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Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills: Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive

Getting hard can be hard for lots of guys. Even if they’re looking at something they know is attractive, it’s not translating to arousal.

This can lead to a lot of problems, especially if you have a partner. Intimacy can turn into tension when you’re not getting an erection.

Because erectile problems are widespread, businesses have made a lot of strides in finding solutions.

You might’ve heard about pills that help guys get it up, but these can often seem less than reputable. You understandably don’t want to give any time of day to snake oil salespeople and definitely not any money.

However, there are good ones that help you get and stay hard.

These are the best male enhancement pills you can get, as well as more information about these products in general.

Our Top Pick

BlueChew is your best choice in treating ED, increasing your libido and sex drive. You can discreetly order without any issues.

About Male Enhancement

You don’t need to be nearing retirement age to be suffering from sexual problems. Some guys lose their desire, while others find that things like anxiety overshadow their arousal.

This might just be an occasional thing, but it could also become a problem that persists so much it seeps into other parts of your life. It can also cause a lot of harm to your relationship.

Even if things are going okay sexually, you might just wonder what these pills could do for you. Sometimes, you just need to take a chance for a better experience.

Before you try anything, it’s always good to know how these pills work and what taking them involves.

In simple terms, these pills are taken just like any other oral medication. They’re designed to address different sorts of sexual problems.

Best Pills

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Male Extra

VigRX Plus

Max Performer


Reasons To Use Sex Pills

Not all enhancement pills are made the same, but these expectations should all be fulfilled:

1. Stronger boners

2. Better cumming experience

3. More blood flow to your penis

4. Lasting longer in bed

There are some pills that are just focused on getting you hard, but there are others that can also help you with the non-physical elements.

We don’t know what exactly’s going on with you, but there are definitely pills out there for you.

Side Effects

Using any kind of medication involves understanding what the side effects are. The main thing to know is that they really engage your heart.

These are some of the side effects to look out for:

1. Upset stomach

2. Unrest

3. Headaches

4. Heart racing

Should you feel unsure, consult with your physicians.

Better in Bed or Bigger Penis?

When you hear about male enhancement pills, you might think they’ll just make your penis bigger. You need to make sure you’re getting the right product for your situation.

Male enhancement products aren’t about giving you a bigger penis permanently. Rather, they will help you get hard on a case-by-case basis.

That can actually solve your problems. Just because someone has a big penis doesn’t mean they can’t be subjected to sexual dysfunction.

Better Results in Bed

How sexual problems happen can be hard to gauge because they can have so many sources. Looking for solutions can keep you from dwelling or blaming yourself.

Besides pills, you can use things like topical solutions to help deal with your problem.

In this article’s conclusion, you’ll find solutions aside from pills that will help with your intimacy issues.

These don’t always work instantaneously, as some require prolonged usage for their intended effects to take place.

Ceasing usage of these medications also means ceasing of their effects. Don’t let this alarm you, as you may only need or want to use them on an occasional basis.

Growing Your Penis

There are ways to get your penis bigger. If you want to accomplish this, you need to perform certain routine and/or have certain operations performed.

You might have no trouble with getting hard but desire a larger penis because you want to give your partner more pleasure in bed. You might also just want to experience the thrill of having a bigger cock.

Questions About Enhancement Medication

We don’t want to keep you in the dark about male enhancement methods, because anything that you put into your body should be properly vetted.

These are some answers to some of the most important questions about these pills.

Are They For Real?

You’re not being suckered into anything here. These substances have the formulas that will help you get hard and remember the thrill of being turned on.

There’s lots of evidence backing up these claims. Trust can be sown through looking at reviews posted by other customers.

You can’t just order the first product that pops up. We’re steering you in the right direction by telling you about the absolute best male enhancement goods on the market.

When Do They Kick In?

You know how some people feel tipsy after one beer while others can drink five in a row and not feel a thing? Enhancement pills don’t have a set timeline.

Overall, their effects don’t take long. Reading reviews can help you know if your wait time is typical or if you should be expecting more sooner.

Can I Increase My Dosage?

Not getting immediate results might cause you to consider doubling up. However, doing so can definitely come with some drawbacks.

Your body is going to experience some changes through taking just one pill. How is it supposed to keep up with two or more at a time?

Must I Continue Using Them?

Should you be constantly limp despite how horny you’re feeling, you might need to keep using medication.

But if there’s more of a mental affliction happening, you might find that you’re able to get hard without the pills after enough usage.

Are They Sold In Stores?

There are pills that are sold in-store by major retailers, but there’s also a much larger selection that can be found online.

You can also circumvent the embarrassment of others seeing your purchase.

The 5 Best Sexual Enhancement Pills

With your trust toward this medication increased, we want to tell you about which ones are worth your time.

These are the five best medications of this type you can purchase.

1. Bluechew

Should you have troubling swallowing pills, you should be happy to hear about BlueChew.

These are tablets that you masticate just like a piece of candy.

Once a BlueChew is in your system, you can start feeling turned on like you used to.

It’s not a hassle to consume these either. They have a nice, sweet flavor.

