more than brunettes. You may like larger women more than skinny women.

And many men love petite women. Something about the small frame of a woman speaks to her femininity, and it can make men feel more like men by being around them.

Here, we will cover the best place to find petite sex dolls and what you should consider before getting one. Let's dive in.

Our Top Pick

SexDollGenie.com is our top choice to find mini sex dolls due to it's overwhelming five star customer reviews, lifelike material they use, and overall quality. 


Sex dolls can help restore your confidence without having to worry about being judged by a partner. Lots of men struggle with sexual performance and often get stage fright when it comes time.

Having a doll not only gives you the ability to find a temporary companion when you're lonely, but they can give you a fresh start in terms of how you view yourself.

Think about what you like in partners, particularly their looks. Whatever it is you picture as your dream women, there is likely a doll out there for you.

Sophisticated engineering and technological advancements have brought us to a new level in the realism of these dolls. Many of them are shockingly realistic.

Having qualms about buying a sex doll isn't abnormal. Someone who's getting all the sex they need and plenty of emotional support might find it ridiculous to have an inanimate partner.

However, you may be surprised to know that millions of people own a sex doll, and you can also if you desire to.

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Do I Need Really Need One?

You might, especially if you're contemplating this question. If you've been feeling quite lonely, the only cons to getting a sex doll you might be able to list are the cost and worries about others finding it.

First, the cost is something to consider strongly. However, if you're getting tripped up by what others might think, you may be deciding for the wrong reasons.

Secondly, someone else finding your doll is doubtful. It's not impossible, but you'd have to be pretty careless to let that information slip through the cracks.

People are reluctant to get little sex dolls because of the shame associated with them. It can look like a show of defeat. You're not able to get an actual woman to sleep with you, so you have to opt for it.

Don't give in to this mindset. There are many good reasons not to do something, but fear of judgment from others should never be on the top of your list.

Besides, practicing with a doll can prepare you for the real thing with a woman you meet later down the road.

Making Your Selection

Deciding whether or not to get a small sex doll is the easy part. The hard part is determining what you want from your doll.

These are some of the important factors you'll need to consider.

Materials Used

A quality doll is most likely to be made of either silicone or TPE. Between the two, silicone wins in terms of being more durable.

However, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is worth considering if you want your doll to feel softer.

Additionally, silicone is more expensive. While a mini-doll might be more affordable than a full-sized one, it can still be pretty expensive.

If you're able to, you might want to get two dolls: one made of each material. This way, you can easily switch between them, depending on what sort of mood you're in.

Weight and Size

Mini love dolls aren't precisely pocket-sized, although they are easier to transport than the standard sizes since they weigh much less.

Your doll can weigh quite a lot, so you need to make sure you're up to the task of moving it around yourself.

Furthermore, they can take up plenty of space. Be sure you know of a safe place to put your doll to be protected and discreet when you're not using it.

Appearance & Functionality

Your doll should be attractive and do what you want. Although you're in control, you still need to consider what limitations there are.

Can you quickly put your doll in different positions? Can you swap out the outfits?

Because sex dolls are quite an investment, you want to ensure you get everything you're expecting. Put some thought into these considerations we're covering here.

There will never be a perfect doll that checks off everyone's boxes. You need to be judicious in your selection process. If you have any misgivings, just go with your gut instinct.

Many sites will allow you to customize your doll according to exact specifications. Meaning you can pick eye and hair color, length of hair, height and weight, breast size, etc. 


We don't want you to browse these dolls without first understanding that these things aren't cheap.

If you find one that's available for an exceptionally low-cost, that probably indicates pretty low quality.

As we said, the dolls made of silicone are the more expensive kinds, but if you factor in its value to you, the price can come across as a steal.

Be careful with any big purchase like this, making sure that you know exactly if you need/want it. Don't give in to the temptation to go cheap, either.

Getting the exact high-quality doll you waited for is much better than having a mediocre one you bought way too soon. 

Where To Buy Petite Sex Dolls

You're probably not going into your local general retail store asking for sex dolls.

