The 37 Best Vibrators


So, you are ready to take your sexual experiences to a whole new level but are unsure of exactly what to do or how to even start.

Vibrators are a great addition to any sexual routine and can be an easy way to introduce yourself or your partner to the world of sex toys.

There are many different vibrators on the market. Diving right in may make things seem a bit over your head, so it's better to just ease in and get to know your vibrators first.

This sex toy buying guide was created to point you towards the best vibrators on the market for women, along with several special mentions.

We will also help you know what to look for and how to find a vibrator that works best for you and your partners.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Toy?

Before we can get into the best of the best in the world of vibrators, it would be helpful if you knew a bit about what you are looking at and for.

First, let's look at some of the factors you should always keep in mind when choosing a vibrator.

1. Material

The materials used in any sex toy will affect many aspects of how you use it. Many different materials can be used to manufacture sex toys and vibrators, but the material to always look for is silicone.

Silicone has a smooth feel that just feels good when being used but also has several practical factors going for it. Safety is always essential, and silicone is non-porous, so it won't hold bacteria or let germs foster on it. Clean up is a breeze with silicone thanks to it being dishwasher safe and able to withstand varying temperatures.

When it comes to lube, you will always want to be sure you have enough on hand. With silicone toys and vibrators, always use water-based lube. Silicone-based lube can cause warping and damage your toys.

2. Price

Sex toys are many and varied, as are the price points you are going to find on the market today. Luckily, this means you can find a vibrator or toy to fit any budget.

This being said, do not go for the cheapest on the shelf simply because it's the most affordable.

Often, you will get what you pay for, and you want to be sure you are purchasing a vibrator that will last a long time with materials that are safe and durable.

It is impossible to tell you precisely what a reasonable price range is due to the variety of toys that are available to women and couples.

A good rule of thumb to go by is to never drop below $40 to ensure you are getting something that will be worth it.

3. Size

Size does matter when it comes to vibrators. Deciding how you want to use your new vibrator is key to figuring out which ones to look at. Think about whether you want deeper penetration or some light clit play.

Size also matters when dealing with discretion. Larger toys and vibrators will not only be harder to hide, but they tend to make a much louder sound, as well.

4. Lube Compatibility

As we have said, you will want to be sure to keep lube on hand. The fun quickly goes away if things get too dry, so lube compatibility is critical in choosing a proper toy or vibrator.

Most vibrators will have packaging that tells you what lube types will work with it.

Generally, if you are purchasing silicone vibrators, you will want to stick with water-based lube to protect the device from damage and excessive wear and tear.

5. Clean-Up

The one aspect of sex nobody ever talks about is the clean-up.

Cleaning up after your fun time does not have to be a tough and tiresome task.

Many vibrators are designed to be easy to clean up, and some pieces can even be put right into the dishwasher.

Infections are serious business, so being able to easily and properly clean your toys is a must.

The 9 Main Types of Vibrators

Not all vibrators are created the same. Here is a rundown of the most common types of vibrators for women available.

1. Bullet

Surprise, surprise... These little vibrators generally resemble a bullet in shape.

The bullet vibrator is typically small to medium in size and meant to be used on-the-go and carried around in a purse or bag.

Bullet vibrators are easy to use and popular with women of all ages and interests.

This is because these portable sex toys can be used internally, externally, or with a partner or other sex toy. This leads to a greater sense of sexual exploration for most.

Not all bullet vibrators are intended for both internal and external uses. Always read packaging and instructions to know what you are getting.

2. Clitoral

Unlike a traditional vibrator, clitoral vibrators are intended to be used externally.

The curved shape of most of these types of vibrators makes them look less like a vibrator and more discreet than some of their counterparts.

The curved shape is meant to stimulate the clit from the outside, but it also lends itself to be a much easier vibrator to grip and hold for more extended periods.

Of course, there are some models and varieties that include hands-free operation.

During sex, a clitoral vibrator can do wonders for extra stimulation. When not with a partner, these vibrators are discreet and great for longer periods of playtime.

While the bulk of clitoral vibrators are only intended for external clit stimulation, some can provide a small amount of penetration, too. These will not generally penetrate as deep as other vibrators.

3. Rabbit

Rabbit vibrators are a popular choice for women looking for both internal and external stimulation.

The bulk of the toy is a dildo that will either vibrate or rotate to provide internal pleasure.

The outside features a piece that is intended to nestle your clitoris for extra stimulation.

Often, this piece resembles a set of rabbit ears, but it can come in a wide range of designs and shapes.

3. G-Spot

Generally speaking, most vibrators are designed for penetration or external stimulation.

