Reviewing The Fleshlight: Is This Toy Worth It?

As good as it can feel to masturbate into your hand, it doesn’t compare to the “real thing.” Once you’ve had actual sex, the desire to feel a vagina is so much greater. But what do you do if there’s no one to share your intimacy with?

Steve Shubin, inventor of the Fleshlight, solved this problem and changed solo play for men forever.

It’s arguably the most popular type of pocket pussy on the market today. Its name comes from its fleshy interior and how it resembles a flashlight.

Since its introduction more than 20 years ago, Fleshlight has become even more versatile, with new products that respond all the more to a user’s sexual needs.

Lonely nights no longer feel so lonely when you have this toy on-hand.

The Fleshlight

Due to their realistic feeling, hundreds of five star reviews, and dozens of options, The Fleshlight is a certified and approved pocket pussy sex toy.


There are two main parts of the Fleshlight. First, there’s its case. Made of plastic, this helps to keep the sleeve intact.

This sleeve is what feels like a real vagina. There are two caps, one to secure the toy for when not in use and another for adjusting the amount of suction used.

Fleshlight sleeves run the gamut in terms of feeling and look. The manufacturers know that not all vaginas are the same, nor do all guys have the same tastes.

Some are tighter than others, so you need to know what exactly your cock can best tolerate. We’d hate for you to be let down by an option that's too-tight.

Making Your Selection

With ten different types of Fleshlights to consider, your decision needs to be made thoughtfully.

1. Classics - This is the first kind of Fleshlight and is still a great one, especially if you’re into being vintage.

2. Girls - These Fleshlights have been made to replicate the pussies and asses of specific pornstars.

3. Fleshskins - A great idea made great, Fleshskins are like a Fleshlight that you wear like a glove, allowing for an enhanced masturbation experience.

4. Turbo - This product is a blowjob simulator that will really make you feel like you’re getting your cock sucked. True to its name, there’s a lot of speed to this device. If you need something to perk you up, the Turbo can definitely do the trick.

5. Quickshot - The Quickshot is a more compact device with dual ends for easy insertion. It can definitely feel a lot better than just using a lube-covered hand for masturbation.

6. Ice - These Fleshlights are transparent. With an Ice Fleshlight, you can get harder by seeing just how good your cock looks as it’s pounding away.

7. Flight - Traveling with a Fleshlight can be a hassle. That’s why there’s the Flight, which shrinks things down without sacrificing quality. Put it in your luggage and look forward to taking it out when you’re in your hotel room.

8. Go - The Go Fleshlight covers the same ground as the Flight. However, this one has an actual vaginal interior, which is something the Flight lacks.

9. Freaks - The Freaks line of sex toys was for people with a fetish for mythical creatures, such as vampires. They’re no longer on the market but maybe demand for their return will reach a fever pitch.

10. Sex in a Can - These Fleshlights were designed to look like a beer can. It’s certainly interesting and up someone’s alley. However, the selection of these has gone down a lot.

You might be someone who’s all about customization. Have no fear, as you can choose each of the features to create your perfect Fleshlight.


✅  Versions for different penis sizes

✅  Feels like a real vagina

✅  Multiple options including dozens of Fleshlight girls

✅  Affordable for most everyone 


❌  Can wear out if you don't take care of it

❌  Can get bored of the same toy

Fleshlight Sleeves

Nothing matters more than the sleeve on a Fleshlight. A solid case and attractive look won’t matter if the sleeve isn’t able to give you any pleasure.

However, a good sleeve can start to get tepid after a while. Buying individuals sleeves help you save money and try more things.

Be sure to check for deals that allow the purchase of multiple sleeves at a reduced cost. These things basically pay for themselves over time.

Think about what most turns you on and look for a sleeve that covers that. Don’t just make this a blind purchase, as you’ll know very soon if you chose the right sleeve.

Your size is another thing to consider. Some sleeves require a specific length minimum to be adequately penetrated.


There used to be three kinds of orifices for Fleshlights: vagina, ass, and lips. Now, only the first two are available

However, most people agree that these are the superior two options.

You might be considering only the vagina, but the ass ones shouldn’t be ignored completely. If you’ve never had anal sex but are curious, this is a great way to try.

You don’t have to worry about causing discomfort to your partner or dealing with any untimely messes.

Accessories Available

You don’t really know about what this toy can do until you try some of the accessories. There are things you can buy that will solve simple problems and make your solo play a whole lot better.

You can get a mount to set up your Fleshlight for shower usage. You can sync it with your tablet through "Launchpad".

There are also things you can buy for a more comfortable experience, like a Fleshlight-specific lube and cleaning product.

