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Sex Furniture 101: Buyers Guide


Human beings are sexual creatures by nature. Since the beginning of time, people have been doing wild things.

This includes your parents, siblings, grandparents, and every member down your family tree. If you think about it, how else would you be here reading this article?

Sex is a part of our lives, but some of the sexual positions that we twist our way into aren’t so common (or comfortable for that matter).

Whether you’ve had personal experience with it or not, injuries from sex activities (and the resulting emergency room visits) are much more common than you would imagine.

The main reason why it’s difficult to prove this fact is many sex-related injuries are not reported, or they are completely falsified.

According to sex educators, most people say they simply tripped and fell or make up some story to cover up for embarrassment.

Either way, the bedroom can be a dangerous place, especially when our blood gets pumping.

It is unclear whether sex furniture was invented to solve these mishaps in the bedroom or created from ingenious kinky designers who wanted to make their sexual experiences better.

However, one thing is for sure: High quality, practical, and erotic sex furniture makes a significant difference for all parties involved.

Unfortunately, not all furniture is created equal, and it’s almost impossible to find the best furniture made of the highest quality materials if you’re clueless about what to look for.

You’re bound to be disappointed if you rely on price or brand names to determine a sex product’s quality or practical application.

Don’t get sucked into the latest trend or newest product that’s released. To become a sex furniture expert, it takes some research. You can start with our guide here:

What Is Sex Furniture Exactly?

You may hear sex furniture referred to as erotic or intimate furniture, but their function is still the same. The term is a broad category description that can encompass a wide variety of sexual aids, devices, and toys.

These pieces are designed to help people reach certain positions or pull off certain moves with greater ease. They help with things like flexibility, physical limitations, and even endurance enhancement.

By having the ability to support your weight or elevate your pelvis to an ideal position, you accomplish the SEX trifecta: Safe, Enjoyable, and Xtra Comfortable.

Thanks to the wide variety of sexual furniture items available on the market today, there is likely a piece to help with almost any fantasy or experience one may want to try.

Their entire function is to provide more pleasure and ecstasy with as little effort as possible. This is why many users have described them as the difference between dead sex life and one of the most arousing sexual experiences of their lives.

This wide range of sex furniture on the market also means there are pieces to fit every budget. There is a general assumption that erotic furniture pieces will set you back a lot of cash, but the truth is that you can find pieces for any budget.

Maybe you live in a small city apartment or with roommates. In these scenarios, discretion is obviously high on the list of priorities. Sex furniture comes in a range of storage options, including folding, smaller pieces, and collapsible versions.

What Would You Use It?

There comes a time in everyone's life when their sex life takes a downturn. This can be for a variety of reasons, but one of the more common causes is pure boredom with what is out there.

In these cases, there are a couple of things people can do to help spice their sex life up. One is taking the time to learn more about themselves, their partners, and pushing the bounds of their current sex lives.

The other, which actually works hand-in-hand with the first, is investing in new sex toys and furniture. This can help you explore yourself and your partner like never before.

Key Benefits

Using sex furniture and similar sex toys alone or with a partner can add a whole new dimension to your enjoyment.

  • Hit just the right spots and find the right angles with a lot less work and discomfort
  • There is no worrying about furniture not holding up to the weight and pressure of sex
  • Provides easier cleanup than using traditional furniture

Complete Guide: What You Need To Know

As with anything, you should know what you are looking for when choosing pieces that fit your life. Here are the top things to keep in mind when choosing new sex furniture.

1. Think About Your Budget

We all have to live within a certain budget. You don't want to buy a piece that is just too pricey for you and regret it later. That will diminish the fun and ruin your future experiences.

Anyone who has ever looked at the price of furniture knows that all furniture comes with a price tag.

Just like everyday furniture, sex furniture pieces can be found at lower-end price points with more limited functionality, such as a sex wedge type of piece.

2. Think About Clean Up Afterwards

The dirty truth about really good sex is that things can get messy. Cleaning up afterward is not the most talked-about part of sex, but it is something to keep in mind to make things easier and more enjoyable down the road.

Many pieces of sex furniture come with removable parts and easy to clean materials. Make sure you are thinking about yourself after the fun is over.

3. Think About The Materials Used

Not all sex furniture is created equal.

A good thing to keep in mind is what materials are used to make your new piece.

There are a multitude of options available, so it is hard to list them all. What we do recommend is to think about cleanup, friction, and durability.

