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Reviewing The Lovense Max: A Unique and Powerful Male Masturbator

Every man loves to masturbate, even the ones who can receive regular sex.

You can get comfortable, lie back, and just feel the wonders of your body. When it’s finally time to come, a good orgasm can put a smile on your face that lasts for the rest of the day.

However, your dominant hand can only do so much. After a while, you get numb to the pleasure and masturbating, sadly, becomes a little boring.

To make things better, you should use a device, such as the Max by Lovense. This replicates oral sex and turns masturbating into an exciting experience again.

Certified and Approved

Due to it's high quality design, realistic feeling, and dozens of five star reviews, The Lovense Max 2 is certified and approved by our sex experts.

About Automatic Masturbation Devices

There are lots of items on the market that help guys jerk off with electrical or battery power.

Although anyone can understand that these would feel pleasurable, some might think that they’re essentially pointless when you have your hands, or at the very least, non-automatic devices.

But using an automatic device is like using an HD television after years of relying on a rabbit-ears signal.

The feelings can be so much greater, and you can discover your body in a way you might’ve never thought was possible before.

Plus, as good as it can feel to masturbate with your hand, it’s hard to replicate the unique feel of a good blowjob.

A pair of beautiful lips pursed around your hard cock is a perk of a regular relationship, but a device like the Max lets you have it on your own.

It’s not just that these devices manufacture a mediocre blowjob. The ones you get from the Max are like being pleasured by someone who’s made it their mission to provide you with oral satisfaction.

You can use this if you’re in a relationship, even if you and your partner are miles apart.

With the Max’s Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy long-range sex, with your partner deciding how best to control the device.

We don’t want you to feel pressured to get something that’s too far out of your interest, and there are lots of products that let you masturbate while keeping things simple.

But if you’re ready to venture down an amazing road of pleasure and self-love, the Max by Lovense is waiting for you.

Intro to Lovense Max

If you’ve used or at least looked at fleshlights, the Max won’t be anything surprising. It’s made of durable TPE and your penis fits handily inside.

Looks aren’t everything, though, because the Max has features that can only be realized through usage. The main one is its pumps.

These pumps are so good at replicating the warm feel of a woman’s pussy, particularly as it writhes in pleasure around a stiff cock.

You can increase or decrease the pressure on these pumps. The Max also comes with a vibrator, allowing for pleasure to be directed specifically to your penis head.

Blowjobs are all about suction, and there’s a vacuum function on the Max that really delivers on this front. Make it as strong or as mild as you need.

Bring these functions together and you’ll be so happy you made this purchase.

Your purchase of the Max includes the device itself, the guide, and the USB cord to charge it. You can take the Max out of its sleeve and hold it in a case that’s also included.

It measures 9 inches by 2.5 inches. You can keep it tucked away in a nightstand drawer or another confidential location.

Its Bluetooth capabilities let you work it with your smartphone. To mix things up, someone who has the same app can be given access to work your Max and allow you a new pleasure experience.


✅  Fits most penis sizes

✅  Suction from vacuum feels life like

✅  Bluetooth connect with your smart phone or your partners

✅  Made of hypoallergenic material 


❌  Can be too noisy for some people

❌  Is not water resistant


Just having a device that gives you a blowjob seems like it would be enough for a lot of guys. It probably is, but the Max doesn’t just stop there.

To begin, the pumps are outstanding in terms of the pleasure they provide you with.

As the balloon-like sacks on the Max swell up, your cock can too. It's like every nerve ending of your penis is being given its plaudits.

It doesn’t have to be like you’re getting the life sucked out of you at every turn either. You can have the pumps at their most basic and get a more soothing sort of pleasure.

Then, the vibrator gives your head some action as well. It’s truly the cherry on top of a great experience.

Play around with the different settings, and you can have a new sort of masturbating experience every time.

The app makes it easy to change things up. Who would’ve though you’d be using your fancy smartphone for this purpose?

While we love the Max, we also feel it’s only appropriate to tell you about the downsides.

Having good hearing is something to appreciate, but you might not be feeling so grateful when you hear the pumps on the Max.

These aren’t loud in a way that a large-sized vibrator is. These are downright noisy.

Besides being annoying to you, it can be difficult if you live with others and want to enjoy your new oral sex device on the DL.

You can use music or noise-canceling headphones to block the sound some, but we thought you should know so you’re not caught off-guard.

How Does It Feel?

