The 13 Best Anal Toys


When it comes to sex toys, there is no shortage of choices available to adults around the country. This is no different when it comes to the area of anal play.

Finding just the right one for you may take a little time and experimentation, but it's always a good idea to know more about these toys before you purchase one.

The first step is figuring out exactly how you want to use your new anal toy. This will help you determine a lot of other decisions that you will have to make along this journey.

If you're new to the ecstasy of anal play, please take a moment to sit back and get a little more familiar with the best anal toys on the market for women and men. Here are complete buyers guide to start your journey.

Buyer's Guide for Beginners

1. Quality Materials

One of the most important aspects of any sex toy is ensuring it is safe for you to use.

If this toy is meant to be inserted, such as anal toys are, then it is especially important that you pay attention to what your new toy is made of.

Knowing this can help you alter how it feels and works with your body and desires.

Health and safety come into play here, as well. We always suggest looking for a non-porous material like silicone for most of your sex toys.

This greatly reduces the chance of any bacteria being left on your toys to grow and infect you or your partner.

This brings us to another aspect of choosing quality materials. When you're done playing, you (or somebody) will have to clean up afterward.

Sex toys come in a variety of styles and models, not all of which have the same type of clean up and care procedures.

You want clean up to be quick and easy, so make sure you know how to properly clean and care for your new toy.

Some toys can be cleaned up using soap and water, others are dishwasher safe, and others require more work and care.

Lubes are always an essential part of anal play. When looking at toys and different materials, it is important to keep your lube of choice in mind.

Water-based lubes are the preferred type as they do not warp or ruin them. Silicone-based lubes work well, but they can ruin toys produced with silicone.

2. Types of Materials: Pros and Cons

When we say there is a wide range of materials used to make sex toys, we weren't kidding.

Here are some pros and cons of some common types of materials used in producing anal toys.

Stainless Steel


  • Hard and durable
  • Smooth and non-porous
  • Good for temperature play
  • Has a good weight
  • Works with any lube
  • Hypoallergenic material


  • Initially cold to touch
  • No flexibility at all
  • Heavy compared to the size

Tempered Glass


  • Safe, durable, and shatterproof
  • Smooth and non-porous
  • Good for temperature play
  • Looks very nice and sleek
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Works with any lube type
  • Hypoallergenic material


  • Can cause some to worry it will break
  • No flexibility at all
  • Slippery when wet or lubed
  • Some glass can be pricey



  • Soft and flexible
  • Feels similar to flesh
  • Easily warms to the touch
  • Smooth and non-porous
  • Hypoallergenic material


  • Use water-based lube only
  • Can wear and need replacing



  • Hard and durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable and easy to find


  • Smells like plastic
  • Can have rough edges or seams
  • Not all are to be inserted
  • May enable bacteria to gather
  •  Many plastic toys are not body safe

Common Toys for Anal Play

1. Butt Plug

Butt plugs are one of the most popular anal sex toys you'll find.

They are not very long but can have quite a bit of girth, depending on what you're looking for. These are used by both men and women.

Butt plugs come in a variety of girths and styles, but they all work the same way.

They can be used as a simulation tool or left in the anus, thanks to the flared bottom.

While inserted, you and your partner can enjoy other activities and games or use it to prep for bigger and better things to come.

Similar to anal plugs, are dildos that can stimulate your anus. Check out our list of anal dildos here

2. Prostate Massager

What the g-spot is to a woman, the prostate is to a man.

By stimulating this spot inside the anus, men can have Earth-shattering orgasms as they've never experienced before.

Prostate massaging or stimulation can be done on its own, while masturbating, or during actual intercourse.

All prostate massagers have the same design of a curved shaft and a tapered tip.

3. Anal Beads

As one would imagine, anal beads are beads attached to a string that are to be inserted in the anus.

A pretty simple concept that has been turned into a massively wide array of variations.

You can find anal beads in all sizes, colors, shapes, and more.

If you are looking to get into anal play for the first time, beads are a great starter toy for you.

Since the beads can be relatively small and come in a variety of sizes going up, you can easily adapt and step it up when you're ready to.

4. Anal Stretcher

Another sex toy that does what it sounds like. Anal stretchers are designed to stretch the anus of the user gradually.

This stretching can be done for multiple reasons. It makes it easier to use bigger and thicker toys that generally wouldn't be able to fit easily. 

For some users, the stretching beyond your comfort zone sparks an enjoyable sensation.

5. Anal Training Kit

The easiest way to ease yourself or a partner into anal play is by using an anal training kit.

This kit is specifically designed to help those new to the beautiful world of anal play to ease themselves (and their anus) into this new pleasure.

The actual contents of a training kit can vary from kit to kit, but they generally have the same type of items.

There will likely be multiple pieces with similar shapes and designs that are set at different sizes to help work your way up.

These training kits can be perfect to prepare for anal with your partner.