4. Think About Your House Guests

While sex furniture can be looked at as thinking about others, you also want to think about those visitors you have that aren't using your new sex furniture.

Discretion is very important in any situation, which is why sex furniture comes with a wide range of storage options.

The last thing you want is for Grandma to accidentally sit on your newest purchase over tea. That's no fun for anybody involved... Trust me.

5. Think About How Often You'll Use It

Investing in a new piece of sex furniture is a large investment. You want to be sure it is a piece you actually love and will want to use regularly. There is no middle ground when it comes to things like this.

6. Think About Your Partner(s)

Better yet, sit down and discuss this purchase with your partner. Go shopping and research together to be sure you both get something you will enjoy.

There are plenty of things to discuss with your partner before throwing down a wad of cash on a new piece of sex furniture.

  • What are you looking to get out of this piece, exploration, or novelty?
  • What kind of comfort and position options are you looking for?
  • Are there any fetish or kinks you want to address with this purchase?
  • If you are into BDSM, how far are you willing to go and what kind of restraints do you want?

Popular Erotic Furniture Options

As we've mentioned, sex furniture comes in a wide range of varieties, styles, and uses.

There are some common types available that you will find as you begin to explore the world of sex furniture and items.

The following terms are used in a general term and may change depending on who you are speaking with.

1. Love Pillow (The Wedge)

One of the most basic forms of sex furniture is the love pillow or wedge type piece. Many people already use pillows and other cushions during sex to help angle yourself or prop a partner up in a certain spot.

Pillows and cushions explicitly designed for sexual intercourse will hold up better during sex than pillows designed for sleep.

In some cases, more firm pillows that are used for sleep apnea and muscle kinks can be used to save a few bucks and add to discretion.

Many sex furniture producers have some form of love pillow or wedge piece or set. These tend to be a bit less expensive than other sex furniture pieces and great for entry-level purchases.

If you and your partner want something a little more advanced than a basic love pillow, there are models, from major companies such as Liberator, on the market that can have sex toys and other items attached for extra stimulation.

2. Sex Chair

Chairs are a popular tool used during sex for many people. Sex chairs are explicitly designed to help make sex more enjoyable for everyone using it.

You can find some sex chairs that are a bit low-key and can handle the basic positions.

It is also possible to get creative with sex chairs that contain a series of ledges and handles that can be used for specific sexual positions.

The Adela sex chair from Bala Studio is a top-seller of the latter type.

If you want to go with some discreet that you don't have to hide when company comes over, products like the Tantra Chair are created with more subtle designs.

These pieces come in a wide variety of colors and styles to help match what you already have going on in your apartment or home.

For more in-depth reviews, check out our sex chairs page here

3. Sex Sofas and Benches

When you want something more than a simple sex chair, go the whole way with a sex sofa or couch.

The Liberator Esse II is our choice for a top sex bench that manages to hit all of the right spots and not look like a crazy sex device to the untrained eye.

The best part of the Liberator Esse II is that while it can look tame to some, it has the potential to open up a new world of kink for couples willing to go there.

This is due to special removable parts that give access to even more positions and deeper penetration.

The Liberator Esse II comes in many colors and materials to help create a classy look. 

4. Sex Pillow

Sex pillow is essentially another term for love pillows, but these models tend to be more designed for sex. They can include attachments and sex toys to add extra stimulation, amongst other add-ons.

 Much like love pillows, sex pillows can be found as therapeutic pillows on websites like Amazon and other shopping portals. These can be used to save money, but they will not have the functionality of actual sex pillows. 

5. Sex Stool (Queening Stools)

Queening stools are a specific type of sex stool that is designed primarily for women to receive oral sex. Queening stools can also be used for rimming female or male partners.

The basic design of queening stools is a chair with a hole in the bottom for one partner to give while the other receives. The largest advantage of using a queening stool is increased comfort and pleasure.

A sex seat is mostly the same type of piece. Sometimes, these sex stools resemble more of a trimmed down sex chair to perform a variety of positions.

6. Sex Glider (Monkey Rocker)

Sex gliders are frequently referred to as monkey rockers. These sex furniture pieces are amazingly simple fuck machines that ruin entirely on rocking power.

A sex glider is much like a rocking chair that has a hole in the seat. A dildo or some other sex toy pops in and out of this hole as the woman rocks back and forth.

