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24 Best Sex Machines


So, you’ve decided to start exploring the exciting and fun world of sex machines. That’s great, but I’m sure there is a list of questions in your mind.

Seeking out advice and information on sex machines can seem daunting, and even a bit embarrassing for some, which is why we have put together this helpful buying guide to help you choose your first or next sex machine with confidence.

In the following sections, we will cover topics such as sex machine benefits versus other sex toys and how to find the right device that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Follow along to learn everything you'll need about sex machines to select the perfect device for you.

What Is a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is a large device used to stimulate various body parts and erotic areas to make someone orgasm.

These devices are oftentimes larger than a traditional sex toy, though there are smaller and handheld versions available in a few cases. 

 Sex machines are meant for a higher amount of pleasure than traditional adult toys. This is why many sex machines have interchangeable parts or special attachments to be added for different sensations. This makes them ideal for both female and male users. 

 Other things set sex machines apart from other toys and sex gadgets. Of these, the power and variation in the movement are high up on the list. 

 One of the most common types of sex machines is referred to as saddle machines, which allow the users to stimulate themselves while riding or straddling the machine.

Other types of sex machines are designed with more variety and can include vibration functions, multiple heads, and an assortment of attachments or add-ons. 

 This is all done with the help of motors and other hands-free power methods. Vibrators and more traditional sex toys often rely on human energy to operate effectively, or at best, a little help from small batteries. 

 It is no surprise to understand why more and more people and couples are turning to sex machines to increase their pleasure and intimacy. They provide a high-powered sexual experience that can be customized to your desires. 

 There is something to be said about discretion, though. Sex machines are not designed to be discreet, but the trade-off is a higher level of satisfaction and pleasure for everyone involved. 

What Are the Benefits?

We have already touched on a few reasons people love their sex machines, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s explore some additional benefits.

1. Gain an Intimate Sexual Knowledge of Yourself

While many of us assume we know what we like and dislike sexually, the truth is, there is a lot that can be learned about yourself sexually through masturbation.

The privacy of your own home lends itself to more exploration and a wider world of pleasure.

Moreover, we can use this intimate knowledge of ourselves to increase our intimacy with others. Knowing what feels right and being able to communicate this to our partners easily is essential to our overall intimacy.

2. Increase Confidence

Confidence can come from many places. Believe it or not, our sexual confidence can have a significant effect on our overall confidence and self-esteem.

Masturbation and sexual exploration can increase sexual confidence and lead to more satisfying experiences.

3. Do Things Your Way

Sex with another person is great. There is no denying that, but it also comes with a lot of extra steps and that pesky "worrying about someone else" issue.

When you use a machine to bring yourself to orgasm, the focus is on you and doing things that please you. You control everything from what spots you arouse to how fast you get the job done.

While traditional sex toys do have more in the way of convenience, a sex machine allows users to enjoy themselves anytime they want, as long as they have a small amount of privacy.

4. Bring Your Relationships to New Levels

We have already mentioned that using a sex machine and other adult gadgets by yourself can lead to a greater awareness of what you enjoy.

The confidence this can bring you, along with the sexual knowledge you gain, will help you foster a stronger intimate bond with your partners.

This has its place in both new relationships and long-term ones. With newer relationships, this level of intimacy is a great way to see where yourself and partner(s) are at sexually and whether there is room to grow together.

Long-term relationships can use this extra kick of spice to help revive smoldering embers into the flames of passion.

5. Safer Sex

It’s no secret that sex in the modern age can be a risky endeavor. For those in long-term relationships, this risk is minimized, but there are many people who do not want long term commitment.

Sex machines and other adult toys offer a lot of the same pleasures of sex with another person but eliminate all of that risk that can come with sexual intercourse, such as sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.

6. Makes Long Distance Relationships Easier

Making a relationship work is tough, but making a long-distance relationship work is nearly impossible.

We live in a world where it is increasingly easy to meet and connect with people across the globe, and long-distance relationships and becoming more and more common as a result.

Using sex devices gives couples the chance to still fulfill the sexual needs we all have without having to look elsewhere for it.

The same technology that enables us to bond with people from thousands of miles away can also be used for intense video chat sessions with your partner.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

There are cases where someone may not be experienced with specific sexual positions or sex in general.

A sex machine that can be customized to your particular needs can be a great tool to help ease into uncomfortable positions or to gain more sexual experience without the worry of embarrassment.

The bottom line is that these machines can offer a significant number of benefits over vibrators or dildos, and in some cases, can even offer benefits over sex with another person.

With such a wide variety of machines on the market, there is sure to be one or two that fits what you’re looking for.