The Max’s TPE really feels genuine. It follows the design of an actual vagina.

This wasn’t exactly the most mindblowing feeling, however. When compared to other fleshlights, some people find it a little underwhelming.

There’s also a lack of versatility with the feeling. The best kind of fleshlights don’t just offer a singular sensation in terms of feel.

It’s a good feeling, but it can wear out its welcome after a while for some people.

To help, make use of the enhancers to give yourself new feelings.

You should also focus on just how good it feels to grind inside this warm interior.

You can make it even warmer through heating up water, so it feels like a real pussy. Lots of lube should be applied as well.

Your lube needs to be water-based.

When you’re done with your fun, it’s little trouble to clean your Max.

You can easily take off the sleeve, running water over it and applying an appropriate cleaner.

Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth connections make all kinds of devices easier to use, from smartphones to headphones.

Sex devices like Max can also be made greater with Bluetooth. There’s far more sophisticated control possible with a Bluetooth connection.

You can also enjoy sexy adventures with a long-distance partner.

You just need to install the app to connect your phone to the Max.

It’ll search for devices and find your Max, should it be on.

There’s also a feature specifically for long-distance usage.

This could include your partner or kinky friends that want to play with you from afar.

It doesn’t stop there either. You can also sync your Max with a partner’s Max or with the Nora, also by Lovense.

Another crown in this device’s jewel is that you can combine it with music.

You can enjoy the rhythms of the music and the rhythms of your penis. 

Discreet and Practical

No sex toy is worth the embarrassment of having trouble hiding it. The Max is made with this in mind.

You can store it super-easily. However, if by chance you do leave it out or someone stumbles upon it, likely, they’ll never know what it was.

The white design might not be the most interesting, but it’s one that’s easy to pass over unless someone is really looking for it.

There’s also a lot of nuance to its charging. There are magnetic ends for getting your toy powered up.

What Are Users Saying?

There’s a lot of love felt by Max buyers.

Some of the main appeals are how good it feels as it’s working your penis. However, you might not ejaculate as soon as you think you will.

The vibrators are also enjoyed, but some find they don’t go as far as they could in terms of penile contact.

The main issue users have had, which should come as no surprise, is how loud the pumps are.

It’s such a shame, because the feeling the pumps provide is so godly. But the noise interference can be distracting.

Try your best to deal with the noise. You can perhaps try muffling the device under some sheets. If you can overcome this, then this toy is excellent!

Some Alternatives

1. Kiiroo Onyx 2

The Max isn’t in a total class of its own. Another great device for oral sex is the Kiiro Onyx 2.

You’ll get a lot of strong sensations when you’re using this device.

It has 10 different rings for re-enacting different experiences.

You can achieve as many as 140 movements/minute.

The battery goes up to 120 minutes.

t has a Superskin design for a pleasure-rich feeling.

There’s Bluetooth connection

This might actually be the best oral sex device for men around.

You can use it on your own or with others through the Bluetooth connection.

Then there are the rings. This is like having a roulette wheel of sexual moments. 

Some days you want to go all out. Other days, you just want to get some mild stimulation. 

The fun continues with all the various settings and combinations. You can also sync it with electronic devices.

It goes further than the Max. You can pair it with porn and use it with models, as well as letting your significant other use it.

The Max is still really good. The pumps take you for one hell of a ride.

It’s just that the Onyx 2 is like an elevated variant of The Max.

2. Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

Another quality Kiiroo product is the Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch.

It’s like they took a fleshlight and went for total enhancement.

Some of these enhancements include:

Compatibility with other Fleshlight products.

Easy to charge.

Bluetooth compatible.

Can be used without hands.

The Launch lets you work with all kinds of Fleshlight devices.

It stimulates your fleshlight which then stimulates your penis.

Screenshot taken from

This lets you really drift into fantasy. You might forget that you’re by yourself until you come and open your eyes.

There are also multiple ways to pair this with other things, including porn and other toys. You can also have a partner take the reins.

It’s a little frustrating that it’s so bad. It’s great for home use, but it’s really not practical to bring on vacation.

You might also have some challenges with getting situated, due to how big it is.

However, if you can manage these bulky conditions, the Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch is most excellent.

Final Thoughts

To bring it back to Lovense Max, this is a very good device for your masturbation and blowjob needs.

Not only does it feel terrific, it's also pleasing to look at.

