Top Blonde Sex Doll Reviews: Are They Worth The Cost?

Having a sex doll is something you might've never thought about before. It's certainly not something people should buy without at least some thought. However, why are people so reluctant to buy them, and what could purchasing a sex doll do for you?

A sex doll is great as a treatment for loneliness. That might sound a little weird, as you may think that all it can do is provide some very artificial pressure. However, that's not necessarily the case.

Thanks to significant strides that have been made in engineering, these dolls can be quite amazing. They can give you a better sense of comfort with yourself and with others.

They can help you to get over some romantic pains and rebuild your ability to have relationships. It doesn't have to go all that deep either. Your sex doll can just be something you use when you're feeling exceptionally lonely and don't have enough time to invite someone over.

There are many types of dolls with different customizations based on hair color, eye color, height, breast size, etc. But here are the best places to learn about and buy blonde sex dolls.

Our Top Pick has high quality dolls that are as realistic as any other doll on the market, at only a fraction of the cost. Combine customer reviews and you have yourself a winner.


You may not know all that much about sex dolls. You might know why they exist, but do you know what purpose they serve beyond just letting someone get off?

Defining a love doll as just a masturbation device is like defining wagyu steak as an ordinary steak.

You're going to get so much more out of this experience. It may not be as fulfilling as being in a human relationship, but it doesn't feel as far from one as you might expect.

Many of these dolls from top companies replicate a human's looks almost precisely due to incredible engineering and technology.

There are dolls out there that are stunningly realistic. It adds so much personage to something that is artificial.

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Do I Really Need A Love Doll?

The things you think that one truly needs is limited to food, oxygen, and shelter. While those are all important, you shouldn't forget the importance of companionship. Loneliness doesn't just deflate your mood, it can also decrease your lifespan.

A sex doll can really provide you with companionship in a way you might've not expected. It can help to bring you out of your head and learn to share yourself with others.

If those have been problems for you, one of these dolls lets you ease back into a sense of comfort with the world around you.

There are people all around the world who have sex dolls for different reasons. You don't need to know exactly what all of these reasons are, because each person bought theirs for reasons they deemed appropriate.

You may have multiple reasons for wanting a sex doll or just one. What's important is that you're staying true to yourself.

Also, even if you have a great relationship, some people want to express their sexual desires in an environment with no judgment and live out their fantasies. These dolls allow this to happen.

Making Your Selection

It's not that hard to find sites that sell sex dolls, but it can be hard to find ones that are high quality, realistic, and overall right one for you.

Some of the things you should consider when buying:


The materials that are most-frequent in sex doll manufacturing are silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These differ in feeling as well as quality.

Silicone is a much stronger material compared to TPE. As a result, dolls made of this material are usually more expensive than ones made of TPE.

However, a TPE doll doesn't necessarily need to feel like a cheaper one. There are some definite advantages to having a TPE doll, and that's not just including the discount.

Since TPE is a softer material, a TPE doll can feel much more like an actual human. You will need to make sure you're as careful as possible with a TPE doll though, such as not putting it anywhere the heat could damage it.

Sizing & Weight

When we say sex dolls are realistic, we also mean in terms of their size. They can weigh quite a bit and take up a good deal of room. Using your sex doll is going to require at least some strength.

Things can be made easier for you by getting a doll that's a midsection, rather than being full-bodied. This is a good solution if your budget is more limited and you're not as concerned with your doll looking lifelike.

You should also know where you'll put your doll when it's not being used or when you have people over. Your best bet may be in a designated spot in your closet.

Appearance & Functionality

Sex dolls should look realistic and represent the closest thing to a actual human as possible. 

The small details bring out the realism of a doll, and this is what most people desire about them.

Selecting blonde hair for your doll is just one customization option available to you. You can design your doll according to your exact specifications if you want.

Or you can get a doll that's already made which reminds you of your fantasy girl. There are lots of appearance and functionality to make your doll come to life.


Financing your sex doll is something you'll really need to think about. High end dolls cost quite a bit. And even the mid-level dolls can cost a pretty penny.

You might find yourself tempted to get a cheaper sex doll that you can afford now. However, you'll get what you pay for when it starts to fall apart quickly or doesn't provide you anywhere close to the experience of a realistic one.

