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The Ultimate Blowjob Guide: How To Give A Perfect BJ

Receiving a blowjob is one of the most cherished parts of any sexual relationship. It’s so simple, but it also requires a lot of practice and attention.

When you give a good blowjob, your partner will be barely able to hide their pleasure. It’s something that can be amazing from start to explosive finish.

All guys have their preferences for blowjobs. Some like them to be more aggressive with lots of tooth action, but others prefer something slower and smoother.

Whatever is the case for your man, you want your BJ to bring them to another level of pleasure. Providing great blowjobs can make you feel all the better about your sexual prowess.

We’ve made this guide to give you all the essential information you need about how to give the best blowjob.

How To Give Good Head

1. Comfort

You and your partner need to both feel comfortable for a blowjob to be successful. As good as your mouth on his cock feels, the experience is going to be lessened if you’re in a stiff and awkward position.

You can also prolong your session when you’re both more comfortable. This will let your partner have a more satisfying cum.

The best place to start is by picking a pose that doesn’t require constant readjustment. While you might decide to initially go for a kneeling position while he’s sitting, lying down can also be a good plan.

Consider his preferences as well. Some guys relish the dominant feeling that comes with receiving a blowjob. In this case, he’d probably prefer you to be kneeling while he sits.

However, some guys like to be dominated, and there are ways you can achieve this while still blowing him. If you have any restraints, such as rope, try to get him bound.

His penis shape and formation is also essential. You want to position yourselves in a way that allows for easy access.

2. Slow Progression

Your man is definitely going to be excited, but you should still exercise some control instead of just diving into it. Arousal should be built up.

Start with more innocuous actions, such as kissing on him and taking his clothes off. Let him feel yourself on him and talk about how much you want to taste him.

When it’s time to get to his genitals, don’t start slobbering on his cock right away. Tease his penis and testicles with small licks and gentle caressing.

When he’s reached his erection peak, with pre-cum dripping and plenty of veins, you can get your mouth over it.

Go down on it slowly and work to unlock a pattern that works for both of you. Bob up and down on that cock like the delicious object it is.

Don’t be afraid to bring your hands into it as well. You can do some strokes on his cock when your mouth needs a break and touch him elsewhere. Ask him to rub your tits or stroke your ass as well.

3. Be Excited

Just getting a blowjob isn’t enough for it to be a good experience for guys. The person giving it also needs to be into it.

You might be someone who loves giving blowjobs, but who feels a little weird about showing enthusiasm. Forget about playing it cool and just show how much you adore his cock and being able to taste it. He’ll be getting so turned on.

During the blowjob, use different forms of expression to show him how much you love the experience. Look him in the eyes, guide his hand to your nipples as they get hard or your vagina as it gets wet.

Knowing that you’re really feeling something from sucking him off can get him even more turned on. You might also take cues from some of his favorite blowjob videos for ideas of what he’d like.

4. Proper Teasing

Not going too fast into a blowjob can be better for both you and him. Edging is a hidden talent of many blowjob-givers.

Take your partner as close to orgasm as you can, then stop for a moment before trying something else. They’ll know they need to control themselves to really have a good cum.

When it’s time to let their load out, they’ll be gushing, and your mouth will be the perfect vessel for their cum.

Edging also allows for a nice role reversal. Even if they’re the one getting the pleasure, you’re still able to show you’re in control.

He might tell you when he’s close to cumming, but there are other ways to tell this. Notice how he twitches and the noises he makes.

Once it seems like he’s going to let go, do something different. Keep the arousal going by doing things like rubbing his nipples or kissing his balls.

When you’re ready for him to cum, work your mouth on his cock and let him bust inside.

5. Erogenous Zone Importance

The erogenous zones are areas that are super-sensitive and can create heightened arousal. Touching these areas while sucking his cock can make the blowjob incredible.

Below are five places you should work during a blowjob.

Scrotum: This might be pretty obvious, but the ball sack is incredibly sensitive. Touching or kissing on it during a blowjob is easy to do.

Anus: Try to get a lubed-up finger inside his ass while you’re sucking him. If you reach his prostate, you could give him the best orgasm he’s ever received without making him ejaculate.

Sacrum: A triangle-shaped bone on the lower back, the sacrum has nerve endings linked to genitalia. In short, you can make him feel good down there if you work this bone.

Gluteal fold: At the cross-section of thigh and ass, this area can really make him aroused if worked properly.

Perineum: Also known as the taint, this is between the balls and the ass. Give some attention to the perineum by massaging it as you suck his cock.

6. Communication

Sex would be so much easier if we could read each other’s minds. However, until telepathy becomes a real thing, we have to rely on communication.

Tell your partner that you’d like for him to tell you when he wants you to change things up or continue with something.

He might feel reluctant to verbalize this, so you can have him do things like specific hand signals or touches.

Remember, too that him nixing something isn’t meant to make you feel bad. He knows his penis better than anyone and is, therefore, the best authority for what to do with it.

However, with enough practice, you’ll become a valued expert on his member.

7. Use Your Hands

A blowjob doesn’t just have to involve the mouth. Your hands are powerful pieces of equipment and can make his blowjob a lot more exciting.

Using your hands first can help him get turn on and hard. Using lube can definitely help get him loosened up.

During the blowjob, bring your hands out from time to time. This can really help keep you from getting exhausted while still pleasuring him.

You might make this an equal whole act. We doubt you can find many guys who wouldn’t salivate at that possibility.

It doesn’t need to be limited to his genitals. You can run your hands through his hair or massage his chest.

Furthermore, you can treat yourself. Seeing you rub your nipples or massage your clit can be a delight for him.

Another plus is that if you’re averse to the taste of cum, you can opt for a handjob to conclude things.

7. Variety 

A blowjob shouldn’t be just sucking in one constant motion. Unless your man has been so starved of touch for so long that anything will make him cum, he’s not going to be satisfied.

It also shows that you’re not all that involved. Otherwise, you’d be doing all you can to make things exciting.

A boring blowjob also makes things harder for you, because you’re not letting yourself get turned on as much as you could be. Work with different parts of your body. Anything you can get on his cock should be used.

Try different combinations to keep him on his toes. You want to be so good that you make him reluctant to cum because of how much he’s enjoying getting his cock worked.

As always, you need to pay attention to his signals and what he says. Don’t try to go too hard or do anything too extreme just because you think it might be what he likes.

Try to pace yourself as much as you can. Nobody should expect you to be some kind of blowjob wizard that can suck for 20 minutes at a time without taking a breath. Your man should want you to take a break every now and then as well.

You can still do stuff to him while not going too hard. The frenulum, the meeting point between shaft and cock head, is great to tease in between sucking.

Make some noises yourself as you’re sucking. This will let him know that you’re really enjoying yourself and make him hornier.

Flatten your tongue and go up and down his cock with it. This lets you really notice the different flavors of his cock.

Get your mouth all over his cock and let go. Put as much spit on his cock as you can and go again. Put your hands to work here as well.

You can also suck him without working his entire cock. Put your mouth just around the tip and frenulum. Stimulate the balls and perineum. When you’re ready to go all the way down on his cock, you’ll both be glad you teased him like this.

Should you have the endurance and confidence to deep throat his cock, give it a shot. You can have him yelling “I love you,” the moment he’s fully inside you.

Constrict his penis with your hand like it’s a stress ball, then start sucking the tip. He might be left speechless even after he cums.

Titty-fucking is something guys love. Get your breasts around his cock and show him the friction pleasure of your beautiful tits.

Take your mouth off his cock and go for a handjob. As you’re doing this, taste his balls, sucking on his sack and each testicle.

8. Use Toys

You should definitely include toys to enhance the BJ experience. There are things you can use specifically to make him enjoy his blowjob more.

1. Lubrication

Sometimes, you might not be able to summon the spit you need for a blowjob. When this happens, you need to get a good lube on his cock.

However, you probably don’t want to taste some unpleasant lube as you’re blowing him. Luckily, there are lubes with different flavors, such as peach. You might even forget that you’re tasting a penis.

2. Vibrators

Work a vibrator on your man’s cock while you’re blowing him. This will be an additional sensation to drive him crazy.

It can also help keep you from getting exhausted. The vibrator can do a lot with minimal effort on your spot.

It doesn’t need to just go on his penis or testicles. Put it on erogenous zones, and anywhere he asks you to.

A well-timed vibration can turn your blowjob into something of legend.

3. Dildos

Dildos aren’t just for women. Men should use them if they want to realize the power of anal play and prostate orgasms.

Put a dildo that’s safe for anal play inside his ass and try to get to his prostate. There are many prostate massagers on the market, and he might have one in his hiding spots.

4. Machines

Blowjob machines are hands free, so you won't have to do any of the work.

But this is a win win situation for you and your man. You get satisfaction by seeing him explode and you don't have to do anything. 

This can be a great addition to your sex life since you can get a break from giving him head.

You may have never heard of these type of machines before, so check out our BJ machine guide here

9. End Things Powerfully

A blowjob isn’t just about the orgasm, but that’s not a part that should be treated indifferently.

When you know he’s on the verge of cumming, go a little harder. Up the pleasure levels and show that you’re eager for him to spray his load into your wanting mouth.

Just because he’s cumming doesn’t mean you should stop. Having you suck after he’s cum means he’ll get even more pleasure.

You can definitely slow down a bit. Consider it as the difference between slamming on the brakes and gently pressing the brake pedal.

A difficulty when sucking cock is deciding whether or not to swallowing his cum. Some love it and consider it an essential part of the blowjob experience.

However, others want to get the taste of semen out of them as soon as possible. They also may not want it to be anywhere near their mouth.

If this describes you, you might try taking your mouth off just as he’s about to cum and have him cum on your hand. Other great areas for him to cum on include your breasts and ass.

Letting him cum in your mouth but discarding of it can be a good compromise. Don’t spit it out like a wad of gum. Let it drip out gradually as you show him what your combined efforts have resulted in.

Don't Do This During Blowjobs

Giving a blowjob is very straightforward, and you might think that there’s no way to do it poorly. However, there are common issues that givers can commit without realizing they’re problems.

1. Using Teeth

The feeling of teeth on a penis isn’t as pleasurable as you might think. Though some guys like it, others find even a slight scraping to be enough to take them out of the mood. Ask him before if he wants you to use your teeth on him.

