Reviewing The Kiiroo Onyx 2: Is This The Best Male Masturbation Toy?

There are plenty of things that feel good that are bad for us, from smoking cigarettes to eating candy.

Masturbation is a major exception.

By stroking yourself, you can not only achieve the pleasure of orgasm. You can also help your body and mind.

The methods you use for masturbating might be ones that have been sticking with you for a while, since you first discovered your body in this way.

Many guys just use their hands, and that’s fine. However, it can eventually lead them to be pretty indifferent, merely masturbating as a means of passing the time instead of actually expressing their sexuality.

The best way to improve your masturbation game is by getting a sex toy to assist yourself. Our biggest recommendation is the Kiiroo Onyx 2.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's quality design, lifelike feeling, and overall customer ratings, The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is certified and approved by our sex experts.

You can get an orgasm that makes you surge with delight and triumph with this masturbator. You don’t even need to use your hands.

While we endorse the Kiiroo Onyx 2 for any guy who needs some flair added to their masturbation time, we still want to tell you about its different components and what situations it can be used for.

Reasons To Use Masturbating Aides

Even if you have room in your budget for a toy like this, you probably think there’s no reason for you to have it.

You masturbate to do something about your sexual energy, and you shouldn’t need more than your hand for that, right?

You don’t need anything more than that, sure, but you also don’t need frosting on a cake. That doesn’t mean its presence won’t improve your cake.

Using your hand to masturbate and nothing else results in sessions that are so predictable they start to lose their pleasure.

If you’ve had sex with someone, you know the feelings of intercourse or even oral sex are so much more than what you get with your hand, no matter how much lubrication you use.

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 takes you through the gauntlet of feelings on your penis. It’s like having somebody else rock your world, but this somebody is an inanimate object.

You’re not restricted to using this solo either. It’s lots of fun to use the Onyx 2 with another or sync it with a favorite porn video.

Your long-distance relationship can be improved by the Kiiroo Onyx 2. Phone or even webcam sex can be lackluster compared to the real thing.

The best thing you can do, short of buying a plane ticket, is sync the Onyx 2 with a partner’s toy.

As much as we love things like this, we won’t try and tell you that it’s a cheap purchase.

You need to make sure you have room in your income for both the device and the accessories. This can cost more than a couple hundred dollars.

Another factor is intentions. There are lots of masturbation aids that small enough to travel with, which isn’t the case with this one.

We love the Kiiroo Onyx 2, but we also love our readers. We want to give you all the information you need so that you know whether this toy fits your needs or not.

The Rundown

You’d be right for assuming the Onyx 2 is a sequel. While the first Onyx was good, this one is far better.

It’s so good, we’d claim it’s the best toy for men right now.

10 rings make up this device. It can make you feel like you’re having sex or getting blown.

Internally is a material designed by the actual Fleshlight company. When you’re finished using it, you can get it cleaned out simply.

Inside your order box, you’ll see the Onyx 2, the charger, some lube, as well as the sleeve that goes inside.

Plus, there’s the user guide and a way to sing up for the warranty, should anything go wrong.

The goodness doesn’t stop there. You can also combine the wonders of the Kiiroo Onyx 2 with the wonders of Bluetooth. This lets you use it with other toys and porn.

You might have a special someone who’s far away. You might also know of an online model who’s looking for someone to play with at the right price.

You’ll use the micro USB connection to charge your Onyx. Around six hours of charging can mean about an hour of usage.


✅  Motor is not only powerful, but quiet as well

✅  Can sync together with your favorite porn or with your partner and their toy

✅  10 rings make toy feel ultra realistic

✅  Small size and more discreet compared to other toys


❌  No thrusting capabilities. User must gyrate

❌  Takes a long time to charge

Most Notable Features

A Bluetooth enabled masturbator can sound impressive, but it might not sway you if you don’t know why a masturbator would need Bluetooth in the first place, along with other features.

We’re going to tell you about each part of the Onyx 2 and why it’s so good as a whole because of them.

Rings Are Powerful

These motor-powered rings make the Onyx 2 your new best friend when it comes to masturbating.

Not only are the rings quite plentiful, but the feeling is also so great. You’ll feel like you’re fucking the most gorgeous person when using them.

There’s a lot of drive to these rings and their motor. Yet the volume level is totally manageable.

Even at its top speed, you won’t be bothering anyone or be distracted from your fantasies or whatever else you’re trying to focus on.

You can get as many as 140 strokes each minute. We have a feeling your hand can’t go that fast.

When you’re holding your penis in your clammy hand, the excitement and passion of sex is decreased. You know how it’s going to end, and you don’t feel a lot more except for a sudden rush of pleasure.

