5 Best Sex Dolls


Loneliness is far more dangerous than many realize. It can cause severe problems with health and longevity.

To put it even more bluntly, being lonely just hurts. It makes someone feel like they’re lesser because they don’t have companionship.

Even if you've been with someone in the past, it doesn't mean you'll find someone anytime soon. Having friends can help, but there are some things that friends can't help with.

Your loneliness could be based on many things, but we want to stress that it is not your fault. Sometimes, things just don’t work out, or you have to be patient.

However, you can treat your loneliness without finding someone.

The way to do that is through getting a sex doll. These are amazing inventions that provide feelings similar to having sex with an actual human.

To help make things even better, we’ve made a list of the top sex dolls aimed at men.

All About Sex Dolls

The purpose of sex dolls is to provide help for people who are dealing with romantic and sexual frustration. Over time, they’ve become even more realistic, especially with how they feel.

Whether your doll feels real depends on if you get a well-made one. When you close your eyes and feel around a sex doll designed with care, you’ll be truly astonished by how genuine it feels.

Designs have gotten so good without going into "uncanny valley" territory. It's the best of both worlds, as you get the intimacy without all the other complications of a relationship.

Different preferences can be satisfied through different dolls, such as races and body types. Yours could end up being attractive in a way that past and potential partners aren't able to satisfy.

Having a sex doll is a very personal decision, and it’s one that no one needs to know about but yourself. It’s just like how what happens between people in the bedroom is between them.

Should I Get One?

The first time someone hears of a sex doll, they might be a little weirded out. But if you’re really feeling lonely and need a solution in a short amount of time, this is the way to go.

A history of loneliness can make vulnerability hard, which can propagate even more loneliness. But to the contrary, it can actually help you re-adapt to human contact.

Alternatively, it can just teach you to be comfortable with yourself.

There's nothing you can't tell a sex doll. They might not be able to respond, but you can imagine a conversation that helps you feel at ease.

There are unfortunate stereotypes of doll users, such as that they must have some unsettling proclivities. The truth is they just want to feel loved.

Some people might also have biological or hereditary conditions that impact their ability to have a relationship. With a sex doll, they can feel what it’s like to know another’s body.

For others, they might just be frustrated with what goes on in “regular relationships” and just want to have sex with a human-like doll. That’s totally understandable, right?

Your doll might be something you use on the regular or something that you just pull out on special occasions. Treat it well and use it as a means to build yourself up.

How To Choose My Love Doll?

Just like with finding a boyfriend or girlfriend, selecting a sex doll requires knowing what you like. There are a lot of variables in place, and they’re all important for helping you finalize your list.

Which Material Is Best? Silicone vs. TPE

When you’re looking for the perfect doll, you’ll come across ones that are made out of either silicone or thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE.

Of the two, silicone is of higher-quality and more expensive. It stands up against heat far better.

A point in TPE’s favor is how much more tender it is. It can be really soothing to rub all around a TPE sex doll.

Long-time collectors will likely recommend silicone ones. However, with price tags that tend to include commas, you might have to hold off unless you can afford it right away.

A TPE option is a great starter. It’s especially good if you’re completely new to sexual encounters.

Weight and Size Considerations

Sex dolls can be a big investment, and we’re not just talking about dollar amounts. They’re quite heavy, and the more components a doll has, the heavier they’ll be.

Some dolls are just the midsection. If you want to have the full experience of romancing a full-sized doll, you’ll need to be able to handle the extra weight.

Additionally, the taller the doll, the heavier it is. Ones that are taller than five feet can be close to 100 pounds.

Even if your doll doesn’t weigh a lot, it can definitely take up a lot of room. If you’re cramped for space, you’ll need to find a way to make space for your doll.

Good storage is especially important if you have people over and you don’t want this to be exposed.

Appearance and Functionality Considerations

Just about anything you can imagine doing with a woman, you can do with a sex doll. It provides you with means for all kinds of sexual activity.

What’s especially stunning is how humanlike they are. You should be feeling even more turned on with every bit of your doll you touch.