Should you have trouble not using your teeth, adjust your mouth so they’re not in the way. Going slowly and paying attention to what’s touching his penis will also help.

2. Excessive Gagging

You might’ve seen this depicted in porn a lot, but it’s not necessarily the norm in terms of typical blowjobs.

A couple of gagging sounds can be a nice turn on, but don’t think you need to asphyxiate yourself on his cock to turn him on.

You might inadvertently start gagging because you’re pushing yourself further than it is safe to. Your mouth might not be able to fit his giant cock inside.

The gag reflex is also prone to kick in. To prevent this from ruining your ability to please him, get yourself in a position that allows the throat and mouth to be kept generally together. A cool trick is to lay down while he’s standing.

Finally, you should keep plenty of oxygen flowing through your nose, as your mouth will be harder to breathe through.

3. Being Disgusted

If you’re giving a guy a blowjob, you’re giving the signal that you’re turned on by the experience, or that you aren’t disgusted by it.

There might be times when you’re not as much into the guy or his cock, but that doesn’t give you any right to be rude about it.

If there’s something that must be resolved, such as a bad odor or something that makes you feel unsafe about going down on him, let him know.

Otherwise, keep your comments to yourself and focus on bringing him pleasure.

4. Unapproved Ass Play

While we stand by our advocacy of prostate play, consent is always the most important thing in the bedroom.

Sticking your finger inside your partner’s ass while you’re blowing them is something that should be decided before you do so.

Determine too if he wants you to put it in whenever you feel the urge or if he wants you to give him notice up to the very last second.

Touching on his asscheeks can be a good segue into putting your finger inside his anus.

5. Not Involving Him

Your partner should appreciate all the effort you’re putting forth with the blowjob, but you shouldn’t ignore the other parts of him.

Have a conversation, and invite him to feel all around you. This shouldn't just be you pleasing him. It should be both of you pleasing each other.

Final Thoughts

Blowjobs used to have a reputation for being dirty. But we don’t see any reason to call anything that involves people showing affection towards each other “dirty.”

Blowjobs can be romantic or raunchy. They’re empowering for both the giver and receiver. When he finally cums, you can smile, knowing that you've played such an essential part in him being able to receive satisfaction.

Plus, lots of men will tell you how they enjoy blowjobs most of all. It can be a lot more relaxing than intercourse, and the giver's ability to work their tongue means things can be varied.

Becoming adept at giving blowjobs can make you a lot more sexually confident. You can better appreciate the penis and your ability to work it.

Try as many different motions as you can. Rub your hands and/or fingers on his cock and surrounding areas.

Try dirty talk as well so that you're able to show you have him on your mind and that you're not just passively sucking his cock.

If you've given blowjobs before but haven't really enjoyed it, don't let that spoil them for you forever. You might just need a little training.

Study the art of the blowjob by watching videos of other normal couples and practicing on devices like your own dildos. Once it’s time to suck an actual cock, you’ll be a total wizard at it.

The Ultimate Anal Sex Guide: Experience A New Pleasure

Anal sex is rarely the first sexual experience someone undertakes. Doing so requires lots of preparation and willingness to try new things.

But there’s a reason why people go through with it. For receivers and givers, anal provides a new sort of pleasure.

The more you practice safe anal sex, the more satisfaction you can get out of it. You need to take time with your early attempts and be prepared not to have it perfected right away.

Don’t just get yourself hard and spread without understanding what you’re getting into. First, read this helpful anal sex for beginners' guide with all the information you need to know.

#1 Anal Play Toy

Due to it's stainless steel construction, temperature play capabilities, and overall design quality, the Njoy Pure Wand is our top choice for anal play.

11 Musts of Anal Sex

How to have anal sex is a common question, and it's totally normal to feel hesitant in the beginning.

Compared to other sorts of intercourse, it requires way more prep work and trial and error.

But it doesn’t need to be a painful experience, especially not if you’re following these guidelines.

1. Lubrication

You should be using lube for good intercourse no matter what, but it’s not an option with anal sex, because it doesn’t secrete natural lubrication. You won’t get anywhere unless you have ample lube available.

It shouldn’t be just any lubricant either. Find one that’s been designed for anal usage, as these tend to be more viscous and result in better anal experiences.

A gel-based lube doesn’t require as much reapplication, but you should add more whenever you or your partner sense dryness occurring.

2. Selecting Toys

Anal doesn’t solely involve a penis inside an asshole, and it shouldn’t start there. There are toys designed for anal play specifically, which can help open you or your partner up.

You probably know about things like butt plugs. These are an excellent starting point.

As you master things like those or anal beads, you can make the leap to more complex devices, including battery-operated ones.

Do not choose anything unless you know that it’s been made for anal play. Without the proper base for easy removal, a toy could get stuck inside you.

3. Put Your Mind At Ease

Mental and physical stress are connected. If you’re worked up, it’s going to be difficult for you to be loosened up, especially not the way you need to be for anal.

There’s a reason why people who are constantly in a sour mood are called “tight asses.”

However, a great way to get relaxed is by getting aroused. You should be using your foreplay time not only to get yourself turned on but also to get yourself calm.

4. Play With Your Ass

Engaging the ass can be done without putting anything too big inside. Getting used to the sensation can begin with a finger that has plenty of lube on it.

Start with a fingertip and go from there. Encourage verbal communication so you know if you’re in the clear to go further or if you should pull out.

Make each new anal insertion carefully. These should never be rushed.

5. Don't Start Thrusting Immediately

You might’ve seen anal sex depicted in porn videos that feature wild thrusting. While you might graduate to this level, the early stages need to be handled as gently as possible.

The idea of anal sex being inherently painful is misleading. What’s more likely is that people believe they should be going at the same rate they do for vaginal intercourse.

Should you be a receiver, speak up about your partner’s penetration speed and if it’s too much. They should be happy to accommodate you.

6. Cleanliness Assurance

The butt is associated with feces, but that doesn’t mean anal sex has to be a filthy affair.

It requires more maintenance preparation than other forms, but it’s hardly anything to get stressed over.

We’ll tell you more about this further one. Much of it is common sense.

7. External Sensitive Zones

Ass lovers know that the sphincter isn’t the only joyous part of anal sex.

The ass cheeks are incredibly sensitive and get them rubbed or otherwise touched can be supremely pleasurable.

Also, it’s way more romantic this way.

8. Anal Shouldn't Ever Be Painful

Anal sex is like a workout. If you using proper form, it shouldn’t hurt.

It definitely can hurt through going too hard and/or not being lubed up enough, but those are issues that are easy to solve.

Further on, I’ll tell you more about what you can do to make anal sex as painless as possible.

Work to remove the association of anal sex with pain from your mind.

9. Discover Your Pleasure Points

Even if a partner is as careful as possible, having your ass stimulated like this can be uncomfortable. It’s a body part that’s not used to having things put inside it.

Put some anal lube on your finger and get the tip inside you. Take deep breaths in through your nose and out your mouth to help yourself become more relaxed.

You might be fine with your partner touching your ass, but this can really increase your assurance. It also allows for less time spent practicing with them.

10. Position Changes

Another misconception of anal sex is that it can only occur in the doggy style position. While this is an excellent choice for this kind of sex, it’s not the only one.

Missionary or cowgirl-style sex is also possible with anal sex. Try as many ways as possible to see which type works best for you.

11. Do You Enjoy It?

There are lots of things to keep in mind when having anal sex, but the biggest is not to do it if you don’t like it.

It’s straightforward. If you’ve gone heavy on the lube and are taking it slow but still don’t like how anal feels, don’t try to condition yourself into doing something that isn’t your style.

Sexual exploration is great, but no one should be expected to enjoy everything. Anyone who’s tried anal should know early on whether it's for them.

Getting Ready For Anal

Before you try anal, you need to be clean. It’s common sense and can prevent gross-out moments from ruining your first anal experience.

Cleaning yourself out means you can avoid anxiety about what the other person might come across. We’re aware some people have peculiar kinks, but that’s a whole different ballgame.

But cleaning doesn’t just mean your ass is wiped and/or rinsed a little. You should also consider lifestyle changes and practices like the ones below.

Watch What You Eat

A poor diet can lead to unfortunate bowel movements that are difficult to clean up. Therefore, getting ready for anal can be more of a hassle.

You might think you’re cleaning yourself properly, but that’s not the case when your partner gets inside you and finds something unclean.

Follow a diet of lots of vegetables and other natural, healthy things. You should also be drinking as much water as possible.

You shouldn’t be doing just for your anal experience. You should be doing it as a means of keeping yourself healthier all-around.

Don't Cross Contaminate

Fecal matter isn’t just icky. It’s also full of bacteria, which can cause infections if it touches your vagina.

A moment of carelessness is all it takes to bring fecal matter to your vagina. Things may be okay if you respond quickly enough, but it’s better to not let it happen in the first place.

You need to wash anything that touches the anus if it’s going to touch the vagina. Another plan is separating your hands for the ass and the vagina.

Whatever you choose, make sure you’re always cleaning up after sex.


Using an anal douche isn’t something you have to do, but it can give you peace of mind about things staying clean.

There’s not much to douching. You put warm water in the device, get the end that goes inside you lubed, and then rinse out your ass.

Position yourself above your toilet. Once the water is clear, you’re in the clear.

Pain Free Anal

Don’t fall for the idea that pain is inevitable in anal sex. People who think this are gullible or are using really shabby practices.

It can feel a little weird at first, but that has more to do with how you’re doing it, not the act itself.

1. Slow Down

Trying to force your penis or another object into your partner too suddenly is a large reason for pain during anal sex.

You have a nervous system so you know how to protect yourself from harm. Something is wrong if you’re getting pain from anal sex, and you need to recalibrate.

2. The Need for Lube

Having as much lube as possible on the anus and anything that goes inside will make your anal a lot better. More lubrication means easier access and more comfort.

With toys, you need to ensure it works with the anal lube you’re using. Try to not use any that lower sensitivity, as these might cause you and your partner to go harder than is safe.

3. Get Yourself Relaxed

Soothing yourself will make things better for anal sex. Don’t rush yourself at any point in this process.

Loosening up can make you happier and look more forward to anal. You can listen to some calming music or do some exercise.

Your partner can help you as well. Ask them for a massage or to do some others of foreplay, such as performing oral sex on you.

4. Choosing A Position

You’re not limited to any one position for anal sex. What matters is that the person receiving can mandate how hard things go.

