Reviewing The Fleshlight Launch: A Deluxe Masturbator for Men

The buzz around the Fleshlight Launch had been so high among sex toy enthusiasts that I knew I had to try it for myself. I took a few days off from masturbating because I knew that I wanted to save my arousal for something really exciting.

I’ve definitely enjoyed the Fleshlights I’ve used before. However, it might be my privileged 21st century-living speaking, because I’ve grown tired of having to work the Fleshlight on my cock so much.

The Fleshlight Launch is the Fleshlight device for people like me who want a toy that fucks them as much as they fuck it.

It's not like the Launch is just lazily bouncing on you either. This really feels like you're being given the ride of a lifetime.

There’s a high motor on the Fleshlight Launch that works fast on your cock. The toy can also be used with Bluetooth and VR porn.

You can experience what a pornstar is through the this automatic stroker. It’s far better than having to rely on your hand and some cheap lube.

There are other toys with these features, but if you’re unfamiliar with this kind of experience, I’d recommend you try this one. We have lots more to tell you about the this toy and why you should consider it.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's high quality design, ultra realistic feeling, and customer satisfaction, the Fleshlight Launch is certified and approved by our sex experts.

About the Fleshlight Launch

Sex toys have become so great through technological advancements—anyone who assumes that men only have cheap pocket pussies available needs to face reality.

Although these are definitely okay in a pinch, we're not in a good place if we're letting "okay" be acceptable. Would you keep ordering from the same restaurant if you just found their food to be okay?

The Fleshlight Launch will make you proud to masturbate. That might sound a little weird, but this thing does so much that you're bound to be impressed.

It’s not just that motors have been brought in. There are also wireless technologies, which have been a total marvel.

When you can use a toy on someone who’s hundreds of miles away or interact with some of your favorite models, you know that something incredible has happened.

There’s definitely a gender bias with how we view sex toys. Women using vibrators on themselves is pretty accepted, but men using something equivalent is perverted?

Men can be implicit in this problem because they perpetuate the idea that you’re only manly if you’re fucking an actual woman.

That’s definitely the ideal, but to say that one’s masculinity is dependent on that is ridiculous. As long as someone isn't talking about it in a totally inappropriate environment, such as at work or on a first date, they shouldn't be seen as a miscreant.

The best way to fight against those misconceptions is by talking about male sexuality positively and by making great products.

There have definitely been good ones, such as the ONYX or the PEARL. These can do the job, but they can become a little disappointing after a while.

With prolonged usage, you become too aware that you’re using a device, rather than being intimate with what feels like a human. It's like watching a movie where the special effects are just too obviously computer-generated, bringing you out of the immersion.

The companies between the Launch, Fleshlight and Kiroo, understand how to listen to an audience. They made something that can work with just about any Fleshlight.

It doesn’t feel like you’re masturbating, because you don’t need to use your hands. You’ll honestly feel like you’re being fucked.

To get this going, you put the Fleshlight inside the Launch. You can change the speed depending on how much power you want.

There are also various sleeves you can use for a range of feelings. One of the first things you might try is matching it with porn because it can make watching naughty videos so much more fun.

How To Use This Toy

The Fleshlight Launch is an accessory. So, you need to make sure you have a Fleshlight ready to go.

This Fleshlight should be cleansed, free of any excess lube or bodily fluids. It should also be one that you have a great deal of experience with.

Before you can use the Launch, it needs to be charged. This works via USB.

Using virtual reality requires a smartphone and installing the “Feel Connect” app. You should also join and start your hunt for great videos.

When you have everything opened, and the Launch has been charged, you need to do the following:

  1. Put your Fleshlight on: This needs to be securely on the Launch. You should get it clipped on in a way that prevents any slippage.
  2. Use lube: Going in dry when using a this toy is asking for a sore penis and an unsatisfying experience. This needs to be one that gives you plenty of motion and doesn’t dry up as quickly as it’s applied.
  3. Turn on Launch: The manual setting is the first place to start with the Launch, and you should start at the lowest setting. There’s also a Bluetooth setting.
  4. Change speed/stroke duration: You can easily control this through buttons on the Launch. These involve swiping and become easier to use with practice.
  5. Bluetooth: After getting used to the manual setting, you should use the Bluetooth. It involves opening “Connect a Device” with your app then pairing your device with the QR code
  6. Video: The best part of using the Launch is the one you should save for when you’ve mastered everything else. There are videos available to watch free of charge with, and they can really turn porn into something thrilling again.

When you’re done with a session, you need to clean out your Fleshlight. The Launch shouldn’t be soaked in water, but some polishing is always welcome, as is charging right after use.

Don’t think that you only need to use the Launch if you’re single or without your loved one for the night. You can have great experiences with a loved one through the Launch.


✅  You can use this with all kinds of Fleshlights. You can switch them out, so you don’t  get sick of using the same one for too long.

