Top Japanese Sex Doll Reviews: The Ultimate Buying Guide

​​While you're hopefully a very confident and secure person, it's also likely that you go through times of loneliness, when you feel like there's no way you can find someone who you can confide in and love.

​As it turns out, it's easier to do that then you think.

​Sex dolls are something that you might've never thought about using. You might be disgusted at the very idea, thinking that these are exclusively owned by guys with sick ideas about relationships and sex.

​However, if you got to know the average person who had a sex doll, you'd see that they are completely normal and that their doll is a positive part of their life all-around.

​What's great about sex dolls, beyond their pleasure capabilities, is the different looks they now come in.

If you're especially attracted to Japanese women, this list of the best places to find Japanese sex dolls is right up your alley.

In this guide, we'​ll cover everything you'd need to know ​including benefits, drawbacks and ​questions you may have never considered before​.

Our Top Pick

​Real Doll ​is the top choice for Japanese love dolls due to overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction, quality materials, and customization options available.


​​Sex dolls are designed to replicate the looks and sensations involved with having a partner, but with a doll. Here are some of the advantages.

​For one, you don't have to worry about impressing them. You can truly be yourself around without being self-conscious.

If you want to get back into the dating scene pretty soon, you can also use your love doll as someone to practice on before having sex with a woman.

You may even be in a situation where your sex drive is much higher than the woman you​'re with, and you want ​to supplement sex you have in real life.

Best D​olls

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​Sex Doll Genie

​Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Do I Need A ​Sex Doll?

​We don't know exactly what circumstances you're undergoing in life, but a sex doll could be the very thing to increase your overall happiness and sexual health.

​Reflect on how you've been feeling and consider how many of these feelings are coming from loneliness.

There might be some deeper-seated issues that go further back and need more consideration.

​However, there might also be ones that would be given significant patching-up with a sex doll.

​Your sex doll can end up meaning a lot of different things to you.

When you do more research and read testimonials from others who have gotten them, you might find that you're amazed by what they bring up, including things you had never previously considered.

​Making Your Selection

​​When you've decided that you want to get a doll, you need to know what aspects to prioritize.

Here are some general guidelines on what you should consider.


​Your sex doll is most likely to be made out of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). If you get one made of silicone, you'll likely find it's less soft than TPE.

​However, there's also the issue of silicone dolls costing a lot more.

Because TPE dolls tend to be a lot softer, this might be something that you much prefer because it can make your experience with your sex doll feel a lot more realistic.

​That said, if you want a doll that is likelier to last longer, you should think about getting a silicone one. This might be the expensive treat you get for yourself this year.

​Another great thing about silicone dolls compared to TPE ones is that they hold up against the heat much better.

Sizing ​& Weight

​Your sex doll can be a huge investment, as in, it can weigh a lot. Beyond that, it can also be quite tall. You need to keep this in your mind when you figure out what kind to get.

​Be sure you know exactly how much your sex doll weighs before you get it. Be honest with yourself in terms of how much you can carry.

​If you need to go smaller, you might get a doll that just features a midsection. This can still be used for many of your sexual needs. It can also be good practice until you get a full-sized one.

​Should you get a complete model, you should also make sure you have a place to put it. After all, you're not going to want to have your sex doll lying out when you invite a friend over for a beer.

​Appearance & Functionality

​Sex dolls, at their best, should be representative of just how beautiful people are, and how much our differences add to our beauty.

​It's also great to find a doll that looks like someone you would be attracted to in real life, even if they're not necessarily "perfect" in the eyes of others.

​Maybe you're interested in Anime and want to create an Anime sex doll. Or maybe you're attracted to a Japanese celebrity and want to replicate her.

​Whatever you desire, there are websites (which we'll discuss later in the article) that allow complete customization of your doll.


​Your sex doll can be a hit to your wallet. You wouldn't be wasting your money, provided you get a high quality one.

Still, it's worth evaluating your budget and seeing how well a sex doll would fit within it.

​You can still get an excellent sex doll, even if it's not top of the line.

​However, keep in mind the old saying: "You get what you pay for."

Spending too little on a sex doll can leave you with a piece of junk. So you'll want to consider spending a bit more to have a higher quality doll.

​Where Can I Buy One?

​​There are some great places to buy sex dolls. Since you probably want to keep this purchase discreet, the best place to look is through online retailers.

​We've narrowed down a list of the 3 most credible sites to buy a ​Japanese sex doll.

Here's the rundown:

1. ​RealDoll

​​An incredibly famous name in the world of sex dolls, RealDoll has a reputation that's more than earned.

