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Top 4 Penis Extenders Reviewed: The Ultimate Buying Guide

​While it’s not something many will admit, lots of guys want to increase their penis size.

​It doesn’t have to be particularly small either. Just having a slightly longer and broader member can make you feel manlier and perform better.

​These aspirations might have once been limited to daydreams, but now, it’s truly achievable.

​There are penis ​stretchers with a medical clearance that actually work. You don’t have to stuff your pants to pretend you have a big package.

​Before you go and buy the first extender you see, I’ve made a list of four of the best ones.

It's essential to keep in mind that all of these have pros and cons. What you ultimately decide is based on what's the best fit for you.

​First, let’s talk about what’s important when choosing a penis extender.

Our Top Pick

​Quick Extender Pro

​​The Quick Extender Pro is ​our ​top choice for ​a quality ​cock stretcher. It has hundreds of success reports and ​is made of high quality material.

What Are Penis Stretchers?

A penis extender’s purpose is easy to grasp.

You put it on, and it flexes your penis.

You secure it at both your penis’ head and its base. The straps and ring help to keep it in place.

The initial function of an extender was to remedy ailments like Peyronie’s disease, which causes a crooked penis.

However, people realize they could help people grow their penises as well.

They require consistent wearing in order to take effect.

How Do They Work?

It’s pretty basic to understand how a penis extender works, so much that it can seem too simple.

It stretches your penis and makes it grow through new cells forming.

The difference between this and just masturbating for 20 minutes a few times a week is the repetition.

Your extender, if used properly, will be on your penis for hours at a day, days at a time.

You can’t masturbate at this rate, but your extender can take care of you as you go about your day.

Depending on what you need, you might be wearing your penis ​stretcher for up to six hours per day for up to six months.

​What Results Can I Expect?

​Maybe you’ve come across male enhancement companies that claim to double your penis size, turning your scrawny cock into a behemoth.

​Sadly, the technology to grow a penis at that rate doesn’t yet exist.

​A few centimeters to a few inches is the best you can hope for when using these extenders.

It’s more significant than you might realize, and it can undoubtedly make a difference.

Best Extenders

Our Rating

​Visit Website

​Quick Extender Pro


​PeniMaster Pro

​Phallosan Forte

​How To Choose?

​When​ making your selection, you need to make sure you’re aware of your expectations and what’s required for wearing it.


​There’s a lot to be concerned about when choosing a penis extender, given that it’s going to be put around one of the most sensitive parts of your body.

​Any ​option you buy needs to be reviewed for its safety. You must also follow the instructions, as you could end up restricting blood flow.

​The makeup of the extender is also essential. The best ones are made up of the highest quality material, such as aluminum, silicone, or thermoplastic.

​These reduce the risk of allergic reactions at well.

​Ease of Use + Comfort

​Since you’ll have your ​extender on for at least several hours in a row, you want it to be as comfortable as possible.

​Versatility in wearing is really important. Manufacturers have made ones that can be worn in different ways, such as straps, belts, fabric, and rings.

​Switching these methods can be really helpful as you might find one kind of wearing is rather uncomfortable over an extended period of time.

​The most convenient option is one you can wear throughout the day while you do things like go to work.

​Make sure you review how you’re feeling after your initial usage of a penis extender and consider if you need to change things up or get a new one entirely.


For a penis extender to work, it needs to provide consistent penile pressure.

The typical way of doing this is utilizing springs. You can adjust the tension to a rate that’s suitable for you.

The stronger your ​extender, the more tension it can enact.

Don’t put your ​cock stretcher at the highest level right away.

You need to work yourself up to these conditions. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of serious harm.


​You get what you pay for, as the old saying goes. Going cheap can mean you save money but that you may not get any results.

​Although there are ones that are close to $1,000, don’t feel obligated to spend more than you’re comfortable with.

​A decent penis extender can be found for a couple hundred dollars.

​Only get your extender when you can afford it and are ready to commit to using it correctly.

​Top ​Cock Extenders

1. ​Quick Extender Pro

​Lasting results can be found with the Quick Extender Pro.

​You can get plenty of pressure on your penis and anticipate real results.

​​This might be the most enduring penis extender around.

​​With its two straps and foam pads, you’ll be able to keep it secure without worrying about any risks to your safety, as long as you’re wearing it correctly.

​There shouldn’t be any trouble with circulation either.

​As much as 4,000 grams of tension can be applied. This can really do a lot for your penis.

​However, it doesn’t feel like anything too bulky is on your penis, thanks to its light aluminum design.

​The straps are made of silicone, which helps to fit on quite easily.

​You can get your money back within six months should you have any trouble.


  • ​Two-strap design
  • ​4,000-gram tension maximum
  • ​Six month-guarantee for refunds
  • ​Pads for easier wearing
  • ​Can be adjusted with strings
  • ​Works for penises up to 16 inches long


  • ​Need to wear it for hours a day to see maximum results
  • Takes a lot of patience to see growth progress

2. ​SizeGenetics

​The SizeGenetic Ultimate System was invented to not only increase your penis size but also to provide the greatest amount of comfort possible.

​There are ease of use and quality material make this product so desirable for thousands of men around the world.  ​

​Any penis size should be able to fit inside the SizeGenetics Ultimate System.

​There’s an abundance of connections to affix your penis onto the system.

​Choose one you like, and the included rods will help keep your penis in place.

​Peyronie’s disease can be helped with this device.

​The manufacturers know how good they are, given that they’ll give you twice your money back if things don’t work out.

​This guarantee requires having and using the device for 120 days.

​Be sure you’re using it properly and consistently, as a lack of results would obviously happen if you didn’t do so.


  • ​Holds a maximum of 2,800 grams of tensions
  • ​58-Way Comfort System
  • ​Type-one medical device
  • ​SizeGenetics videos for training
  • ​Twice your money back guarantee**
  • ​Attractive case made of leather


  • ​Need to wear it for hours a day to see maximum results
  • ​One of the more expensive options

3. ​PeniMaster Pro

​Another very comfortable penis extender is the PenisMaster Pro.

​Bringing suction and security together, you’ll feel it making a difference without feeling uncomfortable.

This ​stretcher has a special way of fitting on. You’ll secure it at one place on the head of your penis.

​As a result, there’s more even exertion, and it feels a lot better.

​First, you put your penis tip inside the vacuum bulb that’s provided.

​Then, you increase the vacuum pressure and use a ring on your penis glans.

​Another helpful part is securing it to a belt. This can go many places on your body, such as your waist or shoulder.


  • ​Can be used with rods and belt
  • ​Easy to vacuum manually
  • ​Can be worn and adjusted easily
  • ​​Can be worn if you're circumcised or not


  • ​Not as many success reports as the 3 other products on this list

4. ​Phallosan Forte

​Featuring a strong network of springs, the Phallosan Forte is another excellent option.

​Not only does it get results, but it’s also quite comfortable to wear. This is like a penis pump that’s been cross-pollinated with a penis extender.

​You just need to use the minute vacuum section and the comfy security for your penis head.

​Both parts of your penis can grow as a result.

​For more assistance, you’ll receive a card that explains how to get situated as well as the belt it attaches to.

​A major restriction of many ​dick extenders is how much they inhibit movement, causing previously enjoyable positions to be uncomfortable.

​It was really easy to wear and move with this one.

​Another great thing is that you can wear it while you sleep.

​There are things to love about the Phallosan Forte, and they’re apparent from the beginning.


  • ​Vacuum and spring tension
  • ​Made of hypoallergenic silicone
  • ​Color-based chart to explain tension levels
  • ​Easy to adjust
  • ​Can be worn with elastic belt


  • ​Need to wear it hours a day ​for a few months to see noticeable results

​Choosing The Right One

​Given that a penis extender needs to be worn daily, it has to be safe and totally pleasant to wear.

​Some may feel incredibly comfortable to one person while another is begging to get it off.

​After thinking it over, we’ve chosen an all-around winner.

The Quick Extender Pro is our top choice due to how strong and advanced it is and how much tension it brings.

​Most of all, adjusting it is really easy and fun.

Your ​extender should be a pleasure to use and not just for the results it brings you.

​You can get your Quick Extender Pro with free shipping and get a refund after six months if it doesn't work out for you.

​Enjoy and remember, you're one extender away from having the cock you've always desired.

Our Top Pick

​​The Quick Extender Pro is ​our ​top choice for ​a quality ​cock stretcher. It has hundreds of success reports and ​is made of high quality material.

Top 4 Blowjob Machines: Are These Oral Sex Toys Worth It?

Getting a quality blowjob is an incomparable experience for most men.

Beyond the immediate pleasure, there’s also an exhilarating transfer of power that comes between the giver and receiver.

If you don’t have anyone around to give you head, you might think the closest you can come to a blowjob is fantasizing about it while you’re masturbating.

However, there are products out that there are specifically for replicating the sensations of a blowjob.

Some of these can be used with your significant other, while others are for solo play only.

To help you out, I’ve created a list of the top four blowjob devices. You can get the feeling of a pair of wet lips on your cock, even if there’s no one else around.

When you’re using these devices, you’ll be in oral sex heaven.

Our Top Pick

The Kiiroo Onyx + is your best choice for simulating a blowjob. It feels realistic, is affordable, and has hundreds of 5 star reviews.

About Blowjob Stimulators

It wasn’t too long ago that having a blowjob stimulator would seem only possible in the world of eccentric rich guys who can afford such luxuries.

“Normal people” would be stuck masturbating with the most basic tools. It’d either be their hand or some kind of rudimentary sex toy that only did so much when it came to self-pleasuring.

Apparently realizing that guys want high levels of pleasure from their masturbating experiences, companies have been making far better devices.

This includes ones that help them to achieve the familiar blowjob feeling.

Two sorts of blowjob simulators are on the market. There are masturbation devices that involve hands and ones that are completely hands-off.

Best BJ Machines

Our Rating

Today's Deal

Kiiroo Onyx +

Autoblow 2

Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Turbo

Best Material

Male BJ machines are not all made alike, so you need to be sure you know what you’re getting into with any purchase.

Your masturbator should be able to fit you well and be made of a comfortable material. This should also be something that is durable.

