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Top Wand Vibrator Reviews: Which Is Worth The Price?

If you hear the word “vibrator,” what comes to mind? You might have an image of a device for sexual gratification, but what does it look like?

You may not realize it, but you’re likely picturing a wand vibrator. These look like a lot like microphones and have been a boon to the sex lives of many.

The initial purpose for these magical toys was for them to help with soreness in areas prone to stiffness. However, what feels good on the neck and back also feels good further down.

Once people realized this, they started to use the best wand vibrators to pleasure themselves. In the article, we'll cover all you need to know to make the right selection for yourself.

Our Top Pick

The Magic Wand is the top choice due it's powerful vibrations and millions of women around the world who've experienced intense pleasure and satisfaction from it.


The clitoris is a complex system that provides unmatched pleasure when worked correctly. However, there is probably so much of this region you haven’t explored.

If your G-spot is getting worked while you’re having sex, you can have an orgasm all around your body. The best way to work this area solo is with a G-spot vibrator.

Their curved designs distinguish these type of vibrators. This is necessary in order for it to reach your G-spot. Its motor at the end allows for even more pleasure.

Your G-spot is also not as far in your vagina as you might think. Don’t try to force your vibrator in any more than you have to.

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Magic Wand Cordless

Original Magic Wand

LELO Smart Wand

Tantus Rumble

Tips for Using A Wand Massager

1. Getting The Mood Right

Being in the mood involves more than having your libido going. You also need to make sure the conditions are conducive to your pleasure.

For a proper session, you need to have time to devote to yourself. Make wherever you’ll be masturbating into a sanctuary and don’t let yourself be distracted by anything.

With your best arousal playlist on and the room cleaned up, you can focus on relaxing and getting your body ready. Let yourself really enjoy your sensitivity, from top to bottom. 

2. Wand Movement

You don’t have to move your wand up and down yourself like a zipper, but there are different places it can go for a greater effect. Put it on various points around your erogenous zones where you sense it will feel good.

The patterns can also change. Develop your own kind of rhythm and enjoy the benefits of pausing and restarting.

3. Bathroom Play

Vibrators and baths are like peanut butter and chocolate. Thanks to water-resistant designs, customers have been able to use them in the tub.

You can put these all the way inside you or just tease yourself a little bit. The water can have a very significant physical effect on you.

4. Couple's Play

A wand vibrator can also be used between couples. While you’re fucking or being fucked, try getting the vibrator placed on sensitive areas.

You could also use this during foreplay to help you and your partner get aroused sooner before getting down to business.

5. Massage

There are so many places to put a wand massager, but you can’t go wrong with running it up and down your back, as well as on your neck and shoulders.

You might not realize just how much tension you’ve been holding in before you tried a back massager. These multi-purpose pleasure toys can both produce pleasure and relieve pain.

Who Are These Toys For?

Anyone and everyone who has a reason to try a wand vibrator should use it. Some people are set on sexual pleasure, while others just want to ache less. Some want to use it for both purposes.

Since these generally aren’t designed for internal stimulation, you may need to get another, more specific vibrator for that purpose.

But they make for excellent additions to any sex toy collection. People love them especially for the intense clit stimulating abilities.

Best of the Best

1. Magic Wand (Cordless)

The arguable poster child of wand vibrators, the Magic Wand revolutionized personal massagers. 

It was purportedly for back massages, but its effects on other areas were too great to ignore.

Just turning this wand on and feeling the vibrations with your finger is a trip. The lower speed is still very fast, and the higher speed is mind-blowing.

If you put it right on your clit, you may find it to be too much. Go very gentle when you’re using the Magic Wand, because you don’t want pleasure to turn into pain.


  • Intensity levels are orgasmic
  • Water-resistant
  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable
  • Strong and durable


  • The strength is sometimes too intense!
  • It's big and bulky

2. Original Magic Wand

The Original Magic Wand is almost an exact replica of the Magic Wand cordless but with different features. 