Sex dolls are also works of art, and their design is of the utmost importance. Some of them are so beautiful, they’ll look like your dream woman.

However, their looks aren’t necessarily unobtainable. In fact, there are many dolls with a look that’s far more like the average woman than some supermodel.

Pricing Considerations

A sex doll can cost a lot, even if it’s one of the smaller ones. If you’re going bigger, you’re likely going to have to spend more, especially if you want a high quality love doll that will last a lifetime.

That’s why you shouldn’t be making this decision lightly. Your doll can change your life, but you want to make sure it’s all for good reasons.

If you are have decided you want to buy one and have a lower budget, then the love dolls at Sex Doll Genie are likely your best option. 

If you aren't worried about the investment and are just looking for the highest quality doll, then look into Real Doll. 

Sex Doll Types

If we named all the sex dolls types, you might get overwhelmed by the options. A rich man could see his net worth go down considerably if they had even a couple hundred high-quality dolls.

To make it easier, we’re going to stick with the most commonly sought-after dolls. These are all good for different purposes and needs.


At the top of any sex doll list should be lifelike ones. These are marvels of work, made with painstaking craft.

To make them feel even more real, you can put them in different outfits. You can also put them in different positions for total sexual pleasure.

Intimacy can be made more realistic through how they feel and look. You might be moved to tears by how much your doll helps you with your loneliness.

Your doll can be made to your specifications. Some can be made to look like famous people.

You just need to make sure you’re able to afford them. Being so well-made means that they can cost a lot.

Click here for a complete list of lifelike love dolls.

Torso and Mini

We totally understand if you can’t manage to stretch your budget enough to afford a full-size sex doll. There are other options.

While these aren’t as good as bigger ones, they can do the trick. They can let you see what it's like to be intimate with a doll in a smaller space.

If you've ever used a fleshlight before, you should feel pretty comfortable with a doll that's smaller.

One type of doll is just composed of the torso. They don’t have any arms or legs, but you get used to that eventually.

If you’re concerned about faces, there are ones that are completely headless. You might try to make your own kind of head or just attach a picture of someone you think is attractive to it.

Should you need to put your torso doll away, it’s compact size will be easy to manage.

There are also “mini” dolls which are like full-size dolls that have been miniaturized.

How small a mini doll is can vary. They do tend to be quite short.

If you can work within the limitations, such as less accommodating holes, a mini doll can be a great purchase. They combine the features of a full-size doll with the practicality of a torso doll.


Sex dolls can serve as great fantasy fulfillment. There might be a kind of person you want to be with, but it’s just not feasible.

There are many more options than just the popular blonde love doll websites. You might be attracted to Asian women, Latin women, or Black women. There are options for any desire and preference.

You can make things better by getting a doll that looks unlike anyone in your zip code but who totally drives you crazy.

You can replicate what it’s like to have sex with women from different ethnic backgrounds.


Another stereotype of sex doll users that needs to be broken is that they’re only for men. There’s definitely a market for women and those who are attracted to men.

While there aren’t quite as many of these dolls, you can still find male dolls if you’re able to do some research.

The penis on a male doll is quite lifelike if the doll’s made right. It's got a lot of power as well.

You should make sure you're lubed up just right if you're going to be pleasuring yourself.

You’ll also notice how sturdy these dolls feel, like a strong man should.

You can top or bottom with these as well. It’s great for gay men, women, bisexuals of both genders, or those who are just curious about a new sexual experience.

Whatever you want to try on your own in the bedroom is up to you. Your doll certainly isn't going to blab to anyone.

However, you should practice showing respect to your doll. While they can't consent or respond, you can practice being gentle and tender with them.

Imagine that your doll is an actual person, and let that guide you for how you treat and talk to it.

Advanced High Tech

Despite all of the developments in sex doll design, it can be hard to completely suspend disbelief, knowing that you’re not engaging with an actual person.