There are “jelly” products that should be avoided due to their cheap design and signs of health problems.

The best and most popular materials are silicone and thermoplastics. These are very comfortable and long-lasting.


The tension of your masturbator also needs to be considered.

There are some that are very tight, which are better if your penis has been able to withstand a lot of tension.

However, there are also looser ones that can go easier on you.


When looking at masturbators, cost will be a big part of your decision. The most basic kinds are the most affordable.

These don’t run electronically. They basically let you feel like you’re having your penis stimulated by someone else.

Just because a masturbator doesn’t cost a lot doesn’t mean it’s not good. However, you’re not going to have the same exciting features as some of the more advanced models.

In general though, the more a toy costs, the higher quality it will be.


Having a big cock doesn’t mean you’ll be unable to enjoy a blowjob simulator. The best ones can provide pleasure regardless of size.

Some types are close to a foot-long while others are only a few inches. These are intended for travel usage.

You might decide you want to get at least a couple of devices, for different situations.

Hands-Off Is Preferable

While I definitely like traditional masturbators, one that doesn’t involve your hands at all is such an experience.

You get the same great feeling but also the wonder of more advanced design.

The effort on your behalf is also far less. You can just get yourself comfortable and let the device pleasure you.


There are multiple designs of blowjob machines. Some of them work by vibrating, others with suction. There are also ones that utilize beads.

A standard type will use suction. These can be put on a Fleshlight to create a blowjob-like sensation.

The ones with beads have really been making an impression. The way they tease your penis is phenomenal.

Perhaps my favorite advancement is how you can connect these to have a wireless experience with your partner who’s away from you or with special porn videos.

Key Features

Besides the convenience of not having to use your hands, blowjob machines also let you fulfill some of your wildest fantasies.

You likely never thought you’d get to have virtual sex with your partner or receive the same sensations as the guy in your favorite porn video, right?

Wireless Connections

Some blowjob machines have Bluetooth connections that let you link them to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

With the right app, you can use your Blowjob machine in tandem with these devices.

These are especially amazing to have when you and your partner are hundreds of miles apart.

Your girlfriend might have her own stimulating device that you can operate from afar, just like she can do with your blowjob machine.

This could be the perfect idea for a naughty couple’s gift exchange if or when you have to be apart.

Singular Device or Multiple Parts?

There are some blowjob machines that can be used entirely on their own. However, there are also ones that need to be paired with other devices, such as Fleshlights.

Already having a traditional male masturbator can come in handy, as you can find a blowjob machine that easily fits it.

Top Blowjob Machines and Masturbators

While sales figures aren’t everything, we definitely encourage buying any of these, the four most popular blowjob devices of the year.

1. Kiiroo Onyx +

While Kiiroo is less than a decade old, they haven’t wasted any time in making an impact on the adult toy landscape.

The Onyx + happened when they upgraded their original device. 

The new and improved Onyx seriously might be the best device for guys to get off with.

Even better than the previous version.

It’s like they thought of everything guys could want with a masturbation machine and then made sure they didn’t just meet expectations but exceeded them as well.

Even if it didn’t have any internet features, it would still be excellent. That it can be matched with other devices, including ones that are miles away, puts it into a new pantheon.

You could be longing for your partner or just be horny and want to talk to some models. You can use your Onyx + for either situation.

This is far better than having some rote phone sex. Your significant other can adjust how fast it goes, the tension, and the motions.

You can have a mutual masturbation experience even if you’re not able actually to touch them.

The main drawback with Onyx + is the noise when it's turned on. However, this is quite minimal, especially when put against how good the feelings are.


  • 140 motions/minute
  • Possible to use with hands of predetermined settings
  • Rings contract for different sorts of stimulation
  • Works with additional devices
  • Sleeve can be taken off and cleaned


  • The noise can be too loud for some. (Use headphones and watch a video to overcome this)
  • Maximum one hour of usage

2. AutoBlow 2

The result of crowdfunding efforts, the AutoBlow 2 is an amazing blow machine with some excellent features.

Its interior is very pleasant to touch, and it uses beads that are sturdy without causing discomfort.

Some of your best oral sex experiences ever, real or simulated, can be had with the AutoBlow 2. 

The five arms provide the perfect grasp without going too hard.

All you’ll need is a wall socket to plug it in, a water-type lube, and your erect penis.

Before you activate the device, you need to make sure you’re fully inside.

When this is covered, you can let it do its thing on your penis.


  • Penis grip with five arms
  • Works with AC adapter
  • Works with multiple sleeves
  • A strong and durable design makes the toy last a long time
  • Easy to clean


  • The toy is a bit bulky for some
  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing toy

3. Fleshlight Launch

You don’t need to throw out your supply of Fleshlights, as the Fleshlight Launch is another great Kiiroo product that’d be perfect to use.

Any official Fleshlight item can be used and enhanced by this device.

You’ll get to really feel like you’re getting someone else to work your cock.

There’s a difference between this and the Kiiroo Onyx. There’s no beaded sleeve but a place to put on a complete Fleshlight.

It doesn’t have the detailed sensations of the Onyx, but it can really feel like you’re being sucked and fucked through its motions.

It’s a lot better than having to move your Fleshlight around yourself, even if that isn’t too much of a hassle.

Close your eyes, and you can imagine someone is straddling you. You can also link it to other Kiiroo items, porn, or design your own patterns.


  • Hands-Free
  • Mix and match different Fleshlights. (Get a Fleshlight girl and watch her videos during your playtime)
  • Bluetooth-pairing
  • Simulates sex
  • Virtual reality compatability


  • More costly than most machines
  • Have to recharge it after use

4. Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Hearing the word “turbo” with a masturbator should make you expect serious movement and feeling.

You’ll definitely get both of those with this blowjob machine.

As good as some fleshlights can feel, they can’t always satisfy when it comes to wanting specific sensations, such as a blowjob.

A pair of lips is obviously the best solution, but if you’re in a bind, the Turbo Thrust won’t feel like much of a compromise.


  • Three-part interior
  • Suction cap
  • Lots of different textures to choose from
  • Don't need to charge
  • The most affordable on this list


  • Nothing high tech that you can pair with VR or videos
  • Isn't hands free so you have to do some work

Final Thoughts

The blowjob machines we have now are incredible in both concept and execution.

It's exciting to think of the many places they could go with new technology.

All four of these are truly worthwhile. However, the automatic machines are the best, as they can just do so much more.

Choosing the top blowjob machine wasn’t quite as easy. It wasn’t a blowout, but we’d put the Kiiroo Onyx + as the best.

It’s sophisticated, both in look and function.

You can get your cock inside, turn it on, and receive an orgasm with no other effort on your end.

Also, we love the long-distance features. Being able to cum with a partner who’s on the other side of the country or with a hot porn video is something to note.

If you think this toy is right for you, check it out at Kiiroo's website. Your cock has needed a special type of attention for a while, and this toy can make that possible.

Our Top Pick

The Kiiroo Onyx + is your best choice for simulating a blowjob. It feels realistic, is affordable, and has hundreds of 5 star reviews.

3 Best Sex Chairs: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (Reader’s Get Special Discounts)

​Sex is incredible, especially when it’s with someone you love. However, there are only so many times you can do missionary on your bed before things start to become stale, no matter how horny you might be.

​Another issue is that beds just aren’t designed with sex, specifically in mind. Fortunately, there’s something that is.

​Sex chairs are meant to help couples fuck with total comfort. It’s not just a new place to have sex. You can have much better sex.

​Different positions are a lot more possible with a sex chair. You can take yourself out of a sexual rut by getting one of these.

​We want to help you with your purchase, so we’re going to tell you what to know as a shopper, including the best ones available.

Our Top Pick

​Liberator has a distinguished line of sex chairs and similar products. Furniture shopping has never been as fun as ​with Liberator.


​You may be reading this in your own comfortable chair or seat and wondering why you can’t just use them. By all means, you can, but the experience isn’t likely to be anywhere as good.

​The material of sex chairs helps provide stability and comfort. There are things like detachable pillows that provide substantial assistance.

​If you’re getting older and are having trouble with certain positions, such as kneeling, a sex chair is very useful.

​You might've been recently hurt but don’t want your recovery to prevent you from having sex. A sex chair helps ease you back into intimacy.

​Your mattress might be plenty firm, but this may not be the best thing for when you’re trying to fuck.

​With your sex chair, you’ll be more able to move around and try things that would’ve previously been too much of a hassle.

​Are you worried about fluids ruining your chair? Sex chairs can be cleaned up with ease. You might want to get one with a detachable cover that you can put in your next laundry cycle.

​Some arrive fully intact, and others that need to be put together. You don’t need to be some kind of engineer to put one of these together, especially with the instructions provided.

​You don’t need to worry about the questions of nosey house guests. Nothing about your chair should reveal it’s anything more than a regular piece of furniture.

Read on to find out more about the best ​sex seats and chairs on the market right now.

Best ​Chairs

Our Rating

Today's Deal

​ESSE II Premium

​​Equus Wave

​BonBon ​Toy Mount

​6 Great Things About Having A Sex Chair

​1. Body Compatibility

​Differences in size and heights can make sex extremely difficult for partners. A sex chair helps solve this problem.

​You can get yourself in positions that were once a pipe dream. If you’ve wanted to have sex standing-up, a sex chair can definitely provide assistance.

​How you fuck can be improved by a sex chair. You won’t have to put yourself and your penis in such an awkward position and be able to give you and your partner much greater pleasure.

2. More Relaxing​

​While sex itself is relaxing, the vessel you perform on can really wear you out, even before you’re anywhere close to cumming.

​A sex chair is a great solution because it reduces the need to readjust. You’ll be able to get situated and get down to business.

​This can also prolong your sessions and possibly make you eager for another round. 

3. Joint Support​

​You don’t realize how fragile your joints are until you’re on your knees during sex for a prolonged period. You’re reluctant to kill the mood, but you shouldn’t want to ruin your joints either.

​The curved design of a sex chair keeps you comfortable all over and able to keep fucking away.

4. Easily Try New Positions

Have your efforts to try unconventional positions been dashed by the limitations of your bed? A sex chair can make it so much simpler and sexier.

