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The Ultimate Prostate Milking Guide for INTENSE Prostate Orgasms

Men can reach orgasm quite easily, but a genuinely amazing cumming experience requires digging deep, literally.

A prostate orgasm is something that many guys don’t realize is possible until they’re years into their sex life.

Giving yourself a prostate orgasm is more than a pleasant curiosity to explore. You’ll have orgasms that are as strong as the ones you hear women talk about.

It takes more than just reaching inside yourself and touch your prostate. You need to have the lubrication and patience necessary to achieve prostate orgasm.

We're going to tell you about the benefits of prostate orgasms and different tricks you can try.

You might start this article wondering why any guy would willingly do that kind of self-excavation and end it by locking your bedroom and getting yourself properly lubed.

#1 Prostate Play Toy

Due to it's stainless steel construction, temperature play capabilities, and overall design quality, the Njoy Pure Wand is our top choice for prostate play.


It’s great to cum through stroking your penis, but it can get a little old. Your prostate has a lot of power that you should try to unlock.

Your prostate actually plays an important role in your masturbating, as it’s what makes semen. The connection between it and your genitals needs to be acknowledged.

The first time you work your prostate, you might not have an orgasm. It’s a lot harder than a typical one, but every attempt can teach you new things and bring you much closer to your goal.

Keep yourself optimistic and make a regular effort. It’s the kind of skill that you can master with little more than your body.

Milking The Prostate

Another term for working your prostate is “prostate milking.” People of all orientations can experience this and the fantastic orgasms.

When you hear about how good something feels, you figure there has to be some sort of catch, such as how bad it is for you. Prostate orgasms are good for you, and they make your sex life a lot better.

Describing A Prostate Orgasm

An orgasm feels amazing, but a prostate orgasm is like amazing times ten. Your previous orgasms have been relegated to around your penis and testicles, but prostate orgasms send tremors throughout your body.

There’s also a bonus in how you don’t need to clean yourself up. You can also experience multiple orgasms in one session.

Seeing women have mind-blowing orgasms that make them roll their eyes all the way can make men wonder what they’re doing wrong.

Working the prostate isn’t exactly intuitive, especially not for guys who have never tried anal play. However, sharing this information can give a lot more pleasure to a lot more men.

You don’t need to say goodbye to stroking your cock either. A prostate massage can only be made better by working your penis simultaneously.

Develop a good rhythm with combined masturbation forms. You might spend one stretch focusing on your penis and testicles and another stretch focusing on your prostate.

At other points, you can stimulate both at once and even try to get your orgasms to be as closely timed as possible.


Working your prostate can help keep your pelvis strong. It can also keep the prostate gland fresh, reducing your risk of prostate cancer.

Locating Your Prostate

Anyone with a penis has a prostate. You might know about it from prostate exams, but you don’t need a doctor to find it.

Although a prostate is quite small, it has a tactile feel. When you’ve reached inside your asshole deep enough, you should know when you’ve found it.

Getting turned on makes finding your prostate even easier. It grows in size, so you should get yourself hard before you start working your way to your prostate.

Put on a favorite porn video or work with some sexy fantasies and recollections. Enjoy watching your cock harden and seeing the veins bulge.

Women will speak of the wonders of the G-spot orgasm. Prostate massage is your opportunity to have the equivalent but with a penis.

You don’t even have to reach inside to work your prostate. You can feel it from the outside by pressing on your perineum.

This can give you a good deal of pleasure and help you become more comfortable with the idea of making direct prostate contact.

A good prostate massage isn’t possible without some lube. You need your asshole and finger lubed up.

You might not find your prostate right away with the very first insertion. Some guys have theirs a bit further up or need assistance from other devices to reach it.

The prostate can be found by pushing the part of the rectum closest to your stomach. Advancing your finger up this path helps you reach your prostate.

Need To Pee?

You might’ve gone to the bathroom a few minutes ago, but suddenly you need to pee again. While your bladder might be empty, the urge can still be there.

This effect of prostate stimulation can be a little weird, but let yourself experience it and remind yourself what’s happening. It can be exciting, as it can signal to you that you’ve found your prostate.

Getting Prepared 

Your state of mind before a prostate massage can be as important as arousal levels. It’s not something you can just force yourself into having if you’re feeling distracted.

When you’re new to prostate massage, you need to really be focused. Your attention really matters here, because you don’t want to miss out on a crucial step.

1. Be Optimistic

Hearing it’s not easy to achieve prostate orgasm can cause some guys to think it’s not worth trying. Anything is going to be hard if you have a cynical attitude about it.

