The 11 Best Dildos


So you want to purchase a dildo in order to expand your sexual collection...

But the vast number of products available in the market can be daunting and discouraging.

No need for concern, I'm happy to help you discover the options available to you!

You will have the confidence to choose the perfect toy for maximum pleasure after reading this informative guide.

Later, you will be able to gift yourself the most magnificent present of all: intense sexual pleasure.

I'll start by providing insightful reviews of the highest rated dildos available on the market today.

Next, I will explain some of the standard facts about dildos and the essential information to consider before purchasing one.

I'll then quickly summarize the various kinds of dildos and define the best of each type.

What Is a Dildo?

You might assume that a dildo is supposed to have a specific appearance, design, or texture. In reality, a dildo is simply an adult sex toy used for pleasure, and they come in many different versions.

They can be found in all sorts of materials, sizes, shapes, and colors. While some dildos simulate a real penis, others have a unique design that looks nothing like the real thing.

Some dildos have ridges for increased pleasure, and some have a smooth texture for a standard experience.

You'll notice that many dildos are straight, while others have a curved shape to reach your special erogenous zones.

From strap-ons and suction dildos to vibrating and non-vibrating features, there is something out there for everyone.

Considerations When Shopping

A dildos purpose is to hit your "sweetest spots" when used correctly. They can provide intense orgasms and are excellent for solo masturbation, and can be enjoyable to use during sex with a partner as well.

For maximum pleasure, you need a toy that is right for you, a dildo that is everything you desire sexually.

Would you prefer a realistic design that provides a lifelike sensation or the feeling of a toy-like material? Are you in the mood for direct penetration or g-spot and clitoris stimulation? These are questions to keep in mind while shopping for a new dildo.

Examine these other important factors:

1. Size and Texture

Depending on your experience with sex toys, it might be best for you to start with a smaller size, especially if you are a virgin. This will help you get used to the feeling of dildo penetration before moving up to a larger option.

If this is your first time browsing sex toys, I recommend a smooth textured dildo just to get started. You can try other designs and shapes when you feel you are ready for more.

Experienced women that want the feeling of real sex would be best getting off from a dildo that resembles a real penis.

A woman that is an experienced lover will likely know the size she favors, making it easier to choose a dildo that is best for her. If you do not know what you like best, experiment, and discover your desires.

2. Shape

Many women have trouble reaching orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, and often require stimulation of the G-spot or clitoris to have an intense orgasm.

When choosing a dildo, be sure to keep in mind what it will take to give you an orgasm. If you don't know, you can always experiment to find out!

Dildos that are designed to stimulate the G-spot will be curved, and the product packaging will specify its intended use in most cases.

You can also get a dildo designed for anal play, in which case size and shape tend to be more significant. It's best to choose one with a broad base or handle to prevent from getting it stuck.

3. Vibrating vs Non-vibrating

You should consider whether a dildo that vibrates is most suitable for you, or if a non-vibrating version is best.

To simulate real sex, you will want the non-vibrating type. This will provide a feeling of actual sex more than a vibrating dildo can.

However, many women enjoy the sensation a vibrating dildo provides. It often leads to a more intense, body shivering orgasm.

Personally, my recommendation is a vibrating version because you can choose to turn the vibrations on or keep it simple with them off.

Why do so many women prefer vibrating dildos? Extreme orgasms! Dildos that can provide a vibrating sensation make it easier for a woman to reach the ultimate orgasm.

Study my guide for purchasing vibrating sex toys to learn more.

4. Buying More Than One

It's common for women to own a variety of toys. From small to large, and vibrating to standard, it is best to have a wide range to choose from.

When you're more comfortable, you will likely want to experiment with other sizes and different types.

Depending on your mood, you may require different sensations to arouse you. Larger sizes and different shapes can do just that.

You may have difficulties deciding what to buy, resulting in the purchase of multiple dildos. That's okay, too, because whether you use it often or rarely, it is always a great idea to have additional options.