With its Bluetooth connections, enjoyment can last longer and come from different people.

It's not the absolute best of these products, but it's still a good starter.

The price tag is a little high, but it's not something you just use a couple of times before throwing it away.

You should also consider the Lovense Nova, even if you already have the Max, due to their compatibility.

The top of these products is the Kiiroo Onyx 2. You could get this in addition to your Lovense Max. Switching toys up can keep you from getting bored with one or the other.

By the time your day has ended, you should feel like a genuine expert on matters of masturbators.

Top 4 Aneros Products Reviewed (Special Discount for Our Readers!)

Getting a prostate orgasm is something all men should experience. The best way to do this is through a good prostate massager, and Aneros makes them of the highest quality.

Anyone who knows about prostate massagers will tell you that Aneros massagers are top-tier. Guys can achieve orgasms like never before with these.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about women having orgasms that bring them to their knees in pleasure. This can happen to you too.

However, it’s not like you can just stick a massager inside you, and you’ll be in ecstasy.

Our Top Pick

Due to it's overall quality, realistic nature, and dozens of 5 star reviews, The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is our top choice. 

You’ll need to explore your body and practice patience. A prostate massager will fit inside you very easily, and it’s shaped in a way that can reach your P-spot.

Your pleasure can be doubled with the part of the toy that works your perineum. Inside and out, prostate massagers make your body feel terrific.

Now, you’ll get to hear all about Aneros and its product line.

There are four different products discussed below. All of them come from Aneros, and all of them are worth the money.

About Aneros

A fun fact about Aneros is that their massagers were first made for medical usage. This actually makes a lot of sense, since prostate stimulation is excellent for you, helping keep you healthy as well as providing pleasurable feelings.

They haven’t forgotten their roots either, as the “Helix” prostate massager is reminiscent of initial types made by Aneros.

Eventually, Aneros decided to go into sex toy production full-time. However, they still understand the importance of quality design.

Today, Aneros is a wonderland for any guy who wants a better sexual experience. They might be best known for their prostate massagers, but it doesn’t stop there.

While not everything is a perfect 10, Aneros definitely has a good streak going with their products. It’s also refreshing to see how it normalizes men using sex toys.

Aneros Toys

Our Rating

Today's Deal

Helix Syn Trident

Vice 2

Progasm Ice

Maximus Trident

Aneros Reviews 

There are lots of reviews of Aneros products online, but lots of these are for products that are no longer on the market.

Plus, many reviews are hard to read due to technical errors and lack meaningful information.

To help you and other readers, I’ve come up with four high-quality reviews of four high-quality Aneros products.

1. Helix Syn Trident

The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is a compact and excellent prostate massager.

While it’s only 3.5 inches long, it still does the job when it comes to filling you up and making you come harder.

When I’ve used this massager, I’ve experienced orgasms that have made me feel like I’m on some sort of amazing drug.

I’m starting with this one because it’s the best prostate massager for first-timers. 

It fits in easily, and it’s material is very comfortable. It’s silicone is wonderfully gentle and makes you really feel cared for.

It can also reach your perineum very well. You’ll be able to work two parts of your body that might’ve never gotten much attention before.

Depending on how you like to masturbate, the Helix Syn Trident lets you work with different positions. Various body shapes can use this massager as well

Whether you’re on your back, stomach, or standing up, this is a good massager.

The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is good for inexperienced prostate players, but it still takes some getting used to. Work with it and over time, you’ll get orgasms that rival any you’ve ever had.


  • Compact size
  • Ideal length to stimulate the prostate
  • Great for beginners
  • Can reach perineum effectively


  • Can be difficult to clean after
  • Can be difficult to get out

2. Vice 2

I’ve definitely had some good experiences with the Aneros Vice 2, but I should mention that it vibrates, and how that’s not exactly the best quality of a prostate massager.

You may think that sounds strange, as surely vibrating on your prostate would feel good?

It does, but you get used to it fast, and it’s hard to reach the orgasms you want afterward.

But if you’re okay with not having an all-star orgasm, the Aneros Vice 2 can still be really good. 

It’s hard not to get at least some pleasure when you’re feeling into your prostate.

There are more than a dozen types of vibration to choose from, along with four-speed settings.

There’s also a remote that lets you easily control your massager.

On the first Aneros Vice, you had to adjust the massager with the massager. This was super inconvenient.