If you’re going to be the receiver, make sure you’re picking a position that you like and that you feel comfortable directing from.

Don’t continue any position that’s difficult or painful.

Can You Really Have An Anal Orgasm?

Getting an orgasm through your ass is a real possibility. The proximity to the vagina/penis means that you can cum from anal penetration.

You need to make sure you’re totally calm and ready for immense pleasure.

There are different ways you can have an anal orgasm.

You can get your G-spot worked by your partner while you’re being anally penetrated.

Another option is stimulating your clit yourself during anal. Men can receive anal pleasure to, as anyone who’s had a prostate orgasm can tell you.

1. Masturbation

You need to make sure you’re totally calm and ready for immense pleasure.

There are different ways you can have an anal orgasm.

You can get your G-spot worked by your partner while you’re being anally penetrated.

Another option is stimulating your clit yourself during anal. Men can receive anal pleasure to, as anyone who’s had a prostate orgasm can tell you.

2. Importance of Foreplay

An anal orgasm means prioritizing foreplay. To get used to the idea of feeling something deep inside your anus, you need to get used to having it, and the surrounding area worked.

Some fingering or mouth action can drive you wild. Another idea is getting yourself to cum and then trying anal.

If there’s one way to get yourself relaxed, it’s by having an orgasm. 

Prepping With Toys

Using toys can help you get your anus loosened up. When this happens, getting things inside you can be a lot easier.

Don’t rush this part either. You want to keep yourself comfortable at any point in your anal adventure.

As you’ve adapted to smaller toys, you can try larger ones. You should feel like an old pro by the time you have full-on anal sex.

You might be too eager to just get down to business, but you’re going to thank yourself for training properly. There can be a lot of pleasure from your preparation.

1. Quicker Relaxation

Getting yourself calm quickly is vital when you’re putting things inside your anus. But you can’t just tell yourself to relax and expect it to happen.

There are some practices you can try. For instance, exercising or meditation can really help. Make these part of your daily routine so you can more easily enter the relaxation mindset.

2. Which Toys Should I Use?

A good place to start with toys is using a butt plug or getting a quality set of anal beads. Make sure you’re starting as small as possible. From there you can start upping the size.

A butt plug is meant to stay inside your anus. The deeper it goes, the more enjoyment you can get out of it.

Anal beads look a bit like jewelry, but this isn’t for wearing. They go inside the anus for stimulation.

These are both safe to use as long as you’re getting ones that are safe for anal usage. 

3. Patience

We're not going to give you any single answer about how long it will take for you to figure out anal sex. Some people get it on the first try while others need multiple sessions before they have it figured out.

Don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Use as many of these methods are possible.

Avoid getting ahead of yourself as well. You might really want to jump from finger play to penis penetration, but doing too much too soon would be a mistake.

Consistency is also important. Taking an extended break from anal sex means you might have to relearn some of your methods for relaxing, as well as getting used to the feeling again.

Communicating Is Key

When you're having anal sex, you need to be clear to your partner about what you want and don't want. This is important for all sexual acts, but it's especially important for anal.

A lot of trust is necessary for anal sex to go well. You may decide that you need to have more intimacy with your partner, which can include conversational intimacy.

Keep up the conversation while having anal sex. Speak up or have them speak up whenever need be. If they're receiving, check-in on a consistent basis to make sure they're okay.

Sometimes, it'll be hard to tell ho much they're enjoying something based on their body language. That's why you need to show them that you're interested in their well-being all the way through.

Enjoy Yourself!

The great piece of advice we can give about anal sex is to embrace it. After all, it's sex, and it's one of the best kinds you can have if you do it right.

Getting stressed about sex can be caused by thinking too much about what you should be doing and not just enjoy the moment and your partner.

No one needs to know that things didn't go perfectly the first time around. If they were to judge you for that, it would say a lot about what kind of a person they are.

Handle yourself maturely when having anal sex. Get yourself loosened up and find ways to break any tension there might be.

You and your partner can also discuss expectations and previous experiences, if necessary. If they've had anal sex before, you can follow their lead.

However, don't let this stop you from speaking up when you need to. Your partner might try something that doesn't work for you. When this happens, you need to call an audible.

You can make the lead up to anal lots of fun too. If you're really comfortable with your partner, you might let them perform an anal douche on you.

#1 Anal Play Toy

Due to it's stainless steel construction, temperature play capabilities, and overall design quality, the Njoy Pure Wand is our top choice for anal play.

Reviewing The Njoy Eleven: Is This Steel Dildo Worth Buying?

Dildos have made so many people so happy when it comes to masturbating. If you want to be penetrated but don't have anyone available, a dildo is your salvation.

However, you don't just want some cheap plastic dildo that only provides sporadic pleasure. So much money can be wasted on shoddy sex toys, and it might be overdue for you actually to find a worthwhile one.

The Njoy Eleven is a major dildo for people with significant urges. It can look pretty daunting, but so can a lot of great new experiences.

With the Njoy Eleven, you'll be putting yourself in new territory. With the right attitude and preparation, you'll have an excellent time.

Before you order this dildo, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. We’ve written this guide to help answer any questions that might come up.

You might’ve tried dildos before, but this toy takes things to another level.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's stainless steel material, temperature play capabilities, and overall design, the Njoy Eleven is approved by our sex experts.

About Njoy Eleven

Njoy makes products with a purpose, and you can see that from their boxes alone. You’ll get your Eleven in an elegant looking box.

Inside that box will be a pouch inside a sleeve. Inside the pouch is the Njoy Eleven, surrounded by satin.

With its stainless steel design, the Eleven can look like its glowing. You might be too, because this is something to be superbly excited about.

Your eyes might be bulging by how huge this is. It’s namesake likely comes from it being 11 inches long.

Unless an 11-inch cock has fucked you, this will likely be a whole new experience. Even then, the stainless steel and the overall design make it even more unique.

You can put either end of the Eleven inside you. One is smaller, but it’s still pretty damn big.

There’s also some ridging on the smaller part. This creates even more pleasure.

An un-ridged side is also there if you don’t want it quite as rough.

The bigger side measures two inches wide compared to the smaller’s 1.75-inches. It’s also curved more.

While the steel is hard, it actually makes putting this dildo in a little easier. Be sure you’re as careful as possible with this or any other sex toy.


Besides being lengthy, the Njoy Eleven also weighs quite a bit. At 2.75 pounds, it’s not a brick, but it’s got some heft to it.

With its complete stainless steel, you’re getting both weight and quality. You should be careful when using it for extended periods because it can put a strain on you.

Based on its size and price, you should make sure you want and can get use of this dildo. If you're a sex toy novice, this might be a dildo you graduate to over time, rather than one you buy right away.


✅  Hassle-free cleaning

✅  For both men and women

✅  Stainless steel material is safe and durable

✅  Experiment with heating and cooling


❌  Size can be difficult to get used to (not for beginners)

❌  Dildo is heavy


When you start feeling the stainless steel, you might be convinced it’ll go in fine without any lube. However, you should use some, and any personal lubricant will work.

Begin with the small end. You’ll have a much better time starting there. While you might not cum with your inaugural usage, you’ll likely get really turned on.

Once you’ve adapted to this end, you can try the bigger one. Because of its weight, you need to be sure you’re holding it correctly.

Should you start to feel sore, put it down. There are lots of other ways you can finish yourself off if you need to.

Your G-spot can get a lot of work from the bigger end. It won’t touch it exactly, but you will get your G-spot stimulated as you’re pumping it inside you.

With such a big end, the sensations can be maximized. You can also cum incredibly hard with how it works your clit.

Your first squirting experience might happen with the larger portion of this dildo. The hardness and inflexibility might not be your style, but it’s heaven-sent for many users.

Cleaning Up

All sex toys need to be cleaned frequently. Fortunately, the Njoy 11’s stainless steel makes it really easy to clean.

There are lots of ways to clean this, such as with some soap and water, inside your dishwasher or with some water on the stove. 

You just need to be careful that you’re not putting it under anything too erosive.

Prostate Play

Men can also get a great experience out of the Njoy Eleven. You can get your prostate worked, which can provide you an orgasm that’s so good, you’ll be mesmerized in a dream-like state.

As a man, you have a lot more body to pleasure than you probably realize. With lots of lube and lots of discipline, a prostate orgasm can be yours.

Stainless steel can react to different temperatures beautifully, getting heated or cooled with ease.

This can make your sex or masturbation a lot more thrilling, and it will definitely bring you into the moment more.

Don’t make it so cold or hot that it would be painful or damaging to your body. Be cautious and make sure it’s suitable to touch with your hands before putting it on your nether regions.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve done the reflection necessary and know that you’re ready for a dildo with impact, the Njoy Eleven can be one of the best sex toys you ever buy.

However, we would not recommend this toy for beginners, only intermediate to advanced sex toy users.

When you know this and are eagerly anticipating all this will provide you, you should order it.

We’re really excited to learn about your experience, and we know it’ll give you some very memorable moments.

Using it with a partner can be even better. You'll really get to delight your partner by thrusting this inside them.

You could even ask them to put it inside you. Perhaps you could do a dual pegging, where each person has one end inside them?

Just because something involves a nearly-footlong dildo doesn't mean it can't be a wholesome bonding experience.

With the Njoy Eleven, you'll have a dildo that is long, hard, and amazing. This doesn't have to replace a penis, but it can greatly augment your sexual experience.

And if you're not trying to get more out of your sex life, why not?

Reviewing The Njoy Pure Plug: Is This Anal Toy Worth It?

When you find a good sex toy, you need to pay attention to the company behind it, because they likely have more products worth purchasing.

Njoy is one of the best sex toy companies around. Their stainless steels designs for their products mean they’re meant to last.

They also have excellent looks and sophisticated shaping. The Njoy Pure Plug is a fantastic stainless steel butt plug.

There’s nothing flashy about it. It’s bulky and doesn’t operate with any batteries.

Yet, it’s able to pleasure you better than many vibrating butt plugs can.

Pegging is excellent for women and men, and this is a great way to get introduced to that world. Whether you’re alone or with a partner, Njoy can bring you pure anal pleasure.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's stainless steel material, simple design, and hundreds of 5 star reviews, The Njoy Pure Plug is certified by our sex experts.

Why Stainless Steel

Pure Plugs are nothing but stainless steel. This is why they’re so reliable because their construction is pretty much impenetrable.

