Top 4 Penis Extenders Reviewed: The Ultimate Buying Guide

​While it’s not something many will admit, lots of guys want to increase their penis size.

​It doesn’t have to be particularly small either. Just having a slightly longer and broader member can make you feel manlier and perform better.

​These aspirations might have once been limited to daydreams, but now, it’s truly achievable.

​There are penis ​stretchers with a medical clearance that actually work. You don’t have to stuff your pants to pretend you have a big package.

​Before you go and buy the first extender you see, I’ve made a list of four of the best ones.

It's essential to keep in mind that all of these have pros and cons. What you ultimately decide is based on what's the best fit for you.

​First, let’s talk about what’s important when choosing a penis extender.

Our Top Pick

​Quick Extender Pro

​​The Quick Extender Pro is ​our ​top choice for ​a quality ​cock stretcher. It has hundreds of success reports and ​is made of high quality material.

What Are Penis Stretchers?

A penis extender’s purpose is easy to grasp.

You put it on, and it flexes your penis.

You secure it at both your penis’ head and its base. The straps and ring help to keep it in place.

The initial function of an extender was to remedy ailments like Peyronie’s disease, which causes a crooked penis.

However, people realize they could help people grow their penises as well.

They require consistent wearing in order to take effect.

How Do They Work?

It’s pretty basic to understand how a penis extender works, so much that it can seem too simple.

It stretches your penis and makes it grow through new cells forming.

The difference between this and just masturbating for 20 minutes a few times a week is the repetition.

Your extender, if used properly, will be on your penis for hours at a day, days at a time.

You can’t masturbate at this rate, but your extender can take care of you as you go about your day.

Depending on what you need, you might be wearing your penis ​stretcher for up to six hours per day for up to six months.

​What Results Can I Expect?

​Maybe you’ve come across male enhancement companies that claim to double your penis size, turning your scrawny cock into a behemoth.

​Sadly, the technology to grow a penis at that rate doesn’t yet exist.

​A few centimeters to a few inches is the best you can hope for when using these extenders.

It’s more significant than you might realize, and it can undoubtedly make a difference.

Best Extenders

Our Rating

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​Quick Extender Pro


​PeniMaster Pro

​Phallosan Forte

​How To Choose?

​When​ making your selection, you need to make sure you’re aware of your expectations and what’s required for wearing it.


​There’s a lot to be concerned about when choosing a penis extender, given that it’s going to be put around one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

​Any ​option you buy needs to be reviewed for its safety. You must also follow the instructions, as you could end up restricting blood flow.

​The makeup of the extender is also essential. The best ones are made up of the highest quality material, such as aluminum, silicone, or thermoplastic.

​These reduce the risk of allergic reactions at well.

​Ease of Use + Comfort

​Since you’ll have your ​extender on for at least several hours in a row, you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

​Versatility in wearing is really important. Manufacturers have made ones that can be worn in different ways, such as straps, belts, fabric, and rings.

​Switching these methods can be really helpful as you might find one kind of wearing is rather uncomfortable over an extended period of time.

​The most convenient option is one you can wear throughout the day while you do things like go to work.

​Make sure you review how you’re feeling after your initial usage of a penis extender and consider if you need to change things up or get a new one entirely.


For a penis extender to work, it needs to provide consistent penile pressure.

The typical way of doing this is utilizing springs. You can adjust the tension to a rate that’s suitable for you.

The stronger your ​extender, the more tension it can enact.

Don’t put your ​cock stretcher at the highest level right away.

You need to work yourself up to these conditions. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of serious harm.


​You get what you pay for, as the old saying goes. Going cheap can mean you save money but that you may not get any results.

​Although there are ones that are close to $1,000, don’t feel obligated to spend more than you’re comfortable with.

​A decent penis extender can be found for a couple hundred dollars.

​Only get your extender when you can afford it and are ready to commit to using it correctly.

​Top ​Cock Extenders

1. ​Quick Extender Pro

​Lasting results can be found with the Quick Extender Pro.

​You can get plenty of pressure on your penis and anticipate real results.

​​This might be the most enduring penis extender around.

​​With its two straps and foam pads, you’ll be able to keep it secure without worrying about any risks to your safety, as long as you’re wearing it correctly.