You can charge your massager and its remote with a USB connection. When fully charged and at top speed, the massager can last for an hour and a half,, while the remote can last for 50 hours.

It’s a pretty big toy as well, measure 1.3 by 4.25 inches.

This can make it pretty daunting, but once you’ve gotten comfortable with how the Aneros Vice 2 feels, you can be on track to orgasm success.


  • Many different settings
  • Toy is made with 2 motors
  • Has remote with USB charger
  • Lasts an hour and a half on one charge


  • Can be too big for some men
  • Some might not enjoy vibrations

3. Progasm Ice

If you’re looking at the Aneros Progasm Ice, you might wonder how good it feels to put a glass prostate massager inside you.

However, you can keep wondering, because this massager is actually made of plastic.

It’s a really special kind of plastic, would which is actually more durable than glass.

Don’t get this as your first massager. It would be like trying ghost pepper hot sauce before you try Tabasco.

This could even be a challenge for guys with a decent amount of prostate massager experience.

You need to have a pelvis that’s able to handle something as strong as this. Care also must be taken not to let the arms cause you pain.


  • Advanced users love the strength of this toy
  • Special plastic material that's stronger than glass
  • Excellent girth
  • Fullness make you cum hard


  • Not for beginners
  • Can be too big for some men

4. Maximus Trident

There are some good and bad things about the Aneros Maximum Trident.

The bad doesn’t cancel out the good, and it can work very well for people who have a lot of Helix Syn experience.

Bigger than the other Trident, with a stronger feeling, the Aneros Maximus Trident really puts your prostate, and it’s surrounding area to work.

It’s made of ABS plastic, which just doesn’t feel very comfortable.

Speaking of which, the arms on this one can lead to pain as well.

There’s some pause to be had with the Aneros Maximus Trident, but it’s still an excellent massager, just like the rest listed. 

Be gentle with how you use this massager, and you’ll see some good results.


  • Fits well into your anus
  • Ideal length
  • No cleaning troubles
  • Strength of this toy make you cum hard


  • Beginners can feel pain from the arms
  • Harder material not ideal for some

Other Products

Besides prostate massagers, there are lots of good things sold by Aneros. Below are some of our favorites.


Both sexes can use the Aneros Tempo, which acts like a buttplug. You can feel the fullness of anal penetration with this toy.


Made for women, the Aneros Evi is great for working out your Kegels. It can also help you find your G Spot.

Sex can also feel a lot better when you have your Kegels and pelvis in shape.


If you’ve never heard of a bullet vibrator, the Aneros Muze is a great starting point. There are many different vibration possibilities.

How to Use Aneros Prostate Massagers

Screenshot taken from

Using Aneros massagers isn’t quite as simple as just putting it in. You need to make the conditions just right for your orgasm to happen.

1. Start Horny

We all know about masturbating out of pure boredom, eventually reaching orgasm but not really being all that into it.

However, you need to be horny when using a prostate massager. You’ll be working with your prostate for a while before you can reach orgasm, possibly hours, and that’s if you’re really horny.

Get yourself comfortable and work on getting hard. Check out some porn, bring some fantasies to mind, and stay focused.

If you’ve been masturbating a lot, take a break so you can recover and remember what it’s like to be genuinely aroused.

2. Use Marijuana

We’re not about to encourage any law-breaking, but thanks to more states relaxing their marijuana laws or legalizing it, you can use it to aid your private time.

To enjoy yourself fully, you need to be loosened up. Marijuana can really bring you to a chill place.

You might not like weed and its effects or have other reasons for not using it, such as a job interview coming up. However, if you can use it, do so.

3. Nipple Play

Men’s nipples have long been seen as superfluous, but they actually serve a great sexual purpose. When you stimulate your nipples, you can stimulate your genitals as well.

Touching your nipples can make you really horny. Tap them, squeeze them, rub them, and see how much harder your penis gets.

4. Focus

You need to be free of all nuisances when using your prostate massager. That means your phone is off and set down, you have no pending appointments that day, and that you can just concentrate on yourself and your pleasure.

A good time for this is before going to bed. This can help lull you into an even more relaxed mindset.

Final Thoughts

We appreciate you taking the time to learn all about Aneros products and the joys of prostate play. We'd never say that this is the only information you need about prostate massaging, but this is undoubtedly an excellent place to start.

You've probably been having the same type of orgasm for as far back as you can remember. Sure, it feels good, but it can be like eating the same dessert every night of your life.