Lots of butt plugs are made of shoddy material that just doesn’t feel very good.

While the hard substance takes a little adjusting to, once you’re there, it feels so good.

Besides that, there’s also the temperature differences. You can get it nice and warm or quite cold.

This can let you see the sexual excitement that temperature play can provide.

It’s strong construction means the size doesn’t diminish when it’s inside you. Make sure you don’t keep it in too long, as you could start to get sore.

Despite how small it looks, the Pure Plug is actually got some weight to it. This can help add to the feeling when you’re being pegged.

Construction and Design

The stainless steel doesn’t just give you great feelings. It also doesn’t come without any health risks.

You need to be sure to try the temperature differences. Don’t make it too frosty or burning hot. It should make you say “ooh” not “ouch.”

You don’t have to worry about being too careful either, as damaging this would require some strength that we don’t know is possible to summon.

Make sure you have a good place to keep it, as you don’t want to be hunting all over for your butt plug.


✅  Looks great and safe

✅  Curving for easy fit

✅  Small, medium and large sizes

✅  Goes in with ease

✅  Can be used for ass and prostate play

✅  Can be cleaned easily


❌  Too costly for some

❌  Heavy - can be hard to get used to


Not all assholes are made the same, and Njoy understands that. With three measurements to choose from, you can find one that suits you.

The smallest variety is one inch in diameter and 2.25 inches long. The medium kind is 1.25 by 2.5 inches, and the biggest one is 1.5 by 2.75 inches.

These all weigh less than a pound.

You’d be wise to start with the smallest one, as pegging novices are able to get comfortable with these.

Once you’re used to this, you can move on to the medium or large size. You’ll definitely be loosened up.

Make things easier for yourself by getting it plenty lubed and heated for greater pleasure. You can avoid the fear of getting it lost inside you, as its base means it’s easy to take out and put in.

How To Use

Getting pegged, even by yourself, can be really weird to think about. The assumption might be that the Pure Plug will provide pain before pleasure.

However, if you know how to set it up, such as using plenty of lube and not going in too hard, you don’t have anything to fear.

It’s got some heft to it. This really provides a lot more sensation than the smaller butt plugs do.

Having this put inside you or putting it inside someone else can be equally thrilling. When you’re done, getting it cleaned up is really easy.

Run it under some hot water and get some antibacterial soap. Then, you can dry it and put it back inside its box.

Try to keep it this in a safe spot, such as on your nightstand.

Inside Your Package

Sex toy manufacturers have learned that leaning into classiness over crassness can really pay off. Your Pure Plug won’t come in some kind of tackily designed box.

Instead, things look really sophisticated. The juxtaposition of the stainless steel butt plug against the pink satin should make you feel like royalty.

Final Thoughts

While other sex toy manufacturers have obsessed over all the bells and whistles they can put on without actually thinking about quality, Njoy has made something that is so simple, it’s almost perfect.

This is something that will fit in you easily and make you feel so good, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

Should you be in the market for a butt plug, this is a great place to start. Metal ones like this can feel kind of weird compared to their softer brethren, but it’s a style you’ll be glad you adapted to.

Get the Pure Plug if you want to feel pure wonder. It can be lots of fun to use with another or as an enhancer to your solo play experience.

Talk with friends who have used butt plugs and sex toy experts. It's likely they'll back up our opinion about the Pure Plug being at the top of the mountain.

Reviewing The Njoy Pure Wand: Is This Toy Worth Buying?

The Njoy Pure Wand gets so much talk among sex toy writers; you might think it’s like the Holy Grail for a specific demographic.

The acclaim has made me feel a little suspicious. I try not to be cynical, but in cases like these, I can’t help but wonder how many of these reviews are genuine and how many are just written by people “doing a favor.”

I’ve grown to be very picky with my sex toys because I’ve tried so many.

When you have my kind of experience, you’re not going to give a pass to something just because it doesn’t fall apart on first use.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's stainless steel construction, curved design, and overall customer satisfaction, the Njoy Pure Wand is approved by our sex experts.

About The Pure Wand

Hearing about the Njoy Pure Wand’s basic features might not send you rushing to order one. It’s a stainless steel dildo that weights about a pound and a half.

Does it vibrate? Does it have some sort of compatibility with a smartphone app?


So why is it so good? After all, couldn’t any dildo or phallic object do what this does?

The Pure Wand looks simple, but it’s not basic. It helps you reach orgasm without dealing with a bunch of nonsense in the process.

It’s not just about having the same orgasms in a different way. You can do things you didn’t know you were capable of with the Pure Wand.

Primary Features

The G-Spot and P-Spot can both be worked by the Pure Wand. The penetration is so exacting that you’ll be getting wetter, harder, or however you show arousal by the second.

The stainless steel provides both solid construction and different opportunities, especially with how it can be warmed or cooled. The curved nature of the dildo helps it reach where you need it to go.

You can also clean it without any problems. However, it can’t forced you to get off your butt and clean it up.

On this 8-inch long dildo, there are two bulbs on each end, one that’s 1.5 inches wide and another that’s one-inch wide.

If you’re used to having things inside you, the bigger end won’t be anything you can’t handle. However, newcomers to penetration might want to start with the smaller one.

The dildo’s shaft also gets wider the further you go from the small end.


✅  Safe for the majority of people

✅  Strong stainless steel construction

✅  Easy to heat and cool

✅  Simple cleaning

✅  Made for both men and women


❌  Could be too big for some

❌  Orgasms might not happen right away

❌  Requires hands while using

How To Use

Even something that looks as straightforward as the Pure Wand can inspire questions about the best performance methods. 

Anyone who tells you just to lube it up and stick it in likely doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

I’ve got some methods that could work for you.

1. Delicate Thrusting

You wouldn’t just be gutsy if you slammed the Pure Wand inside you as soon as you get it. You’d also be pretty foolish.

Finding the G-spot takes time, and it might not be as apparent as you think. Take your Pure Wand into you slowly and brace yourself for reaching your G-Spot.

With enough patience and determination, you can hopefully find it.

2. Slow Twisting

You know when you’re using a “Bop-It,” and you have to “twist it?” Think of this like that, only you’ve got the end of a dildo that’s sticking out to twist.

I like how ticklish this can feel. It’s not one I always use, but it can do when I need it.

3. Pogo Method

This method is one you use after locating the G-spot. After it’s been found, you start softly going it with the toy as though it were a pogo stick.

You’ll put the pressure on the external end and feel the one inside you doing work on your G-spot. Working in tandem, these ends can do some amazing things.

4. Intense Jackhammering

Going hard is totally fine when the time calls for it. You just need to be properly primed.

With this method, you’ll be giving it your absolute all. If you’ve never squirted before, get some paper towels, because it could be happening here.

You could desire using a method that’s a mix of these or create a completely new one.

5. Hot and Cold

The Pure Wand’s stainless steel makes it okay for just about anybody and makes things very interesting in terms of intimacy possibilities.

You undoubtedly know how much touch matters in terms of arousal, but have you consider how temperature plays a role?

With stainless steel, you can get warmth or coolness quickly. This can really make things exciting.

If you want more stimulating foreplay or want to bring a different type of BDSM play into the mix, this can be a miraculous solution.

Inside Your Package

The box that the Pure Wand comes in is sleek and black. The toy itself is resting on some pink satin.

It doesn’t need such a gorgeous introduction, but we definitely welcome it. We give points to any sex toy manufacturer who’s all about tasteful aesthetics.

Safety and Care Considerations

Being responsible with your Pure Wand is a lot easier than it is with other sex toys because there’s no way to damage it. You’d have to commit some severe acts of neglect with any lasting damage to happen.

It’s not like this wears out either. Stainless steel is one of the highest quality materials for sex toys.

Cleaning is a must though because we assume you don’t want your essence on your sex toys at all times.

You’ll want to scrub and wash it when you get it and following all uses. Then, you’ll get it dry and put it away until you need it again.

Pretty much any personal lubricant can be used with this toy. The biggest safety precaution, besides not inserting it in a dangerous manner, is to avoid the Pure Wand if you have a stainless steel allergy.

Final Thoughts

Treat yourself to the Njoy Pure Wand, and you'll be getting a lot more out of your orgasms and overall pleasure. This isn't something that's restricted to one gender, either.

If you're in a couple and want to use more toys, try this. The temperature extremes that can be manipulated will have you both tingling.

Even without complicated design or any batteries to charge, the Njoy Pure Wand is one of the best sex toys around.

Reviewing The We Vibe Sync: Is This Stimulator Worth It?

In theory, a vibrator that couples wear together is cool. However, most toys can be lacking in terms of execution.

That’s even an understatement, as I’ve tried substandard ones well before anyone has reached orgasm.

There’s a lot of frustration from buying these products and feeling duped. I guess they work for some people, but I don’t feel wrong for assuming these companies just don’t care.

Their lack of care is a lot more apparent when you compare them to the We-Vibe Sync. This is the best couples’ vibrator I’ve used, and it’s not just by default. Here's why.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's We Connect long distance abilities, and hundreds of satisfied users, The We Vibe Sync is certified and approved by our sex experts.

About We-Vibe Sync

The We-Vibe Sync comes from We-Vibe, who has a more-than-earned reputation for making phenomenal sex toys. I’m practically at the point where I almost don’t trust any sex toy that hasn’t been made by them.

The Sync can be worn by pretty much anyone of any size. I’ve had my clit and G-spot worked concurrently with this, and it’s always a total pleasure.

You can use this on your own or with a partner. It can make both of these experiences so much greater.

We-Vibe themselves says that this is their best product in terms of power. This might sound like a company gassing themselves up, but I don’t think they’re that far off.

You can operate the We-Vibe Sync through a smartphone app. There are also many modes to choose from, which pretty much rule out the possibility of complacency when using this device.

Unless of course, your idea of complacency is having multiple incredible orgasms at a time. ?

Most Important Features

Appearance and Design

The We-Vibe Sync comes in either Purple or Aqua. It’s silicone material leads to even greater comfort, so you can feel relaxed even when you’re not yet approaching orgasms.

Despite its intricacies, the Sync isn’t terribly big. You could easily fit this in the palm of your hand, but that’s not the body part it’ll give the most satisfaction to.

There’s also a remote that comes with your Sync. This is also very easy to use and doesn’t take up very much space.