It can provide an easy solution for height differences and reduce soreness. You can go a lot longer without even realizing how much time has passed.

Additionally, having a piece of furniture specifically for sex could help you get in the mood more easily.

When you get undressed and feel the sex chair, you might have a Pavlovian response of “time to fuck.”

5. Adaptability

Want to relax but not in the mood for sex? Your sex chair is waiting for you.

This might not be why you bought it, but who says you can’t use something for multiple purposes?

Your sex chair should also be designed in a way that wouldn’t make anyone think twice about it being anything but an ordinary piece of furniture.

​6.​ Easier Anal Sex

Anal sex is easier than you might think, especially if you have plenty of lube and are going as slow as you need to.

However, getting in position for anal can be a lot harder. A sex chair makes it much easier to enter anally.

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to have anal sex, your sex chair can be it.

The Best Sex Seats and Chairs

​These are the five highest-selling sex chairs at the moment.

1. ​ESSE Chaise II ​Premium

​Made by Liberator, the ESSE II Premium Love Lounger is an impressively sized and even-more impressively designed sex chair.

​With a rigid foundation and a tender feeling, the ESSE II Premium is a great addition to any bedroom or living room, especially with its design.

​You can have a lovely time just sitting on your ESSE II Premium after work, but don’t be surprised if you’re quickly eager to get frisky on it.

​All you’d want from a sex chair can be found on the ESSE II Premium Love Lounger. You could try lots of positions without putting yourself under any strain.

​Its foam material is also simple to keep clean.

​For more comfort, you can put the headrest in various positions to help you try different poses.

​Part of the lounger is removable in case you want to fuck on a more sloped surface.


  • Quality Material
  • ​Classy and Luxurious Design
  • ​Excellent Functionality
  • ​Very Discreet
  • Buy Once, Use Forever


  • Costly (But well worth it)

​2. ​​Liberator Equus Wave

​​Lots of fun can be had on the Liberator Equus Wave. It’s designed with ideal access to different sexual positions to really turn up the heat.

​Costing less than the ESSE II Premium Lounger by including some of its features, the Liberator Equus Wave is really amazing.

​​Once again, the design won’t give anything away. It’s also total heaven to feel and lay upon. I’ve loved putting the Equus Wave into as many positions as I can.

​Sometimes, me and my girlfriend will have one person keep their eyes closed while the other one configures the Wave.

​We especially love having doggy style sex on here.

​Aches during sex have become a thing of the past thanks to the Wave. We’re able to greatly alter positions with one person on the floor as well.


  • ​Foam material is high quality
  • ​Covers can be removed and easily washed
  • ​Excellent for trying different positions
  • ​Lightweight
  • Buy Once, Use Forever


  • ​Chair is much lower to the ground compared to others

​3. ​​Liberator ​BonBon Sex Toy Mount

​​​While it’s not a chair, the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount warrants mentioning.

It’s ideal for people who have plenty of sexual appetites but may not have any partner to share them with.

​​​Designed for male and female users, it can withstand your bodily size as you work yourself on your sex toy of choice.

​Plus, you can use this as a rehearsal for the next time you fuck.

​If you’re not in a particularly horny mood, you can still use the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount. It provides back assistance when you’re doing things like reading. It comes with a cover that can be put through the wash.

​You could also try using its cushion to help during sex with another.

​This might be something you use all the time or just on certain lonely nights. Whatever you choose, you should be grateful to have the Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount with you.


  • ​Can improve masturbation quality
  • ​Can be used solo or with a partner
  • ​Lightweight and ​simple ​moving
  • ​Affordable for mostly everyone


  • ​Does not have the same strength or functionality as sex chairs

Final Thoughts

​Figuring out how to improve your sex life doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. It really might as basic as needing better material to fuck on.

​Some people want a way to reach their partner better, while others require less pain on their limbs. The products mentioned above can help with those and other issues.

​The pricing range means that you should be able to find at least one you can afford.

​Looking at the website of a well-regarded company such as Liberator can help with your search as well. gets our endorsement as the top place to find sex furniture. We hope you can find something perfect for you on this site.

​We also want you to have as much fun as possible. Talk to your partner about things you've both wanted to try but might not have been able to due to positioning issues.

​Your sex chair can open a lot of doors for your sexual experiences. It doesn't have to be the only thing you use for sex, but it can be one of the most special.

​Look for the sex chair that's just right for you and commit to making it work for you. Be sure to leave a review wherever you can, as you should want to share the thrill of your discovery with others.

​We hope you can get yourself horny and ready for a much better and sexier experience with one of these sex chairs.

​Who knows, maybe you'll decide to get a whole bunch of these? The only thing we'd warn you about is that you might get a lot of questions about why you have so much more furniture than before.

Our Top Pick

​Liberator has a distinguished line of sex chairs and similar products. Furniture shopping has never been as fun as ​with Liberator.

Male Edge Extender Review: Does It Really Work?

We definitely had some reservations about using a penis-enhancing tool. Doesn’t every guy?

It’s a reminder of how unsatisfying your penis/sex life is, and these products can just seem like scams.

There are some bad items out there, trying to pass themselves as penis growth tools. We learned there are some excellent products out there, and that it’s not the worst thing to admit you need a little assistance.

The Male Edge Pro Advanced Penis Enlargement System is an exemplary penis enhancer.

It has a futuristic design, but there’s nothing science-fiction about it. This was the first product of its type, and its creator totally knows how to succeed in this field.

There are 13 parts to this entire system. There are products in their lineup that don’t have as many pieces but which are still very good.

Your penis can be expected to grow longer and wider with the Male Edge Pro. It won’t be like you’re packing a sausage in your pants, but if you use it right, you can count on seeing results.

You need to be patient with the Male Edge Pro, as it takes many months for it to work. It’s too much of an investment for you not to use it properly.

Knowing that our experience could be useful for people like you, we made sure to be careful in observing how the Male Edge Pro worked on us.

The short story is that it worked, but we know better than to stop there. Here's the full rundown.

Male Edge Pro

Due to it's comprehensive instruction guide, customer satisfaction, and multiple device options, Male Edge is a solid option to consider for extending your penis.


Just calling this a penis extender doesn’t do much to explain exactly what it is and how it helps.

You won’t just be putting this on within seconds of opening it up. It can seem deceptively simple, but you have to put yourself through a bit of a hassle in order to get it secured. More on that will come later.

While you might know a thing or two about pulling your cock, it’s probably not for a significant portion of your day.

The Male Edge Extender provides consistent pulling on your penis. This helps it grow by increasing your cell size.

We’re not scientists here, but we have used this and seen our cocks get bigger. The experiment definitely paid off.

Another reason to use this is for rectifying a curved penis. If you’re dealing or have dealt with that predicament, you know how much it can ruin things.

Key Features

The $225 price tag on the Male Edge Pro might sting a little, but its qualities are numerous to make your money worth it.

There are lots of modes to pick from. You can get set up even if your penis is embarrassingly small.

It’s been made with a lot of care. There are straps to keep you secure and its got a sturdy build made of safe items. As a means of providing even more trust, you can get your money back twice over if things don’t work out.

It’s really a win-win situation. You can end up getting a return on your investment if things don’t work out. We hope things pan out, though.

Inside Your Package

The first adult product manufacturer who figured out the importance of box design deserves a medal. The Male Edge Pro comes in a sexy red package that’s made for people with taste, like you.

But you can’t spend all your time admiring the box. Here’s what you get with your order:

✅ Male Edge Pro
✅ Ruler
✅ Carrying case (featuring logo)
✅ Official Male Edge Penis Training Program
✅ Four extra straps
✅ Two pads
✅ Gauze
✅ Training Diary
✅ Forum access
✅ Exclusive online video access

There’s no extra charge for signing up for the Male Edge online community. Every product in their family has an instant year-long warranty.

Comparing Your Options

We’re only going to be comparing the Male Edge Pro to its brethren, but it’s still important to know the differences between it, the Basic, and the Extra.

Be sure to research each box and its options carefully. They come with different prices.

1️⃣ Male Edge Pro

2️⃣ Male Edge Basic

Each of these are good and worth using, with any weaknesses being due to what they lack. For instance, the Male Edge Basic has the fewest features. This isn’t much of a shocker, given it’s name.

You only get one additional strap with the Male Edge Basic. Compared to the Male Edge Pro, which has four as well as some pads, that’s something to consider.

3️⃣ Male Edge Extra

The strap count goes up here, as the Male Edge Extra has a pair of them, along with a single strap. It’s like the Basic, just with a few more pieces.

If you’re in a financial bind and have no other choice, the Basic and Extra are fine picks.
However, we strongly recommend you get the Male Edge Pro. We’re going to give you the lowdown for why Pro is the way to go.

Using The Male Edge

When we got situated with the Male Edge Pro, we knew we had used our money wisely. Getting this kind was an amazing decision on our end, because we didn’t have to throw more money at buying a more advanced model.

We constantly reminded each other we’d have to be patient and not be measuring our cocks every hour. This focus really helped, and it made the six months go by faster.

Getting signed up for the Male Edge online world as more of a pain. After that, though, it was pretty simple and fun.

Some of the guys expressed skepticism over how comfortable this could be. We expected at least a little bit of discomfort, but we ended up with none, save for a mildly awkward feeling.

The privacy is also wonderful. You’d have to be Superman to be able to tell when anyone is wearing a Male Edge.

The Good and The Bad

We’re here to praise the Male Edge Pro, but that doesn’t mean we’re cheerleaders. There are things to criticize about it, just like there are things to embrace.

One thing that penis enhancement manufacturers haven’t yet figured out is not making their products feel weird. The Male Edge Pro definitely isn’t too bad, but you may be pretty aware of it when you’re starting out.

Before we tell you what’s bad about the Male Edge Pro, let’s go into more of the goodies.