Like the cordless option, this wand is water-resistant has strong vibrations. 

However the big drawback is that you need to plug it in to use it. That can limit you to a certain degree.


  • Stength and durability
  • Vibration intensity
  • Water resistant
  • One of the best selling toys of all time


  • You have to plug into an outlet to use
  • Strength of vibrations is too intense for some women

3. LELO Smart Wand

Lelo has consistently knocked it out of the park with sex toys. The Smart Wand looks and feels incredible. 

There are eight modes to choose from, and it can be enjoyed in different settings.

It's water-resistant and is powered through charging. Additionally, the vibrations are strong, but the device stays remarkably quiet when on.


  • 8 modes to choose from
  • Excellent design
  • Water resistant
  • Very quiet


  • More costly than others on this list
  • Big and bulky like Magic Wand

4. Tantus Rumble

The Tantus Rumble isn’t so expensive that you’ll be balking at the price, nor is it so cheap that it raises suspicions.

It’s an excellent alternative to the more known wands.

There are seven modes to choose from, with some intense feelings. It also has a design that’s meant to provide an easy grasp.


  • 7 vibration modes
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to the head off and clean
  • Most affordable on list


  • Design is unattractive, looks like a toothpaste tube
  • Vibration is less intense than other wands

Final Thoughts

Vibrators have been an accepted part of our culture for a relatively short amount of time. There are still people out there who bristle at the very thought of women receiving pleasure without a man present.

Knowing that so many women have rejected patriarchal notions of “properness” and have reclaimed their bodies and pleasure with something as simple as a back massager is inspiring.

Of these five, the Magic Wand Rechargeable Cordless is the winner, just because it provides users with such a powerful experience.

However, your choice depends on your needs, and you can't go wrong with these wands.

If you’ve had trouble figuring out which vibrator to get or if you need one in the first place, we hope our guide has been helpful.

Top G-Spot Vibrators: Which One Is Worth It?

If you’ve been fortunate enough to find your G-spot, you know how much pleasure it can provide. While your fingers can be useful for a G-spot orgasm, the best thing to use is a vibrator.

With a G-spot orgasm, you can work your pleasure spots from the inside as well as the outside. You can stop worrying about your fingers finding the right position or getting tired and focus on keeping things pleasurable for you.

If you’ve never located this magical spot, know that it’s not a location you can pinpoint exactly. It’s a particular region with different components.

An excellent way to start is by going to the back of your pubic bone. It’s also on your clit’s rear, which makes sense, given just how much pleasure is associated with the G-spot.

How you position your fingers is also very important for locating your G-spot. It has a sloped design that you won’t be able to identify unless you’re got a pair of fingers inside and curved.

However, there is one other option available: using a toy specifically for G-spot stimulation.

This article will tell you all about the best G-spot vibrators, both for individual and shared experiences.

Our Top Pick

Made by luxury sex toy company Lelo, the Gigi 2 is beautifully designed, powerful, and highly rated by thousands of satsified customers across the world.


The clitoris is a complex system that provides unmatched pleasure when worked correctly. However, there is probably so much of this region you haven’t explored.

If your G-spot is getting worked while you’re having sex, you can have an orgasm all around your body. The best way to work this area solo is with a G-spot vibrator.

Their curved designs distinguish these type of vibrators. This is necessary in order for it to reach your G-spot. Its motor at the end allows for even more pleasure.

Your G-spot is also not as far in your vagina as you might think. Don’t try to force your vibrator in any more than you have to.

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LELO Gigi 2

LELO Mona Wave

Fun Factory Tiger G5

Fun Factory StronicG

How To Use A G-Spot Vibrator

Your masturbation mindset needs to change considerably when aiming for a G-spot orgasm.

While you’ve likely been able to give yourself clitoral orgasms pretty swiftly due to years of practice, the G-spot can be a much tougher endeavor.

