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Wondering what the best sex toys are? Well, I'm glad you asked. There are many options to consider before purchasing a sex toy. Here are a few guidelines to help you make your purchase.

Your first thought should be, is this something you will actually use? Read the directions and reviews for each toy. Is the owner of the toy a credible professional sex therapist or educator?

Is the product easy to use? Is it user-friendly and easy to understand? Does it feel natural in your hand?

Also, is the toy going to be used frequently? Or do you want something that will last you a while? Are you interested in trying new things?

If you want to be picky, what kind of material do you want? Silicone, glass, or? Is something made of stone or wood your style? Is something mechanical or vibrating based on your style?

You can look at the design and feel. If it seems like it will be the right combination of materials, such as silicone, you are more likely to want to purchase it. However, if the design seems dull, you may want to think about buying something a little more elegant.

If you are a serious buyer, you should decide on a price range. Price is important because you will have to figure in the cost of shipping and handling. Depending on your purchases, you may not want to buy a certain number of toys at a time.

The material will also be necessary. If you want something that feels good, try latex or silicone. However, if you want something like a vibrator, you can use a glass or ceramic material.

How about the length of the toy? The longer the toy, the better it is for a variety of different sexual positions. When this is combined with how you use it, you can find out if it is something you would want to use every time. You will probably want to try different positions to find out what works for you.

Do you have your own different tastes, and that's why you are looking to purchase a product? You may want to try new material. You may want to consider a higher price and a few different size options.

Consider all of these questions when looking for the right sex toy and you'll come across enough options that will make you satisfied.

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