After using a monkey rocker for a bit, a woman can time the rocking just right to have the dildo hit the right spots and the trick every time.

7. Sex Bed

By this point, you can probably imagine what a sex bed is, at least in theory.

Like other sex furniture pieces, sex beds are a kinky twist on the traditional bed we all know and use.

Sex beds are often created to be more sturdy to withstand the extra force of thrusting and vigorous sex.

Larger and more involved sex beds can include swings, straps, restraints, and other add-ons to increase sexual exploration.

The Dore Alley Dungeon Bed from Stockroom is made of thick steel, professional welding, and the option to include a number of additional sex items.

The Dore Alley Dungeon Bed can also pass for a traditional bed.

If you want a more DIY type experience with your sex bed, you can always look into sex bed mod kits.

These kits and pieces can help transform your traditional bed into a sex party waiting to happen. Add them on permanently or just use them when you need them.

Under the bed restraint systems are also popular sex bed mod pieces used by couples.

8. Bondage Bedsheets, Throws, & Accessories

These are basically similar to the waterproof pillowcases and fitted sheets mentioned above, but they can be more durable to hold up to a more rough sex play lifestyle.

No matter what type of sex you are into, investing in some sort of waterproof bedding can be helpful for any mess and fluids.

The Liberator’s Slick Wet Sheet and Shams is a top-selling sex bedding set that comes in a variety of colors.

These pieces are totally waterproof and can hold up to any body fluids that it may come into contact with. This set comes with pieces to protect your whole bed, much like a full bedding set found at a regular retail outlet.

When you just want to get down to business, the Fascinator Mini Throw is a great addition that will protect the basics to save time.

This throw is waterproof so you can just throw it down and get down to business. Afterward, simply throw it in the wash and be done with it.

The Escape moisture-resistant sex pad is another throw style piece, but it is thicker and comes with a washable cover.

This gym mat style sex throw allows for play inside or outside and adds a little bit of comfort to your cleanliness.

9. Sex Swing

Sex swings are some of the most well-known sex furniture pieces thanks to being seen in a variety of situations in television and movies.

The ones most people think of are simple and basic sex swings, but if one chooses, things can get pretty kinky pretty quickly.

In their most basic forms, a sex swing is intended to make sex easier for everyone involved. This is done by distributing weight and making your partner much easier to move around and penetrate.

When talking about a sex swing, it is very important to keep the weight of the users in mind. Your new sex swing will have a top weight limit which must be followed to avoid breakage or injury.

The 360 degrees spinning sex swing is a durable sex swing that can hold up to 350 lbs. This type of swing is fully adjustable and can include faux fur-lined cuffs and straps for added comfort.

For the grander sexual experience, the Fetish Fantasy Stand offers a wide array of sexual aids. Maybe you want to go to the other end of the spectrum and enter this area of sex furniture on the cheap.

An over the door sex swing can accommodate the same basic functions without the heftier price tag of pieces like the Fetish Fantasy Stand.

10. Dungeon and BDSM Furniture

As one would expect, BDSM and rough play can require a different approach to sex furniture.

As an over-reaching term, dungeon furniture oftentimes covers the wide range of BDSM-specific sex furniture on the market.

We love the Schlossmeister Dungeon Line for those of who want a gothic appearance with their BDSM fun.

Stockroom offers a wide selection of dungeon and torture-themed sex furniture items.

11. Bondage Cross

Also known as St. Andrew's Crosses, bondage crosses are used to tie your partner up with legs spread and arms above their heads.

Some of these crosses can affix directly to the wall for added convenience, but freestanding ones are also available to use when you need them.

12. Sex Tables and Cages

Sex tables are larger pieces that can be designed for a specific purpose or a more general use.

Sex cages are pretty much as you would expect. 

Stockroom offers plenty of sex cages and tables that offer a more old school aesthetic and covers a variety of uses.

13. Sex Shower Gear

Shower sex is awesome. Everyone knows that, but it can also be a bit dangerous and slippery.

Specific sex shower gear is designed to grip better and provide a bit of extra protection in wet situations.

It is possible to find cheaper shower grip stickers that can save a few bucks.

You're Ready for the Next Level

When you want to increase your sexual exploration and add spice to your sex life, investing a new piece of sex furniture is a great way to go.

As you have seen, there is a wide variety of sex furniture types and styles on the market. It doesn't matter what you and your partners are into; there are going to be multiple pieces that will work perfectly for everyone involved.

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