  • It can help men with curved penises
  • Safety: None of the Male Edge Pro’s materials should cause any harm
  • With further usage, you start to see better results
  • You can run this in your dishwasher if you need to clean it
  • It’s totally waterproof
  • It becomes easier to wear and use over time


  • Putting the Male Edge Pro on for the first time can be hard, and the next few times might also be difficult
  • It’s possible to use this if you haven’t been circumcised, but you’re going to have to undergo more of a strain and make more alterations than you would if you were circumcised
  • This isn’t exactly a “con,” but we have to stress that this device has to be worn right and for the six months. It can seem like a lot to keep in mind initially, but it’s just another wrinkle to add to your day, except this one leads to a bigger cock

Final Thoughts

There are lots of penis enhancers, but not as many that are as good as the Male Edge Pro. All it asks of you is your time and faith.

Don’t let yourself get hooked by some untrustworthy product just because it’s cheaper. You might as well throw your money out the window.

The Male Edge Pro is the best product in a very strong line. If they drop something even more advanced, we hope to be the first to try it.

Maybe they can ask us to do a test run?

Male Edge Pro

Due to it's comprehensive instruction guide, customer satisfaction, and multiple device options, Male Edge is a solid option to consider for extending your penis.

Reviewing The JES Extender: Will It Really Work For You?

For more than a decade, the JES Extender has been a distinguished way for men to make their penises bigger.

Those who have thought their sex lives would be permanently diminished due to meager penis size can get a second chance thanks to the JES Extender.

We heard a lot of good about the JES Extender before we had the chance to use it.

It’s hard to imagine anyone giving a positive review to a penis extender unless it actually does what it’s supposed to.

It would also have to show results in a pretty timely manner. It’d be ridiculous to expect it to make your penis bigger in a week or less.

However, you also wouldn’t want to spend the money and time on it while waiting too long for it to work.

The makers of the JES Extender pledge pretty fast results and that your penis could grow by nearly a third.

Guys with all sizes of cocks can use this and be thrilled by what happens.

JES Extender

Due to step by step instructions, multiple extender options, and overall customer satisfaction, The JES Extender is a great penis extender option.


The first intention of the JES Extender was to help guys with Peyronies Disease, which results in a curved penis.

Not only were users experiencing smoothed-out penises, but they were getting bigger ones too.

This definitely wasn’t bad publicity for the product, since just about any guy would want to have a larger penis.

Getting FDA approval also gave the JES Extender more credibility, as well as a possible price increase.

However, this is something that more than matches its value. This review and others should help you see what so many people like about using the JES Extender.

What Kind of Tests Has the JES Extender Undergone?

Before word could be spread about its effectiveness, the JES Extender had to be put under tests from legitimate sources.

These have involved careful observation of test subjects and their progress with the product.

All test subjects have seen at least some growth with the JES Extender, so you have even more evidence that it works.

Better yet, there were no complaints of it altering users’ bodies or causing any related bodily issues.

What’s the Concept Behind This Device?

There’s nothing elaborate about the JES Extender. It puts pressure on the penis in a repetitive process. Eventually, this leads to the penis getting larger.

This is similar to what happens post-operation for guys who are having their penises worked on.

What was learned was that it wasn’t just people who had gone under the knife who could benefit from using such methods.

There are guys everywhere who have used the JES Extender to see better things from their penis.

There’s no discrimination when it comes to small penis size, nor is there any for who can see growth.

The Good and The Bad

No product, tool, system, or device is perfect, so we don't know if this will be a good fit for you or not.

By weighing the pros and cons of this device, you'll be able to figure out by yourself if it's worth it to you. There are certainly benefits and drawbacks, which we cover here. 


  • It’s made of material that can stretch with ease and be adapted for your wearing needs and schedule
  • This device is very discreet. Nothing about it will clue others that you have it on
  • Your penis may get bigger for good if you’re wearing it consistently
  • No medications or other ingested products are used. All you need is the JES Extender
  • You can see the results of the JES Extender after only a week of usage
  • Your penis can grow nearly a quarter longer
  • Your penis can grow nearly a fifth wider
  • It can help guys with curved penises
  • Those with penis and/or sexual issues (like ED) make up a large percentage of JES Extender users
  • Your sex life can be made a lot better from using this device consistently


  • It has to be worn for the proper duration in order to work
  • It’s more expensive than some of its competition
  • It shouldn’t be used by underage individuals
  • There are multiple versions, making it hard for some guys to figure out which kind to get

Choosing the Right Device For You

You don’t need to have any jitters about potentially getting the wrong JES Extender. Should you choose one and it doesn’t work out, you can get twice your money returned.

Once you’ve ruled out one JES Extender, there are five others to consider. We’re going to tell you about the six kinds of JES Extenders.

1. JES Extender Original

Screenshot taken from

A simple starting point is with the JES Extender Original. More than 200,000 of these have been bought by hopeful men.

The JES Extender Original needs to be worn six hours a day at a minimum. However, you can totally wear it while performing your everyday actions.

Here's what comes in the package.

✅ 1 pcs – Basel Unit
✅ 1 pcs – Dual Function Front Piece
✅ 1 pcs – Silicon Tube
✅ 1 pcs – Comfort Strap
✅ 1 pcs – Protection Pad
✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✅ 2 pcs – 1 inch/2.5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 4 pcs – 2 inch/5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 1 pcs – Set of Keys
✅ 1 pcs – QuickGuide
✅ 2 Year Warranty

2. JES Extender Light

Screenshot taken from

The “Light” in this product’s name comes from its weight, or lack thereof. This lets you feel even more comfortable while wearing it.

Here's what comes in the package.

✅ 1 pcs – Basel Unit
✅ 1 pcs – Dual Function Front Piece
✅ 1 pcs – Silicon Tube
✅ 1 pcs – Comfort Strap
✅ 1 pcs – Protection Pad

✅ 2 pcs – 1 inch/2,5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 2 pcs – 2 inch/5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 1 pcs – QuickGuide
✅ 1 Year Warranty
✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

3. JES Extender Titanium

Screenshot taken from

This is one of the more deluxe models. There are bonuses, such as a one-of-kind traction force.

Delivered in an attractive case with additional pieces that might come in handy, the JES Extender Titanium is seriously wonderful. 

Here what comes in the package. 

✅ 1 pcs – Basel Unit
✅ 1 pcs – Dual Function Front Piece
✅ 1 pcs – Silicon Tube
✅ 1 pcs – Comfort Strap
✅ 1 pcs – Protection Pad
✅ 2 Year Warranty

✅ 2 pcs – ½ inch/1,25 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 2 pcs – 1 inch/2,5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 4 pcs – 2 inch/5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 1 pcs – Set of Keys
✅ 1 pcs – QuickGuide

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

4. JES Extender Gold

Screenshot taken from

The products are going to shine brighter and brighter from here. The JES Extender Gold has very fast results considering all it’s doing.

There’s no harm happening or felt as it’s helping your penis. Plus, there are the following awesome things about it.

Here's what comes in the package.

✅ 24-carat gold plate

✅ 1 pcs – Basel Unit
✅ 1 pcs – Dual Function Front Piece
✅ 1 pcs – Silicon Tube
✅ 1 pcs – Comfort Strap
✅ 2 pcs – Protection Pad
✅ 5 Year Warranty

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✅ Strap made of Velcro

✅ 2 pcs – ½ inch/1,25 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 2 pcs – 1 inch/2,5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 4 pcs – 2 inch/5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 1 pcs – Set of Keys
✅ 1 pcs – Cohesive Gauze

✅ 1 pcs – Custom Velcro Strap

✅ 1 pcs – QuickGuide

✅ Extra pieces

5. JES Extender Platinum

Screenshot taken from

Another top-tier extender is the JES Extender Platinum. Your penis can get and look bigger with this.

It’s not different from some of these other products, but the information below definitely merits mentioning.

Here's what comes in the package.

✅ Platinum plating
✅ ​Lifetime Warranty
✅ 1 pcs – Basel Unit
✅ 1 pcs – Dual Function Front Piece
✅ 1 pcs – Silicon Tube

✅ 1 pcs – Comfort Strap

✅ 1200g traction maximum

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

✅ Stain and rust proof

✅ ​2 pcs – ½ inch/1,25 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 2 pcs – 1 inch/2,5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 4 pcs – 2 inch/5 cm Elongation Bars
✅ 1 pcs – Set of Keys
✅ 1 pcs – Cohesive Gauze

✅ 1 pcs – Custom Velcro Strap

✅ 1 pcs – QuickGuide

✅ 1 pcs – No slip protech

Final Thoughts

The JES Extender is a terrific way to make your penis younger. It fits on easily and doesn’t cause any disruptions to your normal routine.

Beyond its effects and appearances, it’s also shipped for free and doesn’t reveal anything via its packaging.

Inside, you’ll find a multi-language DVD. That means the possibilities with this product aren’t limited to people from one country or nationality. Hopefully, speakers of every language will someday be able to use this.

There are additional details on the JES Extender official site. Try to get in touch with others who have used the products and achieved good results.

Reviewing The Quick Extender Pro: Will It Really Work For You?

​A man’s penis size can do a lot for their self-esteem. Regardless of if all potential partners care about it, a guy can really feel diminished by this shortcoming.

​Being reminded of this can become particularly difficult when intimacy becomes a possibility. Guys might become so insecure about their penis that they pass on approaching someone that’d be a perfect match for them.

​Rather than moan about it and assume nothing can be done, men have turned to solutions to deal with their penis size. The sole way this can be dealt with properly is with a penis extender.

​These devices help your penis grow by stretching it out gradually. After some months of regular usage, your penis will have increased in size by a not-small amount. Just think of all of the things you'll be able to do.

​With many impressive brands on the market, prospective buyers need to be aware of the best products. The one we’ll be talking about today, the Quick Extender Pro, is in the top-tier of penis extenders.

​In its decade-plus of existence, the Quick Extender Pro has become championed by men who’ve needed a break. We gave the Q​EP a try to find out if it’s as good as people say.

​Quick Extender Pro

Due to it's ​comprehensive guide,​step by step instructions, and dozens of 5 star reviews, The Quick Extender Pro ​is a great penis enlargement option.

What Is ​Quick Extender Pro?

​Results come from the Quick Extender Pro by working your penis like weights work muscles. With tears occurring through stretching, cells are made at a higher volume by your body. Eventually, this leads to a longer penis.