✅  Not only can you watch virtual reality porn videos from, but you can also take advantage of PornHub Interactive, among others.

✅  Bring yourself even more into the virtual reality of porn by getting some VR goggles

✅  You don’t need to make sure you have a drawerful of batteries because the Launch works by being recharged.

✅  There’s a one-year-warranty included should you have any problems with your toy

We’re writing this as an endorsement of the Fleshlight Launch, but we can admire it while also pointing out what some shortcomings about it.

The cons don’t make the Launch worthless, but they do help you know if it’s right for you.


❌  The Launch has serious weight to it. When you’re using it, you need to keep it in place, which could lead to your arms getting tired.

❌  The sound design definitely isn’t quiet. It’s better than some sex toys, but if you’re adamant about masturbating in silence, this could pose some problems.

❌  The price isn’t exactly a con, because something is high-quality should be expected to cost a bit. However, $200 for something to help you masturbate is an expense that some people just can’t handle.

In The Box

Inside your Fleshlight Launch box, you’ll find the following:

  1. The device
  2. Charger
  3. Warranty
  4. Manuals

We wish they had included lube, but you’ll have to pick some up for yourself. This needs to be a kind that works well with your Fleshlight and penis.

Buying Guide

Should you have a sex shop in your area and not be too embarrassed about the idea of buying something like this in person, you should be able to find the Launch there.

The staff at these stores are well-trained and super-friendly and are eager to make you feel comfortable when answering your questions.

However, the markup at these stores can be more than what you’d spend online. The $200 price tag for one ordered online won’t seem as bad.

Another good thing is that your shipment doesn’t have any characteristics that would reveal what’s inside to nosy individuals. The shipping box is as straightforward as they come.

Talking about all these features and how well-made the Fleshlight Launch is doesn’t answer a key question: should I use this? You don’t want to just hop on the bandwagon, especially not if you’re spending your monthly grocery bill on a sex toy.

But if you’re reading this review, it’s likely you know your way around sex toys at least a little bit. This is the “next level” you’ve been looking for.

There’s also the chance that you acknowledge just how powerful the Launch is, but you know that you’re just not yet ready for something like it,.

You can use other means to get more out of your Fleshlights, such as different mounts. When these have received enough usage, you might decide you’re ready for Launch.

While masturbating is pretty intuitive, the Fleshlight Launch requires a little training. You’ll better see why it’s worth $200 with all the possibilities that are included.

We love typical fleshlights, but we know they can only do so much. The Fleshlight Launch may look antiquated by comparison to devices that come out a decade from now, but it should be recognized for its importance now.

Similar Devices To Consider

1. Kiiroo Onyx Plus

Having a device that gives you a blowjob might seem like something out of a futuristic porno, but the Onyx plus is here now, and it’s incredible.

You get to feel like you’re getting blown or fucking a vagina. The design feels incredibly genuine.

These are some things include with the Onyx:

- Multiple rings to recreate different sex acts

- Sleeve for a great tactile effect

- Partner/porn connection

- Battery charging

- Hands-on or automated session

The Onyx plus turns masturbating into something high-tech as well as very pleasurable.

Similar to the Fleshlight Launch, it can be matched with a loved one’s devices as well as virtual reality porn.

Another plus it has, over the Launch, is that it’s smaller and not difficult to transport.

However, the feeling that the Launch provides is far ahead of the Onyx. Maybe the Onyx 3 will be a true rival?

2. AutoBlow 2

The design of the AutoBlow 2 is similar to that of the Onyx. 

You’ll really feel like your engaging in sexual intercourse.

The AutoBlow 2 has these benefits:

Five arms for working your penis

Wall plug

Strong design

Different sleeves available

Better than its predecessor, the AutoBlow 2 delivers with what your penis craves.

It’s not quite as good as the Fleshlight Launch in terms of realism, but it’s definitely in a similar league.

Final Thoughts

Fleshlights make masturbating better, and the Fleshlight Launch makes masturbating with Fleshlights even better.

You’ll get what you get from regular masturbating but greater pleasure and more relaxation.

The pairing with virtual reality porn just makes things even better. People who only use their palm and fingers for pleasure will really seem like they’re living in the Stone Age.

Masturbating needs to provide pleasure and satisfaction. The Fleshlight Launch can absolutely give you both.

It can also help get you out of the rut of just masturbating out of boredom and not arousal. You can go in not feeling particularly horny, but it's a lot better if you're using it when you're absolutely craven with a need to cum.

Also, if you like watching others or being watched, this can make your foreplay a lot better. Your partner might get really horny just by seeing this device work its magic on you.

The Launch might look a little clumsy, but it demands to be treated with care. You'll hopefully fall in love with this device and spread the word to others who could use a masturbating upgrade.

Trust us, they're out there, even if they're not announcing themselves.