However, there have been major advances in design. The company RealDoll has developed X program, which adds incredible authenticity through the ability for it’s doll to look and sound like it’s actually talking.

Some dolls are being made to replicate what it’s like to penetrate someone vaginally with their grips.

You also don't have to worry as much about whether the other person reaches orgasm.

How To Use and Enjoy Your Doll

When your sex doll comes, you’ll be rightfully excited, but you need to make sure you’re following all the right steps.

Since you've probably waited awhile to buy your doll and for it to be delivered, you can avoid just tearing into the box and going to town right away.

Opening Box

Slowly open the box and see if there’s any harm, such as breakage during shipping. Look over every inch of your dol.

Feel your doll too. There might be a piece that looks like it's okay at first but suddenly it snaps off with minimal contact.

If everything is in order, give your doll a little polish. Read the instructions about what materials can’t be used for cleaning.

First Encounter

Your sex doll might be something that you just use for sexual release. It could also be something you attach a persona to and romance.

Interacting your doll can feel weird at first, but it’s really fun. You can think of many scenarios, from a romantic dinner to a naughty night in.

When you’re ready to get in the sheets with your sex doll, you should get it heated up. A heated blanket can really make your doll feel like a real person.

For penetration, you need to use a lot of lube. This needs to be water-based, which is easy to find and even easier to apply.

Different Positions

Choosing a position can be really fun, especially when you see how easy it is to put them in various formations.

You can try missionary, doggystyle, and even cowgirl and reverse cowgirl if you can manage the weight.

Feeling all around your sex doll can make you all the harder. If your doll is water-resistant, you might try having some shower sex.

Don't rush through your encounters either. Part of being with someone is enjoying every part of the moment, from the light petting to the foreplay to the penetration.

Your doll doesn't have anything to get to, so you can really take your time with it. Give yourself time to really lean into this freedom.

Future partners will appreciate how you don't rush things. If they're understanding, they'll be appreciative of how resourceful you are.

If you're into BDSM and bondage, you can transfer these desires to your sex doll. You don’t need a safe word with a doll, but you do need to be careful to not cause any permanent harm.

A limitation of BDSM with a doll is that you're in a dominating position by default. Subs will need to find other means of satisfying their urges.

Cleaning Up

There’s always cleanup after sex, but it needs to be even more thorough with a sex doll. Not cleaning yours out after usage can affect its quality and is rather unsanitary.

Some dolls are easier to clean because they let you take the different pieces apart and clean them one by one.

One that aren’t detachable can be cleaned with things like douches. The water should be a reasonably high temperature and mixed with soap.

Don't procrastinate on cleaning it. It can only take a few delays to turn it from pristine to rather gross.

Best of the Best

The bottom line is that you are purchasing a new sex machine to increase your pleasure. To do this in the most effective way possible, there are some things you should do or have prepared before your first use.

1. Best Realistic Option

Sex Doll Genie is seriously incredible with how lifelike their dolls are.

You can design your doll to your liking.

Things you can customize include:

✅  Body shape

✅  Skin tone and eyes

✅  Hair

✅  Mouth design

✅  Breasts

2. Best Torso Option

Sex Doll Genie creates all types of dolls. But the best kind of torso sex doll is one with arms. You can put these in different placements for maximum enjoyment.

You might even find one that’s comprised of a head and torso.

Although torso dolls are more affordable than realistic ones, they can still be very well-made.

You just need to make sure you’re taking proper care of them.

3. Best Exotic Option

If you love Japanese women, there are lots of dolls for you. However, the very best is the DS Doll Evolution With Nell Head.

It weighs 64 pounds and measures 5’4”

Its silicone design is all excellent.

There’s a mouth, vagina, and ass for you to penetrate.

It’s made to look like a Japanese porn actress. (View more Japanese dolls here).

There are also extra parts in case you need to replace any.

Its full-sized breasts are also quite stunning. You can make your DS Doll as customizable as you’d like.

4. Best Male Option

There are many good male doll options, but we’d give the top title to a fellow named Jordan.

His TPE design is very comfortable.