Driving a car is easy for people who have had their license for years, but it’s only easy because they’ve practiced and worked to understand all the rules.

You could have some apprehension towards going inside yourself like that. This is a hurdle that a lot of guys have to get over, and many of them are proud to have.

There’s no need to work your way into your asshole right away. You can start with the outside and get a good taste of how much pleasure exists beyond your penis.

2. Go Easy

We probably don’t need to tell you to be tender when going into your asshole, but being too eager can turn your masturbating experience into a really painful experience.

Treat this like trying a new hot sauce. The flavor might be great, but you’re going to regret it if you’re just smothering your food with it on your first try.

3. Being Alone

Prostate orgasms can be great with a partner, but just like with typical masturbation, it’s best to figure out how you like it on your own first.

Learn to find your prostate gland by yourself and discover what kind of stimulation works best for you. Then, you can let partners in on the fun.

4. Go Slow

Up to this point, you’ve had no good reason to put your finger inside your asshole. So, it’s probably pretty stiff and not ready for anything to go into it.

You might be surprised by how flexible your asshole is, but that’s only after you give it enough work.

Keep yourself from being impatient by seeing every new level of comfort as reaching a new frontier of sexual satisfaction.

5. Relaxing

Prostate orgasms can definitely help you relax, but at least some level of calm is needed at the start. Cleanliness is also one of the most important thing ways to prepare.

Poop right before you go inside your prostate. That’s the minimum you should do, as using a douche or taking a shower/bath can really help make you properly clean.

Your fingernails should be trimmed, as even a little bit of sharpness can make things unenjoyable.

6. Getting Ready

Being relaxed doesn’t just mean you’re in a good mood. Your whole body can benefit from easing tension.

Getting aroused helps your body relax, including your asshole. Then, your prostate can grow and be more easily stimulated.

You need to be properly turned-on to have a prostate orgasm. Take the time to really let yourself get turned on.

You may need to take a break from masturbating for a week or so in order to get aroused more easily.

7. Lubrication

You can rub your penis by using your pre-cum as lube, but you’ll need to buy some lubricant for getting to your prostate.

This should be an anal-specific lube, because lube designed for your penis doesn’t have the same viscosity. You should also make sure the lube is applied enough for your finger to fit inside without little difficulty.

There are also devices that you can fill with lube, which can then help get your asshole ready.

Beginning The Massage

Touching your prostate for the first time is important, but your prostate massage is only beginning there. You need to learn what penetration patterns provide the most pleasure for you.

You might like to apply the same amount of pressure with every touch at a steady pace. However, you might also prefer something more playful, such as teasing yourself and only touching your prostate when your arousal levels have made you insatiable.

The only thing you really need to remember when massaging your prostate right is to avoid anything that could cause you harm.

Fingering Your Prostate

Your fingers are readily-available prostate massagers, but they’re not exactly the best tools. Don’t get us wrong, they can definitely work if they’re all you have, but a proper prostate massager is always the best.

Getting off with your fingers can really be exhausting. You might have to work your prostate for at least a few hours before getting to orgasm.

Do you think your fingers can stand being worked for that long without stopping?

It’s also hard to chill when you’re getting used to the strange finger position required for a prostate massage. This might distract you from the pleasure you’re experiencing.

However, don’t throw in the towel if all you have is your fingers. You can try some of these moves as you save money for a prostate massager.

  • Circles: Play with your prostate by drawing circles inside your rectum with your fingers.
  • Strokes: You know that gesture your make when you’re trying to get a person to come your way? Try that while you’re inside your rectum.
  • Presses: Direct touch of your prostate can really make you feel good.


You can live with using your fingers only to masturbate, but it won’t take long for you to see the drawbacks.

You might’ve never dropped anything on a sex toy, but a prostate massager isn’t just something to play with to give yourself a mildly-better orgasm.

If you thought touching your prostate with your fingers was an incredible new experience, just wait until you get a massager in there.

These are made to fit inside an asshole and reach the prostate. Don’t use anything that isn’t explicitly marked as safe for anal play, as you don’t want to get anything lost up there.

While prostate massagers provide easy prostate contact, you can still turn it different ways to help you get the kind of pleasure you’re looking for.

As with any kind of anal stimulation, you need to have your asshole and the prostate massager lubed up. Read the instructions for proper position for insertion.

When you’ve got your prostate massager safely inside, you have different choices for how you work it.