Not many are specifically designed to stimulate the g-spot. G-spot vibrators are designed to do just that.

A g-spot vibrator usually has a curved or bulbed shape to it. This will help you reach the targeted area more easily for pure ecstasy.

This shape also leads to experimentation as it can hit certain spots and do things that other vibrators are not capable of.

4. Wand

These types of vibrators are intended for those who want some extra power to their orgasms. These vibrators can work the clit fast and bring you to an intense orgasm quickly.

Wand massagers can be corded or cord-free. The cordless versions have rechargeable batteries with widely varying battery times.

A wand massager with a cord will generally have more power and not be subject to a certain amount of playtime.

Rechargeable ones may have less power and limited battery life, but they have the freedom to anywhere and do anything without worrying about being near an outlet.

5. Anal

Yes, these are vibrators designed to be used with anal play.

While you can use other types of vibrators anally, some risks can come with that. Vibrators can become stuck or even get sucked into the anus during play.

Anal vibrators are designed with a handle or flared base to ensure they do not get stuck and are easily removed when finished.

There are female- and male-specific anal vibrators available. Male-specific anal vibrators tend to be curved to reach the prostate more easily.

All anal vibrators tend to have a more slim design to be easier on the sensitive areas of the anus.

6. Realistic

Most vibrators are not designed to resemble a real penis. Sure, they sort of look the part and can do the job, but a real penis they are not. 

Realistic vibrators take things one step further by offering a realistic look and feel to your vibrator. Some even have testicles and veins to add to realism.

There are many reasons why someone may want a realistic vibrator.

Still, most commonly, women who want a more realistic sexual experience without the hassle of having a man around are more attracted to this type of vibrator.

Other reasons can include curiosity about other penis sizes and shapes, long-distance play, or it simply feels better to some women.

7. Remote Control

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Some vibrators are meant to be used without the needing for hands.

These hands-free vibrators can be controlled via remote, but there are a lot of remote control vibrators that can be connected and controlled via mobile apps, wifi, and Bluetooth.

There is a wide variety of remote control vibrators on the market, depending on what you are looking for.

Some hands-free vibrators can be used during the day and kept inside your panties or inserted when needed.

Remote control vibrators can also bring new layers of excitement to couples by offering control to your partner.

The mobile app versions work very well for video chat and play during long-distance relationships.

8. Vibrating Panties

Contrary to the name, vibrating panties are not panties that completely vibrate.

Instead, these types of lingerie-style panties feature a small egg or bullet-shaped vibrator that sits in a special pocket or pouch. This little vibrator is placed to stimulate the sensitive parts of your body.

Vibrating panties come with a remote than can be used by your partner or by yourself because these are the ultimate in discreet masturbation.

More than the physical pleasure that these panties provide, there is also the feeling that you are doing something taboo or dirty while at work or going about your day.

9. Lube

Lube is not a vibrator, of course, but it is essential with any vibrator. Always have plenty of lube ready to avoid discomfort or injury.

Check with your vibrator manufacturer to see what types of lubes work with your new sex toy and which ones can destroy it.

Best Vibrators for Women

The most common reason for buying a vibrator is for a woman to enjoy. This can be for some alone time or be used with a partner, but these ten best vibrators for women will fit any need.

1. Best Wand Option - Hitachi Magic Wand

First brought onto the scene in the 1960s, the Hitachi Magic Wand was created to help people with a gentle back massage.

Over time, women quickly caught on to how easily the Magic Wand helped them achieve orgasms.

Since that time, the Hitachi Magic Wand has been used by women all over the world as a sex toy and aid.

The latest version of this classic device includes updates to make things even more enjoyable.

More vibration modes and speeds have been added. When the Magic Wand was first becoming popular, it was difficult for women to control the speed when they needed to.

Now, the control is all in the hands of the user with more options to choose from.

A very welcome upgrade also comes in the form of a rechargeable battery that can last for hours on a full charge.

This means no more being tethered to an outlet thanks to your new cordless Magic Wand.

2. Best Bullet Option - Crave Vesper

The Crave Vesper is a vibrator for on-the-go fashionistas. The silver bullet is made from stainless steel and works as a fashion accessory when not in use.

When in use, the Crave Vesper feels smooth to the touch with deep vibrations that you just can't get with the cheaper plastic bullets. A side button can be used to adjust between the four vibration patterns:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Pulsing

Some users may crave more variety in vibration functions with the Crave Vesper. Many users find that not having to switch between a whole host of vibration patterns actually works better on-the-go and saves time when you need to be quick about things.