A Complete Buyer's Guide

Before you rush and buy anything, you should always make sure you know what you’re looking for. Here are some things to consider when you are deciding on what sex machine to purchase.

Some Assembly Required?

As you begin looking around, you will notice that some machines require a little bit of assembly before using them.

The amount of work required can vary greatly depending on the style and model chosen. It is also possible to find that some devices require no assembly at all.

Just be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before committing to a purchase.


The material of almost anything plays a significant role in how it will perform, but when you are dealing with sensitive areas of the body, the importance of materials is increased tenfold.

All adult toys should be made with non-toxic materials that are safe to insert into the body. These materials make the best sex toys, as porous materials have holes that can collect bacteria and can lead to health issues when used.


One of the first things you will notice is that sex machines can come with a bit of a price tag, depending on what you’re looking for. This is why it is essential to be sure you are getting something that is of high quality.

The best way to do this is by simply reading reviews or asking around. Online reviews can be blunt and mean but also very truthful and straight to the point with any issues.

Attachments and Add-Ons

When deciding on which sex machines to invest in, you will need to think about how you most want to use it. As we’ve talked about earlier, you can split sex machines into two groups – saddle/riding styles and more versatile styles.

Saddle or riding machines are just as they sound. These sex machines are designed to be ridden or straddled and have a saddle-like portion that is usually not removable.

Other sex machines are designed to have interchangeable parts and add-ons to provide a wide array of experiences. This is the choice for those that like to explore and experiment.

Settings and Depth

You'll find love machines in a wide variety and can include very few settings to dozens of settings. These can include things such as speed, vibration, and countless other factors.

Make sure you pay attention before you buy, so you are not overwhelmed when you go to use it.

Another key thing to think about is penetration depth. We are not all created equal and do not want the same things, and the same can be said about sex machines. Be sure you aren’t biting off more than you can chew.


Before making any major purchase, you should always have a budget in mind. Sex machines can come in many styles and even more price points. Be sure you set a number early on that you can live with.

Storage and Discretion

These machines can be rather large in some cases. They are definitely the larger of the sex toys available to adults. This makes them a little difficult to hide at times. Keep this in mind as you shop.

Discretion can also refer to the amount of noise a sex machine makes. Some are louder to run than others. Customer reviews are an excellent source for truthful noise comments.

Return Policy

Any large purchase should always come with knowledge of the return policy from the company you made your purchase.

This is even more important when dealing with adult items and toys, which likely have more restrictions than traditional retail shops.

Getting The Most Pleasure From Your New Machine

The bottom line is that you are purchasing a new sex machine to increase your pleasure. To do this in the most effective way possible, there are some things you should do or have prepared before your first use.

Always Use Lubrication

The one thing you can do that will increase your pleasure is always to keep yourself lubed up. This is excellent advice for both men and women.

More than just increasing your pleasure, keeping things lubed up will help you maintain a healthy and safe experience.

The lube can form an extra layer of protection for your skin and sensitive areas. When you lack lube, the added friction often causes chafing and tearing.

Have a Variety of Add-Ons

Sex machines are often designed to be used with an assortment of attachments and add-ons. The best way to know what works best for you is to have plenty of choices available.

When using your new sex machine with a partner, you should keep their interests mind, as well. There are several attachments for both women and men for many sex machines.

Learn How To Handle Your Machine

While there are a lot of things you are not dealing with by using a sex machine compared to another person, there are also many things that you may need to get used to.

It is important to take the time to understand your new sex machine. We aren’t talking about dinner and a movie, but looking over your new machine to learn all of its little details.

If you have a machine that is meant for sticking to flat surfaces, be sure you know how well the suction works, so you don’t ruin the mood right in the middle.

Variable speeds can be a little confusing, especially when coupled with a remote. Play around with the speeds and see how the remote works, if your machine came with one.

Familiarity with your new sex machine is vitally important when planning to use it with another person.

This will allow you to switch positions and attachments easily, or to explore more things without worrying about figuring everything out, right when it is getting hot and heavy.

Find Where To Use It

Sex machines need power. To get this power, they often need to be plugged in. Make sure you are located somewhere where your machine will become unplugged or knocked over while in use.

Get Creative

A big part of owning sex machines is the ability to go places and do things you usually couldn’t. Use this and get creative with your fun time.

Love machines offer lifelike sexual experiences in a completely safe and non-threatening environment. This is your chance to help fulfill those wildest desires that nobody else needs to know about.

Pick Up A Mat

The motors and vibrations of a sex machine can cause it to make a bit of noise on hard floors. This is easily overcome, though.

