Reviewing The Autoblow 2: Why This Toy Isn’t Worth The Price

If you’re feeling a little restless or just not in the right state of mind, masturbating can help. It might sound crass, but there’s no need to be bashful about something that’s so healthy and natural.

Some guys can feel weaker for masturbating because they believe they need to be having sex to be considered a “man.” But proper masturbation makes you a better partner, as do proper masturbation toys.

Receiving oral sex is hard to reproduce when masturbating, but there are aids that can definitely help.

But which ones are worth it and which are just overhyped, expensive wastes of your money? 

In this review, we’re going to go over Autoblow 2 and tell you why you're ultimately better off choosing a different machine. 

About the Autoblow 2

Autoblow has some nice features, don't get us wrong. However, overall we would never buy this machine again because of how quickly it broke because of poor construction. 

However, if you want to take a risk, then there are some of the respectable qualities of this toy.

There are more toys than ever for helping guys masturbate, but they require constant engagement, which can get a little tiring.

Contrast this with the Autoblow 2, which runs automatically. Which allows you to totally lie back experience pleasure. 

You can change how fast the Autoblow 2 goes and enjoy authenticity with its realistic oral appearance and feeling.

At close to 9 inches long and 4 inches wide, the Autoblow 2 has plenty of dimension. However, it’s pretty big and bulky, so it's difficult to transport and store.

Plus it sticks out like a sore thumb if someone (one of your friends, girlfriend, wife, parents, etc) sees it. 

The main drawback of this machine? It's made very poorly, in our opinion. Ours completely broke in just 5 uses, and many others have experienced something similar according to some pretty poor online reviews.

It worked great when we first bought it, but what good is a machine when it breaks so easily? And it's not like this toy is inexpensive either. 

We got 1000x better results with the Kiiroo Onyx +, which not only had all of the benefits of Autoblow, but still works great after over 300 uses!

Much Better Alternative

Due to it's high quality design, realistic suction, and overall rating, The Kiiroo Onyx + is certified and approved by our sex experts as the #1 blowjob simulator.

Top Features of Autoblow


✅  Suction from machine feels like real oral sex

✅  Comes in multiple sizes


❌  Very poorly made. Terrible materials

❌  Is way too noisy. Hard to concentrate and enjoy yourself

❌  Requires A/C power

❌  Expensive for such a cheaply made machine

❌  When our machine broke, we got poor customer support. They didn't replace it, even though it only worked 5 times before breaking.

The packaging contains the device, its sleeves, a rod to use with the sleeve, and the charging cable.

You don’t need to worry about constantly buying batteries thanks to the charger. You will need to plug into the wall to get it juiced up.

Should you not like a sleeve or want to try a different one, it’s easy to do that. Sleeves come in different sizes based on penis sizes.

From smallest to largest, there’s A, B, and C. There are also sleeve that replicate different orifices.


You’ll have to use your hands a little bit when using the Autoblow 2, but it’s mainly just to get the toy oriented.

Once that’s there, you’ll be getting your cock devoured by a toy that’s literally made for it.

You can let yourself get teased a little before moving onto something really intense.

Choose the slowest speed possible when you’re getting started, as you don’t want to create a shock to your penis.

Strong Motor

The Autoblow 2 does have a strong motor, as one of its best qualities. It’s made with attention to detail and surpassed our expectations for what a masturbator is capable of.

However, a round with Autoblow 2 can get a little tiring, not because of the feeling on your penis but because of how loud the motor can get.


This is where The Autoblow 2 falls apart (literally). It's made of a cheap rubber and plastic, which is the main reason we believe ours and many others machines break so quickly.

The metal on the inside doesn’t hurt, but that's the material that should have been used for the whole machine. 

Using The Autoblow 2

Something like the Autoblow 2 shouldn’t be overthought, but you should still review instructions to guarantee total enjoyment and that you don’t put yourself into harm’s way.

The included rod helps you put the sleeve inside while also keeping things as cleanly as possible. Remember: caution is required with sex even when you’re the only person involved.

When the Autoblow 2 has its sleeve, you can put one end of the charger into the device and the other into an outlet.

You need to get yourself hard before you enter the Autoblow 2. Look up some pornography or bring some foolproof fantasies to mind.

Now that you’re erect, it’s time for the lube. This should go on your penis as well as the toy. Don’t turn it on until you’re fully inside.

Turning it on and adjusting speed happens with one switch.

What Does It Cost?

You don’t need to have a significant windfall to afford the Autoblow 2, but you have to invest quite a bit. However, when comparing machines, for a similar price you can get much better quality with the Kiiroo Onyx +.

The Onyx + gives you the long-distance toy that you can use with your partner, which we think you'll both love. But even if it's a solo toy for you, Kiiroo is the best in the business.

Other FAQ's

You don’t want to get answers to questions about an expensive purchase like this after it’s too late to return it. This is will help clear up everything you need to know about the Autoblow 2.

How big of a sleeve do I need?

Your sleeve needs depend on your penis girth. For Size A, that’s between three and four inches.

For Size B, it’s between four and five-and-a-half inches. For Size C, it’s between five-and-a-half and six-and-a-half inches.

How noisy does it get?

Another major downside of the Autoblow 2 is just how loud it gets. The best way to keep the sound manageable is by keeping the speed low.

However, if you’re feeling super-horny and know that you want the top speed, the noise might not be an issue. Still, it’s good to try some headphones just in case, or just save yourself the hassle and get the much quieter Onyx +

Is it easy to clean?

You know how movies depict post-sex as people just laying in bed in total ecstasy and not how it actually is, a race to get cleaned up?

Well, let’s just say that a session with the Autoblow 2 shouldn’t just end with you dropping it beside your bed and feeling pure pleasure.

You can do this, but you’ll be harming your valuable toy. You need to keep it clean, and this is easy to do.

With hot water or a good cleaning solution, you can clean the different parts of the Autoblow 2. Remember that procrastinating on cleaning it up is a way bigger pain than actually cleaning it.

Where Can I Get It?

You can get the Autoblow 2 through Autoblow’s website or another similar site: Lovehoney.

Other Machines

There are other great masturbators for many different reasons. First we'll start with the machine we've mentioned many times in this article, our #1 choice.

1. Kiiroo Onyx 2

You don’t need to use your hand at all with the Onyx 2. 

It’s got an impressive sleeve-and-motor combination.

As with the Max 2, the Onyx 2 is great for using across major distances.

For more technological appreciation, try the virtual reality feature and linking the Onyx 2 with some adult games.

2. Lovense Max

This masturbator gives you sublime feelings and chances to increase sexual chemistry with yourself and/or a partner.

You can have a partner from far away control this device or you can handle it yourself.

The first Max was definitely good, but this is one sequel that surpasses its predecessor.

The battery span is greater, its bigger, and you can get more pleasure with its pumps.

Final Thoughts

Blowjob machines weren't just made to seduce horny guys into buying something that barely does anything.

They were created to give you pleasure and you want a machine that feels realistic and has high quality materials so it lasts long. 

Autoblow passes some of our tests, but ultimately fails the overall test.

If you have tried Autoblow and have a different opinion, then you shouldn’t just be formed by what we have to say. We would love to hear your experience, as we hope it was better than ours.

We hope for the best with your masturbation experiences, no matter what devices or techniques you use. Everyone should be able to feel pleasure in some way. 

Our choice for the top BJ machine, is Kiiroo Onyx +. It's got thousands of 5 star reviews. You can check it out here on Kiiroo's website