3. Best Rabbit Option - We Vibe Nova

Rabbit vibrators are designed to increase clitoris stimulation during penetration. Unfortunately, not all rabbit vibrators work well with all bodies.

Too often, a woman can find out too late that her rabbit vibrator is too small or too large to do the job well. This is a worry of the past with the new We-Vibe Nova rabbit vibrator.

The game-changer here is the one large rabbit ear that is flexible enough to work with almost anybody.

By folding over, the large rabbit ear is able to continue to make contact throughout and not have to fit perfectly between a pair of ears.

4. Best G Spot Option - The Swan Curve

Finding a vibrator that hits the g-spot perfectly is a tough task for any woman. Luckily, the Swan Curve was designed to be the ultimate g-spot sex toy.

The end of this top-selling vibrator is curved just right to allow for greater control over g-spot stimulation. When used on it's highest setting, the Curve provides a rumbling vibration that you will feel everywhere.

The Swan Curve has a couple of different ways to control the speed. The first is the traditional button controls on the device, while the second is a bit more high tech and fun.

Squeeze me technology allows users to control the speed of their new Swan Curve by how hard they squeeze the device.

The Swan Curve is a bit small compared to its larger version, the Swan Wand. This wand vibrator can do wonders both externally and internally when used in capable hands.

5. Best Clit Option - Lelo Sona

While there is no shortage of clit-stimulating vibrators on the market, most of them work in essentially the same way. They all work your clitoris from the outside, but that is only part of the fun with the Lelo Sona.

The Lelo Sona works your clit from the inside out by using sonic pulse vibrations. This allows the vibrations to travel through your entire clitoral complex, which extends much further than just the external section.

6. Best Remote Control Option - Lovense Lush 2

There is something unbelievable about surrendering your ecstasy to your partner all day long. This is one of the biggest attractions of remote-controlled vibrators.

The Lovense Lush 2 is a perfect size for you to insert and leave in all day long. Leave the remote with your partner to give up control, or keep the remote with you to take control anywhere you are.

The key to using a remote-controlled vibrator during the day is being discreet. The Lovense Lush 2 tops out around a 45 dB level (which is barely noticeable to anyone not standing right next to you).

Using lower settings will help keep the sound low enough not to be heard by anyone.

The low sound is actually surprising considering the power the Lovense Lush 2 has. This motor is a far leap from the previous version, giving you more vibrations when you need them.

7. Most Discreet Option - Lelo Mia 2

Lipstick is meant to be noticed, but when you want to be discreet, this lipstick vibrator is the ultimate in discreet playtime. Lelo has already made an appearance on this, and they once again come out strong with the Mia 2.

The Lelo Mia 2 is small and compact, resembling lipstick and easy to carry in your purse or bag. It is waterproof down to 1 meter so you can play in the shower, pool, or just get your new Mia 2 all wet and not worry.

There are two drawbacks to the Lelo Mia 2. While it is small and inconspicuous, large letters on the side spell out the company name 'LELO.' So, anyone who knows the company will likely know what you're up to.

The other drawback is power. The main objective of the Lelo Mia 2 is to be discreet, but its small stature means it lacks in the power department.

8. Best Big Option - The Tremor

The Tremor is the vibrator for those of us who are looking to simulate the feeling of real penetration. It's no secret that vibrators feel good, but they do not feel like the real thing.

The Tremor is a large, hands-free vibrator that works with some of the biggest names in sex machines. The Tremor is designed to be ridden and can work with attachments from fuck machine producers with Sybian and Motorbunny.

A remote control is used to control the movements of the Tremor. The standard model does come with two silicone attachments, both of which are dishwasher safe.

9. Best Realistic Option - Vixen Creations

The company Vixen Creations has made a name for themselves by styling realistic feeling dildos and vibrators in wild an crazy colors.

Vixen Creations uses realistic feeling silicone, and some models include a bullet or other vibrator inside.

Many of their toys are rechargeable via USB port, which is very convenient these days.

Unfortunately, the battery life on these models only run about 60 minutes, which is not very convenient in most cases.

10. Best Anal Option - 10 Function

We have covered vaginal vibrators a lot here. While it is possible to use most of these vibrators anally, there are some amazing toys designed specifically for anal play.

The shaft of the 10 Function Extra Quiet Anal Beads is flexible and easy to handle. You can choose one bead or multiple beads, depending on experience and comfort levels.

The 10 Function Extra Quiet Anal Beads comes with a variety of speed settings, which can all be accessed via the easy to use button control.

To ensure you get the maximum enjoyment from your 10 Function Extra Quiet Anal Beads, always use plenty of water-based lube.

