Top 3 Sybian Saddle Machines: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Women have long had to deal with the burden of being viewed for sexual pleasure but also being denied the opportunities to express themselves freely, without the participation of a man.

While there is still a long way to go, the advent of devices like the Sybian has made it a much better time for sexually charged women.

You might not know how long the Sybian has been around. This saddle device for explosive orgasms has been around since the 1980s.

The Sybian broke new ground in terms of solo sexual opportunities for women. Over the years, even-more-advanced devices have come through.

We want to tell you all about these and what they can provide you with.

Our Top Pick

The Cowgirl Premium is one of the most popular Sybian available. The combination of high quality materials and thousands of satisfied women make this a premium option.


While you might think that any sex saddle is a Sybian, that’s actually a registered trademark. In its wake have come many similar devices from different brands.

Using a Sybian involves the user getting situated and letting the mechanized dildo go in and out of them. This gives them the consistent pleasure that neither a traditional vibrator nor a man could be able to provide.

The extreme pleasure is obtained mainly by how much feeling is given by the device. One can feel intense vibrations that will have them hitting notes they didn’t know they could reach.

If you’ve ever watched a video featuring someone using a Sybian or a similar device, you know that they’re experiencing something extraordinary.

Dave Lampert said he came up with the Sybian upon realizing how much a device like this was needed as society became less prudish.

Its design is no fluke either. Lampert had learned that orgasms were more frequent for women when they were on top.

Now, women can use Sybians to help them relieve sexual frustration faster than before. A big bonus is how various attachments can be used for the devices.

Best Sybians

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The Cowgirl Premium

Motor Bunny

The Tremor

How Does It Work?

To use a Sybian, the user needs to get on it and put on whatever attachment she wants to use. Then she can turn it on, letting herself receive a torrent of absolute bliss.

While Sybians are associated with solo usage, there are opportunities for partner usage. For instance, a user could be aroused by watching her on it as part of foreplay. They could also change the settings on the device to have control over their partner’s orgasm.

It might feel a little weird to be getting an orgasm from such a large device. That’s why it’s good, when using the Sybian, to go into it with a great deal of arousal, to the point where you’ll accept pleasure under any acceptable conditions.

Multiple Modes

You might have some distinct preferences when it comes to intercourse. While your device might not be able to match these exactly, the difference in settings can definitely get you close.

The type of penetration you receive can also vary, depending on your setting. You might be someone who likes to feel a hard cock going in and out of you directly, but you might also like something more teasing.

It’s important to be careful when using this, especially when you’re just getting started. As tempting as it may be to put it on full blast at the very start, trust us when we tell you to easy your way in.

Beginning on the mildest setting can still give you a mind-blowing experience. Over time, you can go harder without becoming overwhelmed.

You could reach the point where you prefer using these sorts of devices over intercourse. It certainly can allow for a lot more pleasure possibilities than the typical sexual encounter.

Another great reason to get a Sybian or similar device is if you have trouble climaxing. Not being able to enjoy sexual pleasure to that level is truly unfortunate. With one of these, you can stop imagining and start experiencing.

Operating Advice

1. Position

While it might not apply for every woman everywhere, the cowgirl position seems to be the best one for letting women reach orgasm.

That helped guide Lampert was he was creating the Sybian. There’s pretty much no other position you’d want to try with this, certainly not missionary.

2. Pace

When you have a vagina, you know just how much it needs to be prepped prior to stimulation. Therefore, your Sybian should first be used to get you geared up on the lowest mode possible.

As it works it, you’ll start to get juiced up and be better able to handle a more intense setting. If you find yourself getting too worked up, turn it down or off.

3. Switching Attachments

Even with only one attachment used, a Sybian can be an amazing time.

However, you can get a lot more out of your experience from alternating attachments. Different ones can work in different areas.

Depending on your preferences or bodily needs, you might have one type of attachment that you gravitate towards, especially.

4. Lubrication

While you might be able to get away without using lube when having sex, you need some with a Sybian.

It doesn’t matter how wet you get. The friction of a Sybian attachment is going to be great against anything but a water-type lube.