When the flavors lose their luster, you need to find a new recipe. A prostate massager gets you back into gear with your orgasms.

Aneros has an excellent selection of massagers. We've given our top four, and the Aneros website helps you to choose the one for you with their quiz more easily.

Take your time with choosing and using your prostate massager. Don't just go for the one you can afford right now, because you might be able to get a better one after a couple of weeks of saving.

Once you have your massager, be sure you're properly horny and that you're free to work with it for some time. The effort required is more than just pulling down your pants and working your hand, but the effect achieved goes beyond description.

With a prostate orgasm, you won't be on cloud nine. You'll be on cloud 10

Our Top Pick

Due to it's overall quality, realistic nature, and dozens of 5 star reviews, The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is our top choice. 

Top 3 Strap On Harness Dildo Kits (Special Discount for Our Readers!)

If you’re looking for the next big adventure when it comes to your sexual experiences, then we have the best products for you to think about!

If you want to pleasure your partner while experiencing a new level of pleasure for yourself, strap on dildos are something to think about.

If you have already tried out a regular dildo or tried out an anal plug, you might be ready to try something new and exciting.

A strap-on system that harnesses your body will help you achieve new levels of orgasms and pleasure.

Our Top Pick

Due to it's overall quality, attachments, and accessories, Vac-U-Lock Strap-On Dildo Kit is our choice for the best strap on harness kit.

Increasing Your Sexual Pleasure

This is often a topic that people don’t like to speak about. There’s no real reason to be uncomfortable with the subject of a strap on dildo.

This may be something you haven’t tried before, but taking the plunge can be totally worth it.

You probably never imagined you'd be able to achieve an intense orgasm like this.

If you aren’t very educated on strap-on dildos or how to buy one, this article is going to talk about everything you'll need to get started.

After we talk a bit about the different types of features that are included with strap-on dildos, we’ll present some of the best products on the market right now.

Strap On Dildo Questions

People very frequently have questions when it comes to the different types of strap-on dildos that are being sold right now.

We’ve compiled some of the most common questions that you may be thinking about.

We hope the answers we provide will give you enough insight to make an educated purchase.

Who Are These Toys Ideal For?

Essentially, anybody that wants to try out a strap-on can do so.

Both men and women can utilize them in some way. You can also be any sexual orientation and still get pleasure from one.

If you’ve wanted to try a strap-on for a long time, now is a perfect time!

How To Use Strap Ons?

A woman can be penetrated both inside of the vagina and anus. The man can be penetrated through the anus.

A strap-on is frequently used for practicing oral sex as well.

You don’t have to be the person to be penetrated. You can put it on and penetrate someone else.

Best Dildos

Our Rating

Today's Deal

Vac-U-Lock Strap On Starter Kit

Lifelike Lover Strap-On Harness

BASICS Strap On Dildo Kit

Why Would I Desire This Type of Dildo?

There’s a number of scenarios that would contribute to wanting a strap-on.

If you’re a woman, you probably have been thinking about what it’s like to penetrate someone else during sex. This is the perfect time to find out.

On the flip side, your partner might be curious about being penetrated. Anal sex is often something that is done to women or gay men. There’s nothing that says a straight man can’t try it out as well.

We have a pegging guide available if you want to know more about that practice.

Regardless of whether you want penetration or want to hand out the pleasure, a strap-on is a great investment in the sex toy world.

A partner may have erectile dysfunction but still want to pleasure their partner.

If you own a strap-on but don’t use it, it’s time to bust it out and give it a try!

How Does This Toy Function?

There are many different types of strap-on products on the market.

The type of product that you choose really relies on what you’re looking for.

Essentially, you get a harness that comes with a place for a dildo to be held onto the harness tightly.

The harness itself may look something along the lines of a jockstrap or pair of underpants.

Pay close attention to whether or not your harness of choices comes with a dildo.

What Does It Feel Like Wearing It?

If you have never worn a strap-on harness before, it might feel a little weird to you.

If you want to familiarize yourself with it ahead of time, try it on and wear it for a bit.

You may need to adjust the harness to get the best fit. It’s a good idea to do this before you get into the mood. That way, you won't be wasting time fumbling around while your partner loses interest.

As you try it out more often, you’re going to get more comfortable with how everything feels.

The Best of the Best

1. Vac-U-Lock Strap On Starter Kit

If you’re looking to save some money, a starter kit is very beneficial.

