Reviewing The LELO Sona + The Sona 2 Cruise

Sexual pleasure doesn’t have to be diminished just because one is alone. Beyond masturbating with little more than your palm, there exists an amazing world, full of beautiful and useful accessories.

These can be found through many companies, but LELO has perhaps the best. These are ones that don’t just impress while they’re stimulating you.

Among the sex toy world, LELO is at the top. So many honors have been bestowed upon their products.

One of the best lines sold by this company is the LELO Sona. It includes excellent products like the LELO Sona Cruise and the LELO Sona 2.

Certified and Approved

Due to their high quality design and hundreds of satisfied customers, The LELO Sona toy series is certified and approved by our sex experts.

The best reason to buy these is if you want to experience intense clit orgasms, which every woman wants, right?

Getting your clit properly worked is like discovering fire. As much as you might be able to work it with your fingers, it’s nothing next to what these can do.

Having an orgasm without your clitoris being stimulated is very uncommon. So, why wouldn’t you want to have the best products to assist you and ensure you cum?

The importance of the clit is very misunderstood, at least among those who don’t have vaginas. Jokes about “finding the clitoris” run abound.

The truth is the clitoris is really not hard to find. It can be seen right above the urethra.

That portion makes up less than half of the entire clitoris, but there’s still enough out there for pleasure to be had.

With something designed precisely for your clitoris, you can bring yourself into a zone of total ecstasy.

Why The LELO Sona

There have been other devices sold like the LELO Sona, and they’ve generally been good. However, there’s a key difference in engineering that has made this one so much better.

These products have been “vibrators,” which is great in a lot of ways. But it turns out that feeling intense vibrations isn’t exactly the be-all-end-all of what a clit needs.

The Sona is able to cause so much pleasure through its usage of sonic waves. These are at speeds that travel as fast as sound does.

There’s no exam at the end of this article. To summarize what the Sona does, it shoots air to your clit, resulting in pleasure.

All the while, your clit isn’t being touched by anything except for the air. Given how sensitive your clit is, you should welcome this over a potentially unpleasant vibration experience.

What’s even better is how the air doesn’t stop at the part of the clit you can see. The entire clitoris can be tapped into by this stimulator.

That means you can have orgasms that are so good; you might end up thinking of new profanities to exclaim.

When you’re using a vibrator on your clitoris, the aftermath can be uncomfortable. The lack of contact with the Sona means you can feel both pleasured and comforted.

The clitoral orgasms you were having before were great, I’m sure.

But using something like the Sona is like drinking wine in Tuscany after years of buying affordable bottles from your supermarket.


✅  Excellent designs and no cleaning trouble

✅  Modes vary with intensity

✅  Transport Sona products very easily

✅  Set up doesn’t take much time at all.


❌  Requires some trial and error + experimentation

❌  More noisy than advertised

How To Operate?

You might fall in love with the Sona before you even put it near your clit, or even take it out of the box.

The box itself is really gorgeous. Once you take it out, you can fee the gentle silicone/plastic design.

It’s also a comfortable fit in your hand. You’ve got much to hope for when you get your Sona.

There’s a trio of buttons on the Sona that can be understood pretty much instantly. It’s a little weird that they’re on the lower part of the device, though.

There’s a mouth on the Sona that’s very direct with where it goes. To use this correctly, you’ll need to know where to hold it to reach your clitoris.

It could take you a few tries to really get the right position. You might try it before you’re feeling the need to masturbate.

Through continued usage, you’ll be able to see the benefits of reaching your clitoral area more directly. You can also have much more concentrated pleasure.

You might have an initial instinct to put the Sona on your clitoris. This can be done, but be prepared for some feelings that are stronger than you might be able to handle.

Additionally, even when the Sona isn’t actually touching your skin, it will still feel like it is.

It’s pretty great for how much pleasure the air provides. The Sona can do more while not “touching’ you than plenty of vibrators can do while on your skin.

You can hold it to your skin without it touching your clit directly. If you’re really craving some feeling, you can bring it over to your clit.

We want you to know that your clit might not be an excellent match for the Sona, just because anatomy has so many variables that toys can’t be expected to match universally.

But the Sona 2 covers more ground in terms of space, so users have their chances of pleasure greatly increased.

Just like how your reproductive area is complex, so is the Sona. There are different settings, and the best way to start is from the bottom.

At its most basic mode, the Sona 2 is anything but. Before turning it on, you need to get yourself primed.

There are eight different settings o choose from on the original Sona and a dozen on the second one.

In my experience, sex toys that have had an abundance of settings are all flash and no substance. I’ve had to roll my eyes at products that have so many when just one would do fine.

I might need to start holding my tongue because the Sona products have entirely changed my perspective about multi-setting sex toys.

These aren’t just a bunch of mediocre settings that have been programmed to make a product seem more appealing. Every setting is distinct and has been useful for me at one time or another.

There’s also quality in terms of the pulsation rates. The timing of clitoral stimulation is as important as the stimulation itself, and LELO knows that.

When I’m using the Sona, I’m not staying on one setting from start to finish. I really like to jump from one to another.

This is cool, because it helps me to edge and extend the sensations. It’s never an awkward leap, either.

If LELO ever made a Sona that would change settings at random while you’re using it, I’d be first in line to but it.

You might have one setting you prefer, but it’s unlikely that this will be the winner by default with absolutely no competition.

Make things even better for yourself by using some proper lubrication. Doing this can helps to make your stimulation even more focused.

Lots of people love masturbating in the bath or shower, and the waterproof Sonas are the perfect companions.

You might dream of a never-ending clitoral orgasm through using the Sona, but it’ll eventually run out of battery power. A USB charger is included, and it gives your device plenty of life.


If you’ve used as many sex toys as I have, you can start to feel like you’ve seen it all. That can lead to some severe boredom, which is the last thing you want with anything involving orgasms.

I knew I didn’t know anything, and I am so glad to have the LELO Sona to prove me wrong. As soon as I starting cumming from its air distribution, I knew that I had the right product.

I keep wanting to call it a vibrator, even though I know it isn’t technically that. I didn’t know there was a way to experience pleasure this intense without a vibrator.

All of these products are great, but I like the Sona 2 Cruise the best. Having that Cruise Control Technology has made me so grateful for forward-thinking individuals in the sex toy industry.

You won’t be paying peanuts for the Sona Cruise 2. However, the results it gets means it basically pays for itself.

Besides giving you pleasure at the moment, orgasms can better your health. Masturbating can be like taking a recreational drug that’s actually good for you.

Should I Buy This Toy?

We don’t know you, but if you’re reading this article to the end, we feel like we know a few possibilities about you, such as:

  • You want some variation in your masturbating.
  • You’ve had a hard time reaching orgasm and are looking for something to help.
  • Orgasms are happening at an inconsistent rate.
  • Your orgasms aren’t as strong as you’d like.
  • You want a toy that’s not so huge.
  • You need something that can easily fit into your luggage.

However, there are some legitimate reasons for not buying it, at least not right away.

  • You can’t afford it.
  • You don’t like getting your clit worked.
  • You don’t want a toy that makes any noise.
  • Your clit is larger or more sensitive.

Hopefully this review has helped you decide if these LELO Sona toys are right for you or not. If you want to check them out, you can click here to head over to the official LELO site.