While there are other places to buy a RealDoll, the best place to look is on their own website.

​Why do people love RealDoll so much?

There are many reasons, but one of the greatest has to be how realistic these dolls are. 

​Doll Types

​​RealDoll has an excellent selection of dolls on their website. You can choose from over 100 and even customize your selection ​to fit your preferences exactly.

​​Another great ​option is RealDoll Wicked. These dolls are modeled after popular porn stars, which can help you get even more into a fantasy.

​Customer Service

​​​Not only does RealDoll offer great sex dolls, but they also have fantastic customer service.

There's a variety of options for reaching them. You also may be able to get an answer to your question just by browsing through the site.

​Regarding returns, ​​the only way you'll be able to return your RealDoll is something goes wrong during delivery.

​But you also get a 30-day guarantee with your dolls interior. ​


  • High​ quality materials
  • ​Most ​realistic doll on the market
  • ​​Excellent customization options
  • ​​​Beautiful Japanese women
  • ​​Both m​ale and female options
  • Buy ​one time to ​last forever


  • ​More costly than other dolls on the market
  • ​Requires large space for storage

​2. ​​Sex Doll Genie

​​​​This company started because a couple in Miami were greatly displeased with just how lackluster other sex doll stores were.

​To make things better for those who wanted sex dolls, they founded SexDollGenie

This turned out to be an amazing decision, as SexDollGenie had been able to provide customers with a truly great sex doll-shopping experience. 

​Doll Types

​​​SexDollGenie has a lot of dolls to chose from, sold by different manufacturers.

​Over 1,000 dolls are featured on this site, including many Japanese love dolls.

You would definitely have to be really hard to please if you weren't able to find at least one ideal doll here.

​You won't have to go through every type of doll either. SexDollGenie has a great search system where you can select exactly the type of doll you want.

​Customer Service

​​​​There's something very comforting about using this retailer.

They offer helpful solutions and show customers that being into sex dolls absolutely isn't something to be ashamed of.

​While the dolls they sell are of excellent quality, and they offer lots of care in the delivery process, SexDollGenie offers great solutions in case of an accident.

​Your order comes with a guarantee. They also have amazing repair services available.


  • ​Dozens of Asian and Japanese women to choose from
  • ​​Less costly than RealDoll
  • ​​Customization ​available
  • ​Both male and female options
  • ​Excellent customer s​upport


  • ​Still ​pricey for ​a lot of people
  • ​Need large storage area that's discreet and private

​3. ​​Sexy Real Sex Dolls

​​​SexyRealSexDolls is another top-notch sex doll retailer. It's got a pretty amazing collection of dolls that live up to the site's name.

​Among the best qualities of SexyRealSexDolls is that it keeps things confidential. 

When you order from them, nothing about the box your doll comes in will indicate to neighbors what you've bought.

​Additionally, it's a lot easier to pay for a doll from this site, as you're able to make your purchase in installments.

​Doll Types

​​​Many brands sell ​their dolls through

​With over a couple of dozen ​Japanese and other Asian women to choose from, you're sure to find something suitable for you.

​Customer Service

​​​​​Compared to the other sites here, the customer service provided by SexyRealSexDolls isn't nearly as good.

​There's a good response time to emails, and you can also call them.

​But if something happens to your doll, you might not have a very easy time getting it refunded. This is regardless of if the damage is your fault.

​You'll need to provide photo proof, and even that doesn't promise anything. One wonders why they make customers go through such a hassle.

​However, your doll ending up damaged is quite unlikely. It's just good to be aware of what might happen should it be damaged.


  • ​Mo​st affordable ​option on this list
  • ​Ability to pay through installments
  • ​Sexy Japanese women
  • ​Many different retailers to select from


  • ​No returns ​even for damaged dolls
  • ​Size and weight of dolls can cause issues with storage and moving around

Final Thoughts

​​Everything we do in life is about decisions. Some of these are made without thinking, while others require a lot more reflection.

While we support buying sex dolls, we also support careful planning when making such a decision. If you just get a doll because someone tells you to, you're probably not going to be satisfied.

​The only person who you should listen to when they tell you to buy one is yourself. You might have this voice in your head that is urging you to do so. Give it a listen, as it knows you better than anyone.

These are the best places to look for a Japanese sex doll. Hopefully, you find the doll of your greatest desire and enjoy it fully!

Our Top Pick

​Real Doll ​is the top choice for Japanese love dolls due to overwhelmingly positive customer satisfaction, quality materials, and customization options available.