You can penetrate and be penetrated by him.

At 5’4”, he’s pretty realistic and can be put in different poses

Jordan does have a lot of competition from the male RealDoll, but Jordan is far more affordable. Cleanup is also no problem with Jordan.

If you have the means to afford a RealDoll, get one. Otherwise, Jordan is a great choice. 

5. Best Mini Option

If you’re not scared off by very short women, you’ll love plying with the Mari Doll.

At 3’3”, she doesn’t take up a lot of room.

Her 26.5-pound weight also makes transporting her simple.

Made of silicone, you can do things with Marie that you would with a woman or even a bigger doll.

Where Can I Purchase My Doll From?

You need to find the right retailer when you get your sex doll.

There are lots of good sites that sell them. Selection can be fairly large or pretty narrow.

You should make sure you’re not getting duped by any fraudulent sites. To keep you protected, we’ve made a list of the best brands.

1. Sex Doll Genie

The product of a married couple in Miami, Sex Doll Genie is a really sweet story.

The founders were disappointed by how low-quality other brands were.

Instead of just accepting mediocrity, they decided to make it better. They created a store that wasn’t just better by comparison but truly great.

They’ve done an amazing job. I know many people who only shop here.


You should get a feeling about Sex Doll Genie just through using the website. There are updates on a regular basis, and the design is great.

All you need to know is on the front of the site. Different shopping needs are met and orders are easy to fill.

Plus, if you want to follow them on social media, they have a lot of activity on these accounts. They really care about connecting with their customers and giving them a great experience.


There are many excellent options available on Sex Doll Genie.

It’s not just that there a couple dozen dolls, there are more than 1,000.

Lots of sex doll companies have their products here, including AF Dolls, IronTech, 6YE, and JY Doll.

If you don’t know where to start, the different categories and simple navigation helps a lot.

If you know what you want, Sex Doll Genie makes it easy to find it.

Customer Experience

Not only do they have excellent products, they also show amazing love for their customers.

As opposed to companies that just want to make a profit, Sex Doll Genie wants you to feel cared for.

You can also trust them. Should something go awry, they have a guarantee.

While you might think that doing so should be expected by any retail site, that’s not necessarily the case.

If your doll is damaged, they have an awesome repair team. They show just how much customer service matters for every retailer.

2. Silicon Wives

Although SiliconWives has only been around for about five years, it’s definitely made a case for it being one of the top sites in the field.

People who’ve been shopping for sex dolls for more than a decade have been impressed by what SiliconWives has to offer.


SiliconWives.com looks great. It’s very sophisticated and helpful to new customers.

The first time I came to this site, it only took a few minutes to track down what I needed.

However, I knew there would be other things I’d need help with in the future. When I checked out their help different, I was elated to see how much ground it covered.


There are many good dolls to buy from SiliconWives. One caveat is that the selection is more limited than other sites, but it’s also excellent across-the-board.

The dolls are primarily complete ones. However, you can find some smaller ones, including torso dolls.
There are also exotic dolls around.

Customer Experience

SiliconWives definitely doesn’t take the crown for the best customer treatment. For one, you can only contact them via email.

That might sound acceptable enough, but it doesn’t stand up to scrutiny when you see how many sites have phone and live chat options.

At the very least, you can send your doll back if it’s in bad shape. However, they need to do a lot more if they want to keep their business going.

3. OV Doll

Based in Japan, OVDoll has several headquarters throughout the world. It also offers many types of sex dolls.

Unfortunately, they also fall short the customer help department.


Their website is very helpful. It’s formatted sensibly while also containing a lot of attractive elements.


There are many dolls you can find on OVDoll. Some of them are pretty massive, while others are quite small.

If you need a special kind of doll, you can likely find it here.

Customer Experience

While you can email or phone OVDoll, they don’t help you a lot past that.

They don’t give you money back or let you swap your doll for another.

Yet they do say they have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Someone needs to talk to them about to actually show appreciation for your customers.

