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Reviewing The Lovense Max: A Unique and Powerful Male Masturbator

Every man loves to masturbate, even the ones who can receive regular sex.

You can get comfortable, lie back, and just feel the wonders of your body. When it’s finally time to come, a good orgasm can put a smile on your face that lasts for the rest of the day.

However, your dominant hand can only do so much. After a while, you get numb to the pleasure and masturbating, sadly, becomes a little boring.

To make things better, you should use a device, such as the Max by Lovense. This replicates oral sex and turns masturbating into an exciting experience again.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's high quality design, realistic feeling, and dozens of five star reviews, The Lovense Max 2 is certified and approved by our sex experts.

About Automatic Masturbation Devices

There are lots of items on the market that help guys jerk off with electrical or battery power.

Although anyone can understand that these would feel pleasurable, some might think that they’re essentially pointless when you have your hands, or at the very least, non-automatic devices.

But using an automatic device is like using an HD television after years of relying on a rabbit-ears signal.

The feelings can be so much greater, and you can discover your body in a way you might’ve never thought was possible before.

Plus, as good as it can feel to masturbate with your hand, it’s hard to replicate the unique feel of a good blowjob.

A pair of beautiful lips pursed around your hard cock is a perk of a regular relationship, but a device like the Max lets you have it on your own.

It’s not just that these devices manufacture a mediocre blowjob. The ones you get from the Max are like being pleasured by someone who’s made it their mission to provide you with oral satisfaction.

You can use this if you’re in a relationship, even if you and your partner are miles apart.

With the Max’s Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy long-range sex, with your partner deciding how best to control the device.

We don’t want you to feel pressured to get something that’s too far out of your interest, and there are lots of products that let you masturbate while keeping things simple.

But if you’re ready to venture down an amazing road of pleasure and self-love, the Max by Lovense is waiting for you.

Intro to Lovense Max

If you’ve used or at least looked at fleshlights, the Max won’t be anything surprising. It’s made of durable TPE and your penis fits handily inside.

Looks aren’t everything, though, because the Max has features that can only be realized through usage. The main one is its pumps.

These pumps are so good at replicating the warm feel of a woman’s pussy, particularly as it writhes in pleasure around a stiff cock.

You can increase or decrease the pressure on these pumps. The Max also comes with a vibrator, allowing for pleasure to be directed specifically to your penis head.

Blowjobs are all about suction, and there’s a vacuum function on the Max that really delivers on this front. Make it as strong or as mild as you need.

Bring these functions together and you’ll be so happy you made this purchase.

Your purchase of the Max includes the device itself, the guide, and the USB cord to charge it. You can take the Max out of its sleeve and hold it in a case that’s also included.

It measures 9 inches by 2.5 inches. You can keep it tucked away in a nightstand drawer or another confidential location.

Its Bluetooth capabilities let you work it with your smartphone. To mix things up, someone who has the same app can be given access to work your Max and allow you a new pleasure experience.


✅  Fits most penis sizes

✅  Suction from vacuum feels life like

✅  Bluetooth connect with your smart phone or your partners

✅  Made of hypoallergenic material 


❌  Can be too noisy for some people

❌  Is not water resistant


Just having a device that gives you a blowjob seems like it would be enough for a lot of guys. It probably is, but the Max doesn’t just stop there.

To begin, the pumps are outstanding in terms of the pleasure they provide you with.

As the balloon-like sacks on the Max swell up, your cock can too. It's like every nerve ending of your penis is being given its plaudits.

It doesn’t have to be like you’re getting the life sucked out of you at every turn either. You can have the pumps at their most basic and get a more soothing sort of pleasure.

Then, the vibrator gives your head some action as well. It’s truly the cherry on top of a great experience.

Play around with the different settings, and you can have a new sort of masturbating experience every time.

The app makes it easy to change things up. Who would’ve though you’d be using your fancy smartphone for this purpose?

While we love the Max, we also feel it’s only appropriate to tell you about the downsides.

Having good hearing is something to appreciate, but you might not be feeling so grateful when you hear the pumps on the Max.

These aren’t loud in a way that a large-sized vibrator is. These are downright noisy.

Besides being annoying to you, it can be difficult if you live with others and want to enjoy your new oral sex device on the DL.

You can use music or noise-canceling headphones to block the sound some, but we thought you should know so you’re not caught off-guard.

How Does It Feel?

The Max’s TPE really feels genuine. It follows the design of an actual vagina.

This wasn’t exactly the most mindblowing feeling, however. When compared to other fleshlights, some people find it a little underwhelming.