​There have been other extenders that work by putting your penis in a rigid situation. It can work, but it can also be really uncomfortable, despite the strap that’s meant to prevent discomfort.

​The QEP solves this problem by having two straps. It’s really basic, but it’s the perfect, simple solution.

​The aluminum used for the product is also light and medically safe. There shouldn't be any risk of an allergic reaction with the Quick Extender Pro, but you may want to speak to your doctor just in case.

​The current version can withstand a lot of tension, as much as 4000g. That’s a lot to undertake, but it’s more of a show of just how powerful this device is.

​Ordering Options

There are four different products to choose from when buying the Quick Extender Pro.

1. Deluxe Limited Edition

Screenshot taken from

Included in this order are the Quick Extender Pro and the following items.

​​✅ DSS system
​✅ Case
​✅ Rizer XL, ​3-month supply
​✅ Tension spring set
​✅ Booster pump
​✅ Comfort pads
​✅ Spring assembly

✅ Bars

​✅ Pads
​✅ Tubes
​✅ Mobile case
​✅ DVDs
​✅ Guide cards
​✅ Self-progress chart
​✅ Tape measure

✅ ​6 month warranty

2. Deluxe ​Standard Edition

Screenshot taken from

​The most sold type of Q​EP is the Deluxe Standard. There’s not as much tension as the Limited Edition. The following things come with this version

​​✅ DSS system
​✅ ​Group of springs
​✅ ​Rizel XL, one-month supply
​✅ ​Bars and pivots
​✅ ​Pads
​✅ ​Tubes

​✅ ​Carrying case
​✅ ​DVD
​✅ ​Guide cards
​✅ ​Self-progress chart
​✅ ​Tape measure

✅ ​1 year warranty

3. Value Edition

Screenshot taken from

There’s not a whole lot in the Value Edition, especially not compared to others in this list. 

You might want to get it because you’re on a budget, but it lacks the features of the stronger of its company, additionally, the extension capabilities aren’t nearly as great.

​This is what you get with the Value Edition.

​​✅ DSS system
​✅ ​Springs
​✅ ​Bars and pivots
​✅ ​Tubes
​✅ ​Pads
​✅ ​Carrying case

✅ Tape measure
✅ Self-progress chart
✅ Guide cards
✅ DVDs
✅ $100 voucher for Rizer XL

4. Curvature Correction and Peyronies

Screenshot taken from

​If you have Peyronies, which involves a curved penis. That’s a big issue for men, as it can wreck one’s sex life. 

Fortunately, these products can provide an actual solution. This is what you get with the Curvature Correction and Peyronies.

​​✅ DSS system
​✅ ​Springs
​✅ ​​​Bars, rods, and pivots
​✅ ​Tubes
​✅ ​Pads
​✅ ​Carrying case

✅ ​​Vitamin E

​✅ ​Tape measure
​✅ ​Self-progress chart
​✅ ​Guide cards
​✅ DVDs
​✅ ​​Pouch

​✅ ​​​Memory foam

​Key Features

​With the Quick Extender Pro, there’s more than the device itself. These are some other things to consider when ordering the Quick Extender Pro.

​1. Site: The ​QEP earns a lot of trust from its site design. It creates a feeling of trust because of how attractive it looks.

The excellence of the product is the main reason to use Quick Extender Pro, but this is another thing that helps.

​2. Quick Shipment: It only took a couple of days for the ​QEP to reach me. There was nothing about the box that would raise any suspicion.

When I opened it up, it was already put together. I was totally prepared to do at least a little bit of assemblage.

​3. Sizing: The Quick Extender Pro might not immediately feel comfortable. 

However, you can easily adjust it, especially if you use the DVDs for help. It’s not one-size-fits-all, but it’s not an issue to get yourself into it.

​4. Customer Care: Talking to the customer support line will help to answer just about any question you have or solve any basic problem.

You’ll get to speak to an actual person who’s happy to help you through your issue.

​5. Dual Straps: Having two straps on a penis extender might not seem like anything particularly impressive, but it’s twice the comfort of a single-strapped one.

It’s a lot easier on your penis, which you definitely know is sensitive. Doing ordinary activities like moving around are a lot easier when you have this support.


  • ​Lightweight materials
  • ​ Doesn’t require any assembly
  • ​Confidential shipping
  • ​Can increase sexual sensitivity
  • ​Two straps to eliminate pain
  • ​Can take effect in less than a month (not guaranteed for everyone)


  • ​Requires continuous usage
  • ​Shouldn’t be used during sleep

​My Results

​As someone with a home office, I was able to use the ​QEP without worrying about if coworkers know what’s going on in my pants.

I wore it for a few hours a day, giving myself a few weeks between measurements.

​I also made sure I was giving myself reprieves so that I wasn’t wearing it too many days in a row. My penis knows how to tell me when it needs some rest, and I know how to listen.

​Waiting to measure myself paid off, as I grew nearly half an inch after a few weeks. Half an inch isn’t anything when talking about hair, but it’s something impressive when it comes to a penis.

​I knew I couldn’t just stop there. My resolve was even stronger, and I started wearing the Quick Extender Pro for even longer durations.

This did cause some soreness. I was able to learn my limits, and you should be able to as well.

​Sleeping with the Quick Extender Pro might seem like a good idea, as you can let it do its work while you rest.

However, I tried this and ended up paying for it in the morning. I’m someone who really tosses and turns, and that’s not good with a device like this.

​You’ll be a lot more comfortable just wearing it during the day. Take advantage of the straps and listen to your body.

​I got a couple inches of growth after wearing the Q​EP for six months. Look at your penis and imagine how it would look with two more inches on it.

There’s no way you can tell me it wouldn’t be at least a little noticeably bigger.

​Besides the length, I’ve also got way more vigor. In bed, I can last longer and I get so much harder. As it turns out, bigger truly is better.

Is It As Good As Other Options?

There are products like the Quick Extender Pro that are trusted for their penis extension capabilities.

Two that you should know about are the Phallosan Forte and SizeGenetics. I’ve made a breakdown of which of these three is the best for each of the five key categories.

How Comfortable Is It?

The best for comfort is the Phallosan Forte, which fits on very securely and can easily fit under your regular wardrobe.

As mentioned, the Q​EP has an excellent two-strap system. SizeGenetics is a lot looser but also heavier. Wearing it can feel pretty awkward.

How Durable Is It?

SizeGenetics holds up the best in terms of material. Q​EP isn’t too delicate either. With its partial-glass material, the Phallosan definitely loses here.

​​Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

You only need to have the Phallosan Forte for a minimum of two weeks for a refund request.

Conversely, the Quick Extender Pro requires six months before a refund can be requested, while SizeGenetics requires four months.

You also have to track your results with “My Diary,” located on their website.

How Does The Warranty Compare?

There’s a two-year warranty for the Phallosan Forte, which includes replacement pieces.

SizeGenetic’s warranty is one-year, while Quick Extender Pro has warranties for a year or for six months.

How ​Much Can Length Be Extended?

​​Quick Extender Pro wins in this category, as it can go as far as 16 inches.

There isn’t one listed for the Phallosan Forte, but it can be understood that it's pretty extendable when rods are used. SizeGenetics stops at 10 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

​Will the Quick Extender Pro work for me?

​Nothing is certain, especially not with Quick Extender Pro. However, you can trust us when we say the Q​EP has a great reputation with many positive testimonials from guys who have wanted longer penises.

​Will It give me more girth?

​The Quick Extender Pro can give you a wider penis as well as a longer one.

​​Does this produce any side-effects?

​The worst consequence of wearing the Quick Extender Pro is some pain, and this is pretty minimal compared to what positives it can bring you.

​How long does it take for results to show​?

​Your Q​EP journey can pay off with results in a month or less. Don't get discouraged if you don't see results as fast as you anticipated or wanted.

Final Thoughts

​I’ve loved using the Quick Extender Pro, but what I might love even more is sharing about its greatness.

There are some imperfections, but the good more than makes up for it. My review isn’t the only positive one, but I hope you find it’s the most informative — your satisfaction hinge on proper, consistent usage.

​Something I liked to do to keep myself motivated was looking at images of large cocks, like those from male porn stars.

Just knowing that I could at least come within a reasonable distance of such length gave me drive.

​My appreciation for my penis has also increased. Even when I hadn't yet experienced any definitive growth with the Q​EP, I was able to stay optimistic.

​Having a general outline of how it works helped me stay interested. I knew that even if I didn't see anything happen, there was definitely activity occurring.

​I do wish that you can get what I got out of the Quick Extender Pro. Your penis doesn't need to be stuck at its underwhelming size forever.

Get yourself the Quick Extender Pro you can feel more confident and have a better performance in bed.

​Quick Extender Pro

Due to it's ​comprehensive guide,​step by step instructions, and dozens of 5 star reviews, The Quick Extender Pro ​is a great penis enlargement option.

Reviewing SizeGenetics: Will It Really Work For You?

Some people seem born with confidence while others have self-esteem so low, you’d have to get a shovel to find it.

We certainly hope that you’re not in the latter group, but if you are, know that there’s hope available. People full of confidence are sometimes ones who have been in the most need of help.

A lot of low self-esteem can be attributed to comparisons. We see people depicted in the media as having certain features, and when we don't have the same features, we start to feel bad about ourselves.

Some of these things don't need to be worried about, as they're just silly fads that will be forgotten a year from now. However, some things can really cause a lot of insecurity beyond just a surface level.

We’re not here to be your therapist, but we do have a hunch that part of your insecurity relates to your trouble with relationships. Included in that is insecurity about your sexuality.

Having a small penis is something that lots of guys feel burdened by. Even if there are women who don’t really care about such matters, it’s hard to keep it from nagging at you.

You don’t need to feel like your penis size is stopping you any longer. With a product like SizeGenetics, you’ll be able to recapture your sexual confidence or discover it in the first place.


Due to it's formulaic and instructions, comprehensive guide, and overall functionality, SizeGenetics is a great option to consider for non-surgical penis enlargement.

What Is SizeGenetics?

For close to 20 years, men have been using SizeGenetics to conquer sexual insecurity and show just how much physical prowess they really have.