This set comes with everything you need to get started.

The harness size can adjusted from small to a double extra-large.

Three different sized dildos are included with interchangeable O rings.

Each of the dildos can be used with a suction cup base. It can be used with a partner or by yourself.

You even get a unique tool that you use to clean your dildo after use. 

Specially designed powders come with the dildos to prevent chafing from use.

This is a multi-purpose toy. You can use your own collection of dildos with the harness.


  • There is a large variety of dildo sizes that come with this set
  • O rings allow you to change out your dildos easily
  • Other dildos can be used with the harness that is provided
  • Size your harness from small up to double extra large
  • A lubricant is included with your purchase
  • This is the only sex toy I have seen that comes with a cleaning tool


  • If you’ve never worn a harness before, it might be hard to get this one set up for the first time
  • The dildos themselves are not very firm. That might be a problem if you like something harder

2. Lifelike Lover Strap-On Harness

Some people prefer an incredibly realistic strap-on set. This is for them.

You get three different dildos with this lot. Each of them is a different size and texture.

All three models have a base with a suction cup. They stick any surface you want. Take them in the tub, shower or Jacuzzi.

The harness for this product was designed to be very comfortable. It sizes from a small to a double extra-large.


  • Very comfortable design that adjusts to your size
  • Adjusts from small to double extra-large
  • One dildo has a vibration function
  • O rings make the dildos each to change out
  • The three dildos included varying in size


  • A large battery pack that might get in your way
  • Dildos are of lower quality than the others

3. BASICS Strap On Dildo Kit

Perfect for someone who is just trying out a strap-on for the first time, there are two different dildo types included with the harness.

Even if you have used a strap-on before, this product can be used for hours of enjoyment.

Each dildo is tapered. They feature different bulges, ripples, and edges.

You won’t get this level of enjoyment anywhere else.

The harness itself is adjustable from the size of small up to extra-large.


  • Great for any experience level, beginner to advanced
  • You get two dildos for the price of one with your purchase
  • There are O rings included that let you quickly change between the dildos during penetration
  • A one-size-fits-all harness that can be used by anyone


  • The dildos might be a little small for experienced users
  • This kit is of lower quality than the other two options on this list

Other Things To Consider

You must have a lubricant on hand before you begin penetration.

Any kind of anal play requires lubricant. It also makes it much easier when completing vaginal penetration.

The dildo that you choose should be made with high-quality material that is safe for your body.

A durable material will ensure that you have your strap-on dildo around for a long time.

Are you a first time user? If so, it's essential to take your time when using a strap-on with your partner. You don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Let’s look closely at three of the best strap-ons that I’ve come across in my research and experience.

What's Our Favorite?

While these are three incredibly pleasurable strap-on dildos, we have to pick the very best one to help you with your shopping.

Our favorite is the Vac-U-Lock Strap On Starter Kit. It's excellent quality and you receive a lot of value for the price.

The shapes and sizes are very versatile. They work for people who have never used a strap-on before. Experts can enjoy them as well.

I like that the harness is extremely comfortable. It’s one of the easiest ones to adjust when you’re getting started for the first time.

Don’t forget your lube! Stay safe and have a great time playing!

Our Top Pick

Due to it's overall quality, attachments, and accessories, Vac-U-Lock Strap-On Dildo Kit is our choice for the best strap on harness kit.

Top 6 Anal Dildos: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (Special Discounts for Our Readers!)

There are many different dildos on the market right now. With many different uses, you may want to try experimenting with anal pleasure.

It can be a challenge to find the dildo that will work best for your body type. If this is your first time shopping for one, you may be wondering how to look for the best anal dildo.

Let’s look more into the different qualities anal dildos. How can you find the one that is perfect for your budget and sexual desires?

We’ll first share some necessary information on these toys. We will then talk about some of the top overall choices to take into consideration.

Our Top Pick

Due to it's stainless steel construction, double ended design, and overall quality, The Njoy Pure Wand is our choice for the best anal dildo.

Selecting Your Dildo

There are dildos that work well for normal masturbation. If you’re looking for one specifically for anal use, this is the article you should read.


Some different materials are used for anal dildos. The material that you choose has a lot to do with how you want it to feel.

Some people prefer something very realistic; A harder material that allows a fuller feeling.

The three primary materials that you can choose from are glass, stainless steel, and silicone. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each material.