You could locate your G-spot one day but have a problem finding it a day later. You need to be at the right level of arousal for help in finding it.

The best time to seek a G-spot orgasm is when you’re at your horniest.

These rules should be followed when using a vibrator specialized in hitting that special spot.

1. Get yourself turned-on, don’t try this if you’re going to make a halfhearted effort.

2. Have water-type lube available

3. Gradually make your way to the G-spot

4. Find your G-spot by bringing the toy inside and up, near your belly button

5. Cease usage should pain occur

Best of the Best

1. LELO Gigi 2

Lelo has had an amazing run when it comes to vibrators.

The Gigi 2 is one of the best options available. It could be what you use to unlock your G-spot for the first time.

There are eight vibrating modes to choose from, as well as different strength settings. Through the Gigi 2, your G-spot goals can be met.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Water-resistant
  • Simple functionality
  • 8 different vibration modes
  • Two year warrranty


  • If you want to return your toy for any reason, it may be a long and difficult process. 

2. LELO Mona Wave

You can really get some intense sensations from using the Mona Wave. Its got eight settings and can go quite fast.

It does a great job of working your G-spot with “wave motion.” When you’re using it, you can imagine a loving partner is pleasing you.

Don’t have a G-spot but want to be included? There’s also the prostate-stimulating Lelo Loki Wave for men.


  • Sleek design
  • 8 vibration settings
  • Waterproof
  • "Wave motion" functionality


  • Return a toy can be difficult
  • Some other toys have slightly stronger vibrations

3. Fun Factory G5 Tiger

Male and female users can have a great time with the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Vibrator.

Using it for P-spot or G-spot stimulation can lead to some very satisfying feelings.

Its silicone design is quite bendable. There’s also a very rich texture to this vibrator. 

You can feel your body in ways you’ve likely never been able to.


  • 12 modes to choose from
  • Strong battery display
  • Water resistant
  • Unisex


  • For experienced masturbators
  • Too big for some
  • Noise issues

4. Fun Factory Stronic G

Take a deep breath before you recite the name of the Fun Factory Stronic G Chargeable Thrusting Dildo as well as before you put it in. 

It’s made to reach your G-spot and give you an orgasm worthy of applause.

There are also 10 vibration modes to choose from, so you don’t have to start too hard too soon.


  • 10 vibration modes to select from
  • Curved tip to reach g-spot
  • Water-resistant
  • Can use hands free


  • Weak vibration compared to others on this list
  • Can be noisy

Final Thoughts

Getting a G-spot orgasm can be like tasting a flavor you didn’t even know existed. Using a G-spot toy vibrator can help you reach it that much more easily.

Vibrator manufacturers also understand the needs of different women and their bodies. Therefore, there are lots of designs to choose from.

Be sure to choose one that’ll be comfortable for you to use. We hope we’ve been a help to you as you work towards a better sexual experience.

Whichever you choose, enjoy your new toy!

Our Top Pick

Made by luxury sex toy company Lelo, the Gigi 2 is beautifully designed, powerful, and highly rated by thousands of satsified customers across the world.

Top 4 Bullet Vibrators: The Ultimate Buying Guide

A vibrator can come in handy for numerous situations, but you might find yourself wishing yours wasn’t quite as big as it is.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a vibrator you can keep in your pocket?

There are actually vibrators that are much smaller but no less powerful.

These are known as “bullet vibrators.” In this article, you’ll learn about all these little blessings and the best ones available.

Our Top Pick

Made by Lelo, one of the most innovative adult toy companies today, the Mia 2 is a discreet and suprisingly powerful bullet with hundreds of 5 star reviews.


These compact vibrators provide users with a fantastic masturbation experience. These can also be used with your partner, allowing both people to feel the vibrations.

Not only are they small, but they can also be easily programmed.