This isn’t some kind of cheap device that just makes your penis look bigger. It legitimately increases size. A few inches can really make all the difference.

There’s medical evidence behind SizeGenetics as well. Doctors who specialize in this sort of thing use SizeGenetics for help with their procedures.

Looking at SizeGenetics probably won’t stun you, but it’s more than meets the eye. People who use this really love it because they have experienced it working for them.

What's Included In The Package?

There are four distinct boxes with the SizeGenetics parts. However, there are common things between all four. These are:

 - The SizeGenetics (2800g)
 - Front part
 - Strap
 - Pad
 - User manual
 - Elongation bar (one-inch)
 - Elongation bar (two-inches)

The other items you can get include carrying cases, lotion, and keys. Selecting these items is a matter of knowing what things you’ll most need.

How Does It Work?

Think of SizeGenetics like a dumbbell for your penis. Just like how doing curls over an extended period builds up your arms, so does SizeGenetics grow your penis.

During weight training, you gain muscle mass by the tissue tearing. Your body recovers by increasing cell output, which then lets your muscles increase in size. The same thing occurs to your penis when you’re using SizeGenetics.

With regular usage, your penis can get bigger. It’s a gradual process, and you might not notice it until you really take a moment to feel your penis and how much bigger it is than before.

How To Use It?

SizeGenetics can become a new part of your wardrobe. You just put it on your penis and let it get to work. You may decide to put it on first thing in the morning or wait until after you're off work.

With its 2,800g force level, SizeGenetics does a lot with a little. You don’t want to wear it all day when first using it.

To begin, wear it for around 40 minutes at a time. Increase your length over time. The longest you can wear SizeGenetics uninterrupted is for five hours.

How Frequently Should I Use It?

You should wear your SizeGenetics daily for a minimum of four months. Make sure you’re starting with no more than 40 minutes at a time.

Some light pain from the introduction can be expected. Work your way through this and increase your session length as you build up your endurance.

Pretty soon you'll be able to wear it for hours at a time without even noticing it's there.

Safety Concerns

We more than understand not wanting to put something on your penis long-term unless you absolutely trust it.

SizeGenetics comes with the assurance that it’s been put through all the inspections necessary.

This isn’t just researchers hired by the company telling you this. It’s also received FDA approval. People you can trust have ascertained that SizeGenetics can be trusted.

Why Use SizeGenetics?

✅ Safety: SizeGenetics makes your penis larger in a safe manner. There’s been so much quality control with designing it. You couldn’t expect to get much action out of your newly enlarged penis otherwise, right?

✅ Extension: Your penis can see actual growth with how the SizeGenetics stretches it. You won’t be seeing overnight results, but every time you wear it will truly count.

✅ Tissue Growth: The increase in tissue makes SizeGenetics more than something that just makes your penis look bigger. It also increases blood flow. If you’ve been having trouble getting as hard as you used to, here’s your solution.

✅ Curved Penis Syndrome Help: A medical condition that can leave guys unable to experience sex while also dealing with serious pain, curved penis syndrome can be helped. With SizeGenetics, you can get your penis back into its proper shape.

How To Buy + Cost

You’ll need to buy SizeGenetics through their official website. There are four types of boxes you can get.

Be sure to research each box and its options carefully. They come with different prices.

1️⃣ The value kind costs $199.95. This is the lowest price one and has eight things included.

2️⃣ The comfort kind is $249.95. There are 14 things in this package.

3️⃣ The Curvature and Peyronie’s kind, meant to help with curved penis syndrome, costs $299.95. There are 15 things in this package.

4️⃣ The most-encompassing kind is Ultimate. It has 17 things inside, including a leather case, and also costs $299.95.


We don’t imagine you’ll have to ask for a refund for your SizeGenetics. However, if you do, you can have your money returned within six months. However, you need to have used it for at least four months.

That makes total sense, as results aren’t likely to kick in until at least four months of usage.

To make sure you’ve actually been using the device properly, SizeGenetics has you fill out the “My Diary” feature, located on their website. You’ll record each instance of use and the duration.

SizeGenetics encourages continuous usage for four months and that you’re using at least 1200g of force.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I start noticing a difference?

We honestly can’t say for certain. You might be lucky enough to have it be working after only a couple of months, but you might also need to wait the full four months.

Keep patient and remember that feeling something different means you’re doing something right.

Is SizeGenetics painful?

You may have a little soreness with the SizeGenetics during your first few trials. However, it’s not anything to be alarmed about.

Your penis is getting a workout because it hasn’t yet adapted to this kind of flexing. When it does, you can enjoy your SizeGenetics a lot more.

When can I get my refund?

You need to have owned your SizeGenetics for a minimum of four months and a maximum of six in order to get a refund. You also have to record usage in “My Diary.”

Confirming that you’ve used the device for the allotted amount of time and that you aren’t seeing results shows the company that you’re not trying to swindle them.

Will this help with a curved penis?

A curved penis is nothing to joke about. Penises are meant to be straight so they can easily fit inside someone.

You may be okay with your penis’ size but feel rightfully upset about its shape. SizeGenetics is a godsend for how it helps remedy this condition.

You’ll still have to wait for it to take effect fully, but that’s much better than just resigning to life with a curved penis.

What is the acceptable wearing frequency?

Daily wearing of SizeGenetics is crucial. Don’t wear it for too long as that could really cause a sore penis.

Final Thoughts

It would be a wonderful thing if all guys could be born with the penises they want, large and curve-free. Unfortunately, a fair number of us have pulled the short genetic straw and been left with cocks that are hard to be proud of.

With SizeGenetics, you can give your penis the redemption arc it deserves. Something that you may have previously been ashamed of can now be something to celebrate. If you have a special someone in your life, they should also be thrilled.

It takes time, but so does pretty much anything else that’s worthwhile. Also, the four months or so it takes for SizeGenetics to do its thing will be nothing compared to how long you’ll be able to enjoy its pleasures.

Speak with your doctor if you have any questions or reluctance about using this device. It's unlikely you'd be the first to tell them about this sort of a problem.

Think too about everything you have to look forward to: More confidence, a better sex life, and a more substantial physical penis appearance can all come from one device. If that's not a blessing, nothing is.

Picking your pack is also important. You want to make sure it's one that suits your needs through all its accessories. We think the price is quite fair too, as all of the SizeGenetics give you your money's worth.

Be sure to tell others about your experience, such as friends who might have insecurity about their penis size. Explain how much this device has helped you and show them this article as support.

Some people are insecure about being overweight or lacking hair. If they really care about these things, they'll do something to help any way they can.

SizeGenetics is just the same. It's a way for you to combat your insecurity by addressing this problem instead of just hoping for a magic solution.

A device that can make your penis larger and/or straighten it out in only a few months can definitely seem like magic, though.

We wish you the best with using SizeGenetics. Before you know it, you'll be forgetting about just how small your penis was.


Due to it's formulaic and instructions, comprehensive guide, and overall functionality, SizeGenetics is a great option to consider for non-surgical penis enlargement.

Reviewing The Fleshlight: Is This Toy Worth It?

As good as it can feel to masturbate into your hand, it doesn’t compare to the “real thing.” Once you’ve had actual sex, the desire to feel a vagina is so much greater. But what do you do if there’s no one to share your intimacy with?

Steve Shubin, inventor of the Fleshlight, solved this problem and changed solo play for men forever.

It’s arguably the most popular type of pocket pussy on the market today. Its name comes from its fleshy interior and how it resembles a flashlight.

Since its introduction more than 20 years ago, Fleshlight has become even more versatile, with new products that respond all the more to a user’s sexual needs.

Lonely nights no longer feel so lonely when you have this toy on-hand.

The Fleshlight

Due to their realistic feeling, hundreds of five star reviews, and dozens of options, The Fleshlight is a certified and approved pocket pussy sex toy.


There are two main parts of the Fleshlight. First, there’s its case. Made of plastic, this helps to keep the sleeve intact.

This sleeve is what feels like a real vagina. There are two caps, one to secure the toy for when not in use and another for adjusting the amount of suction used.

Fleshlight sleeves run the gamut in terms of feeling and look. The manufacturers know that not all vaginas are the same, nor do all guys have the same tastes.

Some are tighter than others, so you need to know what exactly your cock can best tolerate. We’d hate for you to be let down by an option that's too-tight.

Making Your Selection

With ten different types of Fleshlights to consider, your decision needs to be made thoughtfully.

1. Classics - This is the first kind of Fleshlight and is still a great one, especially if you’re into being vintage.

2. Girls - These Fleshlights have been made to replicate the pussies and asses of specific pornstars.

3. Fleshskins - A great idea made great, Fleshskins are like a Fleshlight that you wear like a glove, allowing for an enhanced masturbation experience.

4. Turbo - This product is a blowjob simulator that will really make you feel like you’re getting your cock sucked. True to its name, there’s a lot of speed to this device. If you need something to perk you up, the Turbo can definitely do the trick.

5. Quickshot - The Quickshot is a more compact device with dual ends for easy insertion. It can definitely feel a lot better than just using a lube-covered hand for masturbation.

6. Ice - These Fleshlights are transparent. With an Ice Fleshlight, you can get harder by seeing just how good your cock looks as it’s pounding away.

7. Flight - Traveling with a Fleshlight can be a hassle. That’s why there’s the Flight, which shrinks things down without sacrificing quality. Put it in your luggage and look forward to taking it out when you’re in your hotel room.

8. Go - The Go Fleshlight covers the same ground as the Flight. However, this one has an actual vaginal interior, which is something the Flight lacks.

9. Freaks - The Freaks line of sex toys was for people with a fetish for mythical creatures, such as vampires. They’re no longer on the market but maybe demand for their return will reach a fever pitch.

10. Sex in a Can - These Fleshlights were designed to look like a beer can. It’s certainly interesting and up someone’s alley. However, the selection of these has gone down a lot.

You might be someone who’s all about customization. Have no fear, as you can choose each of the features to create your perfect Fleshlight.