Simply use a thick mat made of rubber or a thick blanket underneath your new machine. This will soften any bumps or vibrations against the floor and allow you even more privacy.

Safety First

The adult toy market is heavily saturated, and it can sometimes be challenging to separate the high-quality from the crowd of the industry.

When you are dealing with sensitive areas of your body, it is important to be sure you are investing in high-quality sex toys and machines. Follow these tips to ensure you are playing with safe products.

Know Who You Are Buying From

It is highly recommended that you only purchase sex machines from trusted sources. This means, only looking for the cheapest device available may not be the safest and best option for you.

Again, those handy reviews and word-of-mouth type recommendations are a great way to get insight into how well-made a machine is or trustworthy a company is.

Caring For Your Machine

To make sure any machine works properly and lasts a long time, you should always know how best to care for it. This means knowing how to clean and store it.

General rules of thumb to help with better care:

  • Be sure the machine is dry before storing it.
  • Keep your machine stored away from extreme temperatures.
  • Be sure your storage area is free from water or dampness.

Sanitize Always

Keeping any sex machine parts and other insertable adult toys clean and sanitized will keep you healthy. Over time, germs and bacteria can grow, even on non-porous materials, and cause infection to you or your partner.

Cleaning most sex toys is usually an easy process. Some parts and materials can go in the dishwasher, while almost all of them can be easily cleaned by hand using a gentle soap and warm water.

Sanitize Always

Keeping any sex machine parts and other insertable adult toys clean and sanitized will keep you healthy. Over time, germs and bacteria can grow, even on non-porous materials, and cause infection to you or your partner. 

Cleaning most sex toys is usually an easy process. Some parts and materials can go in the dishwasher, while almost all of them can be easily cleaned by hand using a gentle soap and warm water.

The 3 Types of Machines

Love machines are far from being a new invention, and there is a wide variety of types and styles available today. The following is a list of the most common types of sex machines.

1. Saddles

Some machines are designed to be ridden by the user. These types of sex machines are referred to as saddle-style machines.

Common features of saddle-style sex machines include varying degrees of speed with vibration settings and an attached seat that is comfortable for the user to ride.

In most cases, a dildo is also attached that can be textured or designed to better provide stimulation to areas such as the vaginal, clitoral, and anal region.

Remote controls may be included to allow you or your partner to control the fun without stopping or repositioning.

2. Thrusters

Thrusters are sex machines that are designed to provide a forward and backward thrusting motion, as opposed to a vibrating motion. Thrusters can come in a variety of sizes, including smaller portable versions.

These portable thruster sex machines can offer more indiscretion and make cleaning more manageable, but they lack the power of the larger thrusters on the market.

Stand-up thrusters are much larger and provide a higher amount of power to get the job done right. You can set these devices down on the ground, a table, or some other flat surface that can handle it.

Stand-up varieties usually come with multiple attachments and add-ons that can be affixed to the end of a rod. This offers a great deal of versatility that owners tend to enjoy.

To ensure your safety, always check the penetration depth on thruster sex machines.

3. Strokers

These machines are also commonly referred to as male masturbators. These male sex toys and machines' purpose is to stroke the penis.

A hollow tube with unique grooves and textures inside are designed to look and feel like specific body parts, such as the mouth or vagina. Some do not have an anatomical design but still function the same.

These machines tend to be smaller and even portable, so choosing the right one only depends on the personal preference of you and your partner. Due to the smaller size, strokers are the more affordable end of sex devices.

Which Is Right For You? The 5 Best Machines

Now that we have covered almost everything you need to know about sex machines, here is our list of the best sex machines based on specific needs.

1. The Best Small Option - Hide-a-Cock 5.0

Made with stainless steel, Hide-a-Cock 5.0 offers users a sleek design in a tiny package. Thanks to the quiet side technology of the Hide-a-Cock 5.0, discretion is guaranteed almost anywhere you use it.

There are variable speed settings to play around with that goes up to 200+ strokes per minute, which can be easily controlled via remote control. Adjusting speeds is effortless. All you have to do is turn a dial until you find the ideal speed for the current situation.

Hide-a-Cock 5.0 is designed to work well with a variety of positions and is small enough to store when not in use easily. The depth of stroke ranges from 1 to 5 full inches and is easy to change without the use of any tools.

Some add-ons may come with or be purchased separately for the Hide-a-Cock 5.0. These include the Dildo Holder and BJ Kit. This machine works well for both men and women.

2. Best Saddle Pick - The Cowgirl Premium

Known as the Cowgirl Premium App and Remote Controlled Riding Machine, this premium sex machine is a saddle-style machine that offers some exciting extras, including a slip-resistant base.