There are also ones called “mini vibrators,” which look similar to bullet vibrators except for being more circular. They’re also more effective at working beyond the clit, which is helped by a stronger motor.

A downside of mini vibes is that they’re harder to transport than bullets.

Whichever kind you pick should be based on what’s best for you. We’re going to give you detailed information about the best ones available.

Here is the full rundown.

Top Options

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LELO Mia 2

Lelo Lyla 2

Zalo Thrusting Bullet

How To Use Small Vibrators

The clitoris needs to be understood for women to have an intense sexual experience. The overwhelming majority need to have their clit worked to get an orgasm.

This can be difficult during intercourse, but it’s a lot more possible through self-stimulation. This can also be put on the clit while your partner fucks you.

It doesn’t have to be relegated to the clit, or even the vagina. A bullet can add feeling all over your body, including the different erogenous zones.

1. Lubrication

Any reason you have to use lube is one you should listen to. You don’t need all that much with your bullet, but it can really make an awesome difference in your masturbating experience. With the right lube, you can have a much stronger orgasm.

2. Positioning

While your first instinct might be to press the end of your bullet on your clit, that’s not the only way you can use it. Holding it in a horizontal position can provide a distinct pleasurable feeling.

3. Exploration

You can also use a bullet on your partners cock. Any guy who wants to get more intense feeling to should try this if you introduce it.

4. Experiences

You don’t want to be making a scene, but you can use a bullet to get orgasms while you’re in public settings. Knowing you’re getting away with something like this out in the open can be such a thrill.

Best of the Best

1. LELO Mia 2

Starting off on the top of our rankings is the Lelo Mia 2.

You’ll have six modes to choose from. Depending on whether you want something really strong or fairly mild, you’ll be in good shape.

Be careful about using the strongest setting, as it can be too much for your clit.

You can power up your Mia 2 with USB power. The top is easily removable, and you can connect to your laptop or wherever else you have a USB port.

There are also multiple colors to choose from for your Lelo Mia 2. The device’s box color will correspond with your device. Lelo does all they can to give users a premium experience.

Should your Mia 2’s motor start to falter, you’ll get a year-long warranty for it.


  • Discreet and unique design
  • Powerful vibration in such a small package
  • Water resistant
  • 6 different modes
  • 2 year warrranty


  • Returns can be difficult to navigate with Lelo

2. LELO Lyla 2

As a fairly small vibrator, the Lelo Lyla 2 comes highly recommended.

With this toy, you’ll have something compact, unobtrusive, and varied.

There are eight different settings to choose from for your Lyla 2.

Its remote also boasts a pretty impressive range. You can be close to 40 feet away and get it to connect to your Lelo Lyla 2.

You may find you have an issue with having to use AA batteries to power your remote. Additionally, while the egg is waterproof, being submerged affect the remote’s range abilities.


  • Small and discreet
  • 8 different settings
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful vibrations


  • No USB, need to charge with batteries
  • Like other Lelo toys, returns can be a hassle

3. Zalo Thrusting Bullet

The Thrusting Bullet is one of the more distinguished bullets around.

One of the best features of this vibrator is that you can have it link up to your body’s temperature.

This can make you feel all the more comfortable as you’re progressing towards orgasm.

Calling it a vibrator is a bit of a misnomer, however. 

Rather than vibrate, this one goes forward and backward.

To enhance your experience, have its ridges massage your clit while you’re putting it inside you.


  • Six settings for thrusting, one turbo setting
  • Body temperature setting
  • Made of high quality silicone


  • Does not vibrate, only moves forward and back
  • Only comes in 2 colors

Final Thoughts

Picking a great bullet takes more research than just ordering the first one you can afford. You also need to make sure it’s one that is truly worthwhile.

You might be stuck between two. If that’s the case, we recommend buying two and seeing which one you like best. At worst, you’ll have two great bullets.