5. Your Movement

While a Sybian can pleasure you without you doing any of the work, you may need to do some movement yourself in order to get more out of it.

Try to go forward and backward on it, like you would on your partner’s cock while fucking them.

6. Placement

You might be worried about neighbors hearing you using your Sybian saddle. However, there are ways you can muffle the sound.

One of the best ways is to put your Sybian over the carpet or large cloths that will suck in the vibrating.

Even if your neighbors hear something, it’s unlikely to be so noticeable that they’re going to think twice about it.

The Best Sybian Machines

These saddles are the most popular, best selling machines of all time. 

1. The Cowgirl Premium

The Cowgirl Premium Riding Sex Machine is a powerful machine with dual-attachments.

One is meant for working your clit, while the other can be used for G-spot and/or anal pleasure.

Additionally, you can shift through different vibration settings to help vary your experiences.

You can also be quite precise with your movements. There’s a remote that lets you adjust how the vibrators work on your pussy.

If you’ve got a partner, let them work the remote and put you under their command.

Better yet, you can install the mobile app that lets you use the device from a distance.

You’ll be safe when using the Cowgirl Premium, as the base stays put during your excursion. This device was made with real integrity.

Do keep in mind that you can only return this if you haven’t used it. Hopefully, though, you’ll have so much fun with it that you’ll never think of even trying to return it.


  • Quality Material
  • Classy design
  • Dual attachments
  • Stability with design
  • Remote and app usage


  • Expensive for some people
  • Restrictions for returns

2. Motor Bunny

Of all Sybian-like sex machines, the MotorBunny Starter Kit arguably comes the closest to replicating the Original Sybian, but at a lower cost.

This device is also incredibly well-made and looks great.

Additionally, the company does a great job of providing assistance for customers.

If you’ve got any problems or need some answers, the MotorBunny team can help you out.

The MotorBunny has four different add-ons for a range of experiences, and you can use this with a Bluetooth-enabled device.

However, if you’re worried about anyone hearing you while using a Sybian-type device, you shouldn’t get the MotorBunny. Its sound design isn’t exactly whisper-quiet.


  • Like a more affordable Sybian
  • Strong vibrating ability
  • 4 add-ons


  • Very loud
  • Needs to be put together

3. The Tremor

The best choice for people who need to watch their finances, The Tremor Rock & Roll Machine has Sybian abilities without the higher cost.

Its vibrations are so strong that you might have an orgasm faster than you’ve ever imagined.

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to have a series of orgasms in quick succession?

The Tremor lets that happen while keeping pleasure consistent.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to figure out the Tremor. That means you can put your attention on helping yourself to feel as wonderful as you deserve to.

With the Tremor, you can use the silicone add-ons that are included as well as ones for a Sybian.

The main drawback and complaint from customers is that the material seems to be cheap and wears down or breaks easily. Since that's the case, the lower price point may not be cheapest in the long run if you have to replace it.

The Cowgirl Premium is more costly, but lasts much longer so you just have to decide which is better for you.


  • Costs much less than Original Sybian
  • Low-key packaging
  • Easy to use
  • No trouble with cleaning


  • Quality is sub-par and you may have to replace it
  • Short distance between remote cord and device
  • $150 to return on Amazon
  • Noisy on highest mode

Final Thoughts

The Sybian deserves lots of acclaim for how much it's made a difference in women's sex lives. We should also be grateful for all of the great devices that have come since then.

These devices aren't cheap knockoffs of an existing product. They're truly remarkable in their own right.

What matters is that you're able to get pleasure out of using a device that you invest in, and any 3 of these options will serve that purpose.

The key questions are how much you want to invest upfront and whether you want to have to replace the device or buy once forever.

The Cowgirl premium is the highest quality and will likely last a lifetime, compared to the other two options. Click here to learn more about this excellent machine.

Sexual pleasure is something you embrace. As a woman, you deserve all the satisfaction you can get.

Enjoy your new sex saddle machine!

Our Top Pick

The Cowgirl Premium is one of the most popular Sybian available. The combination of high quality materials and thousands of satisfied women make this a premium option.