The Cowgirl Premium comes with a handful of vibrating settings in addition to a full 360° swivel saddle. There are a couple of silicone attachments that may come with your Cowgirl sex machine to offer a more diverse sexual experience.

One of the most important features of any saddle-style sex machine is the comfort level while riding it. This premium riding sex machine offers a padded seat for maximum comfort and an app to control all of the fun easily.

The Cowgirl also has special connectivity features that allow you and a partner to connect devices and interact together.

Special note: The Cowgirl Premium cannot be returned once the inside packaging has been opened.

3. Best Thrusting Option - The HiSmith Premium

The Hismith Premium Machine is designed to offer an ultra-realistic feel and experience every time. It comes with a soft dildo and a powerful machine motor to provide users with powerful thrusts.

Unlike some other thrusting sex machines, the Hismith Premium Machine offers users a way to alter angles to ensure your machine is hitting right where you need it to.

Assembly is easy with this machine, and it is made with high-quality solid steel rods. This helps make the Hismith Premium Machine easy to stay in one place while being used, but a rug, blanket, or carpet may offer more grip.

The depth of the thrust can be adjusted on this premium sex-machine. There are a variety of depth settings, but we have found that medium works well for many users.

4. Best Luxury Option - The Shockspot

If you plan on truly getting a lot of bang for your buck out of your new sex machine, you may want to look at investing in a high-end one. The Shockspot Sexing Machine is a high-end machine that offers lots of high-tech fun.

There are multiple models of the Shockspot Sexing Machine available. This one has a 12-inch thrusting depth, while the other versions come in 8-inch and double penetration options.

There is a little assembly required upon receiving your new machine. This is light assembly and should not cause anyone too much hassle.

Uniquely, the Shockspot 12 Inch Sexing Machine offers both vibration and thrusting. This is not common with many thrusting machines, but once you have it, it is tough to live without.

Using the machine app, you can create and program custom patterns to hit all of your spots. A remote is included to provide a hands-free experience that rivals any real-life sexual encounter.

This premium sex machine makes some noise, so it will not be easy to use discreetly. A rubber mat can help soften the sounds, but it is unlikely to eliminate them altogether.

5. Best Stroker Option - The Kiiroo Onyx 2

Any man that enjoys sexual pleasure almost any time he wants it cannot be without the Kiiroo Onyx 2. This male masturbator is a high-quality model that will provide many years of fun and enjoyment.

Kiiroo is known in the industry for making high-tech, quality strokers. The Kiiroo Onyx 2, in particular, has plenty of bells and whistles to keep you and your partner busy for a long time.

Small enough to be discreet, this machine offers you the freedom to get creative and have fun no matter where you may find yourself.

Where Can I Find Sex Machines?

You can buy anything online these days, but that doesn’t mean you should just trust anybody with your money. This is why we have put together a little list of some of the most trusted places to purchase a new sex machine.

Love Honey

While not as well-known as some of the other shopping sites listed here, Lovehoney is a great place to find your next sex toy. Most items are heavily stocked and ready for immediate shipping.

Browsing through Lovehoney is easy using their navigation tabs at page navigation near the top. Click product images to learn more about each product.

Products purchased through Lovehoney usually come with a one-year guarantee. They also have a free return policy for 30 days from purchase. Returns are quick and easy to handle. Tracking numbers make it easy to when your package will arrive.

Ken's Twisted Mind

The creators of the Hide-a-Cock device we mentioned earlier, Ken’s Twisted Mind is known for keeping customers happy for more than two decades now. They offer a wide selection of toys and sex accessories to choose from.

Unfortunately, this company does not accept refunds or returns. In case you have a defective product, the company has a replacement policy where they will send the same exact product, 15 days from your date of purchase.


Shockspot is an American company that provides high-quality sex machines. The website is user-friendly, and purchasing a device is as easy as can be.

There is a 14-day product guarantee that gives users the chance to test out their machine and make sure everything works well. To receive a refund, the entire device must be returned and can not be used.


Around since 2013, this sex toy company is steadily growing by offering great products. The site is well-organized and order processing is done quickly.

While Kiiroo does offer partial refunds and returns on some products, they must be in new and unused condition.


The one site where you can order almost anything. Amazon offers a wide selection of adult-themed devices and machines that can be delivered almost anywhere.

Return and exchange policies may vary depending on the seller. Generally, only new and unused items can be returned for a refund within 30 days.

You're Ready for the Next Level

We have taught you everything we can. It's now up to you to take this knowledge and find the perfect device for you. Take the tips and advice in this article to heart as you make your way through the wild world of sex machines.

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