Pairing Your Favorite Music

I love having sex to music, but I never expected anything as powerful as what the Sync provides. There’s an option to match your Sync with the music you’re listening to.

What happens is synchronizing between the device and the music. The vibrations match the tempo, which can really help you have a better masturbating experience.

Make sure you’re choosing a song that’s not going to cause any pain or stress. Essentially, this might not be a good time to play that speed metal song you love so much.


The look of the Sync can seem pretty limiting in terms of fitting different bodies. However, you have a pair of hinges to adjust to fit your body better.

One arm works on your G-spot, while the other works on your clitoris. These can be brought together or push far apart.

The angles you choose will depend on if you want one or both areas to be stimulated. We love this product for how it gives you options that are good all-around.

Giving the user more of a say in their sex toy experience is really important, because other products can feel frustrating in their limitations. The Sync puts you in control for the better.

For Intercourse and Solo Play

You can have sex or masturbate with the We-Vibe Sync. Its G-spot arm enters you while the clitoral one attends to your clit and labia.

Using it during intercourse doesn’t mean a partner is not penetrating you. It can just make a good thing even better.

You’ll want to have plenty of lube put on its G-spot arm, as you don’t want any dryness to put a damper on your pleasure. Hopefully, you have plenty of natural lubrication to keep things passionate.

I wish its G-spot arm were a bit more subtle, especially when you’re having sex. However, I know people who have used it and haven’t reported any intrusion, so that might not be the case for you.

The clitoral opportunities with the Sync are vast. You don’t even need to use your hands.

It also does a fantastic job of staying put. It’s practically magnetic with how well it holds on.

You won’t feel it running up and down your clit, but its centralized focus keeps that from being any sort of issue. Not only can you have a powerful orgasm, but it can be without any more physical effort than necessary.

Covers Multiple Bases

Vibrators that pale in comparison to the Sync do so because there’s no motor strength. To reach orgasm with these, you might need to do most of the work yourself.

The Sync’s motors don’t operate like a Ferrari, but the one for the clitoral arm can feel like the sex toy equivalent to that car brand. There’s definite speed involve, especially with how quickly you can reach orgasm.

There’s also much to love about its sound design. I’ve been able to use this alone while others have been home, and no one has suspected a thing.

The better motor is definitely the one for the clitoral arm. The strength of the G-spot arm vibrator is just too shabby.

However, this doesn’t mean I see this product as a dud. Cumming through the G-spot hasn’t happened for me with any vibrator, so I wasn’t surprised by this.

The best way to look at the We-Vibe Sync is as a near-flawless clitoris stimulator and an average G-spot stimulator.

Remote and Mobile App

You can use the We-Vibe Sync from many distances, from three feet away to 3,000 thousand miles away. The remote covers the former while the app includes the latter.

Not only can it be controlled from these distances, but it can also be operated to your specifications or those of the person operating. With the internet and a healthy libido, you really have things made for you.


There’s not a lot of noise to worry about when using the Sync. What’s more, having it inside you provides natural muffling, as can things like a closed-door and blankets on top.

More Qualities

- Completely silicone design

- Two-year-long warranty and top-notch customer care

- No risk of water damage

- Charges via magnetic holder, which helps you store it without raising any eyebrows.

- About two hours to charge and operates for up to one hour and 30 minutes at a time


✅  Can be used for different body types

✅  Strong vibrating on the clitoris

✅  Can use with app for long distance

✅  Can use without hands

✅  Case is very discreet

✅  Minimal noise when using


❌  Weaker effects on G-spot

❌  G-spot arm can stick out when having sex

❌  Can have bluetooth troubles (like any technology)

Operating The Sync

There are several methods of operating your Sync.

First, you can use the button that appears on the toy. This is easily found on the toy’s top.

Click through these modes to choose which one is best for you. With 10 to choose from, you have a lot to try out.

Then there’s the remote. This is very easy to adapt to, especially with the directional arrows for controls.

The remote’s range goes as far as about 10 feet. Linking it to your Sync involves pressing the up arrow on the remote and the toy’s button.

These two pieces need to be facing one another. You’ll know it’s working when the vibrating happens.

The “We-Connect” app is totally free and can be your favorite way of controlling the Sync. More about that can be found further into the article.

Using The App

Working the Sync with the app is as easy as it is fun.

You just need to install the app, comprehend how to pair it to your device, and give an invite to someone with the “connect lover” feature.

Once that’s all done, you can really enjoy using the Sync to its highest potential.

You can work the arms individually plus choose your own vibrating patterns when you’re using the app and toy together.

Your significant other can be given the reigns to control your toy with their phone. Remember when “phone sex” just meant talking dirty over the phone?

The good news keeps coming. You can text and talk over video with the app.

Should your partner not be in the mood or time zone differences are keeping you apart, you can have fun on your own. My favorite thing to do with this when I’m alone is to match it to different songs.

The “Touch” setting helps to create intimacy for couples that might need to get that spark back.

When you touch the screen of your app, the other person’s vibrator can respond.

Package Contents

You’ll get a no-frills box. Inside that one, however, will be one that has a more detailed and lovelier design.

All the information you need about the Sync can be found on the box.

What’s really cool, besides the toy itself, is it’s charger. This isn’t a cheap cord, but a case that works via magnet and lets you store your toy and the remote.

Another advantage of this case is that it’s so inconspicuous, you can take it wherever without having people gawk at you because of it.

Cleaning Your Toy

Getting the Sync clean isn’t hard, thanks to its waterproof execution. Before any usage, you need to get it cleaned with soap and water.

Cleaning should be done as soon as your done with a session. You also need to make sure it’s completely dried prior to re-casing.

Water-type lubrication and only that kind should be used on the Sync before putting it inside you.

So, Is The Sync Worth It?

The Sync is a great toy, whether you’re by yourself or with a partner, even one who’s far away.

It’s a little expensive for some, but would you instead buy a bunch of low-cost vibrators that do nothing or one high-cost one that does something?

The sizing possibilities for different bodies make using the Sync even better. It’s almost as good as having a custom fit.

My husband has to travel a lot for work, and this lets us keep up our sex life. I’ll put it on and tell him to work the app whenever he feels.

Let’s just say he knows how to make me cum even when he’s not there.

Reviewing The LELO Sona + The Sona 2 Cruise

Sexual pleasure doesn’t have to be diminished just because one is alone. Beyond masturbating with little more than your palm, there exists an amazing world, full of beautiful and useful accessories.

These can be found through many companies, but LELO has perhaps the best. These are ones that don’t just impress while they’re stimulating you.

Among the sex toy world, LELO is at the top. So many honors have been bestowed upon their products.

One of the best lines sold by this company is the LELO Sona. It includes excellent products like the LELO Sona Cruise and the LELO Sona 2.

Certified and Approved

Due to their high quality design and hundreds of satisfied customers, The LELO Sona toy series is certified and approved by our sex experts.

The best reason to buy these is if you want to experience intense clit orgasms, which every woman wants, right?

Getting your clit properly worked is like discovering fire. As much as you might be able to work it with your fingers, it’s nothing next to what these can do.

Having an orgasm without your clitoris being stimulated is very uncommon. So, why wouldn’t you want to have the best products to assist you and ensure you cum?

The importance of the clit is very misunderstood, at least among those who don’t have vaginas. Jokes about “finding the clitoris” run abound.

The truth is the clitoris is really not hard to find. It can be seen right above the urethra.

That portion makes up less than half of the entire clitoris, but there’s still enough out there for pleasure to be had.

With something designed precisely for your clitoris, you can bring yourself into a zone of total ecstasy.

Why The LELO Sona

There have been other devices sold like the LELO Sona, and they’ve generally been good. However, there’s a key difference in engineering that has made this one so much better.

These products have been “vibrators,” which is great in a lot of ways. But it turns out that feeling intense vibrations isn’t exactly the be-all-end-all of what a clit needs.

The Sona is able to cause so much pleasure through its usage of sonic waves. These are at speeds that travel as fast as sound does.

There’s no exam at the end of this article. To summarize what the Sona does, it shoots air to your clit, resulting in pleasure.

All the while, your clit isn’t being touched by anything except for the air. Given how sensitive your clit is, you should welcome this over a potentially unpleasant vibration experience.

What’s even better is how the air doesn’t stop at the part of the clit you can see. The entire clitoris can be tapped into by this stimulator.

That means you can have orgasms that are so good; you might end up thinking of new profanities to exclaim.

When you’re using a vibrator on your clitoris, the aftermath can be uncomfortable. The lack of contact with the Sona means you can feel both pleasured and comforted.

The clitoral orgasms you were having before were great, I’m sure.

But using something like the Sona is like drinking wine in Tuscany after years of buying affordable bottles from your supermarket.


✅  Excellent designs and no cleaning trouble

✅  Modes vary with intensity

✅  Transport Sona products very easily

✅  Set up doesn’t take much time at all.


❌  Requires some trial and error + experimentation

❌  More noisy than advertised

How To Operate?

You might fall in love with the Sona before you even put it near your clit, or even take it out of the box.

The box itself is really gorgeous. Once you take it out, you can fee the gentle silicone/plastic design.

It’s also a comfortable fit in your hand. You’ve got much to hope for when you get your Sona.

There’s a trio of buttons on the Sona that can be understood pretty much instantly. It’s a little weird that they’re on the lower part of the device, though.

There’s a mouth on the Sona that’s very direct with where it goes. To use this correctly, you’ll need to know where to hold it to reach your clitoris.

It could take you a few tries to really get the right position. You might try it before you’re feeling the need to masturbate.

Through continued usage, you’ll be able to see the benefits of reaching your clitoral area more directly. You can also have much more concentrated pleasure.

You might have an initial instinct to put the Sona on your clitoris. This can be done, but be prepared for some feelings that are stronger than you might be able to handle.

Additionally, even when the Sona isn’t actually touching your skin, it will still feel like it is.

It’s pretty great for how much pleasure the air provides. The Sona can do more while not “touching’ you than plenty of vibrators can do while on your skin.

You can hold it to your skin without it touching your clit directly. If you’re really craving some feeling, you can bring it over to your clit.

We want you to know that your clit might not be an excellent match for the Sona, just because anatomy has so many variables that toys can’t be expected to match universally.

But the Sona 2 covers more ground in terms of space, so users have their chances of pleasure greatly increased.