There’s also a lack of versatility with the feeling. The best kind of fleshlights don’t just offer a singular sensation in terms of feel.

It’s a good feeling, but it can wear out its welcome after a while for some people.

To help, make use of the enhancers to give yourself new feelings.

You should also focus on just how good it feels to grind inside this warm interior.

You can make it even warmer through heating up water, so it feels like a real pussy. Lots of lube should be applied as well.

Your lube needs to be water-based.

When you’re done with your fun, it’s little trouble to clean your Max.

You can easily take off the sleeve, running water over it and applying an appropriate cleaner.

Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth connections make all kinds of devices easier to use, from smartphones to headphones.

Sex devices like Max can also be made greater with Bluetooth. There’s far more sophisticated control possible with a Bluetooth connection.

You can also enjoy sexy adventures with a long-distance partner.

You just need to install the app to connect your phone to the Max.

It’ll search for devices and find your Max, should it be on.

There’s also a feature specifically for long-distance usage.

This could include your partner or kinky friends that want to play with you from afar.

It doesn’t stop there either. You can also sync your Max with a partner’s Max or with the Nora, also by Lovense.

Another crown in this device’s jewel is that you can combine it with music.

You can enjoy the rhythms of the music and the rhythms of your penis. 

Discreet and Practical

No sex toy is worth the embarrassment of having trouble hiding it. The Max is made with this in mind.

You can store it super-easily. However, if by chance you do leave it out or someone stumbles upon it, likely, they’ll never know what it was.

The white design might not be the most interesting, but it’s one that’s easy to pass over unless someone is really looking for it.

There’s also a lot of nuance to its charging. There are magnetic ends for getting your toy powered up.

What Are Users Saying?

There’s a lot of love felt by Max buyers.

Some of the main appeals are how good it feels as it’s working your penis. However, you might not ejaculate as soon as you think you will.

The vibrators are also enjoyed, but some find they don’t go as far as they could in terms of penile contact.

The main issue users have had, which should come as no surprise, is how loud the pumps are.

It’s such a shame, because the feeling the pumps provide is so godly. But the noise interference can be distracting.

Try your best to deal with the noise. You can perhaps try muffling the device under some sheets. If you can overcome this, then this toy is excellent!

Some Alternatives

1. Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Max isn’t in a total class of its own. Another great device for oral sex is the Kiiro Onyx 2.

You’ll get a lot of strong sensations when you’re using this device.

It has 10 different rings for re-enacting different experiences.

You can achieve as many as 140 movements/minute.

The battery goes up to 120 minutes.

t has a Superskin design for a pleasure-rich feeling.

There’s Bluetooth connection

This might actually be the best oral sex device for men around.

You can use it on your own or with others through the Bluetooth connection.

Then there are the rings. This is like having a roulette wheel of sexual moments. 

Some days you want to go all out. Other days, you just want to get some mild stimulation. 

The fun continues with all the various settings and combinations. You can also sync it with electronic devices.

It goes further than the Max. You can pair it with porn and use it with models, as well as letting your significant other use it.

The Max is still really good. The pumps take you for one hell of a ride.

It’s just that the Onyx 2 is like an elevated variant of The Max.

2. Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

Another quality Kiiroo product is the Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch.

It’s like they took a fleshlight and went for total enhancement.

Some of these enhancements include:

Compatibility with other Fleshlight products.

Easy to charge.

Bluetooth compatible.

Can be used without hands.

The Launch lets you work with all kinds of Fleshlight devices.

It stimulates your fleshlight which then stimulates your penis.

Screenshot taken from Kiiroo.com

This lets you really drift into fantasy. You might forget that you’re by yourself until you come and open your eyes.

There are also multiple ways to pair this with other things, including porn and other toys. You can also have a partner take the reins.

It’s a little frustrating that it’s so bad. It’s great for home use, but it’s really not practical to bring on vacation.

You might also have some challenges with getting situated, due to how big it is.

However, if you can manage these bulky conditions, the Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch is most excellent.

Final Thoughts

To bring it back to Lovense Max, this is a very good device for your masturbation and blowjob needs.

Not only does it feel terrific, it's also pleasing to look at.

With its Bluetooth connections, enjoyment can last longer and come from different people.

It's not the absolute best of these products, but it's still a good starter.

The price tag is a little high, but it's not something you just use a couple of times before throwing it away.

You should also consider the Lovense Nova, even if you already have the Max, due to their compatibility.

The top of these products is the Kiiroo Onyx 2. You could get this in addition to your Lovense Max. Switching toys up can keep you from getting bored with one or the other.

By the time your day has ended, you should feel like a genuine expert on matters of masturbators.