If you can't afford a great sex doll right away, don't get down in the dumps. Patience and saving money can make it even better when you get yours.

Where Can I Buy One?

These three sites are the best places to find dolls with different appearances and qualities.

Some of the selections are larger on some sites, and some of the customer service is better on others. However, you can likely find your ideal dream doll using any of these sites. 

1. Sex Doll Genie

There were love doll shops before SexDollGenie, but many of them were very under par.

The owners of this business started it after seeing the lack of realistic and quality dolls.

SexDollGenie is a business that cares about satisfying their customers.

They strive to provide such a great experience, that customers come back again and tell all their friends.

Doll Types

SexDollGenie has over a 1,000 different dolls in their collection.

There are numerous brands represented here, and it's also very easy to find the right one. 

You just need to get used to making your way around the site, which doesn't take very long at all.

Customer Service

SexDollGenie puts a lot into the customer experience. If your doll is damaged, there's a guarantee, as well as repair experts.

This is something that doesn't necessarily come with every business. SexDollGenie really does a lot to show customers support beyond just paying empty lip service.


  • Many blonde women to choose from
  • Most affordable
  • Customization options available
  • Both men and women dolls
  • Great customer support


  • Need strength to move around
  • Need large storage area that's discreet and private

2. RealDoll

RealDoll is the real deal. You might actually know about this site, as its the namesake of some of the most acclaimed sex dolls around.

Looking at RealDolls, you'll see why they're so well-regarded. There are so much detail and sophistication in their designs.

They are commonly touted as the most realistic dolls in the world. Visit their site and you can see why.

Doll Types

RealDoll has both pre-made dolls and options to build your custom doll according to your specifications, which most of their customers prefer.

Be sure to put a good deal of thought into your RealDoll. Since you're putting a lot of money towards this doll, it only makes sense to be as carefully thought out as possible.

Definitely check out RealDoll Wicked. This is a line of dolls that are explicitly modeled after notable porn stars. Imagine watching one of their videos while fucking one of them?

Customer Service

RealDoll's customer service could be called "RealFriendly," as there are multiple channels you can use to reach them.

We'd most recommend you use email or phone, but you could fax them as well. Also, try to see if the answer to your question is on the site.

Returns are possible only if delivery damage happens. However, you will get a 30-day guarantee for the doll's inside.

After you reach out to them, you can get the parts you need. Soon, you'll be on your way to having your doll back in the optimal condition.


  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hands down the most lifelike dolls in the world
  • Most customization options
  • Beautiful blonde women
  • Both female and male options
  • Lasts a lifetime


  • Most expensive doll on the market
  • Requires significant storage space

3. Sexy Real Sex Dolls

SexyRealSexDolls might not be "real," and the company's name might not be that concise.

However, their dolls are realistic, sexy, and made of high quality material.

Among their strengths are taking care of their customers and their privacy when ordering and shipping.

No one will know what's in the package when delivered. 

Plus, you can pay off your doll in installment payments. That's really good if you don't have all the money for the one you want right away.

Doll Types

Like the other two options in this list, their are many different options on this site, with many blonde women. Plus you can customize your doll here. 

Customer Service

The surest option for reaching out to SexyRealSexDolls is through email. You could also give them a call, but it's not guaranteed to reach anyone.

However, there are some unflattering things about their customer service. Among the biggest is their strict return policy guidelines.

For one, they only give you a refund if you send recorded evidence of it being damaged during delivery. Even then, nothing is assured.

But something happening to your doll during the delivery is even more unlikely. Sometimes, you just have to cross your fingers and hope, which isn't so reassuring.  


  • Affordability
  • Can pay with installments
  • Beautiful blonde women
  • Can select from different retailers


  • Return policy is strict
  • Storing and moving dolls around is challenging

Final Thoughts

First, you decide you're going to get a sex doll. Then, you decide if you're going to get a full or partial one.

Then, you decide what site you're going to order from. Then you decide how to customize your dream blonde love doll.

When this is all in your understanding, you can focus on finding a great doll.  

Having a sex doll is something to be proud of because it shows that you're willing to let yourself be happy in a way that others might not allow.

Good luck, and we hope you find the doll of your dreams!

Our Top Pick has high quality dolls that are as realistic as any other doll on the market, at only a fraction of the cost. Combine customer reviews and you have yourself a winner.