Male Edge Extender Review: Does It Really Work?

We definitely had some reservations about using a penis-enhancing tool. Doesn’t every guy?

It’s a reminder of how unsatisfying your penis/sex life is, and these products can just seem like scams.

There are some bad items out there, trying to pass themselves as penis growth tools. We learned there are some excellent products out there, and that it’s not the worst thing to admit you need a little assistance.

The Male Edge Pro Advanced Penis Enlargement System is an exemplary penis enhancer.

It has a futuristic design, but there’s nothing science-fiction about it. This was the first product of its type, and its creator totally knows how to succeed in this field.

There are 13 parts to this entire system. There are products in their lineup that don’t have as many pieces but which are still very good.

Your penis can be expected to grow longer and wider with the Male Edge Pro. It won’t be like you’re packing a sausage in your pants, but if you use it right, you can count on seeing results.

You need to be patient with the Male Edge Pro, as it takes many months for it to work. It’s too much of an investment for you not to use it properly.

Knowing that our experience could be useful for people like you, we made sure to be careful in observing how the Male Edge Pro worked on us.

The short story is that it worked, but we know better than to stop there. Here's the full rundown.

Male Edge Pro

Due to it's comprehensive instruction guide, customer satisfaction, and multiple device options, Male Edge is a solid option to consider for extending your penis.


Just calling this a penis extender doesn’t do much to explain exactly what it is and how it helps.

You won’t just be putting this on within seconds of opening it up. It can seem deceptively simple, but you have to put yourself through a bit of a hassle in order to get it secured. More on that will come later.

While you might know a thing or two about pulling your cock, it’s probably not for a significant portion of your day.

The Male Edge Extender provides consistent pulling on your penis. This helps it grow by increasing your cell size.

We’re not scientists here, but we have used this and seen our cocks get bigger. The experiment definitely paid off.

Another reason to use this is for rectifying a curved penis. If you’re dealing or have dealt with that predicament, you know how much it can ruin things.

Key Features

The $225 price tag on the Male Edge Pro might sting a little, but its qualities are numerous to make your money worth it.

There are lots of modes to pick from. You can get set up even if your penis is embarrassingly small.

It’s been made with a lot of care. There are straps to keep you secure and its got a sturdy build made of safe items. As a means of providing even more trust, you can get your money back twice over if things don’t work out.

It’s really a win-win situation. You can end up getting a return on your investment if things don’t work out. We hope things pan out, though.

Inside Your Package

The first adult product manufacturer who figured out the importance of box design deserves a medal. The Male Edge Pro comes in a sexy red package that’s made for people with taste, like you.

But you can’t spend all your time admiring the box. Here’s what you get with your order:

✅ Male Edge Pro
✅ Ruler
✅ Carrying case (featuring logo)
✅ Official Male Edge Penis Training Program
✅ Four extra straps
✅ Two pads
✅ Gauze
✅ Training Diary
✅ Forum access
✅ Exclusive online video access

There’s no extra charge for signing up for the Male Edge online community. Every product in their family has an instant year-long warranty.

Comparing Your Options

We’re only going to be comparing the Male Edge Pro to its brethren, but it’s still important to know the differences between it, the Basic, and the Extra.

Be sure to research each box and its options carefully. They come with different prices.

1️⃣ Male Edge Pro

2️⃣ Male Edge Basic

Each of these are good and worth using, with any weaknesses being due to what they lack. For instance, the Male Edge Basic has the fewest features. This isn’t much of a shocker, given it’s name.

You only get one additional strap with the Male Edge Basic. Compared to the Male Edge Pro, which has four as well as some pads, that’s something to consider.

3️⃣ Male Edge Extra

The strap count goes up here, as the Male Edge Extra has a pair of them, along with a single strap. It’s like the Basic, just with a few more pieces.

If you’re in a financial bind and have no other choice, the Basic and Extra are fine picks.
However, we strongly recommend you get the Male Edge Pro. We’re going to give you the lowdown for why Pro is the way to go.

Using The Male Edge

When we got situated with the Male Edge Pro, we knew we had used our money wisely. Getting this kind was an amazing decision on our end, because we didn’t have to throw more money at buying a more advanced model.

We constantly reminded each other we’d have to be patient and not be measuring our cocks every hour. This focus really helped, and it made the six months go by faster.

Getting signed up for the Male Edge online world as more of a pain. After that, though, it was pretty simple and fun.

Some of the guys expressed skepticism over how comfortable this could be. We expected at least a little bit of discomfort, but we ended up with none, save for a mildly awkward feeling.

The privacy is also wonderful. You’d have to be Superman to be able to tell when anyone is wearing a Male Edge.

The Good and The Bad

We’re here to praise the Male Edge Pro, but that doesn’t mean we’re cheerleaders. There are things to criticize about it, just like there are things to embrace.

One thing that penis enhancement manufacturers haven’t yet figured out is not making their products feel weird. The Male Edge Pro definitely isn’t too bad, but you may be pretty aware of it when you’re starting out.

Before we tell you what’s bad about the Male Edge Pro, let’s go into more of the goodies.


  • It can help men with curved penises
  • Safety: None of the Male Edge Pro’s materials should cause any harm
  • With further usage, you start to see better results
  • You can run this in your dishwasher if you need to clean it
  • It’s totally waterproof
  • It becomes easier to wear and use over time


  • Putting the Male Edge Pro on for the first time can be hard, and the next few times might also be difficult
  • It’s possible to use this if you haven’t been circumcised, but you’re going to have to undergo more of a strain and make more alterations than you would if you were circumcised
  • This isn’t exactly a “con,” but we have to stress that this device has to be worn right and for the six months. It can seem like a lot to keep in mind initially, but it’s just another wrinkle to add to your day, except this one leads to a bigger cock

Final Thoughts

There are lots of penis enhancers, but not as many that are as good as the Male Edge Pro. All it asks of you is your time and faith.

Don’t let yourself get hooked by some untrustworthy product just because it’s cheaper. You might as well throw your money out the window.

The Male Edge Pro is the best product in a very strong line. If they drop something even more advanced, we hope to be the first to try it.

Maybe they can ask us to do a test run?

Male Edge Pro

Due to it's comprehensive instruction guide, customer satisfaction, and multiple device options, Male Edge is a solid option to consider for extending your penis.