I really like the SleeveWarmer. This allows you to warm up your toy and enjoy a richer experience.

My Personal Experience

I want to tell you about my personal experience with my first Fleshlight and how I figured out how to work it.


I wasn’t too worried about having my purchase exposed, but it was nice to see the Fleshlight came in a confidential box. The only thing that surprised me was how much weight it had.

It was nice to have some lube included, but the best plan is to have some water-based lube available already. The real star of the show is the toy, of course.

I was immediately impressed just by holding the Fleshlight. It was so durable that I almost forgot it was made of plastic.

When I took the cap off and started poking at the flesh, I knew I would soon be in heaven. I’m glad I checked with my fingers first, because there’s a tube within the sleeve, and that would undoubtedly hurt if I wasn’t looking.

There’s a lot of elasticity to the sleeve. This is a huge benefit for when you’re fucking your Fleshlight and want to be able to move around.

The large size is also a plus, because it gives you a feeling of size that helps you better control your movements and have a more pleasurable experience.

A lot of thought has clearly been put into making this toy the great product it is. You’ll get more than your money’s worth with this device.

Preparing To Use

You shouldn’t just get hard and shove your cock into the Fleshlight. To start, you need to consider whether or not you’ll warm it. up.

This isn’t a requirement, but it can have you have a more gratifying experience.

Also, you’ll need plenty of lube, as your Fleshlight won’t be getting wet on its own. Get some inside your toy and your cock. Adjust the levels as needed.

The suction level is also very important to consider. You control this with the bottom cap. Some guys like things to be as tight as can be, while others like to keep them quite loose.

How To Use

Fleshlights can be used in many ways, even if the goal is always the same. A standard way to start is by holding it like you do your penis when masturbating.

This can get a little tiresome, so you might decide to go for putting it between your mattress and box spring.

My Fleshlight was able to solve the biggest problem of masturbation: knowing that I wasn’t having actual sex. This wasn’t a person, but it felt close enough for my penis not to be able to tell the difference.

The first time I blew a load in my Fleshlight, I was exhaling in absolute relief. I’d taken myself out of a slump, and I knew things would never be the same again.

How To Clean

It’s really easy to keep your toy clean. The hardest part is working up the motivation, post-ejaculation, to do so. All you have to do is separate the sleeve from its case and wash both with water.

You shouldn’t use soap on your Fleshlight due to the risk of damage. However, you can get a cleaner for sex toys.

There should be lots of ventilation wherever you're using it. Wait until it’s fully dried before you use it again.

Making sure it's clean is the key to granting it longevity. You also don't want to go in for another sensation and get grossed out by realizing your cum is still inside.

How To Renew

Your Fleshlight’s sleeve can start to wear out and lose its gloss. You don’t need to pitch it when this happens.

Get some of the "Renewing Powder" to bring back its luster. For a DIY home solution, head to your cabinet and apply some corn starch. 

Once this happens, your toy can feel as great as ever.

Some Fleshlight Alternatives

1. Kiiroo Onyx 2

The are many Fleshlight similarities with the Kiiroo Onyx 2. 

The main difference is that this toy is an automatic masturbator. 

Instead of thrusting back and forth with your own hand, this automatic toy does the thrusting for you. 

It's slightly more cost than the regular Fleshlight, but this toy can certainly be a excellent upgrade to take your masturbating experience to the next level. 

2. Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

The Launch is essentially the automatic version of the Fleshlight.

You actually insert the Fleshlight into the Launch which automatically does the work for you. 

User reviews are off the charts with this toy. Hundreds of people have given this upgrade 5 star reviews.

Also, you can pair this toy with a VR for an ultra realistic experience. 

Some of the main features are:

Bluetooth compatibility 

Hands Free Use

Works with all types of Fleshlight products

Screenshot taken from

Final Thoughts

The Fleshlight is popularized, not just because it’s a little better than regular masturbation. 

It’s an improvement in so many ways and can help tide you over when you’re not able to have intercourse with another.

Take your time with using it, especially with getting it all set up. Try to not masturbate for a few days before using it for the first time. You might be able to reach the point where you're getting hard just by looking at it.

Through all the different sleeves and the ability to change suction, your Fleshlight can be designed according to your needs. Using accessories can also make things even more fun.

With this Fleshlight for men, guys like you can deal with their urges without feeling cheap. People in relationships can also have success using these. 

Your partner might get really turned on by seeing you fuck your toy. It can look like you're brought another woman into the mix.

The only person stopping you is yourself, and we hope this guide has helped you realize just how many pros there are to owning a Fleshlight.