5. Playing Solo vs. With A Partner

One question to consider, will you want to use the toy by yourself or include a partner?

A solo experience may not require any particular type of toy, as it might be simple to please yourself.

If you would like to include a partner, the toy might need some specific features that a standard dildo can't provide.

For example, when including a partner, it may be beneficial to use a strap-on or double-sided dildo to increase their pleasure.

Advice For Using Your Toy

How does one ensure they are getting the most out of their toy?

Here are a few special tips:

Solo Play Is Best To Start With

Your first experience with a new dildo should probably be private for the utmost comfort.

Engaging in solo play with a sex toy tends to make women feel more confident.

Solo play is a wonderful time to experiment and discover what your preferences are.

Once you determine what you like the most, you can add a partner to create even more excitement.

Prepare Yourself

A sex toy, such as a dildo, is not something to just use on a whim without being aroused. You must be aroused before penetration to have a pleasant experience.

I highly suggest that you use lubricant for maximum pleasure and safety with your dildo.

Start Slowly

At first, women that are new to sex toys should go slow to avoid potential discomfort.

Consider different types of strokes, such as slow and fast, deep, and shallow. Discover what feels best for you, after all, it's your dildo, so don't be afraid to try new things!

Try Experiments

Once you are used to the sensation of a dildo, try experimenting with various speeds, depths, and angles.

It's all about pleasing yourself, so use your toy to do what feels most pleasurable to you.

Experimenting is essential to discover what it is you like. Trying new things will increase sexual pleasure, both solo and with a partner.

Set aside time to try different strokes like long, deep thrusts and short, rapid thrusts. Mixing up the speed and depth will help you have an orgasm.

Discovering what you like will assist you in increasing pleasure from sex with a partner, as you will know what you want most.

Experiment With Various Positions

Be openminded and try new positions when using your dildo. Certain positions can provide a better feeling by hitting different spots that can induce more pleasure.

You can ride your toy, use it in a missionary position, or enjoy doggy style by using a suction-cupped dildo. There are many other positions that you can try, don't be afraid to experiment!

Try adjusting your grip on the dildo to feel the pleasure of various lengths. This will allow, or prevent the dildo from reaching diverse depths

New angles will add to the excitement too, determine which ones you like best by trying out as many as you can think of.

Use A Clit Vibrator

Women frequently use a clit vibrator and dildo simultaneously. This combination of stimulation offers the opportunity to heighten your orgasm.

That method is particularly excellent for women who have difficulties reaching orgasm through penetration alone.

Don't feel self-conscious if you can only have an orgasm from stimulation to your clit. It's common among women.

It can be challenging to stimulate your clit and G-spot simultaneously, but you will eventually realize that it's worth it!

Choosing Your Toys Material

It's important to select the material of your dildo carefully, as many countries do not regulate sex toys, including the United States. Some companies use unsafe materials, so be mindful of what you pick up.

Dildos Made of Jelly: Avoid This Toxic Material

These types of sex toys are created by mixing plasticizers with melted PVC to produce a rubbery material that is not safe for internal use. These kinds of dildos are often labeled as PVC.

Phthalates, a common ingredient in jelly sex toys, are banned from use in children's toys due to their damaging health effects. With the lack of regulation, this kind of dildo is typically sold as a "novelty" that are not acceptable for internal use, which is obviously what people buy them for.

With all of the adverse effects that jelly dildos have, I do not have any that I can recommend.

TPE, Cyberskin, UltraSkyn, And TradeMarked Materials

Browsing sex toys on Amazon, you'll discover many dildos labeled as TPR and TPE.

TPR stands for thermoplastic rubber, while TPE means thermoplastic elastomer. These two are often used to describe the same type of dildo.

Nearly all rubber dildos that are not silicone are made with TPE/TPR, including the jelly dildos suggested above. These types of sex toys are made by combining additives with melted plastics.

Can TPE Be Safe

There are dildos created with organic, internal-safe ingredients such as bio-plastic dildos. Due to a higher production cost, these types of sex toys are more expensive to buy. Natural sex toys can be challenging to clean, even though they are safer than non-organic toys.