6. Anal Fleshlight

Many male users may already be familiar with the popular Fleshlight strokers on the market.

These realistic feeling strokers are meant to resemble a vagina.

The company also makes an anal version. Similar to the regular version, Anal Fleshlights are meant to be visually identical, as well as feel more like the real thing than other strokers.

Top 5 Anal Toys for Men

1. Lovense Edge

The Lovense Edge has a design that makes prostate stimulation easier and pleasurable for almost anybody.

The head of the Lovense Edge is meant to be inserted into the rectum and can easily move to fit any body type or curve.

The Edge has an adjustable design that comes in handy for inserting the tip. This also makes reaching and stimulating the prostate a bit easier for anyone.

What truly sets this toy apart from other anal toys for men is the fact that it uses two separate motors.

There is one that vibrates the tip that is inserted into the rectum, but there is also one on the lower piece.

This lower section is intended to sit on the perineum, which is the section of skin between the testicles and the anus.

The double stimulation of this and the rectum make this a must-have for any anal play fan.

The Lovense Edge also comes with a smartphone app for easier controlling. Use it alone or with a partner.

2. Lelo Hugo

The Lelo Hugo is similar in design and function as the Edge.

The Hugo was designed specifically for men to hit their prostate for maximum stimulation and pleasure.

The Hugo can be easily controlled via a remote control, by using your own muscles hands-off, or manually with your hands, but there is no smartphone app to be used.

There are two sections to the Hugo that stimulate both the prostate and the perineum. Both also come with their own motors.

The remote control features eight different settings. While this does allow for diversity, there is a lack of customization found on the Edge smartphone app.

3. Aneros Helix Syn

The Aneros Helix Syn is a hands-free anal sex toy that works using the power of your kegel exercises.

The unique design of the Aneros Helix Syn allows users to enjoy dual stimulation of the prostate and perineum without tethering their hands up.

As users begin exploring and playing with the Aneros Helix Syn, they learn more about themselves and their partners.

This opens up the door to more rewarding sessions as time goes on.

4. Nexus Revo 

For those of you who are looking for something more on the advanced user end of the scale, we have the Nexus Revo Intense Rotating Prostate Massager for you.

This prostate massager is designed to give users the most intense orgasms through massive stimulation of the prostate and perineum.

The shaft that stimulates the prostate has two different speed options, while the perineum massager contains three separate settings for speed and vibrations.

The Nexus Revo Intense Rotating Prostate Massager is easily charged via a magnetic USB charger that does come included with the toy.

A full charge can see upwards of 10 hours of anal play time.

5. Fuzion Xchange

The Fuzion Xchange Interchangeable Prostate Massager is similar to other prostate massagers on this list, but it comes with more settings and vibration features to help stimulate both the prostate and perineum.

This toy is also easy to clean and works well with a partner or going it solo.

Top 5 Anal Toys for Women

1. NJoy Pure Wand

The NJoy Pure Wand was designed to look and feel amazing. Luckily, it performs well in both areas.

Made of stainless steel, the sleek-looking NJoy Pure Wand has a curve that can easily reach all of the right spots.

The weight of the NJoy Pure Wand actually works to help massage the anal area for increased stimulation.

The NJoy Pure Wand includes an 8-inch insertable length for added pleasure. Clean up is quick and easy and storage is gorgeous in a satin-lined box.

2. Lovense Hush

The Lovense Hush keep sup the popular tradition of the Lovense product line by having a robust smartphone app to control yourself or hand the reigns over to your partner.

The spiraled design of the neck will actually help trap lube to help keep things moving along smoothly.

The Lovense Hush has a vibrating butt plug that works well for increased pleasure and stimulation. The best part is that this works well for both women and men.

3. We-Vibe Ditto

The We-Vibe Ditto is a butt plug that is a great size for those that want something more but not too much.

It can be easily inserted during sex or other play, making it awesome to use for couples and other partners.

The We-Vibe Ditto is made from medical-grade silicone to ensure it is safe to use and easy to clean.

4. Smoky Onyx Gemstone Beads

The Smoky Onyx Gemstone Anal Beads were created for those that are already fans of anal play.

These beads feature balls that are only about 1-inch in diameter, but they are spaced further apart than other anal beads.

While it may seem like these beads are made from hard stone or something, they are completely safe with hypoallergenic silicone material.

5. B-Vibe Vibrating Beads

The B-Vibe Vibrating Anal Beads are ready to take you and your partner to new levels of fun.

This exquisite sex toy features 3 flexible beads, 2 motors, and a tapered shaft. A remote control allows you or a partner to have fun up to 30 feet away.

The vibration settings come with 6 different levels of intensity. There are 15 vibration patterns to choose from to make every experience something new and exciting.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide has helped open your eyes to the new experiences that lie ahead.

Remember always to read the packaging and make decisions carefully as sex toys tend to have short return windows, if any at all.


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