​There shouldn’t be any trouble with circulation either.

​As much as 4,000 grams of tension can be applied. This can really do a lot for your penis.

​However, it doesn’t feel like anything too bulky is on your penis, thanks to its light aluminum design.

​The straps are made of silicone, which helps to fit on quite easily.

​You can get your money back within six months should you have any trouble.


  • ​Two-strap design
  • ​4,000-gram tension maximum
  • ​Six month-guarantee for refunds
  • ​Pads for easier wearing
  • ​Can be adjusted with strings
  • ​Works for penises up to 16 inches long


  • ​Need to wear it for hours a day to see maximum results
  • Takes a lot of patience to see growth progress

2. ​SizeGenetics

​The SizeGenetic Ultimate System was invented to not only increase your penis size but also to provide the greatest amount of comfort possible.

​There are ease of use and quality material make this product so desirable for thousands of men around the world.  ​

​Any penis size should be able to fit inside the SizeGenetics Ultimate System.

​There’s an abundance of connections to affix your penis onto the system.

​Choose one you like, and the included rods will help keep your penis in place.

​Peyronie’s disease can be helped with this device.

​The manufacturers know how good they are, given that they’ll give you twice your money back if things don’t work out.

​This guarantee requires having and using the device for 120 days.

​Be sure you’re using it properly and consistently, as a lack of results would obviously happen if you didn’t do so.


  • ​Holds a maximum of 2,800 grams of tensions
  • ​58-Way Comfort System
  • ​Type-one medical device
  • ​SizeGenetics videos for training
  • ​Twice your money back guarantee**
  • ​Attractive case made of leather


  • ​Need to wear it for hours a day to see maximum results
  • ​One of the more expensive options

3. ​PeniMaster Pro

​Another very comfortable penis extender is the PenisMaster Pro.

​Bringing suction and security together, you’ll feel it making a difference without feeling uncomfortable.

This ​stretcher has a special way of fitting on. You’ll secure it at one place on the head of your penis.

​As a result, there’s more even exertion, and it feels a lot better.

​First, you put your penis tip inside the vacuum bulb that’s provided.

​Then, you increase the vacuum pressure and use a ring on your penis glans.

​Another helpful part is securing it to a belt. This can go many places on your body, such as your waist or shoulder.


  • ​Can be used with rods and belt
  • ​Easy to vacuum manually
  • ​Can be worn and adjusted easily
  • ​​Can be worn if you're circumcised or not


  • ​Not as many success reports as the 3 other products on this list

4. ​Phallosan Forte

​Featuring a strong network of springs, the Phallosan Forte is another excellent option.

​Not only does it get results, but it’s also quite comfortable to wear. This is like a penis pump that’s been cross-pollinated with a penis extender.

​You just need to use the minute vacuum section and the comfy security for your penis head.

​Both parts of your penis can grow as a result.

​For more assistance, you’ll receive a card that explains how to get situated as well as the belt it attaches to.

​A major restriction of many ​dick extenders is how much they inhibit movement, causing previously enjoyable positions to be uncomfortable.

​It was really easy to wear and move with this one.

​Another great thing is that you can wear it while you sleep.

​There are things to love about the Phallosan Forte, and they’re apparent from the beginning.


  • ​Vacuum and spring tension
  • ​Made of hypoallergenic silicone
  • ​Color-based chart to explain tension levels
  • ​Easy to adjust
  • ​Can be worn with elastic belt


  • ​Need to wear it hours a day ​for a few months to see noticeable results

​Choosing The Right One

​Given that a penis extender needs to be worn daily, it has to be safe and totally pleasant to wear.

​Some may feel incredibly comfortable to one person while another is begging to get it off.

​After thinking it over, we’ve chosen an all-around winner.

The Quick Extender Pro is our top choice due to how strong and advanced it is and how much tension it brings.

​Most of all, adjusting it is really easy and fun.

Your ​extender should be a pleasure to use and not just for the results it brings you.

​You can get your Quick Extender Pro with free shipping and get a refund after six months if it doesn't work out for you.

​Enjoy and remember, you're one extender away from having the cock you've always desired.

Our Top Pick

​​The Quick Extender Pro is ​our ​top choice for ​a quality ​cock stretcher. It has hundreds of success reports and ​is made of high quality material.