Trademarked Materials

Don't be surprised to find dildos created with materials such as 'U3', Ultraskyn', and 'Cyberskin'. They are names given by the manufacturer for TPE products with undisclosed ingredients.

It's best to avoid dildos created with secret ingredients because you have no way of knowing what carcinogens are in the rubber. Typically, sex toys that sweat oils with a bad odor are dangerous and should be disposed of immediately.

Platinum-cured silicone from a trusted manufacturer is the only material that is 100% safe for internal use.

1. Silicone: The Highest Quality Material

The queen of sex toy materials is silicone.

It's non-toxic, comfortable, and simple to clean. It feels the most realistic and can sustain heat up to 400 degrees without any damage.

Dildos that are most like a real penis are made of silicone, such as the RealCock2, which is considered the most lifelike dildo on the market.

Characteristics Of Silicone Dildos

  1. No smell
  2. Matte design, no shine
  3. Softness and density can vary


  1. Safe, non-toxic
  2. Simple to clean
  3. Available in a variety of softness
  4. Long-lasting


  1. It can't be used with a silicone-based lubricant
  2. Typically more expensive to buy

2. Metal

The smoothest material available is polished stainless steel. Njoy is a popular manufacturer of stainless steel sex toys.

My absolute favorite dildo, the Purewand by Njoy, is created with metal. It is an omnisexual sex toy, so it can be used for vaginal and anal pleasure.

3. Glass

Among the most preferred material for sex toys is glass. The extremely smooth surface provides a wonderful feeling.

It may seem dangerous to put a glass dildo inside of you, but glass dildos are created with borosilicate glass, which is a remarkably strong type of glass that is commonly used for cookware.

This kind of glass can be dropped on a hard floor without breaking or chipping.

4. Wooden

Wood is durable and sleek like metal and glass, yet it's lighter so your arm will not get tired as quickly when using a wooden dildo.

Nobessence, a well-known creator of the best wooden dildos, produces sex toys that are waterproof, body-safe, and smooth. Perfect for a pleasurable experience.

Wood is an excellent material for dildos. Wooden sex toys are available in many different types of wood and designs.

Best Types of Dildos

Browse any category of dildos that piques your interest; there are many different kinds. Below you will find some of the most popular categories.

1. Most Lifelike

Many dildos have unique designs and colors, while others are much more realistic.

Lifelike dildos are incredible for women that desire a real penis and a sex-like feeling.

Maybe you and your partner live too far from each other for real sex, or maybe you just want to experience a different size penis. A dildo can fulfill that desire.

You can see more options on our realistic dildos guide. Below is our top option.

RealCock 2 by RealDoll

My favorite realistic dildo is RealCock 2. This high-quality sex toy is made of medically tested silicone. The shape, design, and color are very lifelike.

It is a bit more expensive than standard dildos, but the quality is worth it. These dildos are custom-crafted with impressive girths.

2. Suction Cup

This type of dildo's base has a suction cup that can be used on smooth surfaces such as walls, floors, chairs, and even mirrors for an incredible view.

A flat, sleek surface is best for simplicity and maximum pleasure.

With your hands completely free, you can masturbate while the dildo penetrates you, increasing the pleasure you feel.

I prefer the remote control and suction cup dildo, the Lifelike Lover Classic, above most others.

The great size, soft material, and slightly curved design provide a stimulating experience.

Along with the suction cup, the dildo can vibrate to provide even more pleasure while allowing for a hands-free ride.

It can be used while showering thanks to its waterproof suction design, and its remote control feature makes this a perfect toy to use with a partner.

Want more options? Check out our suction cup dildos guide.

3. Squirting

A squirting dildo is the most lifelike type due to its ejaculation feature.

They are realistic just like the dildos I described above, but this type has a reservoir that you can be filled with liquid to experience what it's like to have a man ejaculate inside of you. Lubricant and water are often used to fill a squirting dildo.