Our Top Pick

Made by Lelo, one of the most innovative adult toy companies today, the Mia 2 is a discreet and suprisingly powerful bullet with hundreds of 5 star reviews.

Top 3 Quiet Vibrators: The Ultimate Buying Guide

When vibrators first became widely available, it must have been a revelation for so many people.

Finally, they could get the orgasm they always dreamed of having. No longer would they have to rely on their fingers or a partner's efforts.

(Most women know how clueless men are when it comes to stimulating the clit!)

However, for all the pleasure vibrators can bring users, they also come with some setbacks. One of the biggest is their noise. At first, you might be able to ignore this. However, it can soon become an annoyance.

Others overhearing your private sessions can be a pain too. You can only muffle your masturbation experience so much before you get fed up and want to make a change.

Fortunately, a silent vibrator doesn’t have to be viewed as a pipe dream. There are ones that provide significant effects while also staying relatively quiet.

Here we cover the best quiet vibrators to get if you want to keep the volume as low as possible.

Our Top Pick

Lovense Lush is a high end vibrator controlled by an app via bluetooth. With thousands of satisfied customers, intense vibratations and a top quality design, this toy is sure to satisfy you.

Top Options

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Lovense Lush 2

LELO Mia 2

LELO Mona 2

How Are Silent Vibrators Made?

When we say these vibrators are quieter than their louder compatriots, we don’t mean just by a minuscule amount. But what about them makes it so?

1. Design

What a vibrator is made out of will largely influence its sound strength. Sound goes much more quickly through ones made of things like plastic.

2. Motor

Your vibrator needs to have a good motor to be quiet. Designers who are focused on making a vibrator quiet will prioritize the motor and ensure it's capable of pleasure while minimizing its sound emission.

3. Size

Bigger vibrators are typically louder. If you’re looking to get a quiet one, you need to be sure you’ll be okay with one that’s smaller than you might have initially anticipated. You can also get one of each.

4. Placement

Your vibrator’s loudness can be affected by where you put it. For instance, ones that you keep inside you will be muffled by your body. With a small vibrator inside you, sound is barely evident.

How To Make Your Current Toys Quieter

It might not be necessary for you to throw out your current supply of vibrators just yet, as there are ways you can reduce the noise, even if they’re already incredibly loud.

1. Putting On A Fan

Never underestimate the ambient power of a fan. As long as the cool air isn’t going to be a hindrance, turning on a fan is a great solution for a noisy vibrator. Placing a box fan by your bedroom door can really help.

2. Use In The Bathroom

Be mindful of not hogging the bathroom, but if you’re looking to not be interrupted, this is where to go. There are water resistant vibrators you can quietly use in the water without any fear of damaging them.

3. Wrap In A Towel

Otherwise known as the Betty Dodson Method, this involves putting a towel around your vibrator. You’d be amazed by just how much quieter this makes your toy.

4. Additional Blankets

Another sensible way to get things muffled is by bringing more blankets in. You can also make things a lot more comfortable for you.

5. Making Your Selection

Putting on your speaker can really help to cover up your vibrator’s noise. Be sure to choose something that will be loud enough to obscure your vibrator’s noise but not so loud that it irritates others in your home. A TV works well.

Best of the Best

1. Lovense Lush 2

Those who want to reach the apex of orgasm need to get the Lovense Lush 2.

A vibrating egg that works with a remote, this has so many great things about it.

At the top of the list is that you can wear your Lush 2. That’s right, while you’re out and about, you can have it on and be on the verge of an orgasm completely undetected by others.

There’s also the opportunity for orgasms from two places. Your clit and G-spot will both be worked by the Lush 2.

Additionally, the Lush 2 works with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. You can link it to your smartphone and use it with a partner for some fun, whether long-distance or in-person.


  • Very quiet
  • Made of high quality material
  • Stimulate both g-spot and clit simultaneously
  • Easy setup
  • App controlled
  • Multiple vibration settings


  • Intensity is not the best compared to larger toys
  • May take some time to get used to the app and bluetooth pairing

2. LELO Mia 2

The Lelo Mia 2 is part of a category of small vibrators known as a bullet vibrator.