The Onyx 2 gives you the pleasure, but it also gives you the meaning. It achieves feelings similar to when a partner is warmly accepting your penis and giving its own pleasure in return.

You can set the Onyx 2 up for a madcap night of no-holds-barred penetration or something slower and more romantic.

Your moods can be matched by this toy, and you can come harder than you have in ages.

Syncing and Pairing Capabilities

You can have an extraordinary time with your Onyx 2 when you connect it online or with Bluetooth.

Install the app, “Kiiroo Feel Connect,” to link it to other devices and porn. You can also be more precise with speed.

When it’s all ready, there are all kinds of porn to connect to it.

What you feel on your penis can be nearly identical to what the male actor is feeling.

For something more personal, you can get your Onyx 2 matched with a cam model.

Each person can pair up their toy with their partners.

Should your girlfriend or boyfriend be too far for skin-to-skin contact, you can still have sex, thanks to being able to pair vibrators and the Onyx 2 via Bluetooth.

Your device will no longer feel like a device. It will feel like another show of your partner’s love for you.

Easy to Travel With

Being on the road can make you horny. With the Onyx 2, you don’t need to go back to your old, handheld ways.

Its size is slender enough to fit in even the lightest of carry-on bags. It also looks so innocuous that most bag inspectors aren’t going to pay it any mind.

There are lots of masturbators that feel like lugging around a statue. The Onyx 2 is perfect not only for home usage but also traveling.

Your relationship shouldn’t have to lose its passion due to distance. The Onyx 2 combines the best of both sex and technology.

Individual Usage

Lots of guys who get the Onyx 2 are using it just to take care of themselves, without any assistance.

You’d be missing out on a lot if you only used it for these times, but when you’re first getting used to it, by yourself lets you get comfortable.

It’s easy to begin. You just need to put the Fleshlight Superskin in its proper location.

Then, you’ll use the ring to secure it.

Before you do anything with the Onyx 2, you need to lube it, as well as your penis, up.

It’s important to keep your Onyx 2 off until your penis is inside. When it’s there, click the button.

It begins working at its lowest setting. Speed can be changed right by the on button with a touch feature.

You won’t have to do much work when using the Onyx 2. However, gyrating like you would when having sex brings a lot to your experience.

Reviews from Customers

There’s a lot of adoration from a lot of people for the Onyx 2.

Before people even start to use it, they love it. It’s so easy to understand, especially with its prominent controls.

When they’ve explored all the benefits, especially the long-distance features, they can feel like they’ve learned to masturbate all over again.

Something that a lot of users dislike is how long they have to wait for it to charge. If you want to use it, you better hope you had the foresight to charge it the night before.

Other Similar Products

1. Launch by Kiiroo

We wouldn’t refute anyone who says they like the Launch more than the Onyx 2, but we’d still bring up some weaknesses of it.

The Launch works by being attached to other Fleshlight products.

Then, it engages movement of the Fleshlight on the user’s penis.

It’s a totally astonishing experience. It should remind you of the first time you ever had a blowjob.

It also does all the great stuff the Onyx 2 does, like enjoying time with your significant other, porn, and models.

So, if it does all that, plus offers more motions, why isn’t it the better of the two by a mile?

Screenshot taken from

Well, size matters.

Transporting the Launch and the Fleshlight items you want to match it with isn’t easy.

If you’re only interested in advanced masturbating at home, then the Launch is for you. You should also try purchasing the Onyx 2, just in case you do a lot of traveling

2. Autoblow 2

A close cousin of the Onyx 2 is another sequel, the AutoBlow 2.

This one has half as many as the Only 2’s 10 rings. It still feels excellent when you’re inside it.

Included in the AutoBlow 2 are:

5 arms
A/C connection
Strong design
Uses different sleeve-types
New version of first AutoBlow

This is a really big improvement over the initial AutoBlow. 

Screenshot taken from

It has an increase of 50 percent in terms of grip and is just stronger on the whole.

Compared to the Onyx 2, the AutoBlow 2 is more affordable. You can really get off well with this.

However, the AutoBlow 2 is pretty much just a masturbator. You can’t link it up with anything else the way you can for the Onyx 2 or Launch.

Final Thoughts

Treating yourself doesn’t need to stop with masturbating.

You can increase your masturbation quality and your love for your body. It can also make you a better lay with others.

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 is an excellent masturbator for guys who want to get lifted when it comes to their masturbating.

As you open the package and get ready to use the Onyx 2, you’ll also be getting ready to recreate what masturbation and sex means to you.