✅  Versions for different penis sizes

✅  Feels like a real vagina

✅  Multiple options including dozens of Fleshlight girls

✅  Affordable for most everyone 


❌  Can wear out if you don't take care of it

❌  Can get bored of the same toy

Fleshlight Sleeves

Nothing matters more than the sleeve on a Fleshlight. A solid case and attractive look won’t matter if the sleeve isn’t able to give you any pleasure.

However, a good sleeve can start to get tepid after a while. Buying individuals sleeves help you save money and try more things.

Be sure to check for deals that allow the purchase of multiple sleeves at a reduced cost. These things basically pay for themselves over time.

Think about what most turns you on and look for a sleeve that covers that. Don’t just make this a blind purchase, as you’ll know very soon if you chose the right sleeve.

Your size is another thing to consider. Some sleeves require a specific length minimum to be adequately penetrated.


There used to be three kinds of orifices for Fleshlights: vagina, ass, and lips. Now, only the first two are available

However, most people agree that these are the superior two options.

You might be considering only the vagina, but the ass ones shouldn’t be ignored completely. If you’ve never had anal sex but are curious, this is a great way to try.

You don’t have to worry about causing discomfort to your partner or dealing with any untimely messes.

Accessories Available

You don’t really know about what this toy can do until you try some of the accessories. There are things you can buy that will solve simple problems and make your solo play a whole lot better.

You can get a mount to set up your Fleshlight for shower usage. You can sync it with your tablet through "Launchpad".

There are also things you can buy for a more comfortable experience, like a Fleshlight-specific lube and cleaning product.

I really like the SleeveWarmer. This allows you to warm up your toy and enjoy a richer experience.

My Personal Experience

I want to tell you about my personal experience with my first Fleshlight and how I figured out how to work it.


I wasn’t too worried about having my purchase exposed, but it was nice to see the Fleshlight came in a confidential box. The only thing that surprised me was how much weight it had.

It was nice to have some lube included, but the best plan is to have some water-based lube available already. The real star of the show is the toy, of course.

I was immediately impressed just by holding the Fleshlight. It was so durable that I almost forgot it was made of plastic.

When I took the cap off and started poking at the flesh, I knew I would soon be in heaven. I’m glad I checked with my fingers first, because there’s a tube within the sleeve, and that would undoubtedly hurt if I wasn’t looking.

There’s a lot of elasticity to the sleeve. This is a huge benefit for when you’re fucking your Fleshlight and want to be able to move around.

The large size is also a plus, because it gives you a feeling of size that helps you better control your movements and have a more pleasurable experience.

A lot of thought has clearly been put into making this toy the great product it is. You’ll get more than your money’s worth with this device.

Preparing To Use

You shouldn’t just get hard and shove your cock into the Fleshlight. To start, you need to consider whether or not you’ll warm it. up.

This isn’t a requirement, but it can have you have a more gratifying experience.

Also, you’ll need plenty of lube, as your Fleshlight won’t be getting wet on its own. Get some inside your toy and your cock. Adjust the levels as needed.

The suction level is also very important to consider. You control this with the bottom cap. Some guys like things to be as tight as can be, while others like to keep them quite loose.

How To Use

Fleshlights can be used in many ways, even if the goal is always the same. A standard way to start is by holding it like you do your penis when masturbating.

This can get a little tiresome, so you might decide to go for putting it between your mattress and box spring.

My Fleshlight was able to solve the biggest problem of masturbation: knowing that I wasn’t having actual sex. This wasn’t a person, but it felt close enough for my penis not to be able to tell the difference.

The first time I blew a load in my Fleshlight, I was exhaling in absolute relief. I’d taken myself out of a slump, and I knew things would never be the same again.

How To Clean

It’s really easy to keep your toy clean. The hardest part is working up the motivation, post-ejaculation, to do so. All you have to do is separate the sleeve from its case and wash both with water.

You shouldn’t use soap on your Fleshlight due to the risk of damage. However, you can get a cleaner for sex toys.

There should be lots of ventilation wherever you're using it. Wait until it’s fully dried before you use it again.

Making sure it's clean is the key to granting it longevity. You also don't want to go in for another sensation and get grossed out by realizing your cum is still inside.

How To Renew

Your Fleshlight’s sleeve can start to wear out and lose its gloss. You don’t need to pitch it when this happens.

Get some of the "Renewing Powder" to bring back its luster. For a DIY home solution, head to your cabinet and apply some corn starch. 

Once this happens, your toy can feel as great as ever.

Some Fleshlight Alternatives

1. Kiiroo Onyx 2

The are many Fleshlight similarities with the Kiiroo Onyx 2. 

The main difference is that this toy is an automatic masturbator. 

Instead of thrusting back and forth with your own hand, this automatic toy does the thrusting for you. 

It's slightly more cost than the regular Fleshlight, but this toy can certainly be a excellent upgrade to take your masturbating experience to the next level. 

2. Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

The Launch is essentially the automatic version of the Fleshlight.

You actually insert the Fleshlight into the Launch which automatically does the work for you. 

User reviews are off the charts with this toy. Hundreds of people have given this upgrade 5 star reviews.

Also, you can pair this toy with a VR for an ultra realistic experience. 

Some of the main features are:

Bluetooth compatibility 

Hands Free Use

Works with all types of Fleshlight products

Screenshot taken from

Final Thoughts

The Fleshlight is popularized, not just because it’s a little better than regular masturbation. 

It’s an improvement in so many ways and can help tide you over when you’re not able to have intercourse with another.

Take your time with using it, especially with getting it all set up. Try to not masturbate for a few days before using it for the first time. You might be able to reach the point where you're getting hard just by looking at it.

Through all the different sleeves and the ability to change suction, your Fleshlight can be designed according to your needs. Using accessories can also make things even more fun.

With this Fleshlight for men, guys like you can deal with their urges without feeling cheap. People in relationships can also have success using these. 

Your partner might get really turned on by seeing you fuck your toy. It can look like you're brought another woman into the mix.

The only person stopping you is yourself, and we hope this guide has helped you realize just how many pros there are to owning a Fleshlight.

Reviewing RealDoll: Is This High-End Sex Doll Worth It?

Sex dolls have come a long way, and the RealDoll 2 might be the epitome of what’s possible with these types of products.

With more than a couple of sex dolls in my supply, I feel comfortable calling myself an expert. I also feel comfortable telling you that no doll is more lifelike than this one.

Realism isn't the only thing to keep in mind with a sex doll, but a big reason people get these is that they want to have sex with a human without dealing with an actual human.

It's not like this is just a more elaborate way to masturbate. Your self-pleasure experiences are bound to look even more underwhelming after you find out what you can do with the RealDoll.

You’d have to have incredibly high expectations if you don’t see the RealDoll 2 as a marvel of design. As soon as I first received mine, I knew I made the right choice in buying it.

Buying a doll like this is a serious decision to make. You have to consider the cost, as these aren’t mass-produced pieces of mediocrity. It's like the difference between buying a brand-new car and a clunker.

When you have the money and confidence to buy a RealDoll, go for it. This review is meant to tell you all about the pros of buying a RealDoll and what you have to look forward to.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's realistic design, customizable features, and customer satisfaction, RealDoll is certified and approved by our sex experts.

All About Real Doll

Made by Abyss Creations, RealDolls are sex dolls that are meant to replicate an actual human.

This means a RealDoll doesn’t merely have a passing resemblance to a human. It literally looks and feels like one. When you close your eyes, the illusion can become even greater.

Other sex dolls serve a good purpose, but a suspension of disbelief isn’t always easy to come by. In the back of your mind, it can be hard to shake the knowledge that you’re fucking an inanimate object.

A RealDoll may set you back a bit financially, but if you’ve decided it’s something that you really want for yourself, purchase it. Sometimes, finding happiness means spending a lot of money.

RealDoll Classic and RealDoll 2

The best thing to compare one RealDoll to is another RealDoll. The RealDoll Classic and the RealDoll 2 each have a lot of qualities. The cost discrepancy is one of the first things people notice, but it shouldn’t be the only.

If you’re looking at this purely from a money-saving perspective, the obvious answer would be to go for the RealDoll Classic, since it costs $2,000 less than the RealDoll 2.

However, the RealDoll 2 doesn’t cost more for no reason. It’s so much better built and feels a lot better. You can also do a lot more with it.

The RealDoll Classic is better than pretty much any other sex doll that came before it, but the RealDoll 2 took a great thing and made it even better. Its lighter silicone design is just one reason why it’s worth the extra investment.

Sure, you might think that 10 pounds more of weight is a fair tradeoff for spending $2,000 less, but it’s not just about lugging it around. It’s also about being able to put the doll in different poses without strain more comfortably.

Keeping your RealDoll 2 clean is also pretty easy. You can take out different inserts for the mouth and vagina and get them cleaned up. These can also let you vary your sessions.

It can also make you feel like you have multiple dolls. The inserts provide different sensations and keep you from getting too used to your RealDoll.

When you want to go back to a familiar warm pussy, just put that insert back into your RealDoll. Then, get your hard cock lubed up and ready to go.

The lower parts and orifices aren’t the only thing to love about the RealDoll 2. There’s an option to switch out your doll’s face using magnetic connections. These are supremely attractive looks. We just hope Abyss Creations has more of these in the works.

With RealDoll’s Face X feature, your doll can be made to feel like you’re romancing multiple women without spending any more than you have to. Plus, it eliminates the worry about using protection.

While the RealDoll Classic’s skin looks and feels quite nice, it has a glossiness to it that the RealDoll 2 corrects.

Close your eyes when you touch the RealDoll 2 and tell us it doesn’t feel like an actual woman’s skin.


✅  Lots of ways to customize

✅  Genuine-looking face

✅  Inserts that can be taken out

✅  Genuine-feeling skin

✅  Great customer care

✅  Discretion when shipping


❌  High price (the only real downside)

Shipping and Packaging

You’ll have to order your RealDoll through the mail. While this isn’t as scary as going to buy a sex doll in stores, it can definitely cause some hesitation.

The people at sex shops are often very friendly, but there are things you want to keep to yourself.

Before you start to assume that a RealDoll is going to arrive in a box with “SEX DOLL” printed in huge letters all over it, know that these dolls are sent with confidentiality.

The crate it comes in is definitely big, but there’s nothing on the outside that makes it obvious that a sex doll is inside.