17 Special Mentions for "Top Vibrator"

We-Vibe is known for making quality bullet vibrators, but the We-Vibe Tango is one of their better models. The Tango is well-made and doesn't feel cheap and buzzy when in use.

Instead, you get strong rumbling feelings from the powerful motor. This powerful motor also means that on its lowest setting, the Tango is still a mighty force to be reckoned with.

View this vibrator here  

The Stronic Surf Pulsator is designed to create a wave of sensation for the user, lending to its name and popularity.

This vibrator has an insertable length of 5.6 inches and a total of 21 different speed and strength setting combinations.

While not the best of the best at simulating real sex, the Stronic Surf Pulsator does come much closer than many others on the market.

View this vibrator here  

A company that is known for making vibrators that look as good as they feel, Lelo hits the mark once again with the Mona 2.

The Mona 2 is designed to give a greater amount of g-spot stimulation via internal vibrations. The Mona 2 is waterproof and comes with a rechargeable battery.

View this vibrator here  

This award-winning rabbit vibrator has a Swedish design and aesthetic shape that make it pleasing to both the eye and the vagina.

This Toy of the Year winner features a wide array of robust vibration settings, some even with alternate pattern settings.

Not the quietest vibrator on the market, the Lelo Soraya is still much quieter than other rabbits of the same size

View this vibrator here  

Created by an all-female led team of designers, the Lioness vibrator is created to be subtle and quiet.

To ensure you can enjoy the Lioness almost anywhere you want, it is completely waterproof and offers a surprising amount of power.

Lovense makes amazing remotely controlled vibrators that have been enjoyed by countless women, men, and couples.

The Lovense Hush is a remote-controlled butt plug that can be controlled via remote, wifi or mobile app on the phone or tablet. The Lovense Hush is designed to help keep lube inside your sphincter until removed.

View this vibrator here  

Science rocks, and in this case, science vibrates your body as only this Swedish-engineered vibrator can.

By using an axially oscillating engine, the Eroscillator can respond to your vagina's muscle movements for real-time sexual stimulation.

View this vibrator here  

The Tiger is aptly named as it is one of the most powerful vibrators on our whole list.

The insertable length of the Tiger is 6 inches, and the countless vibration and speed settings will give you orgasm after orgasm.

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This is the wand vibrator meant for a true queen. The Queen Bee features two vibrating sections, which can be controlled separately.

This makes the Queen Bee ideal for vulva stimulation, but it can also be a good stimulator for the clitoris, as well.

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While the name of this German-made sex toy leaves a lot to be desired, you won't have anything to desire once you have finished some fun playtime with Patchy Paul.

Patchy Paul has a uniquely designed bumpy body and a curved tip, making this vibrator perfect for hitting your internal spots. There are six different speed settings, along with six different vibration patterns.

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Another vulva stimulating vibrator, the Aneros Vivi also features two separate sections that vibrate.

These sections can be controlled independently for the ultimate in masturbation experiences.

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This rabbit has all the power you could want with this type of vibrator. The Lelo Ina 2 has two powerful motors that can turn up the vibrations for both g-spot and clitoris stimulation.

The design is not something new or groundbreaking, but the Lelo Ina 2 does more than enough in other areas.

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While most toys are meant to perform a specific function, some are just meant to look as gorgeous as possible.

The Zalo Luxury Vibrator does the job for you well enough, but it does it with style and flair that is rarely seen in a sex toy.

The Zalo Luxury Vibrator is a 24-karat gold plated beauty that will bring a tear to the eye in more ways than one.

Not intended for internal stimulation, the Volta Clit Vibrator features a unique design to tap against your clit for intense orgasms.

This is done using two silicon flaps that are vibrated separately to achieve the tapping motion.

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This is a remote-controlled vibrator that can easily be controlled via remote, Bluetooth, and wifi.

Unlike other sex toys in this area, the Kiiroo Pearl 2 can be linked up with another Kiiroo device, making it popular with lesbian couples.

View this vibrator here  

Beauty and discretion have always been at the heart of everything Lelo has designed.

The Lelo Nea 2 is no different with a sleek and slim design that can be stashed easily and carried often.

BeThe female-designed We-Vibe Sync is a wearable vibrator that has a battery life ranging from 1 hour up to 5 hours, depending on settings.

It works well as a hands-free device for most women, but the design is not perfect for everyone, and some women may need to hold the We-Vibe Sync in place.

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Final Thoughts

After reading this guide, you should hopefully have an idea of the type of vibrator you'd be most interested in and have a few quality resources to check them out yourself. 

Consider using the links above to take you right to the toy you desire (you don't have to waste time searching through hundreds of toys you don't want.)

Have fun!

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