4. Real Doll

Since RealDolls are considered to be one of the best type of sex dolls, their website should be expected to be top-notch as well.

We’d definitely say that RealDoll delivers. The best place to order one of their products is through their site.

It’s especially good if you need some alterations done to make your doll exactly as you need it.


RealDoll.com is modern in its look. You really feel like you’re using a company that knows how much appearances matter.

It’s also a real treat to design your doll on the site. You’ll start to wish that you could have your doll right away, based on how good it looks.


While RealDoll.com is limited to RealDolls, don’t let that fool you into thinking it has slim options. Since you can make your doll exactly to your liking, you have so many choices.

You could order more than 100 different distinct dolls from here, assuming you had the time and money.

Also, there’s RealDoll Wicked, which features dolls that are heavily based on real-life porn actors.

Customer Experience

RealDoll.com shows lots of kindness towards its customers.

Besides their help lines, via phone, email, and even fax machine, it has so many answers available on the site.

You can only return your RealDoll if something happened during delivery.

However, the inside of your doll does come with a 30-day guarantee.

Then, you’ll be mailed the pieces you need and be told how to get your doll all together. 

5. Sexy Real Sex Dolls

Their name is rather unwieldy, but SexyRealSexDolls.com delivers what it promises. There are many dolls to choose from, and it’s a very good site all around

They offer both savings and privacy. There’s no cost for international deliveries in many countries, and the packaging doesn’t give anything away.

Paying for your doll is also very easy.

If you can’t afford a doll all at once, you can buy it through multiple payments.


SexyRealSexDolls is very easy to get around. You can understand all the different traits of the site after only a few minutes, like how you can get a feel for someone’s personality early on a first date.

There are lots of entertaining features to help you understand what owning one of these dolls is like, including the videos.

This is a site made by people who know what they’re talking about, so you should lap up all the information you can.


Different companies and types of dolls are sold on SexyRealSexDolls.com. There are ones of various sizes and ethnicities. You should totally be able to secure the doll of your choice.

Customer Experience

You can use phone or email for reaching out to SexyRealSexDolls. Your email should get answered pretty quickly.

However, your doll being harmed in delivery doesn’t ensure you’ll be given a refund.

They require photographic evidence, and even then, they have to decide for themselves if you’re entitled to a complete refund, a partial one, or getting parts replaced.

Luckily, the odds of any decay happening to your doll during delivery is very slim.

An Important Final Decision

Don’t let yourself forget how important it is to be patient and careful when choosing a sex doll.

If you’ve been feeling lonely for a while, you might think any doll will do. That shouldn’t be the case, because you deserve to get the right doll for you.

Going through this article is just the start. You should have a better idea of what kind of sex doll you want, but it’s unlikely your mind is completely made-up.

Take a minute to think about what the most important aspects of a doll are.

For instance, if you know that you want a full-sized doll, you can immediately rule out the mini and toros dolls.

You should also give lots of thought to customization.

A sex doll shouldn’t just be a mass-produced generic-looking doll that doesn’t provide you with any kind of intimacy or real pleasure.

Remember to not feel down on yourself for this purchase. It doesn’t make you any less of a person, and it definitely doesn’t make you weird.

There wouldn’t be a doll industry if it wasn’t normal. The reason you don’t hear about people buying sex dolls that much is because it’s a private matter.

However, that doesn’t mean it should be stigmatized. Being sexually open-minded means being open to things that may not be common.

Sex dolls aren’t just for lonely single men either. Women can enjoy them as well. Couples can also.

It can give you and your significant other some new fun in the bedroom. You can use it as a dry run for a threesome.

Your doll should be one of the finest material and simple to maintain. This is a purchase that can be worth every penny if you do it right.

Talk with others in the sex doll community. You'll find lots of them are friendly and happy to share advice.

You can join websites and social media groups that are focused on the sex doll lifestyle. Don't be shy about asking questions, because they want you to make the right decisions.

We hope that you're excited about this new culture you get to be a part of. We also hope that you follow our advice for getting the best sex doll you possibly can.

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