Most people will see a large box, raise a brief eyebrow, then move on with the rest of their day. It’s just not something that’s going to attract a lot of attention unless you’re making a total scene.

The RealDoll is a very heavy delivery, however. You might need to solicit help getting it inside your home.

Should you be apprehensive about being questioned on this, try getting a dolly or another device that allows for easy self-moving.

Once it’s inside, you’ll need to unscrew the eight screws securing the crate. You don’t need to worry about damage to the doll itself, as it’s protected by foam and plastic.

Nothing about the packaging will tell the delivery person or anyone at the shipment facility that you have a sex doll inside. If they do find out, it’s not something that will make any actual difference.

Abyss Creations also have a ton of integrity with keeping their products protected during shipment. They know just how important their products are and how much money their customers are putting forth.

High-Quality Design

The RealDoll deserves all of its acclaim, but we’re still going to break down its features and what aspects are superior to others.

I needed to have and use mine for many months before I was able to come up with a comfortable verdict about the RealDoll.

Research has also been an important part of my time with the RealDoll. I’ve spoken with other users, both in real life and over the internet, about what they think about using this doll.

Most opinions didn’t stray far from mine, and I had a hard time imagining anyone not having at least a mostly-positive experience with their RealDoll. Still, it’s always good to look into these things.

Now, I’m going to tell you what you should know about each of the most important parts of using a RealDoll.

What's The Sex Like?

The assumption is that you’re not just buying a RealDoll for general companionship. While there’s no way to find out what fucking a RealDoll is like without literally penetrating it, your own sexual experiences aren’t at all far from what the RealDoll can provide.

You may even find that the RealDoll gives you better sex than you’ve ever had. If you’ve not had sex with another person, this very closely matches that blissful and exciting feeling.

The purpose of a RealDoll is to make it feel like you’re inside an actual person. It’s far better than relying on your hand or a cheap pocket pussy.

When you’re inside your RealDoll, you’re likely to be hornier than you have in a long time. It’s especially true if you’ve been holding off from self-pleasure for some time.

You might encounter the dreaded premature ejaculation. But hey, it’s not like you have to explain anything to a doll. This can also be used as training for having sex with an actual woman.

Another thing to be cautious about is penis discomfort. The RealDoll itself feels great on your cock, but repeated usage to definitely create a bit of strain.

The RealDoll feels incredible all-around. You’ll have your penis being pleasured like it’s being touched for the first time and be able to gaze upon an absolutely beautiful and lifelike body and face.

The more you use the RealDoll, the more you can appreciate how it looks and feels. The changes you can make to the doll, such as switching faces, mouths, and vagina, lead to even greater satisfaction.

What Are The Main Features?


A sex doll’s head is one of the most important parts of selling the fantasy. The RealDoll heads are absolute winners when it comes to providing authenticity. This is especially noticeable when you notice how the mouth moves and feels.

You can widen the lips and jaws for some romantic feelings. There’s also a detachable tongue and a realistic feel inside the mouth.

Being able to switch out the faces is another major thing to love about the RealDoll. The magnet of the RealDoll 2 makes it such a simple process.

With more than 20 faces available, it’s hard to imagine anyone become complacent with using their RealDoll.

Distinct parts of the RealDoll’s face and body can be customized, such as the eyes and skin color. While this isn't unique to RealDolls, it’s definitely another reason to love these products.


There’s some negative feedback about the quality of RealDoll breasts. Considering how important these are for sexual pleasure, it’s worth talking about what people take issue with them.

Among the biggest issues people have is that the breasts feel stiff. That’s certainly true when you first begin using a RealDoll.

However, breaking in your RealDoll can solve this stiffness problem. Work your doll and feel all over it to really get it to feel a genuine woman.

There are RealDoll users who still aren’t satisfied with the breasts after extended usage. Part of this can be attributed to personal tastes. Some people are so fond of soft breasts that they can’t try to enjoy firmer ones.

The feeling of the breasts shouldn’t be a dealbreaker with the RealDoll, but we thought we’d let you know just in case.


There’s a lot of shoddy design work with the skin of other sex dolls. You’d have to be really gullible to see them as anything remotely human based on their skin.

However, RealDolls aren’t just being graded on a curve. Their skin has no flaws we can think of.

This isn’t some sort of artificial perfection either. The greatness comes from how much it feels like a person’s skin.

The skin also responds to your touch and movements in a realistic manner. RealDolls don’t just get a passing grade on the skin. They get an A+.


An issue with the first RealDoll was how breakable the fingers were and how their wires caused damage to the doll’s skin.

The RealDoll 2 improves upon this with more flexible fingers, have more realism, and don’t cause damage. You can try different poses to help you feel more like your doll is a real person.


You can put your RealDoll 2 into some many sexy poses thanks to its stainless steel joints. This is one of the biggest selling points for showing buyers how lifelike the doll is.

Some sexual positions can be hard to achieve because they require a level of flexibility that few people are capable of. The RealDoll 2 is your chance to fuck in a myriad of new ways.

While the RealDoll Classic could be moved some, it’s nothing compared to what the RealDoll 2 is able to provide.

The joints are strong, but they’re not so tight that you can’t put your RealDoll into a fun position. Plus, the lighter design of the RealDoll 2 prevents overexertion.

Pretty much any sexual position you know of is possible with the RealDoll 2. Also possible are ones you come up with while getting accustomed to your doll.

Size and Weight

RealDolls can be pretty heavy, but no one’s expecting you to be a bodybuilder to use one. There are much worse sex dolls that are much heavier.

The RealDoll 2 also includes a weight decrease. Your RealDoll will weigh between 70 and 105 pounds.

Different body designs are a factor in how much your RealDoll weighs.

If you know that you can only handle a certain amount of weight, try to go for the smaller doll. But if you’ve been looking for an excuse to bulk up, it can definitely make it easier to handle your bigger doll.

Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about heavy lifting. There’s no need to bring up the term “sex doll” in this conversation.

Your own safety is more important than being able to achieve sexual gratification with a RealDoll. Please remember this before you put yourself in harm’s way.

You also likely don’t need to worry about your weight causing damage to your RealDoll. These dolls can handle more than 400 pounds.


There’s a mouth, ass, and pussy to be fucked on the RealDoll. Their suction and ribbing make them all feel so good.

Using inserts can enhance the experience. You can have a stunning blowjob from your RealDoll by using a deep throat insert.

We just love being able to switch out the inserts. Not only do they help keep things fresh, but they also make cleaning so much simpler.

Customer Care

Abyss Creations has garnered so much love not just for their products but also for their customer help. You’re not going to be put through any headaches when talking to the RealDoll makers.

Answers to questions are speedy, delivered in minutes. They’re also enormously helpful responses.

Should your RealDoll suffer damage, you can get recovery tools sent to you. They want you to have a positive association with them and their products, and they show they mean it.

Compared to sex toy brands that just want your money for their lackluster products, Abyss Creations deserves to be adored. The RealDoll is also something that deserves its reputation.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let the worries of others or frivolous money concerns stop you from buying a RealDoll. You can have some of the best times of your adult life with one of these dolls.

Besides its sexual performance, the RealDoll can also be a source of general comfort. You might ascribe a name and persona to your doll.

It can become someone you talk to when you need to get something off your chest. Your doll can be a shoulder to cry on or just someone to tell jokes to.

When you're feeling isolated and don't feel comfortable reaching out to someone else, a RealDoll is there for you. Sometimes, just stroking its skin and hair can let you summon the feelings you're looking for.

Getting involved in the RealDoll online community can also help you feel closer to others.

Speak about your shared experiences and ask/answer questions. Help others feel more secure with themselves by showing that there's nothing weird about having a sex doll.

Let yourself have fun with your RealDoll and remind yourself of how much you can do with it. You'll have what could be called the premier sex doll. This is something you should never take for granted.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's realistic design, customizable features, and customer satisfaction, RealDoll is certified and approved by our sex experts.

Top 6 Casual Sex Websites

Online dating has gone under many changes since it was first popularized. One of the biggest is a growing acceptance of hookups and other casual encounters.

However, just knowing there are other horny individuals out there isn’t necessarily enough.

You also need to be able to find the best sites and apps. With lots of shoddy ones out there, singles are an unfortunate risk of being duped.

With this guide, we’ll tell you about the best casual sex sites. These are all reputable sites and they cover different needs.

Anyone who’s sick of the puritanical stylings of other dating sites will be pleased to know these sites exist.

Best Casual Encounter Sites

1. Ashley Madison

People swear commitment to their partners, but what they say at the time doesn’t hold true forever.

When a marriage is losing its spark and the urge to fix it is gone, Ashley Madison can help.

This site is very popular, showing just how much people are interested in affairs. 

You don’t need to worry about your privacy, as Ashley Madison offers confidentiality. These include letting users blur their photos, so they’re not recognized.

Today, Ashley Madison has built a rock-solid foundation for dealing with relationships that have crumbled.

We aren't encouraging having an affair since that's your business, but we know there are millions of people just like you who are looking for something casual and non-committal.

Ashley Madison also comes with an app for iPhone and Android. There’s also the ability to send online gifts and “Travel Man,” which is great for members looking for something casual on the road.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder lets you discover other sexually adventurous individuals in an online community of naughtiness and acceptance.

It might not be the kind of site you find a sweet church-going girl on, but it’s definitely one that can help satisfy your sexual urges, as well as help you realize ones you didn’t even have.

The relationship possibilities on AdultFriendFinder are numerous. There are people on here looking for hookups, group arrangements, and swinging. 

Perhaps you won’t find someone who wants to exchange vows with you, but the casual design of the site helps to take off a lot of pressure.

With close-to 60 percent of the members being male, finding women on Adult Friend Finder can be competitive.

If you and your partner are into exploring things, you can set up a joint profile. Anyone can view photos and videos, regardless of membership status.

With the AdultFriendFinder app for iPhone and Android, users can be naughty on-the-go. 

The Gold Membership is available for one, three, and 12 month periods. Members also need to be on the lookout for fake accounts.


  • Great for singles and couples
  • Chatroom
  • Fast registration
  • 50 million worldwide users