Just like how your reproductive area is complex, so is the Sona. There are different settings, and the best way to start is from the bottom.

At its most basic mode, the Sona 2 is anything but. Before turning it on, you need to get yourself primed.

There are eight different settings o choose from on the original Sona and a dozen on the second one.

In my experience, sex toys that have had an abundance of settings are all flash and no substance. I’ve had to roll my eyes at products that have so many when just one would do fine.

I might need to start holding my tongue because the Sona products have entirely changed my perspective about multi-setting sex toys.

These aren’t just a bunch of mediocre settings that have been programmed to make a product seem more appealing. Every setting is distinct and has been useful for me at one time or another.

There’s also quality in terms of the pulsation rates. The timing of clitoral stimulation is as important as the stimulation itself, and LELO knows that.

When I’m using the Sona, I’m not staying on one setting from start to finish. I really like to jump from one to another.

This is cool, because it helps me to edge and extend the sensations. It’s never an awkward leap, either.

If LELO ever made a Sona that would change settings at random while you’re using it, I’d be first in line to but it.

You might have one setting you prefer, but it’s unlikely that this will be the winner by default with absolutely no competition.

Make things even better for yourself by using some proper lubrication. Doing this can helps to make your stimulation even more focused.

Lots of people love masturbating in the bath or shower, and the waterproof Sonas are the perfect companions.

You might dream of a never-ending clitoral orgasm through using the Sona, but it’ll eventually run out of battery power. A USB charger is included, and it gives your device plenty of life.


If you’ve used as many sex toys as I have, you can start to feel like you’ve seen it all. That can lead to some severe boredom, which is the last thing you want with anything involving orgasms.

I knew I didn’t know anything, and I am so glad to have the LELO Sona to prove me wrong. As soon as I starting cumming from its air distribution, I knew that I had the right product.

I keep wanting to call it a vibrator, even though I know it isn’t technically that. I didn’t know there was a way to experience pleasure this intense without a vibrator.

All of these products are great, but I like the Sona 2 Cruise the best. Having that Cruise Control Technology has made me so grateful for forward-thinking individuals in the sex toy industry.

You won’t be paying peanuts for the Sona Cruise 2. However, the results it gets means it basically pays for itself.

Besides giving you pleasure at the moment, orgasms can better your health. Masturbating can be like taking a recreational drug that’s actually good for you.

Should I Buy This Toy?

We don’t know you, but if you’re reading this article to the end, we feel like we know a few possibilities about you, such as:

  • You want some variation in your masturbating.
  • You’ve had a hard time reaching orgasm and are looking for something to help.
  • Orgasms are happening at an inconsistent rate.
  • Your orgasms aren’t as strong as you’d like.
  • You want a toy that’s not so huge.
  • You need something that can easily fit into your luggage.

However, there are some legitimate reasons for not buying it, at least not right away.

  • You can’t afford it.
  • You don’t like getting your clit worked.
  • You don’t want a toy that makes any noise.
  • Your clit is larger or more sensitive.

Hopefully this review has helped you decide if these LELO Sona toys are right for you or not. If you want to check them out, you can click here to head over to the official LELO site. 


Reviewing The LELO Hugo: Is This Prostate Toy Worth It?

Your prostate needs attention, and we’re not just talking about getting it checked by a doctor.

Sexual satisfaction for men is much higher than you might realize, and the Lelo Hugo lets you treat yourself to greater rewards.

Men looking for more from their masturbation/sex experiences have found the answer in their Lelo Hugo.

It’s almost tempting to tell you just to go out and buy it, but we’re going to give you all the information you’ll need about this prostate toy first.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's high quality construction and customer satisfaction, the LELO Hugo is certified and approved by our sex experts.


✅  Works with remote

✅  Compact and attractive design

✅  Good battery span

✅  Strong silicone material

✅  Easy to use

✅  Different modes to choose from

✅  Doesn’t slip out

✅  Lets you experience more intense orgasms

✅  Year-long warranty


❌  Not enough variation from different settings

❌  Need batteries for remote

❌  Can’t adjust the arms

Remote Control

While the remote is easy to use, getting set up with it can be a little tricky. You’ll need two AAA batteries and the plastic key for opening the compartment.

Once this is accomplished, you can look forward to using a device that has very good battery life.

Better yet, there are AAAs included. These definitely aren’t uncommon batteries, and you like to have some lying around. Nonetheless, it’s nice to know they’re looking out for you.

I’m not too impressed with the remote’s feel, with its mix of high-grade silicone and low-grade plastic. That said, it certainly has an attractive look.

After the remote is all set up, you won’t need much help with pairing it to the device. You can choose different types of vibrating and levels of intensity.

Try not to go too 'haywire' too soon. Your prostate can only take so much at one time.


The remote and the Hugo can work with each other through “SenseMotion.” There are two different modes you can choose from, using the remote.

With Mode 1, you can tilt the remote at different angles depending on how much strength you desire. The more vertical it is, the more intense it’ll be.

Mode 2 works with shaking the remote. If you want something fairly calm, give it some casual waves, and if you want something you’ll really feel, shake it with all the power you can summon.

These settings are an excellent display of how much creativity can happen with something as commonplace as a remote. Just make sure you’re not shaking the remote or holding it straight up before you really know what you’re dealing with.

Every experience should involve starting from the most straightforward setting and slowly proceeding to the ultimate level.

You can get plenty of pleasure from going slowly because your prostate has probably never had any sort of stimulation, let alone massage.

Shaking your remote might feel a little funny at first, and you also have to look out for the natural hand exhaustion that can happen.

However, when you’re really feeling how good the vibrations are, you won’t care about anything else.

As a nice bonus, you can get a lot more arm strength out of consistent usage.


There’s a pair of motors inside the Lelo Hugo. One works on your prostate while the other works on your perineum.

You can bring pleasure to two areas that you didn’t know were absolutely desiring it, at the exact same time.

These are qualities that definitely aren’t unique to the Hugo when it comes to prostate massagers, but it’s terrific to know they’re here.

You have six different vibration settings to choose from, and all of them are quality. You can change the vibration intensity with arrows on the remote.

You have lots of vibration settings to choose from, and there could be a magic one that you find by pure chance.

Some of these modes are more irregular than others. You can find out which ones are best for you based on whether you want to be surprised or enjoy a more constant feeling.

Maybe you’re somebody who plain likes both? The remote is better in terms of sensations, but there will definitely be times when you don’t want to bother with it.


A prostate massager needs to be big enough to fit inside you comfortably, but not so big that it hurts. The Lelo Hugo has a precise fit that should appeal to both anal play newbies and veterans.

Some of the previous Lelo products have been a little off when it comes to sizing. Whoever they had in charge of design this time around deserves a promotion.

It would’ve been fine if it was only staying in about 90 percent of the time, but the Lelo Hugo has been far more reliable than that. I only had a hard time keeping it in when I was first getting used to it.

My asshole would reflexively clench up and eject the device. I eventually had to get used to the feeling and put my mind at ease.

Thankfully, I was able to accomplish both and keep it inside as a result.

Equating a massive size with a positive prostate massaging experiencing is illogical thinking that many guys, including yours truly, have had to overcome.

Lots of women will tell you they don’t like the pain that comes from feeling an extraordinarily large penis inside them.

There’s also more to using your prostate massager than just sticking it inside your ass. It needs to be positioned correctly, as do you.

Consult the instructions for the right way to position it with regard to the arms. It’s also a lot easier when you’re in the right position, such as lying on your back with your legs out of the way.

The silicone material of the Lelo Hugo helps make it a quality product, aside from its prominent technological features. This material is also very comfortable.

We’d say that anything that makes getting inside your ass and navigating to the prostate easier is something worth celebrating.

My Experience With Hugo

I’ve owned more than one prostate massager in my lifetime, but I can say that I like the Lelo Hugo a lot.

I didn’t really know what to think of the remote, figuring it would just be a distraction that wouldn’t work very well.

I was surprised by many things, but the biggest was that the remote ended up being my favorite part of the experience.

On the days when I’m just not feeling like using the remote or I can’t summon the motivation to pick up batteries, I’m still happy to use the device as-is.

Self-gratification isn’t just about what you feel in the penis area. The Lelo Hugo also gives you a whole lot of excitement through your limbs and the rest of your body.

You don’t need to be some kind of sexual wizard for those feelings to occur either. It can happen on your first few tries.

Having a prostate orgasm with your first usage is a lot more questionable, primarily if you’ve never used a massager before.

Luckily, there’s a lot of pleasure to be had by working your prostate, even if you’re not able to cum right away.

Different settings can provide mixed feelings. If you’ve ever had anal sex or have been pegged and want to get it from a toy, the pulse modes will really appeal to you.

Another great thing about the Lelo Hugo is that it doesn’t require constant moving from the user to be effective. It took mere minutes to get a handle on putting this inside me.

I knew there was something in my ass, but believe me when I say that it was nothing but a pleasure.

Being really comfortable with this device means cumming hands-free. If you didn’t know that was possible, I’m so glad to be the one to have brought you to the light.

I also wanted to give you a testimonial about the remote. Half the fun of using this is just toying around with the remote and seeing how each angle or shaking level affects the vibrations.

I generally have a lot of energy, but I don’t want to be shaking a remote when tilting is an option.

It's surprising how even a 10-degree difference in angle can result in a remarkably distinct prostate masse experience.

If you have a partner around, ask them to tilt/shake the remote while you’ve got the prostate massager inside you.

Shaking can be a little finicky. There may be times when you want something more relaxed, but your light shaking elicits no response from the device.

My preference for using the Lelo Hugo is first to get myself going with some remote tilts and maybe a shake or two. Then, I use just the device.

I’m really getting the best of all worlds this way, not to mention a great orgasm.


Your Lelo Hugo should be clean after each usage. We don’t want to remind you of where it’s been.

They have a branded cleaner, but you shouldn’t feel obligated to buy this. A pure soap and water solution can be all you need.

After you’ve made sure to really get inside the device, you need to dry it. This won’t take very long, even if you’re gotten it pretty soaked when cleaning.

While this device is waterproof, care should be taken not to get any water in the charging hole. After all, it would really suck to have a bit of water ruin your toy, right?


It’s really easy to charge your Lelo Hugo. Move the cover, put the cable in, and then plug in.

The return on charging investment is excellent too. You can have about two hours of fun for about an hour and a half of charging.