✅ You can adjust the temperature naturally for different levels of stimulation
✅ Easy to clean up.
✅ You can use glass with any variety of lubrication that you prefer.


❌ There isn’t any flexibility like with silicone models.
❌ Not as life-like



✅ Easy to cleanup
✅ Adjustable temperature
✅ Compatible with various kinds of lubrications


❌ Not as realistic
❌ Not as much flexibility



✅ Body safe material
✅ Much more realistic than steel or glass
✅ Most popular material for dildos


❌ A little more challenging to clean
❌ Temperature non-adjustable

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nJoy Pure Wand

nJoy Fun Wand

Desire Luxury Steel

Mr. Universe

Fun Factory Boss

Adam & Eve Twisted Love

Other Things To Consider

When you’re picking out a male dildo, there are several things to keep in mind. Some of the details you look at will have to do with what you prefer. 


A long and thick anal dildo is what you’ll want to shop for if you’re looking for maximum stimulation. Something small and narrow isn’t going to make you feel as full.

You may want something on the small side if you haven’t used anal dildos before.


Several double-sided dildos are made for anal stimulation. Some take on a much more lifelike shape. What you choose really has to do with your personal preference.

Something that has two different sides isn’t going to be as realistic as something that has a man’s real penis in mind.


We have included some very affordable dildos on our list. They aren’t designed to break the bank. However, you should still think about your budget when making a selection.

Don't just think about how much pleasure this toy is going to bring you. Think about the quality and how many times you'll have to buy it in the future.


Several anal dildos come equipped for harness capabilities. You can use the product alone or with your partner. A strap-on dildo is also an option if you are looking to use your dildo only with someone else.

Some products come with suction cups. This allows you to use the product without your hands.

The Best Anal Dildo Guide

We have made a list of some of the best products on the market right now. Even if none of these are for you, you'll have a better understanding of what you want after reading.

1. Njoy Pure Wand

This is a great product that allows you to stimulate the prostate for intense orgasms. It's pleasurable for women also.

Once you learn how to use it, the njoy Pure Wand can change your sex life.

Ease into its use by laying on your back and sliding it inside of the anus. 

The curved design allows you to place the dildo against your prostate. Men love that P-spot sensation. It's excellent for reaching the G-spot also.

Each Pure Wand is made out of stainless steel. The method of polishing is designed to provide a very smooth surface that effortlessly glides in and out.


  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • Can stimulate the male prostate
  • Can stimulate the female g-spot
  • Buy one time, lasts a lifetime


  • Costly (Higher quality dildos are usually higher priced)

2. Njoy Fun Wand

This is an anal dildo that looks pretty bizarre. However, it could very well be one of the best options that we have included on our list. 

This is also an affordable option. You technically get two products for the price of one.

It’s a double-ended design that allows you to switch up the uses. 

One side includes a series of bulges that get bigger as you go along. This is a fantastic way to stimulate your anus. 

A stainless steel design allows for easy cleanup. Stainless steel also lets you change the temperature by heating it or cooling it down.


  • Double-sided design ensures you don’t get bored
  • A durable product thanks to its stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be adjusted to a more warm or cool temperature.


  • Price can be outside of your budget (Higher quality dildos tend to cost more)

3. Desire Luxury Beaded Steel

This is one of the best dildos around, thanks to its wide range of features.

With stainless steel construction, it slides smoothly inside. It is equipped with a hypoallergenic, non-porous surface.

This is much sturdier of a product than most on the market.

Similar to other beaded dildos, each bulge will increase in size as it progresses. The curved shape allows for P-spot stimulation. 

Easy to clean, responsive to temperature fluctuations, and priced very affordably.


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel material
  • It has a weighted design that creates fullness
  • An easy to clean product
  • Beaded like texture can stimulate the p-spot effectively


  • Be careful not to drop the product or use it for extended periods of time
  • The weight is an issue when it comes to these factors

5. Mr. Universe by Tantus

This is a product that is 9.5 inches in length with impressive girth.

If you can conquer this product, you’re an anal dildo expert.

A textured surface is created using Tantus’ extremely soft silicone.

There is plenty of cushion to enjoy if you are trying to stretch up a size. 

There are thicker dildos on the market, but the combination of girth and lenght of this version is excellent for more advanced users.