Be careful that you don’t start mindlessly eating too many at once.

There are two main ingredients you can choose from when you place your order with BlueChew. Both of these, Tadalafil and Sildenafil, have serious arousal properties.

The best scenario to use BlueChew is when your mental troubles are making it difficult to get horny. Men affected by the sexual downturn that comes with getting older can also be helped by BlueChew.

You can also use BlueChew if you’re feeling fine sexually bu just want to get stiffer. 

There’s no cause for concern about your purchase being exposed. The package is as anonymous as can be.


  • Includes doctor-endorsed components
  • Easy to consume
  • Discretion with shipment
  • Works fast


  • Not sanctioned by FDA (but the core ingredients are)
  • Must subscribe to the pill program

2. Male Extra

Something that might worry you about using these products is putting a bunch of synthetic ingredients inside you.

This is totally normal, which is why we wanted to tell you about the natural wonders of Male Extra.

This product is made up of things you can trust and which can make you hard and horny once again.

The way it works is by bringing an increased flow of blood to your cock. You’ll be turned on so much more.

Not only that, but you’ll also have much greater energy levels. That’s one of the biggest parts of enjoying sex.

Take these with breakfast, lunch, dinner. There’s no age restriction for using these. 

You also don’t have to worry about side effects. The natural makeup of Male Extra lets you feel like you’re trying something that’s rejuvenating your body beyond your penis.


  • Ingredient quality
  • Don’t need doctor to use
  • Guarantee offered
  • Global shipping


  • Must be ordered via site
  • Takes a while to kick in

3. VigRX Plus

Instead of having to choose between being hornier or having a bigger penis, VigRX Plus lets you experience both.

There’s been a lot of work put into making this just right.

There are 10 different things inside these pills. Together, they turn you from flaccid to fantastic.

You need to take these pills two times per day. Through this pattern, you can get your body tuned to their effects.

You can also get a lot more blood going to your nether regions with VigRX Plus. You’ll be seriously hard and seriously excited.

Some of the ingredients can give you more testosterone, which plenty of guys would be elated to have.

VigRX Plus ingredients are also natural, so you can trust you’re putting the right things in your body when you take them.


  • Ingredient are natural
  • Helps you get hard and aroused more easily
  • Cost decreases when you buy in large quantities
  • Refunds are available


  • Takes time to start working
  • Can be more costly to some people

4. Max Performer

If you want to perform at the height of your sexual abilities, you should try Max Performer.

Its recipe is a baker’s dozen of things you can trust and which will help your libido.

The components of Max Performer will help you get more blood and become way more eager to get under those sheets.

Is distraction an issue in bed? Max Performer can assist you by helping you realign your attention span, putting it back on the person you’re aiming to please.

Even if things feel fine for you sexually, you might still be interested in Max Performer. It can help diminish stress levels and make you less sluggish.

Having sex is about more than just wanting to cum. You must also be in the right headspace.

Max Performer can bring and keep you there. You can also have greater feelings of self-worth. 

As for side effects, you’re in the clear here as well. There’s no strange, lab-grown substances to worry about.

After taking these substances, you’ll be itching to fuck. We don’t mean to sound dramatic. We just want to give you something to be excited about.


  • Half-off when you buy six months worth
  • Excellent ingredients
  • Helps you get turned on and last longer
  • Absolutely no cost for shipping


  • Must purchase via site
  • One-month quantity doesn’t come with money-back guarantee

5. ExtenZe

Your erections can be so much stronger and longer by using ExtenZe.

You also won’t have to worry so much about taking a long time to get hard.

Of course, an erection isn’t the beginning and end of sexual performance.

ExtenZe will also let you please your partner longer, avoiding the uncomfortableness that can come with finishing quickly.

Every part of these pills has been selected to make it easier to get hard and up your arousal. 

Nothing suspect can be found in ExtenZe pills. This is all stuff that can be consumed with trust.

You don’t need to get ExtenZe prescribed either. However, you do need to be patient, as it might take at minimum a month for any changes to be noticed.

As with these other medications, you need to be consistent when using ExtenZe. Every day, you should be taking a pill.


  • Ingredient are natural
  • Only need 1 pill each day
  • Prescription-free
  • Refunds if not satisfied


  • Different effects for different people
  • Can have some side effects

Final Thoughts

You need to make sure you’re picking male enhancement that covers your needs. That’s why we wanted to tell you the best ones and some things to look out for.

We’ve concluded the overall best is BlueChew. Consuming it is so easy, it can be chewed delicately or downed in a single gulp.

When you're having trouble with your sexual performance, you might feel like your manhood has been compromised. After all, what's a bigger mark of masculinity than being able to have sex without trouble?

However, you've got a lot more going on than just a reproductive instinct. You need to take care of yourself, which includes being kind to yourself.

Should these issues persist, you might need to talk to a sex therapist or your physician.

 Remember that these are not uncommon problems and that your talking about them can make a difference for yourself as well as people who might not even realize these things others are dealing with.

Here’s to feeling hornier, happier, and healthier all around.