Among the many advantages of living in the internet age is exploring sensitive matters with far more privacy.

Here is a list of three sites you can find the highest quality tiny sex dolls available anywhere. 

1. SexDollGenie.com

A married couple in Miami started this love doll retailer. They were displeased with the quality, or lack thereof, presented by other companies.

Seizing a golden opportunity, they founded SexDollGenie.com and created some of the most realistic dolls you'll find.

Beginning with only 12 dolls, they have expanded to offer thousands of different variations, plus the option to customize your very own.

Doll Types

Among their many strengths is SexDollGenie's doll selection. There are a lot of dolls from different companies sold here.

While the thousands of dolls can seem pretty overwhelming, the site makes it easy for you to find a doll with their excellent search functionality.

Customer Service

SexDollGenie also does right by its customers when it comes to addressing concerns. They are very available to answer any questions before and after you order.

While anything going wrong with your shipment is very unlikely, SexDollGenie is there to help should that happen.

Your order comes with a 30-day-guarantee. Plus, they have a repair support team that can help you if anything is damaged in shipping.


  • Thousands of different dolls to choose from
  • Most affordable high-end doll available
  • Realistic features 
  • Excellent customer service and help desk support
  • 30 day guarantee


  • Need to be prepared to invest in high quality
  • Must have a place to store discreetly

2. RealDoll

RealDoll is one of the most impressive sex doll brands around.

They are an established brand with excellent quality dolls and a A+ website experience.

While they only carry RealDolls, their designs and diversity are truly amazing.

They are rated as having the most realistic dolls in the world.

Doll Types

RealDolls are top-of-the-line. They have more than a hundred dolls available, representing different looks and styles.

Something that's especially cool is RealDoll Wicked. This is a line of dolls that are based on famous porn stars.

Customer Service

RealDoll also has exceptional customer service. For one, their options are truly extensive. Not only do you have the standard methods of communication, email, and phone, but you can even fax them.

The website is also super helpful for answering questions. Be sure you look around as well as possible before you reach out to them since many answers are on their site.

Additionally, you can only get a refund if your doll has been damaged in delivery. However, you get a 30-day guarantee for your doll's inside.


  • Doll materials are exceptional quality
  • Doll embodies the world realism
  • Can customize your doll however you'd like
  • Options for both men and women


  • Most expensive doll on the market (but worth the quality)
  • Dolls are heavy so you need to be strong to move them around

3. SexyRealSexDolls.com

SexyRealSexDolls is excellent to consider due to its overall selection of top quality dolls from various brands.

They have dolls that are both on the lower end and higher end.

If you don't have all the money to pay for your doll at once, you can buy it in installments.

This gives you great flexibility with payments and can receive your doll immediately after first payment.

Doll Types

Various brands put their dolls for sale on SexyRealSexDolls.com.

There is something for everyone here. Lower price to higher priced dolls with many different customization to choose from.

Customer Service

SexyRealSexDolls is lacking in the customer service department, especially compared to the other two companies on this list.

They tend to take slower responding to emails, and it may also take a few times to reach them by phone.

Also, if your doll is damaged or there is a problem with getting your shipment, you may have a difficult time receiving a refund. Even if the damage is not your fault.


  • Dolls are the most affordable on this list
  • Can split up payments
  • There are many doll brands to choose from.


  • Return policy is pretty ridiculous
  • Weight and height of dolls require a big storage place.
  • Poor customer service

Final Thoughts - Are Small Sex Dolls Worth?

We recommend considering everything we discussed in this article a few time before committing to buying.

If you know you have the storage space, can handle the weight of the doll, and have the money to spend, then you may be ready to purchase now.

SexDollGenie is the best overall in terms of quality, price, and customer service.

RealDoll is the most realistic doll in the world so if you have a higher budget, it's worth spending more with them to get the dream doll you've always wanted. 

Whichever you choose, we hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

Our Top Pick

SexDollGenie.com is our top choice to find miniature sex dolls due to it's overwhelming five star customer reviews, lifelike material they use, and overall quality.