  • Thrusts: You can bring your prostate massager in and out of your asshole. This can give you a lot of pleasure and show you why people love anal sex so much.
  • No-hands: Even though hands and masturbation are highly associated, you don’t necessarily need to use them at all if you’re using a massager. If it’s staying in comfortably, you can work your asshole to make things feel better.
  • Outside pleasure: As we said, you can add to your prostate orgasm by working yourself from the outside as well. After you’ve gotten used to massaging your prostate, try rubbing your penis at the same time.

The possibilities don’t end there. You could think of lots of new ways to use your prostate massager as you’re getting hornier and more willing to explore.

#1 Prostate Play Toy

Due to it's stainless steel construction, temperature play capabilities, and overall design quality, the Njoy Pure Wand is our top choice for prostate play.


When you get really turned out, you can feel a little bit of semen-like fluid come out of your urethra. This is commonly referred to as “pre-cum,” and it can also be extracted by touching your prostate repeatedly.

There are two very good reasons to be encouraged by this.

Firstly, it’s good for your as it helps keep your prostate gland healthy. Secondly, it provides encouragement, as it means you’re getting close to cumming.

The Right Position

When you first play with your prostate, you might lie straight down, with all your limbs locked in position on the bed.

However, there are definitely better ways to get to your prostate and get an orgasm. These are some things you can try to increase your luck with cumming via your prostate.

Legs in the air: Raising your legs can provide you with quicker access to your rectum and prostate.

On your stomach: This is most recommended if you’re with a partner. You’d have to be really flexible to lie on your stomach and get to your prostate while staying comfortable.

Side position: Just like with sleep, some people feel most comfortable when they’re on their side while massaging their prostate.

Take It Further

When you touch the prostate and feel the need to pee, your instinct might be to lessen your touch. However, if you keep going, you’ll get some really amazing pleasure out of the experience.

You might try this in the shower at first. That way, if you do need to pee, things will be more or less fine.

That said, we don't recommend you pee in the shower on a regular basis.


Playing with yourself should involve really playing with yourself. Edging involves trying to get to orgasm and then stopping when you feel like you’re about to cum.

You can do this with all forms of sexual play, including prostate massage.

The waits make things better in the long run, because when the time comes to cum, you get the thrill of delayed satisfaction as well as the thrill of orgasm.

Combined Pleasures

You can have a great time just working your prostate, but try to think of your body as a theme park. You don’t want to spend all your time on one ride, right?

With masturbating, you can work different parts at the same time. You can ask your partner to work one area, such as sucking your cock, while you massage your prostate.


You might know that Kegels help your pelvic muscles, but did you know they can also make prostate massaging better?

Find a way to bring Kegels into your regular workout routine. When you’re reaching orgasm, flexing your pelvis can make you cum so much more.

Outer Touch

It’s usually not as easy to have an orgasm by touching your prostate from the outside, but it’s still very much possible.

Some people much prefer it this way, as it’s the only way they can consistently have orgasms.

Healthy Discussion

Talking to your significant other about prostate play can be a little awkward. You might want to insert something in their asshole or have something inserted in yours but not be sure how to broach the subject.

Work it into your sex talks in a tasteful way. Don’t bring it up while doing dirty talk, as this can put them in an uncomfortable position.

If they seem reluctant but not completely turned off, explain how prostate massaging can help you/them achieve much greater orgasms.

You should also avow to be patient and not go any further if they want to stop. You don’t want to create any kind of hostility in the bedroom.

Your partner might feel uncomfortable because they're not ready to have their asshole touched like that.

Discuss ways you can ease into it, such as you putting your finger on the outside and then graduating to lubing it/safe objects and putting them inside.

Over time, they should be able to relax more and get greater enjoyment. Doing it when you're both at the height of your arousal during a sexy night together can help ease apprehension.

Everyone has the right to say “no,” when it comes to sex. it doesn’t matter if it’s someone you’ve met at a party or someone you’ve been married to for 20-plus years.

Not For You?

Prostate play is a little like wine. Some love it right away, some need to adapt to their taste, and some are always disgusted by it.

I didn't like wine the first few times I tried it, but I eventually got the palate for them. However, that's not the case for everyone.

If you haven’t reached prostate orgasm but want to keep going, do so. If you don’t, stop. Your body can tell you a lot of things, and it knows when something just isn't working for it, sexually.

You might find that, no matter how hard you try, you don’t like touching your prostate as a means of achieving orgasm. If you're stressing yourself out over being able to cum, you're making your odds of cumming even more unlikely.

But if you know that you want to get something more out of your orgasms and don’t mind a little waiting, get yourself a prostate massager and get to work.

Try to be open with your male friends about what you've been able to accomplish. They might have no idea that a prostate orgasm is possible or how amazing it feels.