Some squirting dildos use a special plunger-like design to simulate a male orgasm, while others have a button to press.

These types of dildos are perfect for anyone that wants to experience the sensation of male ejaculation without getting pregnant or having to use birth control.

Big Shot Squirting Vibrating Dildo

This is my absolute favorite squirting dildo.

To simulate a man's orgasm simply press the button for a 3-second ejaculation. The size and simplicity make this dildo feel very real.

With this special sex toy, you're able to use it with or without the ejaculation feature. 

For more options, read our squirting dildo reviews

4. Glass

Crystal Delights creates hand-crafted, glass pleasure products that are (arguably) unrivaled in their beauty and quality. Their toys aren't just products, they are pieces of art. 

Products include mostly plugs, dildos, lube, and other accessories. They are glass and crystal toy specialists and exhibit expert craftsmanship in each product.

Crystal Delights is a company that cares about their customers and support communities they are involved within, including LGBTQ. They are also environmentally friendly and actively donating to community causes. 

Adam & Eve Twisted Love Glass Dildo

Crystal Delights creates hand-crafted, glass pleasure products that are (arguably) unrivaled in their beauty and quality. Their toys aren't just products, they are pieces of art. 

Products include mostly plugs, dildos, lube, and other accessories. They are glass and crystal toy specialists and exhibit expert craftsmanship in each product.

Crystal Delights is a company that cares about their customers and support communities they are involved within, including LGBTQ. They are also environmentally friendly and actively donating to community causes. 

5. Large

I can think of quite a few reasons to experiment with a massive dildo.

There's a chance that you haven't ever experienced a large penis, and you may wonder what it's like. You might prefer huge penises, and you miss the sensation they can provide.

If you have experience with a big dildo or penis, then you will like the size of an enlarged girth. Less experienced women should start with a regular-sized toy before trying a large one to avoid an uncomfortable feeling.

Your mood can often determine the size of dildo you desire, so it's best always to have at least one large dildo in your collection.

This 9 1/2 inch dildo features veins and other in-depth details that are incredibly realistic. It also comes complete with a suction cup for a hands-free encounter.

It even has testicles that act as an external stimulant, as the shaft induces pleasing internal sensations.

This dildo can also be immersed in water that's between warm and hot to make it resemble a human's body temperature — intensifying the realistic masturbation experience.

6. Double-Ended

You'll find dildos with double-ends in various shapes and sizes.

Most of these two-sided dildos have a lengthy shaft that features a penis head on both ends. Some designs are curved, while others are straight.

This type of dildo has multiple functions and can be used with a partner or during solo masturbation. It's common for this kind of dildo to be used among both women and men. (Check out our male dildos guide)

With two women using double-ended toys, they can feel pleasure from penetration and G-spot stimulation.

Want a great idea for some extra sexual excitement? A woman using a two-sided dildo to penetrate her vagina or anus while her partner uses the opposite end to do the same.

If you're feeling adventurous enough, insert one side into your vagina and the other side into your butt for an intense orgasm.

At around 18 inches, this lifelike dildo has incredibly realistic details and a big head for each side.

The flexible material features a design that's perfect for numerous sexual positions.

It's a dildo that can be used by women and men.

The lengthy size allows for deep penetration, and the transparent design magnifies visibility.

It features a shaft that has a 5-inch circumference, which is standard among dildos.

7. Strap-Ons

You'll discover that strap-on dildos are available in a wide variety of harnesses. Some dildos have an underwear-like appearance while others have basic straps.

Regardless of the design, a harness offers the convenience of attaching your dildo to the waist and using it as your own penis.

Many companies sell the dildo with the harness, others simply sell the harness by itself. Keep that in mind when purchasing a strap-on.

A strap-on dildo offers the opportunity to experience what sex is like for the other gender. Women discover what it's like to penetrate their lover, and men can feel what it's like to be penetrated.

This type of dildo is also great for men that have issues with erections since it provides the tools necessary for penetration even when a man is having difficulties.