Having to keep track of AAA batteries for the remote can be a hassle, but you can help yourself by getting special, rechargeable batteries.

Also, if you’re so horny that you can’t wait for it to charge, well, there are other ways you can take care of yourself.


Companies like Lelo hold onto their customers through their quality products and excellent customer service. The year-long warranty shows they want you to trust their products.

Through their website, you can register the serial number on the warranty card. If anything goes awry before a year passes, you can get a new one with no further cost incurred.

Almost as good is the 10-year customer guarantee, which allows for half-off another Lelo device should something go wrong before a decade passes.


Companies like Lelo hold onto their customers through their quality products and excellent customer service. The year-long warranty shows they want you to trust their products.

Through their website, you can register the serial number on the warranty card. If anything goes awry before a year passes, you can get a new one with no further cost incurred.

Almost as good is the 10-year customer guarantee, which allows for half-off another Lelo device should something go wrong before a decade passes.

Final Thoughts

The Lelo Hugo is a prostate massager with a lot to love about it, from its comfortable design to its different settings and remote capabilities.

I've had it for a while, and I'm still finding things to love about it.

Do I wish the remote didn't need batteries and wasn't made of such flimsy plastic? Yes, but it's not enough for me to not love this toy.

Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills: Increase Your Libido and Sex Drive

Getting hard can be hard for lots of guys. Even if they’re looking at something they know is attractive, it’s not translating to arousal.

This can lead to a lot of problems, especially if you have a partner. Intimacy can turn into tension when you’re not getting an erection.

Because erectile problems are widespread, businesses have made a lot of strides in finding solutions.

You might’ve heard about pills that help guys get it up, but these can often seem less than reputable. You understandably don’t want to give any time of day to snake oil salespeople and definitely not any money.

However, there are good ones that help you get and stay hard.

These are the best male enhancement pills you can get, as well as more information about these products in general.

Our Top Pick

BlueChew is your best choice in treating ED, increasing your libido and sex drive. You can discreetly order without any issues.

About Male Enhancement

You don’t need to be nearing retirement age to be suffering from sexual problems. Some guys lose their desire, while others find that things like anxiety overshadow their arousal.

This might just be an occasional thing, but it could also become a problem that persists so much it seeps into other parts of your life. It can also cause a lot of harm to your relationship.

Even if things are going okay sexually, you might just wonder what these pills could do for you. Sometimes, you just need to take a chance for a better experience.

Before you try anything, it’s always good to know how these pills work and what taking them involves.

In simple terms, these pills are taken just like any other oral medication. They’re designed to address different sorts of sexual problems.

Best Pills

Our Rating

Today's Deal


Male Extra

VigRX Plus

Max Performer


Reasons To Use Sex Pills

Not all enhancement pills are made the same, but these expectations should all be fulfilled:

1. Stronger boners

2. Better cumming experience

3. More blood flow to your penis

4. Lasting longer in bed

There are some pills that are just focused on getting you hard, but there are others that can also help you with the non-physical elements.

We don’t know what exactly’s going on with you, but there are definitely pills out there for you.

Side Effects

Using any kind of medication involves understanding what the side effects are. The main thing to know is that they really engage your heart.

These are some of the side effects to look out for:

1. Upset stomach

2. Unrest

3. Headaches

4. Heart racing

Should you feel unsure, consult with your physicians.

Better in Bed or Bigger Penis?

When you hear about male enhancement pills, you might think they’ll just make your penis bigger. You need to make sure you’re getting the right product for your situation.

Male enhancement products aren’t about giving you a bigger penis permanently. Rather, they will help you get hard on a case-by-case basis.

That can actually solve your problems. Just because someone has a big penis doesn’t mean they can’t be subjected to sexual dysfunction.

Better Results in Bed

How sexual problems happen can be hard to gauge because they can have so many sources. Looking for solutions can keep you from dwelling or blaming yourself.

Besides pills, you can use things like topical solutions to help deal with your problem.

In this article’s conclusion, you’ll find solutions aside from pills that will help with your intimacy issues.

These don’t always work instantaneously, as some require prolonged usage for their intended effects to take place.

Ceasing usage of these medications also means ceasing of their effects. Don’t let this alarm you, as you may only need or want to use them on an occasional basis.

Growing Your Penis

There are ways to get your penis bigger. If you want to accomplish this, you need to perform certain routine and/or have certain operations performed.

You might have no trouble with getting hard but desire a larger penis because you want to give your partner more pleasure in bed. You might also just want to experience the thrill of having a bigger cock.

Questions About Enhancement Medication

We don’t want to keep you in the dark about male enhancement methods, because anything that you put into your body should be properly vetted.

These are some answers to some of the most important questions about these pills.

Are They For Real?

You’re not being suckered into anything here. These substances have the formulas that will help you get hard and remember the thrill of being turned on.

There’s lots of evidence backing up these claims. Trust can be sown through looking at reviews posted by other customers.

You can’t just order the first product that pops up. We’re steering you in the right direction by telling you about the absolute best male enhancement goods on the market.

When Do They Kick In?

You know how some people feel tipsy after one beer while others can drink five in a row and not feel a thing? Enhancement pills don’t have a set timeline.

Overall, their effects don’t take long. Reading reviews can help you know if your wait time is typical or if you should be expecting more sooner.

Can I Increase My Dosage?

Not getting immediate results might cause you to consider doubling up. However, doing so can definitely come with some drawbacks.

Your body is going to experience some changes through taking just one pill. How is it supposed to keep up with two or more at a time?

Must I Continue Using Them?

Should you be constantly limp despite how horny you’re feeling, you might need to keep using medication.

But if there’s more of a mental affliction happening, you might find that you’re able to get hard without the pills after enough usage.

Are They Sold In Stores?

There are pills that are sold in-store by major retailers, but there’s also a much larger selection that can be found online.

You can also circumvent the embarrassment of others seeing your purchase.

The 5 Best Sexual Enhancement Pills

With your trust toward this medication increased, we want to tell you about which ones are worth your time.

These are the five best medications of this type you can purchase.

1. Bluechew

Should you have troubling swallowing pills, you should be happy to hear about BlueChew.

These are tablets that you masticate just like a piece of candy.

Once a BlueChew is in your system, you can start feeling turned on like you used to.

It’s not a hassle to consume these either. They have a nice, sweet flavor.

Be careful that you don’t start mindlessly eating too many at once.

There are two main ingredients you can choose from when you place your order with BlueChew. Both of these, Tadalafil and Sildenafil, have serious arousal properties.

The best scenario to use BlueChew is when your mental troubles are making it difficult to get horny. Men affected by the sexual downturn that comes with getting older can also be helped by BlueChew.

You can also use BlueChew if you’re feeling fine sexually bu just want to get stiffer. 

There’s no cause for concern about your purchase being exposed. The package is as anonymous as can be.


  • Includes doctor-endorsed components
  • Easy to consume
  • Discretion with shipment
  • Works fast


  • Not sanctioned by FDA (but the core ingredients are)
  • Must subscribe to the pill program

2. Male Extra

Something that might worry you about using these products is putting a bunch of synthetic ingredients inside you.

This is totally normal, which is why we wanted to tell you about the natural wonders of Male Extra.

This product is made up of things you can trust and which can make you hard and horny once again.

The way it works is by bringing an increased flow of blood to your cock. You’ll be turned on so much more.

Not only that, but you’ll also have much greater energy levels. That’s one of the biggest parts of enjoying sex.

Take these with breakfast, lunch, dinner. There’s no age restriction for using these. 

You also don’t have to worry about side effects. The natural makeup of Male Extra lets you feel like you’re trying something that’s rejuvenating your body beyond your penis.


  • Ingredient quality
  • Don’t need doctor to use
  • Guarantee offered
  • Global shipping


  • Must be ordered via site
  • Takes a while to kick in

3. VigRX Plus

Instead of having to choose between being hornier or having a bigger penis, VigRX Plus lets you experience both.

There’s been a lot of work put into making this just right.

There are 10 different things inside these pills. Together, they turn you from flaccid to fantastic.

You need to take these pills two times per day. Through this pattern, you can get your body tuned to their effects.

You can also get a lot more blood going to your nether regions with VigRX Plus. You’ll be seriously hard and seriously excited.

Some of the ingredients can give you more testosterone, which plenty of guys would be elated to have.

VigRX Plus ingredients are also natural, so you can trust you’re putting the right things in your body when you take them.


  • Ingredient are natural
  • Helps you get hard and aroused more easily
  • Cost decreases when you buy in large quantities
  • Refunds are available


  • Takes time to start working
  • Can be more costly to some people

4. Max Performer

If you want to perform at the height of your sexual abilities, you should try Max Performer.

Its recipe is a baker’s dozen of things you can trust and which will help your libido.

The components of Max Performer will help you get more blood and become way more eager to get under those sheets.

Is distraction an issue in bed? Max Performer can assist you by helping you realign your attention span, putting it back on the person you’re aiming to please.

Even if things feel fine for you sexually, you might still be interested in Max Performer. It can help diminish stress levels and make you less sluggish.

Having sex is about more than just wanting to cum. You must also be in the right headspace.

Max Performer can bring and keep you there. You can also have greater feelings of self-worth. 

As for side effects, you’re in the clear here as well. There’s no strange, lab-grown substances to worry about.

After taking these substances, you’ll be itching to fuck. We don’t mean to sound dramatic. We just want to give you something to be excited about.


  • Half-off when you buy six months worth
  • Excellent ingredients
  • Helps you get turned on and last longer
  • Absolutely no cost for shipping


  • Must purchase via site
  • One-month quantity doesn’t come with money-back guarantee

5. ExtenZe

Your erections can be so much stronger and longer by using ExtenZe.

You also won’t have to worry so much about taking a long time to get hard.

Of course, an erection isn’t the beginning and end of sexual performance.

ExtenZe will also let you please your partner longer, avoiding the uncomfortableness that can come with finishing quickly.

Every part of these pills has been selected to make it easier to get hard and up your arousal. 

Nothing suspect can be found in ExtenZe pills. This is all stuff that can be consumed with trust.

You don’t need to get ExtenZe prescribed either. However, you do need to be patient, as it might take at minimum a month for any changes to be noticed.

As with these other medications, you need to be consistent when using ExtenZe. Every day, you should be taking a pill.