  • Made of high-quality soft silicone
  • 3.5 inches wide (girth)
  • 9.5 inches long
  • Can be used for anal stretching training


  • This size is much too big for beginners. Don't buy this if you aren't experienced

6. Fun Factory The Boss Stud

You can insert the full length of 7 inches into your anus. There is a broad head and shaft that allows for a lot of pleasure.

Waterproof design allows you to take it in the shower for some wet fun!

A suction cup can be placed just about anywhere. This frees up your hands for other fun.

It doesn't look like a real cock, but it's curved design is pleasurable!


  • A long and thick dildo such as this one provides unparalleled stimulation
  • Curved design hits your hot spots
  • Realistic, life-like feel
  • The suction cup is out of the way if you don’t want to use it


  • The silicone material makes cleanup more challenging
  • Suction cup can cause some issues

6. Adam & Eve Twisted Love

Beauty is something that many people appreciate when it comes to an anal dildo.

This is the perfect addition to your sex toy collection if you do appreciate beauty.

This is another double-sided product that has a shaft, which is slightly curved to stimulate various spots inside of the anus. 

You can use this dildo by yourself or with your partner.

Blue spirals allow for more stimulation in addition to the ridged sides.

This pattern makes the shaft feel like something you have never experienced before in your life. 

This is an affordable glass dildo that won’t break the bank. Most dildos that are made of glass tend to be a pretty expensive investment.


  • For both beginners and advanced users
  • The curved shaft allows proper stimulation to areas like the prostate and sphincter
  • Very affordable when you compare it to other glass toys


  • It doesn’t have a flexible shaft because of its glass construction

Safety Advice

You want to make sure that you are purchasing a dildo that is made with a material that is safe for the body.

The safest options are generally silicone or stainless steel (medical grade).

Some materials are porous. This includes PVC, TPE, TPR and Jelly. They have tiny holes that can absorb materials like fecal matter.

Acting like a sponge, you’ll never be able to clean the product properly.

When the jelly-based materials get up to 100 degrees, this can cause a leakage of toxic chemicals right into your body.

The United States does not regulate the production of dildos. In order to protect yourself, you should do your own research on the various materials that are being used in their construction.

Some companies are just looking to make money. They don’t care much about your safety.

Shape of Your Anus

The anus isn’t exactly the same as a vagina. A product can easily become lost inside of you when you’re using it for anal purposes.

Don’t put yourself in an emergency situation. Pick a dildo that is shaped in a way that it won’t get stuck.

The safest dildos will be curved with a flared base. If it doesn’t, choose something that is fifteen inches or more in length.

Final Thoughts

Any dildo can be used for anal pleasure. However, you should pick something that was designed for the anus if you want to pay attention to safety without compromising optimal pleasure.

If you’re not used to anal stimulation yet, you need to remember that there is a particular place you should start at.

It’s not always easy to choose the best anal dildo. We hope that this article has pointed you in the right direction.

Whether any of these dildos are the right fit for you? We don't know since it's based on your experience and personal preferences.

What we do know is that these are some of the best anal toys on the market right now. Cheers to your continued pleasure!

Our Top Pick

Due to it's stainless steel construction, double ended design, and overall quality, The Njoy Pure Wand is our choice for the best anal dildo.

Top 3 Suction Cup Dildos: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide (Special Discounts for Our Readers!)

If you’ve been using a dildo for some time now and want to take things to the next level, let’s talk about the best suction cup dildos.

Even if you have never tried a dildo in your life, this is still a product that will bring you countless hours of pleasure.

Suction cupped dildos take things to the next level. This could likely be your new favorite sex toy.

We’re going to talk about what this type of dildo is, how they work, why you need one, and the best options to consider purchasing.

Read on to find out more.

Our Top Pick

Due to its ideal length & girth, remote-control feature, and overall quality, Lifelike Lover Classic w/Remote is our choice for the best suction cup dildo.

What is a Suction Cup Dildo and Why Should You Use One?

This is simply a dildo that has a suction cup adhered to the base.

You can use it as a regular dildo, but you can also stick it to any flat surface. This allows you to pleasure yourself hands-free.

Where Should I Stick My New Sex Toy?

The most common places that people use their dildo vary. Some places include on the shower wall, the floor, table, or chair.

Once you have it suctioned, you can climb onto it and ride to the point of an intense orgasm.

You can try to think of other places where you can adhere to your dildo for fun experimentation.

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Lifelike Lover Classic w/ Remote

Adam and Eve Wild Ride

Max Vibrating Dildo