Their size and motor proficiency make them perfect for those looking for a quiet vibrator.

If you put the Mia 2 on the lowest modes, you can hardly hear it. If you put it on the highest one, it’s definitely not what you would call “loud.”

Don’t let the quiet design fool you into thinking the Lelo Mia 2 is a wimp when it comes to performance. Thanks to a great motor, this can give you a great masturbation experience across its settings.

Whoever came up with the Mia 2’s design deserves a raise. It’s so low-key that it can be mistaken lipstick or other makeup. If only they knew.

The Mia 2 charges via USB power. As long as you have a USB port to put it in, you can get it powered up in a reasonable amount of time.

With your Mia 2 comes a year-long warranty. Returning it is easy, but we have a feeling you won’t be doing that.


  • Unique and discreet design
  • A surprisingly powerful vibration
  • Charge with USB very quickly
  • 2 year warrranty


  • Returns are not straight forward or easy
  • Some may desire slightly more power

3. LELO Mona 2

The third option on our list is another sequel. 

The Lelo Mona 2 provides all kinds of pleasure, more than you can get with a substandard vibrator, or even some of the better ones.

This is the least quiet on the list, but it’s not so loud that it ruins your experience.

With the Mona 2, you have multiple settings to choose from, which are easy to select and switch between. Some are more intense than others, so we recommend experimenting to see which you like.

Since it’s silicone, you should use a water-type lube on the Mona 2. Be sure you’re not overdoing it.

When you need to clean it, you’re good with using soap and water.


  • Easy to clean
  • Silicone material is quality
  • Works with charger
  • Multiple vibration settings


  • Louder than the others on this list
  • Like other Lelo products, it's difficult to go through the return process

Final Thoughts

These vibrators are quiet and more. Not only do they allow for more discretion when masturbating, but they also provide great experiences regardless.

Always keep in mind that all aspects of a vibrator are important. There are other quieter vibrators out there that aren’t very good when it comes to other aspects. These are great all-around.

We hope you have a great time using any of these vibrators. No longer should you have to worry about being overheard when you're just trying to unwind.

Our Top Pick

Lovense Lush is a high end vibrator controlled by an app via bluetooth. With thousands of satisfied customers, intense vibratations and a top quality design, this toy is sure to satisfy you.

Top 5 Remote Controlled Vibrators: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Without sounding like we’re too picky, vibrators aren’t always as convenient as possible.

For sure, the pleasure is immense, and their designs are typically great. But you might find yourself deep in the throes of a session only to want to change things up.

That shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s way more of a hassle to adjust settings that non-vibrator users realize.

You basically need to suspend your session and get your vibrator adjusted. It’s definitely not fun to have to do this, even if you’re able to adjust in only a few seconds.

Still, what good is it complaining? After all, it’s not like there’s some sort of remote control vibrator available, right?

In fact, there are multiple remote control bluetooth vibrators available. They work with apps, and they let you keep things going while also letting you shake things up.

Using remote-operated devices is truly a great way to pleasure yourself. It’s like going from an A-minus experience to an A-plus with little effort. 

Here, we cover the best app controlled vibrators for your convenience. Let's dive in.

Our Top Pick

Lovense Lush is a high end vibrator controlled by an app via bluetooth. With thousands of satisfied customers, intense vibratations and a top quality design, this toy is sure to satisfy you.


All you need to know about using a remote-controlled vibrator is that it’s just like a traditional vibrator, only it has remote usage.

You might have a remote that is specific to the vibrator. Otherwise, it may work with a smartphone app.

Depending on the one you get, you can even use it long distances with your partner. But others require close proximity.

These are the types of remote vibrators you’re most likely to come across.

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Lovense Lush 2