  • Ingredient are natural
  • Only need 1 pill each day
  • Prescription-free
  • Refunds if not satisfied


  • Different effects for different people
  • Can have some side effects

Final Thoughts

You need to make sure you’re picking male enhancement that covers your needs. That’s why we wanted to tell you the best ones and some things to look out for.

We’ve concluded the overall best is BlueChew. Consuming it is so easy, it can be chewed delicately or downed in a single gulp.

When you're having trouble with your sexual performance, you might feel like your manhood has been compromised. After all, what's a bigger mark of masculinity than being able to have sex without trouble?

However, you've got a lot more going on than just a reproductive instinct. You need to take care of yourself, which includes being kind to yourself.

Should these issues persist, you might need to talk to a sex therapist or your physician.

 Remember that these are not uncommon problems and that your talking about them can make a difference for yourself as well as people who might not even realize these things others are dealing with.

Here’s to feeling hornier, happier, and healthier all around.

Reviewing The Fleshlight Launch: A Deluxe Masturbator for Men

The buzz around the Fleshlight Launch had been so high among sex toy enthusiasts that I knew I had to try it for myself. I took a few days off from masturbating because I knew that I wanted to save my arousal for something really exciting.

I’ve definitely enjoyed the Fleshlights I’ve used before. However, it might be my privileged 21st century-living speaking, because I’ve grown tired of having to work the Fleshlight on my cock so much.

The Fleshlight Launch is the Fleshlight device for people like me who want a toy that fucks them as much as they fuck it.

It's not like the Launch is just lazily bouncing on you either. This really feels like you're being given the ride of a lifetime.

There’s a high motor on the Fleshlight Launch that works fast on your cock. The toy can also be used with Bluetooth and VR porn.

You can experience what a pornstar is through the this automatic stroker. It’s far better than having to rely on your hand and some cheap lube.

There are other toys with these features, but if you’re unfamiliar with this kind of experience, I’d recommend you try this one. We have lots more to tell you about the this toy and why you should consider it.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's high quality design, ultra realistic feeling, and customer satisfaction, the Fleshlight Launch is certified and approved by our sex experts.

About the Fleshlight Launch

Sex toys have become so great through technological advancements—anyone who assumes that men only have cheap pocket pussies available needs to face reality.

Although these are definitely okay in a pinch, we're not in a good place if we're letting "okay" be acceptable. Would you keep ordering from the same restaurant if you just found their food to be okay?

The Fleshlight Launch will make you proud to masturbate. That might sound a little weird, but this thing does so much that you're bound to be impressed.

It’s not just that motors have been brought in. There are also wireless technologies, which have been a total marvel.

When you can use a toy on someone who’s hundreds of miles away or interact with some of your favorite models, you know that something incredible has happened.

There’s definitely a gender bias with how we view sex toys. Women using vibrators on themselves is pretty accepted, but men using something equivalent is perverted?

Men can be implicit in this problem because they perpetuate the idea that you’re only manly if you’re fucking an actual woman.

That’s definitely the ideal, but to say that one’s masculinity is dependent on that is ridiculous. As long as someone isn't talking about it in a totally inappropriate environment, such as at work or on a first date, they shouldn't be seen as a miscreant.

The best way to fight against those misconceptions is by talking about male sexuality positively and by making great products.

There have definitely been good ones, such as the ONYX or the PEARL. These can do the job, but they can become a little disappointing after a while.

With prolonged usage, you become too aware that you’re using a device, rather than being intimate with what feels like a human. It's like watching a movie where the special effects are just too obviously computer-generated, bringing you out of the immersion.

The companies between the Launch, Fleshlight and Kiroo, understand how to listen to an audience. They made something that can work with just about any Fleshlight.

It doesn’t feel like you’re masturbating, because you don’t need to use your hands. You’ll honestly feel like you’re being fucked.

To get this going, you put the Fleshlight inside the Launch. You can change the speed depending on how much power you want.

There are also various sleeves you can use for a range of feelings. One of the first things you might try is matching it with porn because it can make watching naughty videos so much more fun.

How To Use This Toy

The Fleshlight Launch is an accessory. So, you need to make sure you have a Fleshlight ready to go.

This Fleshlight should be cleansed, free of any excess lube or bodily fluids. It should also be one that you have a great deal of experience with.

Before you can use the Launch, it needs to be charged. This works via USB.

Using virtual reality requires a smartphone and installing the “Feel Connect” app. You should also join and start your hunt for great videos.

When you have everything opened, and the Launch has been charged, you need to do the following:

  1. Put your Fleshlight on: This needs to be securely on the Launch. You should get it clipped on in a way that prevents any slippage.
  2. Use lube: Going in dry when using a this toy is asking for a sore penis and an unsatisfying experience. This needs to be one that gives you plenty of motion and doesn’t dry up as quickly as it’s applied.
  3. Turn on Launch: The manual setting is the first place to start with the Launch, and you should start at the lowest setting. There’s also a Bluetooth setting.
  4. Change speed/stroke duration: You can easily control this through buttons on the Launch. These involve swiping and become easier to use with practice.
  5. Bluetooth: After getting used to the manual setting, you should use the Bluetooth. It involves opening “Connect a Device” with your app then pairing your device with the QR code
  6. Video: The best part of using the Launch is the one you should save for when you’ve mastered everything else. There are videos available to watch free of charge with, and they can really turn porn into something thrilling again.

When you’re done with a session, you need to clean out your Fleshlight. The Launch shouldn’t be soaked in water, but some polishing is always welcome, as is charging right after use.

Don’t think that you only need to use the Launch if you’re single or without your loved one for the night. You can have great experiences with a loved one through the Launch.


✅  You can use this with all kinds of Fleshlights. You can switch them out, so you don’t  get sick of using the same one for too long.

✅  Not only can you watch virtual reality porn videos from, but you can also take advantage of PornHub Interactive, among others.

✅  Bring yourself even more into the virtual reality of porn by getting some VR goggles

✅  You don’t need to make sure you have a drawerful of batteries because the Launch works by being recharged.

✅  There’s a one-year-warranty included should you have any problems with your toy

We’re writing this as an endorsement of the Fleshlight Launch, but we can admire it while also pointing out what some shortcomings about it.

The cons don’t make the Launch worthless, but they do help you know if it’s right for you.


❌  The Launch has serious weight to it. When you’re using it, you need to keep it in place, which could lead to your arms getting tired.

❌  The sound design definitely isn’t quiet. It’s better than some sex toys, but if you’re adamant about masturbating in silence, this could pose some problems.

❌  The price isn’t exactly a con, because something is high-quality should be expected to cost a bit. However, $200 for something to help you masturbate is an expense that some people just can’t handle.

In The Box

Inside your Fleshlight Launch box, you’ll find the following:

  1. The device
  2. Charger
  3. Warranty
  4. Manuals

We wish they had included lube, but you’ll have to pick some up for yourself. This needs to be a kind that works well with your Fleshlight and penis.

Buying Guide

Should you have a sex shop in your area and not be too embarrassed about the idea of buying something like this in person, you should be able to find the Launch there.

The staff at these stores are well-trained and super-friendly and are eager to make you feel comfortable when answering your questions.

However, the markup at these stores can be more than what you’d spend online. The $200 price tag for one ordered online won’t seem as bad.

Another good thing is that your shipment doesn’t have any characteristics that would reveal what’s inside to nosy individuals. The shipping box is as straightforward as they come.

Talking about all these features and how well-made the Fleshlight Launch is doesn’t answer a key question: should I use this? You don’t want to just hop on the bandwagon, especially not if you’re spending your monthly grocery bill on a sex toy.

But if you’re reading this review, it’s likely you know your way around sex toys at least a little bit. This is the “next level” you’ve been looking for.

There’s also the chance that you acknowledge just how powerful the Launch is, but you know that you’re just not yet ready for something like it,.

You can use other means to get more out of your Fleshlights, such as different mounts. When these have received enough usage, you might decide you’re ready for Launch.

While masturbating is pretty intuitive, the Fleshlight Launch requires a little training. You’ll better see why it’s worth $200 with all the possibilities that are included.

We love typical fleshlights, but we know they can only do so much. The Fleshlight Launch may look antiquated by comparison to devices that come out a decade from now, but it should be recognized for its importance now.

Similar Devices To Consider

1. Kiiroo Onyx Plus

Having a device that gives you a blowjob might seem like something out of a futuristic porno, but the Onyx plus is here now, and it’s incredible.

You get to feel like you’re getting blown or fucking a vagina. The design feels incredibly genuine.

These are some things include with the Onyx:

- Multiple rings to recreate different sex acts

- Sleeve for a great tactile effect

- Partner/porn connection

- Battery charging

- Hands-on or automated session

The Onyx plus turns masturbating into something high-tech as well as very pleasurable.

Similar to the Fleshlight Launch, it can be matched with a loved one’s devices as well as virtual reality porn.

Another plus it has, over the Launch, is that it’s smaller and not difficult to transport.

However, the feeling that the Launch provides is far ahead of the Onyx. Maybe the Onyx 3 will be a true rival?

2. AutoBlow 2

The design of the AutoBlow 2 is similar to that of the Onyx. 

You’ll really feel like your engaging in sexual intercourse.

The AutoBlow 2 has these benefits:

Five arms for working your penis

Wall plug

Strong design

Different sleeves available

Better than its predecessor, the AutoBlow 2 delivers with what your penis craves.

It’s not quite as good as the Fleshlight Launch in terms of realism, but it’s definitely in a similar league.

Final Thoughts

Fleshlights make masturbating better, and the Fleshlight Launch makes masturbating with Fleshlights even better.

You’ll get what you get from regular masturbating but greater pleasure and more relaxation.

The pairing with virtual reality porn just makes things even better. People who only use their palm and fingers for pleasure will really seem like they’re living in the Stone Age.

Masturbating needs to provide pleasure and satisfaction. The Fleshlight Launch can absolutely give you both.

It can also help get you out of the rut of just masturbating out of boredom and not arousal. You can go in not feeling particularly horny, but it's a lot better if you're using it when you're absolutely craven with a need to cum.

Also, if you like watching others or being watched, this can make your foreplay a lot better. Your partner might get really horny just by seeing this device work its magic on you.

The Launch might look a little clumsy, but it demands to be treated with care. You'll hopefully fall in love with this device and spread the word to others who could use a masturbating upgrade.

Trust us, they're out there, even if they're not announcing themselves.