Reviewing The Magic Wand: An ORGASMIC Vibrating Massager

When you think of vibrators, you probably think of the Hitachi Magic Wand. There’s a good reason for this, as the sensations offered by the Magic Wand are so incredible.

The Magic Wand doesn’t advertise itself as a masturbation tool, though. It’s known as a “massager” and has been around since the late 60s.

However, massaging doesn’t stop at your back and neck. Any women who’s wanted some feeling down south can benefit from using the Magic Wand.

Today, the Magic Wand continues to draw buyers. It’s got so much power and influence that it’s a little surprising that there are still companies trying to compete.

A big reason for its continued popularity is the updates its undergone. This review discusses the most current iteration of the Hitachi Magic Wand and will help you with deciding whether to buy it.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's powerful vibrations, functionality, and hundreds of satisfied customers, the Magic Wand is certified and approved by our sex experts.

Key Features

You would need to be pretty numb not to be impressed by the Magic Wand. Masturbating with it can really make you shocked by how much stimulation your vagina can handle.

However, this isn’t the kind of vibrator that goes inside you. Its top is so large that you would be incredibly reckless even to try and get it in there.

You can be safer and enjoy much higher pleasure through using it on your clitoris. You’ll get to feel so good when you feel this buzzing all around your clit.

It’s straightforward to learn the Magic Wand. There are three switches on the Original and the Rechargeable.

With the Original, you have the Off switch and two-speed switches. On the Rechargeable are the On/Off switch, modes, and speeds.

The Original requires being plugged in during usage. It doesn’t have any batteries, chargeable or otherwise.

You’ll receive 5,000 vibrations a minute on the first setting and 6,000 at its second. You won’t even be able to count a tenth of those before a minute passes.

The Rechargeable gives you more in terms of speed. There are five settings and four speeds that you can use in its simplest setting.

You can also take the Rechargeable with you, without worrying about a plug, provided that it’s charged.

There are some differences in design between the two. For instance, while the tip of the Original is plastic, it’s silicone for the Rechargeable. It’s simple to clean these up, but you need to be careful, as water can damage the ends.

However, the Magic Wand holds up to a lot of scrutiny with its make. You’d have to really have a vendetta against it for any lasting damage to happen to it.

How To Use It

We must stress that the Magic Wand feels excellent on your clit, but you need to be careful and not put it there right away.

The sensations are pleasurable, but they can also be uncomfortable if you’re not careful. It’s like how you don’t want to scarf down a plate of spicy food without nibbling a little first for safety.

You need to be in the mood before you start using the Magic Wand. Get yourself aroused and then stoke these fires with other means.

Before you put the Magic Wand on your bare body, it needs to go on your clothes. You’ll definitely feel it unless you’re wearing an impenetrable suit of armor.

When you’ve gotten used to this, it can touch your skin. However, it shouldn’t be going anywhere near your vagina at first.

To begin, you need to start in places like your arms and neck. As your comfort increases, you can go to areas of arousal, such as the nipples.

Take it to your vagina and follow your instincts. Don’t press it down too hard or anything.

When you start to feel how good it is, you’ll be in heaven. You’ll feel on an even higher plane when you orgasm.

A big surprise might be how quickly your orgasm happens. It’s normal for Magic Wand orgasms to occur in less than five minutes.

Can you imagine what your fingers would be capable of if they could perform 5,000 vibrations a minute?

If you’ve been frustrated by how long it takes for you to come, the Magic Wand can be a wonder. You have to tame it first before you can really use it, but that doesn’t take long.

There’s also scientific basis for the Magic Wand’s usefulness in helping with orgasms. More than 90% of the test subjects in a study of women who couldn’t get orgasms were able to get them with the Magic Wand.

It can seem a little too good to be true. How does one type of product from one company have so much success?

We don’t have the exact science as to why the Magic Wand is so great, but we do have firsthand knowledge and testimonials from others to provide you with more trust.

And it’s definitely subjective, as there are women who just prefer their own hands or simpler devices for masturbating.

However, it shouldn’t be disbelieved that people completely love this vibrator. Compared to others, it can be a lot more comfortable to hold and move.


✅  Perfect for lots of sexual experiences and situations

✅  Simple to understand and use. No tech understanding required

✅  Durability is top notch. Construction is of the highest quality

✅  Achieve very powerful and quick orgasms

✅  Used for a "marathon of orgasms" back to back to back


❌  It's quite noisy so a bit difficult to be discreet

❌  It's not resistant to water. Can't use it in a jacuzzi, bath, or shower.

Magic Wand Hacks

There isn’t a lot to the Magic Wand, or so it would seem. While its design is really straightforward, the options can feel infinite if you’re really able to be creative.

You can try various poses for using the Magic Wand. You might start out with a position you’re comfortable with and then transition to something a little different.

Not only will you get a significant change of pace, but you’ll also get to have an incredible new sensation from the Magic Wand.

Should you like to make masturbating a prolonged event that isn’t over in the same amount of time it took you to get horny, you can go slower with the Magic Wand. Try to use its edge, switching it off the closer you come to orgasm.

This can really make it fun.

Is This Toy Right For You?

We don't want to come across as bias for the Magic Wand, urging you to drop money on it without even a moment's thought about whether it will actually serve a purpose for you.

We strongly encourage purchasing the Magic Wand if any of the following apply to you:

-You need something more than a typical vibrator
-You want to climax faster
-Orgasms are rare for you
-You get a lot of tension in your body

However, there are good reasons for not getting it, such as:

-You don’t want any risk to your privacy
-You’re not into climaxing via your clit
-You want something with a sleeker appearance

Some of the cons might not prevent you from getting it. For instance, its noisiness isn't such a big problem if you're able to muffle it or just use it when you know you'll have privacy.

Plus, this massager can be great for massages, believe it or not. You might be okay with how you're masturbating, but have you taken stock of the rest of your body lately?

There's probably some tension you're holding in that you don't even realize you have. This could be affecting your mood, your ability to sleep, and other essential parts of life.

Running this massager offer points of tension can really help. You and your partner can also give each other massages a good way of turning each other on.

Final Thoughts

I remember feeling cynical about how good the Magic Wand could possibly be before I actually used it.

It’s like hearing people gush about a film for so long that it’s pretty much guaranteed to disappoint based on the hype.

However, the Magic Wand totally lives up to expectations. It’s been so good for me, and I hope it’s good for you also if you decide to buy it.

Even if you can’t/don’t want to use the Magic Wand, you should be able to appreciate how much it’s helped women, especially with how it’s normalized them masturbating.

My favored Magic Wand is the Rechargeable kind. I love not having to keep it plugged it, as well as the wider range in settings.

In only a few minutes, you can receive orgasms that will make your head spin and more. Try out the Magic Wand, and you’ll really see what all the fuss is about.