My all-time favorite strap on is the Lifelike Lover Realistic Pleasures Strap On Dildo Kit.

This set features three dildos that come in different shapes and sizes to spice things up.

One version of the dildo is 6-inches and has seven optional vibrating settings with three speeds. The kit also includes an eight full inch lifelike dildo for intense penetration. The third dildo is also 6-inches and is specifically intended for anal play.

Finally, included in this specialized kit are three O-rings with an adjustable harness for increased comfort.

We go into more detail about strap on dildos here

8. Anal

If you have never experienced it, anal sex or anal masturbation can be a scary sexual endeavor.

It's common for people to think that anal play is uncomfortable if they have never done it, or if they have done it incorrectly.

The truth is, anal sex and anal masturbation should not be painful. In fact, it should be pleasurable if done correctly.

To get used to anal sex, it's best to experiment with a dildo first. This will ease you into the process and prepare you for real anal sex, should you decide to try it.

If you have no desire for real anal sex, dildos can still provide a stimulating experience that is sure to heighten arousal.

Anal dildos have unique traits that allow for safe play. They have a flared base or handle to prevent getting the dildo stuck. The special design makes it safer for anal use than standard dildos.

Make sure your anal sex toy has one of those safety features to avoid ending up hospitalized.

Jollipops Smooth Anal Dildo

This is my top-recommended dildo for anal play. The shaft of this dildo measures 6-inches and has a curve that is great for prostate stimulation. It's made from TPE and has a smooth texture.

This anal dildo also is equipped with a suction-cup for hands-free riding experience. Simply attach the toy to a flat surface and enjoy!

Sex toys should always be cleaned after every use, this is particularly true for anal dildos.

For other options, review our anal dildos guide.

9. Vibrating

A vibrating sex toy is referred to as a "vibrator," whether it's a dildo or simply a clitoris stimulator.

However, a dildo that has a vibrating feature is directly referred to as a vibrating dildo. 

A vibrating dildo is among the most popular types of sex toys. They're known for their ability to induce intense orgasms.

The great thing about this type of dildo, it can be used without the vibrating option. You can turn the vibrations on at any time to increase pleasure.

You'll find that some vibrating dildos are made with a remote that can be perfect for partner play. Allow your partner to choose the speed and vibrations using the remote for some extra fun.

Read Our Full Vibrating Dildo List Here

This sex toy is worth mentioning a few times. It's genuinely a beautiful dildo.

The sturdy, yet flexible design closely resembles a real penis.

With different vibration settings (10 in total), you get to experience a range of pulsations and sensations.

The suction cup included makes it easy to enjoy a pleasurable ride, and the size is appropriate for most women.

10. Fantasy

The vast number of designs in the world of dildos are sure to keep you intrigued.

You will discover creatures of every type. This includes unicorns, aliens, demons, werewolves, and any other fantasy character you could imagine.

11. Animal

Like fantasy, there are a ton of dildos that are designed to look like an animal.

Adventurous lovers will find numerous silicone dildos that are shaped like dolphins, tigers, horses, elephants, and nearly every other kind of animal in the world.

Final Thoughts

Always remember to use lubricant when using a dildo. This is especially true if you are using sex toys for anal masturbation.

The most suitable lube is water-based, as these can be used with every type of dildo material. To avoid material-specific lubricants, it is best to go with the standard water-based type.

Thick lubricants are best for anal play, while standard lube is generally suitable for vaginal masturbation.

Lubricants specifically intended for anal play are even better. They will protect the soft anal tissues and help prevent damaging them during anal play.

Remember, anal sex and masturbation should not be painful, be sure to take the proper precautions to have a pleasurable experience.

Sex toys, and dildos, in particular, are a fantastic way to mix up your sex life and experiment with new sexual pleasures. Don't be afraid to try new things and different sex toys; it will keep the sexual experiences in your life exciting!

Whether you are interested in solo play or partner play, I hope this guide has provided some valuable insight to help you choose the best dildo for the utmost pleasure.

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